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Busted stroking

When I was 16 and in the early eighties my mother dropped me off at my older brothers place for the weekend at his apartment he was sharing with his roommate Mike.
I knew my brother and his roommate weren’t going to be there as they headed to Vegas so I was just gonna burn time by staying at the pool watch cable tv
They left the key so I just... [more]

Need bike part

I don't have a job, so no car, but I do have motorcycle. Needed a part for my bike, but didn't have any money. A friend of mine said she thought her dad had a bunch of bike parts on his farm. So rode out with her to check it out. Sure enough I found the part. I asked her what she wanted for the part, and unexpectedly she said sex. I told her no... [more]

Wet dreams in the car

I had a really embarressing wet dream once when riding home from the beach with family. We had driven down from Pennsylvania to spend the weekend at the beach in North Carolina. It was my mother her sister and I, my little sis and our 3 cousins. I was the only other guy except for my one cousin who was I think 10 at the time.
I was the... [more]

My husband’s fantasy

I wanted to confess this for ages and it’s not easy so please bear with me. After our two children were born my husband, John, and I decided that we didn’t want any more children, and my doctor performed a tubal ligation and “tied my tubes..”.
Once I had recovered, I started to feel a freedom about having sex without having to worry... [more]

The birds and the bees at 27

I’m male and years ago I house shared with 3 other people, I only got to know one person on a personal leave and that one person was not very confident and dare I say it, not very good looking!
Most evenings we would spend time chatting about anything and everything.
On a few occasions I had asked her about any relationship but she would never... [more]


Any ideas how I can give myself a creampie, I watch a lot of porn and so want to feel what it’s like have cum in my pussy. I want to be able to do it when I cum, I want to feel it dripping out of my pussy. Any homemade ideas???

I flirted with an underage girl online

My marriage is a mess. I am lonely and am sexually frustrated. Recently, a younger woman contacted me. She was sweet and we flirted for a long time. She was into the same thing I LOVE...anal and ass play. By that time I was insanely horny, then she told me her age.
After first I was freaked out but at least online, I thought, it might be fun to... [more]

Interfering People

People local to me have started putting two and two together and now I’m getting dirty looks and treated differently.
I’m renting a place close to where I work, I return home at the weekend.
I’m 37 and become very friendly with a 55 year old widow.
She is a really nice lady and she has lots of friends and family visiting her.
She lost her... [more]

Back to the coup.

About a year or so ago, I contracted a nasty penile infection from fucking a chicken. I treated myself with some animal antibiotics that my folks keep on the farm to treat sick animals, but it came back after a few days. After an embarrassing conversation with my mom, she took me to our local doctor who diagnosed and treated my non specific... [more]

Sex with my dog

I know it’s no excuse, but I was groomed for sex as a young child. I was taught that sex was not a bad thing, but exciting and fun. And I still don’t feel I was ever hurt or abused.
When I was 10 I happened upon our dog princess being bred by 2 large dogs. I knew they were having sex, so it was exciting to watch! After getting a closer look I... [more]

First lesbian experience? (Virgin)

Okay! Basically one of my close friends and I have been getting very intimate with each other, well let me explain. Recently she texts me sexually about the things she wants to do to me and I’m not gonna lie, it turns me on so much but the whole idea of being actions behind it kind of scares me but I want it. She tells me about how she wants to... [more]

Craving my best friend's cock

As a guy,i want my best friend to bang me over and over again,i want his cock deep in my throat so that i can gag repeatedly.i want to feel his cock deep in my ass that scream in pleasure

Giving blow jobs

The first time I gave a blow job I was around twelve and I was camping out in the backyard with a friend, we usually had more of us but for some reason the others could not join. We did the usual thing for back then bringing out snacks, setting up our sleeping areas and of course getting porn magazines from my dads stash in the garage.
We stayed... [more]

When I was a boy

I'm 61, married with 2 adult kids who live their own life. Abou 2 months ago, my sister died. We have always been close and since her funeral I ofen think about our youth.
My sister was been 8 years older than me and she often was the one who had to look for me when our parents were at work.
Between me and my (beloved) wife, there is still not... [more]

I miss my 1st husband

He was not the most productive man and did not have a lot of drive to succeed but he would pleasure me until I could hardly breathe. He would literally go down on me until I was pushing him off and he could stay hard forever, even after he came once. He would have an orgasm and just keep on going getting hard again in like two minutes. His penis... [more]

Taking it anally

Initially I just hated the thought of anal sex, I thought it was just so dirty would hurt like hell and indicated that my husband was probably bi or could end up being gay.
We often discussed it, he always loved patting my bum and as the opportunity arose slipping a finger or even two into my behind when we were doing doggie I always rejected and... [more]

Really enjoy it

One of my favorite things to hear and feel is "OMG, you have to stop" and I watch their cock pull back out of the glory hole the head and shaft red from sucking on it for thirty minutes or more.
My regular came by last night and I gave him two orgasms then he could not take anymore stimulation, his cock was red and still hard but it was to much... [more]

Younger neighbors

I used to watch and jerk off to my younger neighbors wife Ellie.She resembles a hotter Lisa Loeb .
I worked out in my shed which was next to her house.
There were many nights she walked around in panties and a tight t shirt.
It was one of the reasons that forced me to workout so much.Her husband traveled out of town a lot.
One night I... [more]

Use to play with my cousins tits

When I was a kid age 12 and my cousins 13 and 14 I use to go into there room, lift up there shirt slowly to see there boobs, my one cousin had huge pink areola I use to rub my finger around it. Making it hard, I wanted to do more but I stopped, then my other cousin I did the same thing she had small pink nips. One time my older cousin woke up... [more]

Family Misconduct While Pregnant

I was 19 and pregnant. My husband and I stayed at my folks house in my late pregnancy. That's so mom could help me out while giving birth. My husband enjoyed my huge swollen milk filled breasts and the head/hand jobs I gave him while I had a swollen belly. He missed poking me. I told him he could still screw me but he didn't want to in fear of... [more]

Not ideal but I'll take it (midget)

I recently lost my virginity and it wasn't the way I wanted it to happen, but it was time to just do it. I'm a 23 year old guy and it was driving me crazy that I'd never had pussy. I went to a party of a friend of a friend and there was some chick there who was being a total slut in the bedroom in the back and word spread like wildfire throughout... [more]

My school days

My best friend told me about this site and I would like to confess.
With all the controversy about being gay, I believe that you know from an early age that you feel different, something is wired into your brain that makes you prefer to be close to the same sex.
My parents lived abroad and I was educated in the UK. I went to my first school here... [more]

Sissy faggot boy

Well a couple of days I want to a hair salon and bough as new wig and the owner and me talk for a while about the look I wanted so I Tryed on a few wigs and I found the one and she agreed. So she ask if I want her to do my makeup and put it on the wig then I said how about Saturday afternoon say about four she ok. So Saturday she about three and... [more]

Birthday fingering treat

So yesterday was my birthday. Nothing special, just my 29th. Every birthday I know without fail my I’ll get whatever I want in bed. It’s part of an arrangement my wife and I have. Whatever she asks for she gets on her birthday and I don’t bat an eye, I get the same.
For my birthday this year I just asked my wife for something fairly tame. I... [more]

Mature housewife (now)

Married almost 40 years and in all that time I have enjoyed my life with my husband. I am ashamed to admit to 1 transgression many years ago, back in the 1980's we were friends with a couple, I worked with the other lady involved, no names as I am mortified to think of what happened and I am embarrassed thinking about it whilst I type.
It was a... [more]

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