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I have changed

When ever my wife goes on a business trip. Her boss comes over our house. He is very masculine and sexy. I put on women's clothes and become his sissy sex slave. I service his cock with my mouth lips hands and ass. He makes me beg him for his cock and I do. He uses me like a piece of meat. He sometimes has a male friend who I service too. I know... [more]

Wife and neighbor

I suspected my wife was cheating with the neighbor guy when she started doing strange things. She has always been chummy with him, inviting him over whenever we invited friends and family, standing outside talking to him for an hour or so, just things like that. When I first asked her of anything was going on, she denied it and asked how I could... [more]

Banging Friend's Wife

My best friend separated from his wife of 4 years. He's really sad about it, and I've been consoling him by spending more time with him, going out to concerts with him, keeping him busy, and making sure he's not too depressed.
What my friend doesn't know is that I've been fucking his wife Barbara since they've been apart. I was always... [more]

Sexy wife swapping

When I dated my wife we were very sexually active and did a lot of crazy things. We were into swinging and orgy parties. She even fucked three of my friend while I watched. One in her vag, one in her ass, and one in her mouth. I also watched her bring home a complete stranger and have her way with him in front of me. Of course she watched me fuck... [more]

Things ive done

Im a male when i was younger my friend grg would spend the night and he would let me suck him off after a while i got a girl friend and i liked it better. I cheated on my wife twice with two different women and i liked it i came inside both women they liked it my cousins gf got drunk with me and my friends one night and she sucked me off and... [more]

Cum in sandwich joke went wrong

My girlfriend plays a lot of practical jokes on me and I do some on her, and lately they have gotten a little sexual. Recently I was at home and I thought alone, knowing my gf was on that time of the month and so I would not be getting sex I decided to rub one out (she won't do anal and I don't get many BJ's). As I thought I was alone I pulled it... [more]


So my friend who I’ve been friends w forever brought up a three some w me, him, and his gf. And I’m not really interested into his girlfriend at all. I’d fuck her but I’m not attracted to her whatsoever. I’m a straight male. However I have been fantasizing sucking my bestfriends dick while getting head from his girl. Im not really attracted to him... [more]

For the Love of A Petticoat

My fascination with petticoats started at a young age. We lived in an old Victorian home that had a stair case leading to the attic. I was the youngest in the family of three girls and one boy. One day when everyone was away and bored, I went up to the attic to see what was there. I found three big trunks, each one had girls clothes. To the right... [more]


I had my first threesome with my wife and friend. We went out partying and come back our house. We were drinking and watching porn. She was sitting between us. I started getting horny. My wife noticed the bulge in my pants. She started rubbing it. Then she reaches over and starts rubbing my friend's cock. She said she was going to get into... [more]


So my stepdaughters always been a problem for me. Problem in the sense that she's gorgeous and 24 and obviously gets me going. I've sneaked plenty of looks and secret pics of her in leggings when she's doing yoga or just around the house. I guess I never thought that was overkill so it didn't bother me and she has a really nice ass. Recently... [more]

Been Involved with a Sex Craving Family Pt. 2

As I said before I been involved with my girlfriends family and some of her friends during the past 15 yrs. I left off telling you of her mother. So I'm going to continue this story.

I get a phone call from Debra, my girlfriends sister. Her husband was out of town and she needed me to take care of something important. Her back door... [more]

College classmate

Im 21 and currently in college in Virginia, I originally live in Pennsylvania. I also have a boyfriend from high school back in PA. I been in college for two years. When I started college I met a nice friend who is also my classmate in at least one class ever since I been in college. His name is Malcolm he is a foreign exchange student from... [more]

Step daughter sec

My stepdaughter would spend the weekends at our house when she was home from college. She was 21 with a great body and a bubble butt. My wife was away for the weekend and my daughter went out with her friends. When she got home she was drunk. She came into my room to say hi. I. I was watching porn. She said oh you're watching porn could I watch... [more]

How do you approach mature women?

I'm a guy in my late 20's. I've recently realized I'm very attracted to older women, late 30s onwards. They're the kind of women I find intellectually most stimulating, and sexually more attractive (when I watch porn, it's usually about younger guys with older women).
Thing is, I don't know the first thing about approaching a mature woman with... [more]

Is having sex with someone as a favour ok?

I'm 23 and recently split up with my bf, so flying solo for a while. I still live in my parents house on a short closed street of a few houses where everyone knows everyone. Growing up I had many friends on the street and some remain. One was a boy who is now an awkward 19 yr old. He and his parents visit my parents for a party and we chatted... [more]

Dirty talk

Women I love when my woman talks dirty to me during sex. I love when she tells me to fuck her hard. Or she plays and tells me how she got fuck by the repairman while I was at work. Or she tells me u want me to suck your friend's cock while u fuck my ass. Or she tells me two guys picked her up when she was out and got fucked by them. It drives me... [more]

Being Involved with Sex Craving Family Pt. 2

As I said in the first part of this story, I been involved with my girlfriend's family and friends during the fifteen years that I've been with her. I last told of doing Judy's mother giving her a wonderful pounding. Doris must of told Debra, Judy's sister about my endowment.
I got a phone call from Debra, her saying that her husband was... [more]

Shared wife

My desire was to have my wife have sex with a friend and I! I didn't think she would ever do it but I was wrong, she agreed and she enjoyed every minute of it! Now she is looking for guys she knows on a social site that are interested in threesome's. I love my wife and I always will, she has my support for anything she wants to do or try.

Older woman

I did some work for this woman who is in her sixties, she started really complimenting me a lot and made me a lunch everyday. I was not uncomfortable or anything and took it all as she was just looking for someone to talk to a lot. I finished up the work and then got a call from her a few days later asking me if I could come by her house when I... [more]


Well to star with I am 17 years of age female quite fit and yes I am a looker as well. I run nearly 16 miles every morning up in the mountains and ,y favorite time of the year is October and November Why well hunters are out trying to bag game and on occasion I have been bagged as well. Blush. I'm kinda shy for I have lived a sheltered life but... [more]

I like older guys

Im 15 and i can not imagine ever being with a teenage boy. Since I was about 11 i started noticing men starting to stare at me and my boobs and ass but I never acted on these things until my brother's college friends came over and I let a 29 year old guy put his hand on my leg and kiss me secretly. I have always had a thing for older guys and i... [more]

My dirty old uncle

When I was a little girl and until I was about fourteen I was regularly sexually abused by my dads brother. He lived with my dads elderly parents who we would visit every Sunday.
It started when I was about seven and he was in his late forties, a big man unmarried and really a bit retarded. The Sunday visits were quite formal and we would all be... [more]

Hot AF weekend

So I work Monday thru Thursdays. 10 hour shifts and work at night. So my wife Cassie wanted to go out, get some dinner and do some drinking Friday night. She asked if she could invite another couple. Mutual friends of ours.
So we go out to a bar in town. Good food, live music. We are there a couple hours. It seems like we are done. Cassie... [more]

Unfaithfully happy

I've been married to my wife for 13 years. We dated for 2 years before we got married. The night before the last night we would be single, she asked if I was going to get laid my last night before we got married. I reminded her that it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. She said, "I wasn't talking about you and I having sex." I said... [more]

Slutty Wife WARNING!

I first met my wife about 10 years ago at orientation for a new job. When I walked into the room I was instantly drawn to her, seriously the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I knew then i HAD to be with this girl! Throughout the orientation I would intentionally get got looking at her but I'd make sure I would give her what I call the "LOOK"... [more]

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