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My gf's sex encounters

My present girl friend in her mid-30s likes sexy underwear – like a half cup bra that pushes up her ample breasts and leaves her nipples almost visible. And very sheer panties so that you can see her unshaven pussy underneath. She likes me to take her out when she is dressed with those and a very short skirt and a top that you can see her hard... [more]

My mom is blind as a bat without glasses

Back in my teens when my hormones were raging and most of my spare time was spent stroking I wandered into my moms room to ask her something. I stopped when I heard the shower going in her bathroom and as I was turning around I saw her glasses on top of her dresser. I thought this was odd because she is blind without them and I mean bad, these... [more]

Twisted sister

My sister is four years older than me and has big tits and a big round ass. I was 12 and she was 16 when I first started noticing her body. One morning the two of us were just waking up and headed for the bathroom at the same time. I had a morning boner and when we met in the hallway she said something like oh my god you have a big old boner and... [more]

Stepdaughter . . . Oh My

I raised my stepdaughter from the age of 4. When she was 17 her mom was away for work and she just out of the blue asked me "dad what's a blow job." I was kind of shocked that she didn't know what it was. I asked her why and she said a boy at school asked her to give him one and not knowing what it was she said no. When I told her what it was she... [more]

My roommates mother

When I went to college I was an out of state student so I was allowed to move into the dorm about three days earlier than in state students. I had no idea who my roommate was going to be yet as this was my first year at this college. I am and always have been a long distance runner so the first few days in my new dorm room I never really worried... [more]

Daughter's husband

Before my daughter began her relationship with Carl, I had a very sexual affair with him.
My husband and I had briefly split up when I discovered he'd been letting a young slut give him blow jobs at work when we were dating.
So during that break in our marriage and a few weeks after we got back together, I was involved in lots of extremely... [more]

I feel a little guilty but I also feel....

….a little jealous of my mom's new boyfriend. I'd never heard my mom make any fucking noises until him. It started one night when I awakened to what sounded like my mom moaning in pain. I then realized my mom wasn't in pain, she was getting fucked. My dick got so hard it hurt, so I jerked it off. I came so hard at the same time my mom was having a... [more]

Rupert's bike

It's just past the anniversary of Rupert pulling out in front of my van.
I hit him making him fly off his bicycle towards the ditch by a farmers field, not too far from his family home.
The front wheel on his bike was crushed, but the young man, other than a few bumps and bruises was ok.
After taking him back to the house I'd just been doing... [more]

First experience with another woman

I want a lesbian relationship. itwould be ncie to hang out with a woman who is compatible and we're on the same wavelength and can make a life together.i just don't know where to begin. i went to a club once and got noticed but felt really insecure about whether anything would happen and whether it was right atthe time. i never called back one... [more]

My mom and I had sex

We gave into our desires after realizing how much we wanted each other. I wanted to have sex with my mom for several years now. With her beautiful body parading around the house, I became infatuated with having sex with her. Last night after going to bed, I jacked off imagining I was fucking my mom. After I had just cleaned up, my mom kind of... [more]

Is everybody Bi?

It seems natural that everybody would be Bi. Humans are geared towards sexual pleasure. And both ways give pleasure. So it seems that only modern culture makes being straight so compelling.
I had no idea I was Bi till I was 50. As far as I knew, I had zero desire for guys or dicks at all. Zero.
But after being tricked by a Ladyboy. And... [more]

My adult spanking

Growing up I’ve always had an interest in spankings. I’m sure it all started from being spanked as a kid. I’m a happily married 52 year old white male. To give you a better picture of me, I’m 6ft, 195 lbs, short red hair, smooth body, 5 1/2 inch cut cock, decent shape.
My curiosity to receive a spanking grew more and more. I was wanting to be... [more]

Oh god mom, I groaned....

