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My wife the flirt

My wife and I went over to a friends apartment for the evening. Now my wife is open minded and sexy to no end. I got her to leave the panties and bra home. as soon as we arrived Doug embraced my wife Shelia and pretty soon she was naked and Doug who is a professional photographicar was takeing pictures. Next, Doug was getting naked too. He ... [more]

I was betrayed and used

I was sexually abused 3 weeks ago by my boyfriend and his friends, it happen on a Monday on the 14th my boyfriend insisted that I should hang out with him at his house, while his friends are there. I told him ill be there and when I got there he rushed me to his room and showed me a very skimpy short dress and a pair of heels I told him what is... [more]

My cousin carter

So me and my cousin carter have always been best friends and we'd always sleep over at eachothers houses. I'm 15 and he's 13, I'm not gay but i get horny like everyone else my age.
Anyways, me being a horny teen i was very curious about dicks , I'd already had a girl so i wanted ro try a dick. Since i already felt comfortable with carter i began... [more]

My first Blowjob and Intercourse experience

I was almost 14, first year at this school, a boy 4 years older than me, took a special interest in me, why?
I had no idea at the time.
All I knew was, he was a kind boy that said he liked me a lot and wanted to show me what sex is all about.
As a boy myself, I had never been with a girl or any boy before, but curiosity was mounting and I felt... [more]

Playing House with Alicia

So most people get eaten out I am gonna ball park maybe 13? For girls ? But for me I was about 7 years old. And I was licked to completion by a very bad and probably sexually abused 9 year old girl.
But you wanna know what happened.
So me and let's call her Alicia.
Met durring man hunt. Me and the 3 houses next to mine all had kids living... [more]

My Naughty Cousin Karen

Karen was 17 and I was about 10 , we both lived in an apartment building on the second floor , next to each other . She was gorgeous and always smelled delicious , her body was super hot and she knew it . When ever our parents weren't around Karen would wear a short robe or bath towel and hang out by the railing in the hall and give her friends a... [more]

Bi sex

Years ago a friend or mine and i had had the best gay sex ever, both straight but every chance we got we got we'd play with each other, had a pool party at my house a few years ago and we rubbed each other in the pool, after we changed in our bathroom my wife was clueless and we sucked each other for a minute,, he went and jerked off and and i did... [more]

Popped in my mouth

There was this old man who was always sweet to me. Bought me and my friends food. At times even gave us gas money since we lived across from a gas station. Never once was he pervy to the girls or us guys. A true gentleman in every way. Once i went over to help him with his stereo and noticed he lived all alone. I snuck out later than night and... [more]

Drive Inn Movie

When I was in High School a friend and I would often go to Drive Inn Movies. Sometimes we had dates, others times it was just us. When it was just us, we would end up jerking our cocks at the sex scenes. One night he asked me to play with his dick, so I reached out and started rubbing it and jerking it for him. I was leaning toward him on the... [more]

Found something amazing

So I’m a 43 year old male. Well my 19 year old son has been friends with a girl since grade school. I’ve watched this woman grow from the age of 3, and I know her family very well. Yesterday she came up on my Instagram as a friend I may like to add. Now I haven’t seen this girl for over a year and a half, as she moved away after high school so I... [more]

Kids play

I thought I sent this before, this is the condensed version, 50
Years ago we spent every Sunday i the summer at my parents friends house who had a boy my age, 13,14, after a day in the pool we went to his room to change and
We stood there looking at each others cock, we started to
Play with each other and he got on his knees and blew my whole... [more]

Taken avartange

I had a fantasy me wife and another lady like most men and got a thing for our darker ladies been married to an Indian lady sexy brown and earlier this year become friends with an ebony lady half my age but she likes ladies so I never would have fun there but she told me how like go with wifey and let me watch well something I enjoy but would... [more]

I was so curious

For years I was friends with an older couple age who were both 38. Later in time I met up with their younger son age 23 in Utah and spent the night in his room. I was age 35 at the time of this in 2000. It was a very hot summer night around 10pm and he was laying on the bed with lights on only wearing underwear that seemed to be hugging if you... [more]

Wife's Curiousity And Her Mom's Made Wife A Swinger

I had a desire to try swinging, but my wife refused. We been married over a year and my desire grew stronger. One night in bed I brought up the swinging subject back up. " Aren't you interested in seeing or doing other cocks besides mine. I know you're happy with my thick cock and how good it feels in you." I said to her. "There 's one cock that I... [more]

Bi fun

Im a married male but love to get fucked and suck some cock. I need more male friends that are discreet, i can dress as a sissy too

Wanna fuck my SIL Sue

I've been married to my wife/ hot lover for over 30 years and she's still my best friend . But then there's Sue , my wife's sister , another hottie . We all met in our teens and I know she wants me as bad as l want her . She's a combination of SIL , sexy and naughty . For decades we have allowed each other to kiss , talk dirty , touch and expose... [more]

I Wanted My Mom

This is a story about a mom and son. My dad left us a year ago, and we've been alone together since. I have to admit that hearing my mom and dad having sex always turned me on. Listening to my mom moaning, then getting very vocal during her orgasm, I had to jerk my dick until I would cum too.
My mom is 38. Still very attractive with brunette... [more]

I Hate My Friends and Myself

I Just seem to have the worst Social Issues ever no matter who tries to be my friend I end up hating their guts in the end. Maybe it has to do with trust issues that I just refuse to let go of, bad choices I made in my life, bad crowds I hung around with, but the problem is my friends say they really care about me yet I really hate them because... [more]

Kissing my wife

I love kissing my wife after another man has come in her mouth. In fact, the first time that I saw my college roommate come in her mouth, I decided that I wanted her for my girlfriend. While we were dating I offered her to my friends for oral sex and we would kiss after they finished. One night four guys came in her mouth and I kissed her after... [more]

I like old ladies but my friend's say to me its wrong so tell me?

I m 36 years old man but like old ladies above of my age because i think old ladies are gud in relationship & love they know how to manage a relationship & how to make love & also they experienced so i can learn many thing's from them also but when i told it to some of my friend's they said it's not good it's bad & wrong & also when i like any old... [more]

Mature, Chubby and Hairy Women

A few years back my wife’s friend (40 y/o) came to visit for the weekend. Really not my type but I inadvertently caught a glimpse of Her pubes growing over her trousers..... this sparked an interest. I then noticed she had arm pit hair. I found myself furiously masterbating about burying my head in her hairy crotch.
I’ve asked my wife to... [more]


I would like to get something off my chest and be honest Any feed back is cool good or bad, I have a girlfriend who lives in a different town and we hardly see each other but about 4 months ago I was talking to a old friend and we were catching up, she mentioning how she hooked up with different people over the past few weeks and I said... [more]

Friends Sister

Okay so my friend has a very hot sister and she is elder to me, I always fantasies about her. Recently they have gone somewhere out of town so I snuck into their home (we are neighbors) and stole her dirty panties to sniff and j/o. And now I feel bad...

Hotel photo session goes gang bang...

My wife and I started taking nude pictures of her soon after we got married when we were both just eighteen. Soon this led to my wife becoming an avid exhibitionist. We would go to nearby cities every weekend so she could go into stores and let shoe salesmen see her pussy or she'd go into convenience stores and get both hands full of penny candy... [more]


Well what can I say sure lot would say I'm slut but I always been a bad girl loved teasing boys when was at school as had boobs early and got looked at lots loved the attention reckon what made me Exhibitionists love taking the risk no panties short dress or tight leggings camel toe when out shopping getting hubby taking me dogging sites or public... [more]

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