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My wife,my friend,and me

Several years ago my wife and I stopped in at a close friend of ours on a Saturday morning,he owns his own business. Saturday is always slow for him. Now my wife has always been at ease with this guy,always flashing him when the three of us get together. This one Sat the place was . empty. My wife done her usual stuff. This time she sat on his lap... [more]

Cold shoulder after oral with friend

My bff Rhonda wanted to do something special for her boyfriend's 18th birthday. She said he's into porn and likes threesome vids. She asked if I could be the third member and do a threesome for him as a present. I said sure, he's cute and let's just have some fun. I said it has to be a secret from my boyfriend.
We went over on his birthday and... [more]

Inappropriate at work

I have a very unique job where me and another person monitor overnight supply from a power substation. The system is old and requires manual support around the clock. I work with a guy named Jason who is cute. I was out one night with my friends and before I knew it I was late for work. I went in wearing the clothes I had on, a sleek little black... [more]

Caught on halloween

I have been a crossdresser all of my life. My wife knows but does not like it. This past Halloween my wife's company threw a costume party at a local bar. My wife told me I was going as a woman, thinking that being out in public dressed would embarrass me into not dressing up again. My wife brought over her girl friend who works at a beauty salon... [more]

Caught with breast pump

My husband had a couple of friends over to watch football. They were downstairs in his man cave and I was making dinner for them upstairs in the kitchen. Our 5 month-old daughter was asleep in her crib. I wasn't going to wake her to feed her, so I used a breast pump so she would have milk later.
My husband's friend Greg caught me while I was... [more]

Night out with Wife

We went out on a dinner date and usual went into a few bars. Had awesome time and my wife had one too many. So we decided to call it a night it was late getting into 1am. We got an uber and got picked up. Wife was in the front passenger didn’t want her to vomit. While driving the uber driver was looking my wife’s legs. She had a skirt on so they... [more]

Sorted night

We had some friends over Friday night for pizza and some gains. 2 couples and 2 guy friends. Everyone was feeling pretty good from too many drinks. Talk turned to kissing and who was the best. The 3 women finally agreed they would judge. One of the wives, call her J said it was kind of wrong. But we all did it. Single guy named Mike won, with my... [more]

Friend over

As a school hol had my friend stay over we only 15 and she very pretty big boob ebony girl well that night as going bed she asked if had night dress she could use i said i sleep naked so dont have any and got undressed and got in bed naked she looked unsure but took bra of keeped knickers on well we chatted for while then she said was going sleep... [more]

I’m doing it again

Since meeting my husband he has always told me that his brother is an idiot, he is 4 years young then my husband and to be honest I’ve always kept away from his brother if we are at a family get together or just seeing him out and about it’s just hello how are you and that’s about it.
I got myself into trouble with a guy I was seeing behind my... [more]

Discovering dirty movies

This is absolutely a true story: When I was 13 I accidentally discovered some really dirty movies. My dad traveled a lot for work. He'd come home on weekends, he and my mom would go out and I'd babysit my younger brother and sister - I was 6 years older than them. Then, usually on Monday, he'd leave again and be gone for the week. One Friday, I... [more]

Discovering dirty movies

This is absolutely a true story: When I was 13 I accidentally discovered some really dirty movies. My dad traveled a lot for work. He'd come home on weekends, he and my mom would go out and I'd babysit my younger brother and sister - I was 6 years older than them. Then, usually on Monday, he'd leave again and be gone for the week. One Friday, I... [more]

Do i confess my past?