Her pussy felt so good around my cock I couldn't believe it. I'm on top of my mom, her tits smashed against my chest. I'm thrusting my cock hard and fast into her pussy. My mom's moaning loudly as I fuck her. I'm looking at her face as my pelvis is smacking against her clit. Harder and faster I pound my mom's pussy. "I'm cumming, oh yes, oh honey... [more]

I ran into my abusive college boyfriend

I was terrified when I went away to college because I'd never been so far from home for as long as I would be gone. Because of that I was kind of desperate to make a connection. So during my first month away I went to a dorm mixer and met this guy Zack. We got pretty drunk so I don't remember to this day exactly how we got there, but I woke up the... [more]

I made out with Samantha Bee

I met her at a party and we hit it off. We found a room where there wasn't anybody around. We sat on a loveseat and started kissing, then our tongues slid into each others mouth. After making out for about ten minutes, I began to feel her tits up over her shirt. She's got some pretty bit tits too. Then after about five minutes she had to go. I... [more]

Almost...Caught ( No Sex )

My wife had gone to bed, it was late. I sneaked downstairs with my binoculars, and put on black jeans, and a black, long-sleeved tee, and my black Nikes. I poured another tumbler of Grey Goose, drained it, and finished a roach of the green kush. Then, I sneaked out the back door to begin my nefarious activity.
The scalding hot summer day... [more]

Older sister

I have three sisters, one older and two younger. It was challenging growing up in a house being the only boy. My older sister, who is two years older than I, we always seemed to quarrel about everything. As we got older, around when she was about 16, I was noticing her figure was really filling out. Me being a horny 14 year old looking at... [more]


I was home alone last night. My husband is gone all week driving truck and won’t be home until Saturday night.
His brother stopped over to see him thinking he
Was home. I invited him in anyway and we sat around drinking wine.
Long story short we started kissing and next thing i know he was in me.
We fucked and he left.
Now i feel guilty . I... [more]

Baby sit

After High school and before college I did some baby sitting to make extra money.
One of the people I babysit for had a twenty year old mentally retarded boy John.
John was a husky guy could get showers and stuff by himself and dress. But he was like having a kindergartner around.
They were going to be going on a cruise with my parents for a... [more]


Well David and I have been married for several months and he works for his father that owns a construction co.

David works on a crew and his foreman's name is Roger and he is a handsome man but he is a real jerk thinking he is women's dream come true and I cant stand him.
He knows this and he constantly teases me with bold suggestions... [more]

Neighborhood friend

I'm 27, married, and a stay at home mom with a 3 yo boy. A woman bought a house down the street and I befriended her. She is 32 and has a 2 year old girl, but I saw her jogging and walking her dog and made friends. She just got divorced, but she made out well financially to live here.
We chatted and we had major friendship chemistry. We talk... [more]

Cheating Makes Better Orgasms

I always was interested in my step dad since I was fifteen. I gave hints but he kept his distance from me. I let him see me in skimpy clothes and placed my hand on his groin under the dinning table, but I couldn't entice him. I started to date guys and step dad would catch us making out on the sofa. When I turned eighteen and my body matured a... [more]

Wife Gabby 2

I already posted one story about Gabby and it was when Jess first got into her pants and they had a live in affair for several months until he and his wife got back together .
After he left we talked about her with other guys and she was concerned about how I would feel mostly gut I had to admit that I sometimes felt jealousy but in truth I... [more]

Wife fantasy fullfilled

Wife has been shy about sharing details of her fantasy about being blindfolded during sex. I got her a few drinks 3 nights ago and that got her very relaxed and hot. We started fooling around and i blindfolded her with her own dress and tied her hands with a tie. I kissed her all over and began to play with her pussy and again asked her what she... [more]

Doctor, doctor

Between the ages of seventeen and twenty whenever he was around I'd let him examine my breasts, pussy and ass.
He was my dads doctor, but
came to see me one afternoon when I was sick. He examined me in our home, with my mom present and my dad downstairs as usual.
Smiling at my mom, he asked her, not me, if he should give me the 'special... [more]

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