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Secret cousin marriage

I am 35m and after my divorced my cousin 28f moved in with me for a new job she got in my area. She has this amazing athletic body and perky tits with a nice butt, i had the biggest crush on her growing up. After she got settle i took her out to dinner and a few drinks. After days went by we started to be more and more comfortable around each... [more]


I met this guy on a phone chat line years ago. We talked awhile and discovered that we both liked to dress up and wear slutty female outfits. He asked if he could come over one night after work so we could have sex. I said yes. He said he would go home first and change into something really sexy before coming to see me. I said ok. Later that night... [more]

Caught by my grandma

I was 13 and my best friend was 14 when my grandma caught us both together blowing each other's dicks. We had done it many times before and it didn't mean that we didn't like girls. But they weren't into that sort of thing at the time. It was a shock when grandma came in the door. It was the first time we got caught. Before that it only happened... [more]

I feel fucked

Last week my gf seem serious and up set and went on with how I don't appreciate her and how I much rather be with other girls and then after a while I made her happy but then she asked if I would be a cuck for her if it made her happy I didn't know what that meant and I said yes of course, and now she's up set with me because because I just... [more]


Going with no panties under my dress makes me feel supper sexy

Anyone else out there with incest fantasies?

Do others besides me have incest fantasies or dreams?
Please tell them to us. Fantasies are no reality!
I myself have never had a real incest experience, but my husband has and he has infected me, so to speak, with this "virus". He slept with his aunt as a boy and now, for a few months, he's been doing it with his mother. I was allowed to... [more]

Husband and Wife Threesome issue

How do I handle this situation? I had a threesome with my husband and another male. The sex with the other male was good. We have been together maybe 5 times in the last 5 years. I was with him by myself twice and my husband was aware. So now my husband doesn't want me to like the sex with the other guy. It's is a big problem with me liking sex... [more]

The Sugar Sack (A FUPA kind of Love)

A couple of weeks ago I told you about my Supersize BBW Friend with Benefits (I will reprint that below this), Jackie is the most Sexually Oriented Woman I have ever met, We "Make out" like a Couple of Teenagers, When she Sucks My Cock its way more than just head bobbing, her tongue can unscrew the Head and work on the wires! She makes Eye... [more]

My dirty but lovely SIL

My SIL, aged 55, would definitely invite me to a weekend whenever we come across. But at my age of 30 I would love to spend with girls of my age. However, I always liked her flirty nature and would often tease me about stealing her used panties soon after her marriage and she too caught me as I used to hide them under my bed! This time my brother... [more]

Not sure if I should continue

I'm a woman in my late 20s. I've been in a very fulfilling relationship with an older man, but new information that came up has made me feel a little... icky about it.
As we've grown closer, he's opened up about his life, the good things and the stuff he's not proud of. Recently, we had a conversation on the mistakes he made in his life, and how... [more]

hate women

I hate older women who look in good shape and how entitled and pig faced they are and you can tell they drink alcohol hard and fuck hard. I seen one today and I thought as she walked past , "you fucking old bully bitch" and "I wish I could kill you" and "I bet you pushed and bashed every woman around to get to the top" cuz all women who are in the... [more]

Chance meeting

As a teenager I was always struggling with my sexual orientation. I loved girls and tonguing their beautiful pussy's, but I also enjoyed sucking cock too.
Most of the guys I've sucked off will tell you, it's the best blow job they've ever had.
One of the men I met by pure chance in a park, was the first guy to fuck me. I just knew as I was... [more]

Blow your load

I want you to stop holding back from me. I want to feel you bust a nut all over my cervix. Just breed me already. Blow your load. I want to feel your warm cum fill me up and slowly drip out of me. Impregnate me. I want to feel your bareback massive cock go crazy. I will go crazy too. I promise to make it worth your while. Fuck me, already. Im... [more]

My husband lost a bet...

So my husband lost a stupid bet with his best friend. I can tell his best friend has always liked me by the way he treats me and looks at me. He is married, as are we. Husband told me that terms of the bet if he lost is that his friend could make a move on me. I laughed and thought ok- whatever. So he can try to touch my boob or something? Is that... [more]

I want my husband to initiate a cuckold

Im pregnant so I cant get pregnant. Im not far along so I have my tight little body still and feel like it needs to be enjoyed before this baby wrecks it. My husband is enjoying it but after I get him off, my hormones have me on overdrive and I want more. He pleases me plenty. I literally get a minimum of four orgasms....So many that I cant even... [more]

Had sex with boyfriends brother/friends bd

I had sex twice with my boyfriends brother who is also one of my close friends baby daddy (she just had this baby a few weeks ago) both times were about 5 months ago when my boyfriend broke up with me and the first time i felt horrible and said i never wanted to do that again then he ended up inviting me over to smoke i told him i didn’t want to... [more]

Girlfriend niece.

I am an male, and I been with my girl for a while now meaning years. So, to start this off. I use to hate my girlfriend niece she had a damn bad ass attitude which I hate af. She now 21 years old. She came to visit a few days ago and I started thinking like naughty things. I told myself hell no stop thinking that shit, but for some reason i caught... [more]

Girlfriend niece

I am an male, and I been with my girl for a while now meaning years. So, to start this off. I use to hate my girlfriend niece she had a damn bad ass attitude which I hate af. She now 21 years old. She came to visit a few days ago and I started thinking like naughty things. I told myself hell no stop thinking that shit, but for some reason i caught... [more]

I give a great blowjob

I am a 21-year-old trans woman from Southeast MO and I give a great blowjob. I really miss doing it, and I wanna start again.

Otherwise straight

I'm attracted to women and pussy. I like sports hot cars building stuff. But when it comes to sex all I ever do is suck other guys cocks, fuck myself with large dildos and larger objects and let other guys fuck me in the ass. There are three places near my house where guys hang out at night, including me. It's more convenient to meet different... [more]

Bluetooth wireless toys

Does anyone have any of the Lovesense toys they love? I work from home and my husband has meetings and such where he goes to work. I think it would be hot for him to give me a “buzz” when he gets bored at work.
If you have the lovesense luna 2... what is your favorite thing to do with it? Public/shopping? Parks? Car rides? Restaurants? Tell... [more]

I am my husband’s Pregnant, nympho, cum slut

The past few weeks have been 100% bliss. Im just transitioning to my second trimester of pregnancy and at some point turned I’ve into a complete and total nympho cum slut. I thought my husband wouldn't be able to keep up but he has gone above and beyond to make sure I stay satisfied. Every day he practices or nails something new with me and it... [more]

Straight teen's first blowjob was from a man

I was tricked. Or, seduced. Whichever you prefer.
This older guy that I met, talked me into going over to his house for some other reason.
It's a long story.
He talked me into pulling my pants down. That's when he started rubbing me. I couldn't help getting hard. It seemed that I was always hard at that age.
He asked me if it felt ok... [more]

Bluetooth wireless sex toys for public use

I recently purchased a wireless bullet my husband can control from anywhere in thr world with his phone. Im not sure how comfortable it would be for long time (all “work day hours” use) but to get started I want to wear it all day. We work at separate places and I want him to give me a buzz when he thinks of me.
Does anyone have one of these?... [more]

He is finally treating me like his personal cum slut

My husband is turning me into his personal sex slave. He is so quiet and shy and not the dominate type at all. He is often railroaded at work and no one listens to his ideas. He has been frustrated at his job and I asked him to take it out on me. At first he didn't understand. So recently on especially rough long days with his job, I would wait... [more]

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