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I succumbed!

I am Jenn. 41, married, mother, professional. Have only had sex with 4 men (although I sucked a fe more!).
Never cheated on hubby.
I think I still look good, pretty, 34d natural, maybe a bit plump. I am very orgasmic and lately our sex life has been somewhat stagnant.
I was out with friends, drinking more than typical. I ran into my... [more]

Enjoying It Too much

I didn't expect her to go along with my idea and desired wishes but she openly told me it was kinky and it would be fun. I told my wife I wanted her to go braless around the home and in the yard giving people an eyeful. She knew I married her because of the tits that she has and she would tease me with them often by flashing them often to me... [more]

Step Son

I want to blow my step son. I want to take his cock in my mouth and feel his cum. I want his cock to touch my face so bad. I have wanted to blow him for a long time. I hope one day I will be get to. His mom does not know about this fantasy.

Only So Far

Mom was always a hugger and always gave us a peck on the cheek when we'd leave the house. We'd never thought much of it, demonstrative behavior had always seemed natural. I don't think either Mom or I was surprised one night when we'd both been drinking and I went up to hug her, but but the surprise came next when I pushed my lips to hers and... [more]

I secretly fattening my boyfriend and hope he gets fat

I have known that I have a feederism fetish since I was 13 years old. I have accepted it; I cannot help it, I have tried. I have got myself. My current bf, who is my childhood love and I think my future husband is my everything. When we met at age 12, he was an athletic slim guy with the most beautiful face I have ever seen. (still valid.) he had... [more]

Mum wants to go on delivery in truck with me

Last month I was telling mum about a property I go to to deliver drinking water how beautiful it was all rainforest and all that ,she was very interested in seeing the property next time I deliver,I told her that the truck is very uncomfortable in the passenger seat and would be to bouncy for her going on the dirt roads but she persisted that she... [more]

I want to suck and feel

I have always wanted to know what it would feel like to take a dick.... Keeps me up at night and is driving me crazy. What's wrong with me.

Sister In Law's Tits

I've always wanted to see my sister in law, Kelli, naked. She is a beautiful woman with and awesome body. You'd never guess she had 3 grown kids.. She's been to the house swimming and her tits are amazing. They're at least the same size as my wife, Cindy's, which are 32DDs.
Last fall Kelli and her husband had bought a new house and was in the... [more]

Man that likes to suck dick

I have been married for 30 years and love my wife. About 2 years ago I started to fantasize about sucking another man. Well I got up the nerve and acted on it. I still have sex with my wife but can't wait until the next time I can suck and be sucked. I love the feel of a cock growing in my mouth and then shooting that warm load down my throat... [more]

I'm gonna take the plunge and visit an escort

This is a long winded read, but I like to tell a story and to give a heads-up to those that complained about another story I posted being too long. So here goes.
I've been with the wife for 15 years now and everything has been good. The love is still there and all that... except for doing the deed. I've brought it up I don't know how many... [more]

I let my gf dog fuck me

I don't why I did it, but i couldn't help it. Fido was just there and he had such a big and meety cock. When my gf left to get food, i just couldn't take and started sucking his cock, his red rocket came out and I could taste his precum after sucking for 5 minutes. Before he came i stopped and pulled down my pants and let him go to town on my... [more]

Why i am suck a cock and balls loving women

I was in my first year of my marriage ( i was only 19 years old) and my husband and i got drunk really drunk with his best friend. my husband and i moved to the bedroom and started fucking and it felt great.I had quite a sexual power over my husband . He was not a wimp but he would do as he was told to get his dick caress ( for a better... [more]

I Was 11 Years Old When I Saw My First Pair Of Naked Breasts

I was 11 years old when I saw my mother naked.
Well… I’m pretty sure. I saw her loads naked when I was a baby, but I don’t think that really counts because I wasn’t really into girls as a baby, and if I was, that would be weird. And naked to me in those days meant seeing a pair of breasts, not the full Monty naked but still. So let me correct... [more]

