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I've been living with a friend whom I've known for about 13 years. I'm 36, she is 53, and her husband is 46. My boyfriend is in federal prison for 3 years. I'd been homeless and basically been working part-time, since that is all I could get. I was happy that my friend let me move in, with my dog included.
My friend's husband works from home... [more]

Sucked cock for friendship

My husband doesn't know that growing up I used to suck cock to be popular with the guys at school. I was always fascinated by cock, they all look different, and cum is so sexy. I'd go to parties and spend maybe an hour or so just blowing guys. It got me in trouble with some of their girlfriends but whatever. I loved sucking cock and still do. I've... [more]

Red Flags?

I'm 20 and have always been partial to milf types, wanting to fuck my friends' moms and the like growing up. You get the picture. I went on to a dating site and started chatting with this woman who is 47. She looks more like 35. We hit it off immediately. She's single but has been divorced twice, has two sons aged 21 and 17, and she's a lot of... [more]


I'm so torn, I want to be with my girlfriend but I really think she cheated.
She had a bag by the side of her bed where she kept her dildo and clit vibrator also with a few condoms in it. We never used condoms... But she claims they were used for her dildos so she wouldn't have to clean them, there was one on her dildo and one on her clit... [more]

I want it again

My half brother Josh and I had always been pretty close, despite the 22 year difference between us. He’s married with kids and has been for a long time now. Back when I was about 15, I’d stay with him some weekends (maybe once a months or so). Him and his wife would let me drink alcohol with them most times I visited, and it usually ended in him... [more]

Sometimes feel gay.

When I was 5 my family moved from a country home to a home in town.
By the time I was 6 I had made some pretty good friends down the street. Three brothers. One my age, one younger by a couple of years and one four years older.
As time went on we began to have sleep overs at one another's houses.
At probably about 7 or 8, when I would stay at... [more]

Asian love

A few months when I visited my local pharmacy chemist I was greeted by a very pretty Asian Chinese woman. I immediately took a liking to her as she was warm and friendly over the coming weeks I say her now and again and became really friendly with her name is Ang then one day we met in the post office. I asked her if she would like to go for a... [more]

Cheating With My Neighbor

I couldn’t help but feel my Asian neighbor across the street is so sexy! I’ve never had the opportunity of tasting the pleasure of an Asian woman. You could say it’s been on my bucket list but thought it would never happen. I was wrong. Dreams do come true.

Prologue - How It Started With Her…

We lived across from each other for years. We... [more]

Cheating With My Neighbor - Chaper 1

Chapter 1 - We Moved It Up a Notch…

On my back covered and screened-in porch was a Futon. When we sat on my Futon, we first sat far apart. But as time rolled on, we started sitting closer and closer to each other.
Then when she would arrive at my house or leave we would hug. Those hugs were quick on at first, but we began having more... [more]

Peeing myself

I like to pee myself. I have been secretly doing it since my early teens, and I am now over 50. This is a story of an actual accidental wetting.
A while back I had a huge crush on a coworker, sadly she is married, so nothing happened (stupid naive me). Well, one night she was in town for training and was staying at a hotel near me. I went to... [more]

Girls who fuck with boars

Hey ladies, I’d love to hear from any of you who have had sex with a boar, or women who fantasise about it.
For the ladies who have, what is it like? Was it rough, gentle?
How did the cock feel twisting around inside you?
What does it feel like when his cock locks into your cervix?
Does your womb swell to make you look pregnant?
What... [more]

Feeling guilty about massage hand job

After several weeks of arguments with the wife I went for a Thai massage. I asked if I could have a happy ending and I was told this would cost £20 extra. I paid the £20 and enjoyed a really good hand job from a lady in her 50s. I now feel fairly guilty and the other day when the wife have me a tit fuck I couldn't get properly hard. I am not... [more]

Cummy Gussett of wife’s panties

Every day she leaves for work I put her panties on my face, deeply inhale her scent, cum in the gusset, let it soak in a bit, then lick it up, suck it out of the fabric, then fuck myself with her dildo, then wear them all day, often reaching down to feel the wetness and wish I had a mans cum leaking out of my own gash.
Then I change before she... [more]


As I've grown older i have a stronger and stronger desire to suck a cock to see how it feels. To have that smooth skin slide in and out of my mouth. To feel the cock swell just before cumming. That is a very exciting thought.

