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The place i live was away from my own house. A big village and i stayed there for 6 months. After the work i used to take bath and have dinner in another house.
That house was few distance away from the house i live. It was 1 of our friends house , he works with us. So after a month i saw a WOMAN used to go that place where i used to eat at... [more]

Daughter dyked out on the floor

My daughter is 18 and about to attend college on a softball scholarship. I'm a single dad. She works out with friends from her HS team often so there's always people over.
I came home early the other day and my daughter was in a 69 with her friend Brooke. They jumped up and covered themselves, but really that was too bad. They looked nice with... [more]

"Best friend"

When I was a young boy I used to hang out at this park at night. It was my secret queer place. No one knew about it until one night after a party. It was late when me and my buddy left. We parted ways except he turned and followed me unseen. He knew something was up when I headed away from my house. I never knew he was there hiding in the bushes... [more]

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Cum in food

My friend doesn't have too much so he appreciates it when I bring him the occasional hamburger or submarine. What he doesn't know is that he's been eating my cum for years! I did it for a thrill once but when I got away with it I just kept doing it over and over! He's not gay and neither am I. But it turns me on to watch him, my friend, eat loads... [more]


I am nasty and naughty and horney all the time.I have a hardon all night long and this morning it wanted me to put on one of my favorite panties that I've cum in so many times I've lost count and these ones never wash because when I spray them down with lavender infused water..My shemale cock goes crazy putting out precum and I take the precum and... [more]

Time Spent WITH HER .. ..... |!

Staying in a village near the town, and few days later i fund A WOMAN WITH THICK STOMACH. Within couple of months we started talking and HER house was near market place. Soon for personal reason SHE CAME TOO CLOSE. So almost 3 months passed, I came to know that SHE can’t escape me now any more.
...... day
Me... [more]

Co worker

Im 24 year old white female with a athletic body. Recently in april I met a black guy that just started working at the job where i work. He is a bit older than me, he is 39 years old and is more on the heavy side about 275 lbs id say. He Never married and no kids. We chilled a few times. He is very nice and funny. I never dated a black man, or... [more]

Invading privacy

I have lived with my uncle Dominic and his wife Carmella since I've been 10 years old. I'm 23 now and uncle Dom died when I was 19 and he was just a great guy. Aunt Carmella was always hands on with me like a mother. She did everything for me and still does like making meals doing my laundry and cleaning up after me. The only bad thing is she... [more]

Pandemic Blues......I Miss My Wife’s Pussy

When this pandemic began I thought it was a 2 week lockdown and everything would be back to normal. Normal for me is married at the age of 50, and battling Erectile dysfunction.
My wife is 40 and still very fit and attractive. I can eat her pussy all day and night and when we are together and sexually active I do. However when it comes to... [more]

My husband's fantasy

My husband shared his fantasy with me right after we married. He confessed he wanted to watch me be with his friend. I was sickened by it and refused. To be honest, he pushed quite hard about it and we almost split up over it.  We have been married for 23 years in November, but last summer he finally got his wish.
We were on vacation and we... [more]

Caught on video

Recently, my wife & I were at a reasonably small gathering at a friend's place & there were a few folks there that we didn't know. After a couple of hours though we were all pretty well acquainted & drinks were flowing.
My wife is the sort of lady that prefers to chat with guys, she can't be bothered with the gossip chat & whatever women go on... [more]

Living with a Hot Wife

I have been married to my wife for 15 years. It's been a great 15 years. We met online. She wasn't specifically looking for the person she was going to marry but if she found him that would be cool. She was divorced. Her husband wasn't really into sex all that often and she was (and still is). He only wanted sex once a week at most. She wants sex... [more]

Love men to flirt with GF

My girlfriend is only 30, 14 years my junior with big fake tits and she turns me on so much, im obsessed with her wearing skimpy low cut tops and short skirts whenever my friends or workmen are around the house encouraging her to flirt and let them see as much as possible which does annoy her a little but we tend to have very hot sex after with... [more]

Daughters friends wet panties on a horse ride

I was bbq one night drinking a few beers and my daughter had her friends over for a sleep over. After we all ate they asked me to give them each a ride on one of our horses so I did. One by one I sat behind them on the horse and rode them around. These are all teens and with every ride I’d sit behind them and I could feel how they would rub up on... [more]

Young man

Well I work as a security guard in London and due to this lockdown not got home see hubby in while we chat all time tex video call etc well we have been having some work done in the office I work at and have to keep eye on workmen and yes fit young good looking etc well had been texting hubby and he was playing as normal teasing me about them must... [more]

Photos of my Sister

Back when I was a teenager, in the days long before cell phones, my sister had given me an old chest of drawers that she and her boyfriend no longer needed. As I was going through it I discovered a strip of photo negatives. The negatives were small and I was unable to make out what was on them and on two of them looked like they could be of my... [more]

I Wanted Her Brother.

I'm a gay high school boy that's not openly gay. I live in an urban city in a 12th floor condominium with my parents and older sister. I've been letting this boy who's younger than me, watch from a window of a building behind and one floor above, me masturbate and play sexually with myself. He doesn't know that I know he's watching. I do this... [more]

Stripper for a night

A friend of mine was putting on a bachelorette party of her bestfriend. She had hired a stripper, but he canceled at the last minute. It was the eve before the party and she called me asking if I could help her find a replacement. We literally called everyplace we could think of with no luck. We were sitting there out of ideas when she said most... [more]

I love being dominated and submissive

Ive always enjoyed being told what to do and when in relation to sex.
On several occasions my boyfriend would tell me to show his friend my tits,so I'd take off my shirt and let him look . I actually enjoyed this very much while somewhat embarrassing . I had to stay naked one night while the same friend was over during Game of Thrones . After the... [more]

Where the fuck did COVID go

Remember back in February when everyone started freaking out about COVID?
Remember going into a lockdown because that was the safe and responsible thing to do, eventhough it would mean destroying our own economy?
Remember when the Democratic governors where arresting people who defied their orders, like the governors are Kings of the land?
I... [more]

Do you want guys to see your wife naked

So I see stories all the time and the guy says I would love for some strange guy see my wife nude. So You take pics and dream of sending to friends and strangers. It is a turn on that is hard to explain. I would love to hear your story. I listed my email so it will come to me if you respond!!!

Husbands friend

I always thought my husband’s friend Mike was sexy.
Never ever thought about crossing that line till one night my we were out and my husband got called into work.
So muke fave me a ride home . I wasn’t that drunk but had a good buzz going.
When we got to my place i went to get out , his truck sets gighercand o fell out and hit my elbow. mike... [more]

Grandma's friend

So this took place almost 30 yrs ago. I was raised by my grandma. My parents split when i was a baby and she took me in. I was 18 when this took place. My grandma was 78 at the time, and was very attractive(that's another confession for another time), small saggy tits, baggy ass and not a care in the world. she She would wear as much or as... [more]

I desire women...

I am a 26 year old male happily married to the love of my life. I love her with all my heart but I feel like I have a dark side...
My paternal great-grandfather was a womanizer and left many women pregnant and I have been told his son, my grandfather, was a pimp. There are times where I feel I want leave my wife and just fuck as women as I can... [more]

The "Forbidden" fruit

Just days before we were forced into this whole quarantine stuff, I had the best fuck of my life, and it was with someone "forbidden": my own aunt.
She's my mother's much younger sister, and the "black sheep" of a very conservative family, which is why I didn't see her as much as family at first, but on the rare occassions we met as I became... [more]

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