Wrongful Desires

I know it's wrong, I feel guilty about it, and wish I could get the idea out of my mind, but I can't. For months, I have increasingly had feelings for my son, but not those a mother should have. I keep thinking about boys wanting to have sex with their mother. I wondered if my son, Jimmy, had thought of sex with me. However, I do remember he often... [more]

Mom's Have Urges Too - 8

Andy smiled and moved toward the bed, pulling his mother up with him. He stripped quickly. When he saw that his mother had made no move to take her robe off he returned to her and untied the robe and then pushed it to the floor. He felt her tremble as his hands slide down her arms and then cupped her breasts. "God, they are beautiful. Can I kiss... [more]


I am divorced, in my sixties and I watch porn. I started watching transsexual porn. I got so turned on by it I became obsessed. I decided I had to visit a TS in person. First time ever. She was very nice, pretty, Asian. We got naked, I got on my knees and took her cock in my mouth. I sucked her good and deep. Her hands were on head clutching my... [more]

Motivated FWBs are twice as fun as 10s

I've been with very attractive women and jumped through all kinds of hoops to please them. Inevitably there came a point when it felt as if my efforts to pleasure them were received as if THEY were doing ME a favor. I do enjoy pleasing, but if my efforts aren't appreciated, whats the point.
I also enjoy playing a more dominant selfish role. If... [more]

My wifes best friend

Shes a curvy blonde. after a day of heavy flirting we ended up at her place. i had her nude in the living room floor and just before I was about to do it. Her roommate came home. I haven't gotten a chance to repeat. And now I miss her

Shared Wife, if our family only knew....

I let my friend fuck her. We had always talked and fantasized about her showing off sexually with another guy in front of me. When we go out, she loves wearing short skirts and no bra or panties, flashing and showing off her body. One of my friends was visiting from out of town and after a few drinks at our house, she was feeling pretty relaxed... [more]

First sexual experience

When I was 8 we lived in Morocco. There were reasons at the time that I did not attend school. The climate was hot,father's was a large secluded garden garden fruit trees and a pool. I wore just a pair of shorts and was quite often naked. There was a staff, maid, cook and gardiner. Sometime in the afternoon I would chat with the Gardiner in the... [more]

It developed over time

My 39-year-old uncle and I had started getting closer over the past few years. I grew up living in the same town as him, but never really visited him much. After him and my aunt got divorced, him and I started to talk more, and tease each other. I used to crack jokes to him, and flip him off while I drove by. He'd laugh it off, and flip me off... [more]

First sexual experience

We lived in Morocco at the time, I was 8. Big secluded garden, fruit trees warm climate, swimming pool and no school, paradise. We had a staff of 3, cook, maid and gardiner. The climate was warm I wore nothing but shorts, and quite often not even shorts. To set the scene for this, in Arab culture a boy is as attractive to a man as a woman... [more]

When and why i started sucking dick

I started sucking dick when i was 15 in high school. Went home with one of my classmates and he started me out innocently and i finally sucked him. It was the most fantastic thing i could have ever imagined. The feel, the touch, the taste, the smell, everything about it was GREAT. Looking back on all that, i could kick myself for not doing my... [more]

Daughter and Dad

Sitting next to my daughter the thought overwhelmed me as I swiftly started to get up. "Chrissie, this is just something that I can't continue with," I said, trying desperately to convince her, and convince myself. Then she did something that was hard to believe.
With both hands clasped firmly around my neck, she gently pulled my head down so... [more]

It all started with a gangbang

It happened 5 years ago when I was 15 but now I'm 20. I used to go to parties very often. It was summer vacation so no school. I used to enjoy getting drunk, and my friends dragging me to go back to my apartment. I don't live with my parents, I was kicked out so I started living with my bestie. It was one time when my bestie went out with her... [more]

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