Horny cousins and creampies.

My dad and his 3 sisters bought neighboring houses so we grew up very close. Cousins' ages were in "batches" as my older brother was the same age as 3 other cousins and the ones closer to my age were all about 2 years older than me. It was the 60's in Louisiana most most of the available work was oilfield or working on boats in the oilfield so... [more]

Dream Lover

I’m laying in bed, in the dark, alone. My thoughts drift to you…your eyes, your scent, your strong body…the weight of it on mine. The thought is delicious, and it makes me quiver with desire.
I’m naked in the sheets, my hands caressing my own body…my breasts, my belly, then they drift lower…reaching between my legs. I’m not surprised to feel... [more]

I almost had sex with my sister

Ever since I was 17, I always fancied the idea of having sex with my sister. Even during high school, whenever, I thought about my sister, I would get rock hard and I even cumed my pants once or twice by just thinking about her. Every time I got home, I would never really watch porn, but I would beat off pics of my sister. It's important to know... [more]

Minute Man

I'm 21 and have been seeing this guy who is 20. He was a virgin when we met. He's really shy and sweet and I love him, and I started slowly with him with regard to sex, as he was inexperienced. The first time we had sex I rode him and within maybe 30 seconds I could feel him spasm and fill me up. It was his first time feeling pussy, so I thought... [more]

Hooked on her

Up until six months ago, my older half sister and I didn’t know about each other (long story involving an unfaithful asshole of a dad). She’s much older than me, she’s 37 and I’m 22. There was no ill will when we met. We actually got along almost instantly, way too well actually.
She’s very open minded and very forward. She took me out one... [more]


When my husband Ted came home from work last night I could tell he had a stressful day so after our 15 year old daughter went to bed we did also.
as I had thought he cuddled up close to me and whispered in my ear I need you tonight.
I laughed and rolled onto my back and opened my legs for him and he mounted me silently slipping his cock into... [more]

I'm strange

Hello, I know to most this will sound horrendous but I enjoy humiliation do much by women not sure why , i really dont care about me feelings and is love to b spanked over my mum's knee while wearing her clothes nice red bare bottom mum laughing at me and having aunty film it then post it all over Facebook for family and friends to see would be... [more]

Uncle Chuck's Vacation

My uncle Chuck is a nice man and my best friend. We have always been close and he's not like other men. He is always gentle with me in the things that matter to us. For my twelfth birthday he told me that he wanted to take me on a long trip. He asked my parents if he could take me on this trip after school let out for the Summer, they gave him... [more]

I want the be spanked by an old guy

I am 24 and sometimes when I’m in bed I start fingering myself and fantasizing about an old man walking in on me and I’m naked with h my legs spread wide open and he tells me I am naughty and need to be spanked so he sits down and instructs me to bend over his knee so I do and as I’m laying there he first rubs my bottom and I find I start feeling... [more]

Growing up with two big sisters

I'll start by telling you this is real. No names
I'm 53 now, my two sisters are 55 and 58 so I was the baby brother.
We were what they now call latch key kids, single mother who needed to work, so oldest sister picked us up from school etc and looked after us until mum got home.
We lived in a two bed flat and as kids all shared a room and... [more]

Happy Holidays

Me and my boyfriend went on holiday and I got fucked so many times and not from my boyfriend.
We met a couple and spent time around the pool with them, we arranged to go out together that night and my boyfriend asked me to get some bottles of water from the shop before we go out tonight, on my way to the shop I knocked on our friends door... [more]

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