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I want my sister in law so bad!

Here goes my confession. I'm in my mid 40's and have been with my wife for a while now and have been pretty faithful for the most part. I've never really done anything out of the ordinary, until just recently.
My wife's sister moved in with us to try to get herself on her feet because she's had a rough go at life and hasn't really found her... [more]

My bosses pet

It was my last day before my vacation so I stayed at work late to get ahead so I have less to do when I return. So before I leave I got to the bathroom when come out I see my boss in her office and she signaled for me. I went into her office and she got up from her desk while asking me what I’m doing for my vacation. At this point she was... [more]

Dinner for two

We had a great date. Laughed and talked the entire time. Not only was she breath taking beautiful, she had a great personality and was hilarious. So I walk her back her car in the now empty parking garage and open the door for her. When she sat down in her seat, she sat facing me. She grabbed my pants pocket, pulling me close to her and unzipped... [more]

Zoom and Cum

FIve months later and I’m still working from home. I’m super grateful to have a job. And I admit my missing of being back in the office is selfish. But since I’ve been home I’ve been able to explore and cultivate my sexual desires. Adding a little bit of risk in my daily pleasure has given me such a reward. Every morning at 10:00, I sit on out... [more]

I was betrayed and used

I was sexually abused 3 weeks ago by my boyfriend and his friends, it happen on a Monday on the 14th my boyfriend insisted that I should hang out with him at his house, while his friends are there. I told him ill be there and when I got there he rushed me to his room and showed me a very skimpy short dress and a pair of heels I told him what is... [more]

12 yo whore daughter

My daughter is 12 years old and absolutely the nastiest whore I have ever met. I have caught her over 100 times sending nudes via all social media platforms. She has profiles on stranger fuck sights and uses them. She is feeding the Pedophiles Community of our whole town. We have even found her two towns away. She has thought she was pregnant... [more]

My first Blowjob and Intercourse experience

I was almost 14, first year at this school, a boy 4 years older than me, took a special interest in me, why?
I had no idea at the time.
All I knew was, he was a kind boy that said he liked me a lot and wanted to show me what sex is all about.
As a boy myself, I had never been with a girl or any boy before, but curiosity was mounting and I felt... [more]

Incubus Lover for wife👿

I have had a desire for a sexual entity, or male sex demon also known as an "Incubus " to fuck my wife.They are believed by many people to have sex with women while they sleep. They give women erotic sexual dreams and can open them up to the many pleasures of taboo sex. And can in some instances stimulate or give weird tingly electrical type of... [more]

Love watching when couple make love

I live were I love to watch other I sit by they side help and touch them I'm naughty and love it feel free to contact me

She's A Milf Cockold And A Mom

Ever since I turned 18 my middle aged mother been using me. I don't know if she has a high sex drive or she isn't satisfied by dad or she just enjoys my package. We cucked dad now for three years. My mom is a short sexy blonde with perky stiff nipple breasts and an ass worth cumming on and licked after she is doggy fucked.
It started out... [more]

Helping My Mom And Myself

I was sitting in my room watching porn on my computer. My mother was in the living room watching television, so I had to keep the volume kind of low. Even though I know it's not real, I have a thing for mother/son incest porn. This is probably started because I have always had an infatuation with breasts.
As a kid I would look through the bra... [more]

Married the hottest woman I thought I never had a shot with

My wife turns heads, she is 5'9, about 125 lbs, DD real boobs, curvy hips and waxes everything. She truly is stunning and even better when naked, people see us together and I know they are thinking this guy is rich or hung like a horse. I am neither for sure but one thing she said to me on our first time going on a semi real date was that I was... [more]

Cougar and I can’t stop

My husband and I were at the lake for a long weekend and we were at the bar when the sexiest hottest young guy showed up. I told my husband that he was really hot. I mean I was getting turned on watching him carry himself with his tight little ass I couldn’t help but imagine how I would feel in bed with him. My husband caught wind and I was... [more]

Surprise at a swinger meet

My wife and I have been married for many years and wanted to explore in a controlled environment so agreed to and joined a swingers club. Now a regular it is interesting to see how many new couples turn up, just like we started.
When you start, you are given a masquerade mask to ease you into the group and when you feel comfortable or return... [more]

Caught my guy roommate with my panties

I’ve lived with my male roommate for three years and known him for seven years. I’m that time there has never been an oops or anything, especially since we’ve lived together. However, before COVID something did happen. He worked from home pre COVID, and I usually work until around five. But this one day I needed to run home and grab a document... [more]

I was so curious

For years I was friends with an older couple age who were both 38. Later in time I met up with their younger son age 23 in Utah and spent the night in his room. I was age 35 at the time of this in 2000. It was a very hot summer night around 10pm and he was laying on the bed with lights on only wearing underwear that seemed to be hugging if you... [more]

Father in Law (2)

So, after seeing my Father in Laws penis in the pub toilet, and him saying he was gonna give his wife one (my mother in law) when they got home i couldn't wait to go round to see them again.
My chance came the following Thursday, my wife was working 2 late shifts on the Thursday and Friday so I was in on my own. My Father in Law goes out with... [more]


Was this summer where we were not allowed out due to coronavirus but I was still working as a lorry driver but the wife had to stay home so she got spend a lot time gardening we have a secluded garden and only an older man and his dog next door so peaceful i talk on phone wifey every evening and she told me this amazing story of what had happened... [more]

I Wanted My Mom

This is a story about a mom and son. My dad left us a year ago, and we've been alone together since. I have to admit that hearing my mom and dad having sex always turned me on. Listening to my mom moaning, then getting very vocal during her orgasm, I had to jerk my dick until I would cum too.
My mom is 38. Still very attractive with brunette... [more]

I Hate My Friends and Myself

I Just seem to have the worst Social Issues ever no matter who tries to be my friend I end up hating their guts in the end. Maybe it has to do with trust issues that I just refuse to let go of, bad choices I made in my life, bad crowds I hung around with, but the problem is my friends say they really care about me yet I really hate them because... [more]

Not in my wildest imagination did I think I would walk in on this

My wife is a twin and they both still looked really alike into their thirties, my wife has slightly larger hips and boobs but she had a little more body fat than her sister. They have always been close and my wife never wanted to move away from her family so one day I was at work and just felt like taking the rest of the day off, this was back... [more]

Friends Sister

Okay so my friend has a very hot sister and she is elder to me, I always fantasies about her. Recently they have gone somewhere out of town so I snuck into their home (we are neighbors) and stole her dirty panties to sniff and j/o. And now I feel bad...

Hotel photo session goes gang bang...

My wife and I started taking nude pictures of her soon after we got married when we were both just eighteen. Soon this led to my wife becoming an avid exhibitionist. We would go to nearby cities every weekend so she could go into stores and let shoe salesmen see her pussy or she'd go into convenience stores and get both hands full of penny candy... [more]

How my old man found out why my penis was the size of a man's

I"m 13 years old now this is how my doctor found out when i was 7 years old i had a regular size nothing crazy so i went to go take a shower and i see 2 blue pill's that i thought was candy it really looked like candy so i ate one and i notice my penis was growing faster and was not stopping now you might be wondering this shit is not worth... [more]

Regular Guy

I don't look or act gay and in fact I'm attracted to women and straight porn. But when it comes to sex the only thing that turns me on is sucking other guys cocks! I fuck myself with huge dildos and other objects like bottles or the handles of tools. Sometimes I like getting fucked in the ass and I'll offer it to all the guys I suck. I go to a... [more]

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