So this past weekend my boyfriend proposed to me in Paris and i said yes.
later on that night he admitted several sexual life events he though i should know and be honest about (cheating ex, sex with his friends mum etc) and he asked me if there was anything else.
while i did admit to a few things i left out that while studying at university i... [more]

Secretly shared fiance's nudes online with face

So about a year ago, I started secretly sharing my fiance's nudes online on a few websites, with her faced cropped out. It was a HUGE turn on for me just thinking about her being exposed to so many strange men, fantasizing about what they're gonna do to her. She's got tiny little cute tits, but hips that can make you drool.
After a while, nudes... [more]

Adult expo

My husband and I were in Las Vegas last January for a little get-away. He’s a huge porn fan and I’m not. That’s why I was more than a little angry at him when I realized he had timed our get-away with a porn expo called the AVN adult expo. He also had secured a couple of free VIP passes, which would get us in the door ahead of the rest of the... [more]

I’m so attracted to my sister-in-law

I will try to keep this short, I just need to get this out there. Maybe “vocalizing” will help me. My wife “Lisa” is several years older than her sister “Kim”. They could be twins, except Lisa is fair skinned, dirty blonde, and Kim is dark complected and dark haired. Lisa is a bit taller and bigger bottom as well. Their voices even sound the same... [more]

Taunting my husband

Seeking advice from other wives, mothers, grand mothers, my husband was my first and only lover, his was the first penis that I touched, sucked, and let make love to me. Married many years and I am lucky in so far as he has been a good provider, and has always made sure I climax before he does.
Now the advice bit, recently he has requested that... [more]

My Tranny Life

I knew I was different from the boy I was born to be from a very young age. I was raised by two Aunts, who were very loving but it was a feminine environment. When I was nine I would raid their undie drawer and masturbate (although, then it was just a sensation) my stiff penis.
At twelve I was hooked on silky undies, they made me feel feminine... [more]

Halloween party

I told my husband I would post this story here, so enjoy. Jason my husband and I were invited to a Halloween party last Saturday. I went as a sexy ghost and Jason went was the reaper. The party was very fun and the alcohol was flowing very freely. At the end of the night I was drunk and so was Jason's friend Allen. Jason wasn't drunk so he agreed... [more]

Best friends

When I was 16 I had this one boyfriend he had the biggest c*** I’ve ever had. I live in an apartment complex at the time. So we would have s** In the laundry rooms on top of the washer and on the floor. We also had sex at the playground at night. We would get hotel rooms which were easy because we had friends that worked at the hotels. Anyway... [more]

Friends wife

I have pair friends visit time to time have little smoke with them but she sits about in just about nothing and been trying find way i can flash my cock to her well well not that was planed but little bit trouble out side mine other week being me went see what was going on ended up getting stabbed in top leg nothing to bad well few days later was... [more]

Her step daddy watched

When I was younger around 9 or ten. Me and my siblings were at a friends house. She was a year younger than me. I was always a little nasty and h**** all the time. Me and the friend were playing in the closet. We started kissing and rubbing each other’s no existent b****. We pulled our pants and panties down and were grinding our young p******... [more]

First time

Had a friend from work come stay 1 weekend to get out london and spend bit time at coast well we went window shopping good time in early evening hubby took us to park we normally go as like going on swings and walk on beach well on way home got takeaway sat indoors eating watched bit tv well come bed time hubby said he sleep on settee so my... [more]

Friend over

Well had couple friends over as firework night well weekend been see display then home for meal was gen chatting and i asked the man did he think about watching his wife fucked by another man as hubby had Fantasy of he laughed said most men think of that well nothing else was said at time had few more drinks me and friend started clean up she... [more]

My life serving other mens wives

This started some 50 years ago I was newly divorced and I had a son to raise that was under 3 years old so I worked hard to pay my bills and support my son and we were very close. I was very bitter about all women even the ones that I paid to watch my son while I was working.
As a carpenter in the summers it was very good if you had a steady... [more]

Falling for him hard

I've been separated from my husband for two months and have been spending a lot of time with a friend of mine and her husband. My friend is bi and thinks I'm attractive. I'm more into guys, but she's pretty and basically the three of us have been fooling around together. Her husband is hot.
It started out as just having fun--I hadn't had a... [more]

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