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Sex with my dog

I know it’s no excuse, but I was groomed for sex as a young child. I was taught that sex was not a bad thing, but exciting and fun. And I still don’t feel I was ever hurt or abused.
When I was 10 I happened upon our dog princess being bred by 2 large dogs. I knew they were having sex, so it was exciting to watch! After getting a closer look I... [more]

Top of the Afternoon

Deidra was a friend of my wife and myself. We had met her in the D/s lifestyle. At one point she was working down the street, just a few blocks from where we lived. I was working at home in those days, and she and I would often meet for lunch. My wife worked almost thirty miles away. She had topped me a couple of times before, at a semi-public... [more]

Found the G spot

I have a friend that I met at the nude beach who is a rather large African American man. To go along with it, he has a HUGE cock. 9 inches long - cut - and has to be 6 or 7 inches around although I haven’t measured it.
We got together because he likes to suck my cock. Not sure why - I’m pretty normal size at 6.5” and a little bit bigger around... [more]

First lesbian experience? (Virgin)

Okay! Basically one of my close friends and I have been getting very intimate with each other, well let me explain. Recently she texts me sexually about the things she wants to do to me and I’m not gonna lie, it turns me on so much but the whole idea of being actions behind it kind of scares me but I want it. She tells me about how she wants to... [more]

One of my friends can’t keep his hands off my girlfriend.

It started when I admitted to having naked photos of her on my phone. We were all a bit drunk and I stupidly let him persuade me to show him some of the pictures and videos I had taken.
Since then he has become obsessed with her and is constantly trying to touch her tits. It makes me angry that she lets him do it. When I confront her, she says... [more]

Craving my best friend's cock

As a guy,i want my best friend to bang me over and over again,i want his cock deep in my throat so that i can gag repeatedly.i want to feel his cock deep in my ass that scream in pleasure

Giving blow jobs

The first time I gave a blow job I was around twelve and I was camping out in the backyard with a friend, we usually had more of us but for some reason the others could not join. We did the usual thing for back then bringing out snacks, setting up our sleeping areas and of course getting porn magazines from my dads stash in the garage.
We stayed... [more]

Turned on by her actions

We were married for 7 years when I told her I wasn’t happy. Right away she assumed I had already cheated on her. Out sex had pretty much came to a halt months before me telling her how I felt.
I pretty much assumed she was having sexual relationships with guys at her work. She continued to tell me how she went to lunch with Blake who was also... [more]

For all to see

I'm a 36 year old guy that is into embarrassing/humiliation in a big way got my mum to blame for that saying that she's a big buxom loud woman so pretty scary too she's 58 and still likes to wear skirts, nylons and heels and I have asked her to spank me which she wants to really do and I will film it and then put it on Facebook for family and... [more]

Rental apartment

I added an apartment above my garage when I built it because I live just a few miles from a large university. I have rented it out steadily for the last twelve years or so with very few issues and mostly to women for some reason. I did not choose them that way it just always seem to be that women were the first ones to respond to my ads or had a... [more]

My aunty took advantage

I was out drinking one night with my brother and some friends, and somehow I ended up downtown by myself after a while of us drinking. I came to on some corner and I was with this lady, I didn't know who she was, I was really drunk and wanted to go home, but she insisted that I come to her place (found out she was my aunty) but she kept hitting on... [more]

Stranger “Danger”

I think it started in the late eighties, early nineties. Going to house parties and raves. When I discovered ecstasy all nets were off. I remember at a friend’s house, being high, it was casual, a friend was rubbing my feet. He said he could see up my shorts so I spread my legs further, so he just put his mouth on my pussy. I was relaxing on... [more]

Not ideal but I'll take it (midget)

I recently lost my virginity and it wasn't the way I wanted it to happen, but it was time to just do it. I'm a 23 year old guy and it was driving me crazy that I'd never had pussy. I went to a party of a friend of a friend and there was some chick there who was being a total slut in the bedroom in the back and word spread like wildfire throughout... [more]

My school days

My best friend told me about this site and I would like to confess.
With all the controversy about being gay, I believe that you know from an early age that you feel different, something is wired into your brain that makes you prefer to be close to the same sex.
My parents lived abroad and I was educated in the UK. I went to my first school here... [more]

Getting caught

Hi I'm a single dad that still has my 19 daughter living with me and on Saturday nights my daughter's friends come over and have a few drinks before they hit the seafront what I really want to do is to b caught dressed in skirt,blouse tights and heels to see what their reaction is I'd love them to look shocked or better still laughed at I've not... [more]

Virgin loophole question

Hi, my name is Melissa. I graduated from highschool in the spring and will be going to college in the fall. I have never had sex with any of my boyfriends. My virginity is something that I want to save for the one. In June I was out with some friends and I ran into one of my old boyfriends. We were talking and before long we were separated from... [more]

I gave my best friend a blowjob

Me and my friend Jerry would hang out all the time after school, at the courts , the lake, his house,everywhere. One day we were at his house and he said man I really need to get off, Do you mind if I jerkoff ? I said whatever you want to do.
He said j/o with me, so i did. Now a new level has entered our lives and when we wanted to,we would both... [more]

Small penis humiliation

So I have a pretty small penis.I used to be really self conscious about it, especially when girls would make fun of me. It happened a few times. So I guess over time I’ve come to really like the humiliation of it, girls knowing and maybe telling there friends really turns me on. I have told my wife and she now indulges in my fetish. I also like to... [more]

Outed as D/s Couple

Today, Mistress told one of her friends about the fact that our marriage is a Femdom marriage and that I am her slave; that I am her property and obey her every command. I am very happy about it. Mistress let her friend read our texts. I am thrilled to be exposed this way.

Mature housewife (now)

Married almost 40 years and in all that time I have enjoyed my life with my husband. I am ashamed to admit to 1 transgression many years ago, back in the 1980's we were friends with a couple, I worked with the other lady involved, no names as I am mortified to think of what happened and I am embarrassed thinking about it whilst I type.
It was a... [more]

Mom gets lonely

My dad is in the Navy and spends a lot of time away from home. He has currently been deployed over seas for the past four months, and I know my mom gets very lonely. Mom is 34 years old, and very pretty lady, for her age. I know she has a lot of men hitting on her while dad's away, but I'm pretty sure she hasn't cheated with anyone yet. I am her... [more]

Summer break

It's summer break and I was walking my dog and ran into a guy I went to school with named Jason. He is a year older, getting ready to go to college, and we chatted on the sidewalk, mostly "what's up" type of chat. We were never huge friends in high school, more distant acquaintances, as he was the popular jock and hung with a different circle. I... [more]

Love much younger girls

I'm in my 40s and had my first sexual experience with a girl who was 9 when I was 8. She would have us strip down and she'd rub her bald little bottom hard against my erection till she'd orgasm. After this, I started initiating sexual play with other kids in my neighborhood, and it was always welcomed and mutually fun and exciting. When I was... [more]

It just happened

True confession. My husband can never find out. This happened about 24 years ago. I was dating a guy I was really madly in love with him. We went camping with my girlfriend and her husband. I was 23 at the time 5'4" 123 lbs. My girlfriend cathy was 27 and also 5'4" but was real skinny about 98 lbs. While I had a b cup she was an a cup. But... [more]

Masturbating to sister

My sister and I are visiting Mom over the 4th holiday. Tjhey just left to go visit friends. I grabbed a pair of my sister's worn panties and am masturbating into them right now. I am going to cream them and put them back into her suitcase .

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