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Drunken threesome

I'm 26, female, 2 kids, happily married. I love my husband. He's perfect.
I'm friends with a woman at work. She's single, 23, and we have some chemistry. We like shopping. I asked her out for lunch/shopping last Saturday, but she said she was meeting up with a male friend that day. I asked if could tag along, and she said that would be great... [more]

Touching my friend

I’d been in situations like this before but just wanna clarify is it wrong to touch a girls ass and tits by accident? Like multiple times.

Early experience affected my adult life.

When i was about 11yrs old an 18yo guy talked me and a 9yo girl to come in his house. He eventually got around to showing us a playboy magazine. And got the girl to agreeing how beautiful the girls were and then telling her how beautiful she was and how she could be like one of those girls. Then suggesting a pretend photo shoot having her undress... [more]

My Older Step Brother

I'm a 17 year old girl with a 19 year old step brother. His name was Elliot. My step brother was hot. He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes, nice body structure. I was at my friends house and Elliot texted me "Can u come back home? I want me and my baby sis to have a lil bit of fun." I texted him back "Oh really? What kind of fun do u plan?" All... [more]

$100 for my panties

My friends and I were at a club dancing, playing and having a great time. Several guys had bought us drinks, all of which I turned down, and my body had already been felt up dozens of times while dancing. We had been there for several hours and I was ready to go to another place that was less dance club and more food so we could eat and relax a... [more]

Trip to the Liquor Store

Okay so I have a confession. I am a 39 year old Divorcee. So, I went up to the liquor one Friday 2 weeks ago to get a couple bottles of wine. While parking I notice 3 young men standing around. I recognized 2 of them and knew one of them as being the son of my friend and neighbor I said hi and so did he and then he asked if I would do them a... [more]

I gave in

I am a 22 year old female. I'm thin and blonde, I'm cute, but I wouldn't say hot. I have small boobs, and my butt is ok but nothing special. Just cute. I still live at home. My best friend and me are trying to save up for an apartment. I work at 7-11. I don't make a whole lot, so money is tight. About 3 months ago my car broke down. It was a wheel... [more]


My fantasy is candaulism-by-proxy. I want to send nude pics and videos of my wife, which clearly shows her face, to someone online and tell him to spread them all over the Internet, and to brutally expose her. Finally, I’ll mention which sites to not post them on, since I know some of my friends frequent them. I know he won’t listen to me, so... [more]

Friend and I give sensual massage to my wife

Wonder if anyone has actually done something like this?
I’ve had a fantasy that begins with me giving my wife young sexy wife a full body massage.
She’s naked but covered with a light sheet. Blindfolded and wearing headphones with relaxing music. (Possibly had a few drinks)
Here’s the twist.
A guest massager(or masseur) arrives and joins... [more]

Not my boyfriend

I stay at in a university dorm and the RA’s (residential advisors) are really strict. Last weekend, it was really late and I was in my dorm alone because my roommate had gone home for the weekend. It was about 2:30 in the morning. I was up just watching YouTube on my phone when someone banged on my door. I looked through the peep hole to see my... [more]

Female masterbation tips wanted (from girls)

Hi, I am Holly, I am 23, newly single and rediscovering masterbation. I don't always orgasm, but do usually with sex, and I think it's because masterbation lacks the excitement.
I want to hear from other girls what techniques you have tried and what works. I am willing to be brave, and a friend has already suggested I touch my bum hole, but not... [more]

Feeling a Slutty

So I have a confession. I'm a 40 year old divorced women with 2 sons in college. I have a good job and live an average life I guess you could say. Well one Friday night a couple weeks ago, I was going to the store to get a bottle of wine. I saw my neighbors 16 year old son outside with a couple of his guy friends. I of course said hi and... [more]


Well for a long time I have known that Lee is very perverted on our wedding day well even before that he got a kick out of teasing me about other guys and wanted to know all about the guys I had been with and it was embarrassing talking about my past sex life but to get back to our wedding he joked about sharing me on our wedding night with... [more]

Pregnant and not worried. . .

I work in a small insurance office with four guys. I'm 6 months pregnant and often horny. I initially masturbated in the restroom to keep myself balanced, as I was horny all of the time. After a few chats with coworkers, all of us are friends, I've been fucking a couple of the guys at work.
It's cheating, I know, but it's really just... [more]

My Older Nieghbour

I am a gay male to female tranny, 32 years old, slim, fit and attractive. I have been cultivating my looks for years, being careful with my skin with night cremes etc. I have done breast exercises and used enhancement crème so that my breasts have become naturally larger, not to big and I love them! I have long dark hair worn down past my... [more]

She loves black guys

Right after I married my wife a close friend of ours and I were talking. She missed the wedding so she came later to wish us well. As the drinks came she Wouk slip me little details about my new wife. I had no idea she snuck out to be with black guys her entire tenure in college. She would date and have sex with white guys just to fit in. But she... [more]

Silky, worn panties.

I love a beautiful woman in sexy panties. I love the feel, the smell, everything about sexy panties.
I was houses sitting for friends (the wife is very sexy). The morning after they left for the trip, I went over the to check the mail, feed the pets. Before I left their house I went to use the bathroom. As I was peeing I noticed an open... [more]

Out of the blue

So I accidentally cheated on my wife on Saturday night...while on a night out with my giving a guy a blowjob.
All I can say is that I was really drunk not that that’s an excuse.
We were on a bar crawl with a few friends and we went into a bar towards the end of the night i’d Not been to before. We had a drink and it seemed good... [more]

Sharing nude photos of wife with friend

My wife A very sexy girl. (Victoria secrets level) very very much out of my league.
She is a Hispanic/European/Carib Indian blend. Long brown hair. Honey colored skin green hazel eyes.
She’s a down to earth (even shy) doesn’t recognize her own beauty sorta girl.
Rough and tough daring , comfortable around the guys etc.
Anyways... [more]

Barefoot Girls

I have a foot fetish for female feet. It’s relentless. I’m in my 60’s and I’ve had it for as far back as Kindergarten. Some of my most intensive orgasms from masturbating involved women in their bare feet. When having sex I usually cum when the woman puts her toes in my mouth, or rubs my cock and balls with her feet. Many times when I’m... [more]

Three some

When I’m having sex with my girlfriend I like when she pretends and talks dirty to me. I like to ask her if she wants to suck a cock while I’m fucking her and she plays along. Or she says I want your friend to fuck my ass while I suck your cock. Then I’ll ask her if she wants a cock in her ass and pussy and she says yes and one in my mouth. I get... [more]

Love having my wife exposed at home or in public

For many years I have enjoyed having people see my wife exposed in any way possible. She is slim with small breasts and never wears a bra so with most of her clothes her breasts are easily seen whenever she leans forward. I encourage her to wear loose or tops with small straps and button up dresses that make it very easy to show her off and when... [more]

Watched my mom

Well as bad as this is going to sound I watched my mom suck and get screwed from behind by numerous guys one night.
I was in college at the time and one of my friends invited me to his frat house party at another college that was only about half an hour from home. My plan was to party and crash at my friends place then go home in the morning.
I... [more]

My other husband

I'm a woman, currently 48. When I was very young, I married a man from Argentina I was deeply in love with. I moved to his country to live with him, away from my family. We stayed married all these years, even though our love started to fade away. These days we barely give a fuck about each other. He travels a lot because of his job, which he has... [more]

My Fantasy

I always fantasized about having a guy or friend down in our Family Room for drinks, then having my wife come down wearing a see through top, no Bra, short Skirt, no Panties. She would pretend to be straightening things up or dusting the Coffee Table... bending over just enough for the Guy to see a bit of her Pussy or facing him where he could... [more]

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