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Last week, I woke up about 1:30 in the morning. I got up to take a piss, and walking past my parents bedroom on the way to the bathroom, I heard some unexpected noises. My dad has been away for three weeks, he's been out of town, and on lockdown in New York, unable to come home yet. I heard my mom moaning, like she was getting laid, so at first I... [more]

My dad touches me drunk

Last night daddy and i were drunk and my mom was asleep. we were watching a movie together and i put my legs on his lap, he started to rub them up and down and i already started getting wet. he then stopped at my thigh and i felt his hands were cold so i spread my legs a little bit and guided his hand between my thighs telling him my thighs are... [more]

Going beyond

When Craigslist still had a Casual Encounters section, I started perusing it finding myself single at the time. I wondered about the t4m section thinking 'what the hell'... I did find some sissies and femboys in there, some were young sluts who loved much older men (daddy types) and decided to give it a shot. Before I knew it I had gone to bed... [more]

Any young sissy boys want to suck and get fucked by a older guy?

Do you need a sugar daddy?

Mom's Huge Breasts

I desire to continue to use and play with my mom's huge breasts. Dad wanted to see mom tease me with her tits after she told dad she saw me taking a picture of her huge naked breasts. "Why don't you let him enjoy them like I do. I know you like to flaunt them, otherwise you would of made Jake delete it off of his smart phone." is what dad said I... [more]

Busted by kids

Last night, my wife and I were both pretty fucking wasted on alcohol, marijuana, and a couple of oxycodone tablets we had snorted. We were both unbelievably horny and had absolutely zero inhibitions. We had put our two young children to bed earlier, and we're sitting on the couch, watching porn on the flat screen TV.
We were both buck naked, and... [more]

Flashing and teasing the peeping small eyes

On a visit to the relative cousin family while taking bath I aged 20 while bathing was masturbating . As turned to the other side to approach the corner where the drain pit is, I noticed the horizontal crack at waist level on the bathroom door and two little shinning eyes peeping through. I knew it was the 10 year old daughter of my cousin. ... [more]

BJ from fathers friend

I asked my father to ask his friend if I could borrow his Waverunner for the fourth of July holiday if he wasnt using it. A few days later my dad said go get waverunner , John was going away and wont be using it.
I went over and John asked if I wanted to go for a quick run on it so I am familiar with its workings , sure I said . So we towed it... [more]

No longer Pathetic Cuckold. How about you ?

I have been married twice and twice burned by lying cheating whores. It's been 10 years since I have had a girlfriend. I'm no longer controlled by these venomous lying bitches and the system created to care for these whores. My life is so much better off now and in just a few short years will no longer have to pay my last wife for anything. It's... [more]

Pregnant again

I'm 19 and pregnant for the second time. Not married. My boyfriend and I don't feel the need or think it matters to do so. I get my health care for me and my children from the state. It would cost a lot to have me on my boyfriend's coverage at his work if we did marry. I want him to tie his tubes after the baby is born but he is resisting. He... [more]

Cheating Mother!

I recently overheard my mother on her cell phone with another man. She has been married to my stepdad for about 5 years. I was 11 when they married. My dad died in a helicopter crash in the army. I thought mom loved Jim my stepdad but after hearing parts of her cell conversation I'm not sure anymore. Not sure about anything now. Jim has been... [more]

Inapropriate Photoes of Family

I wont go into full details but I managed to see some old black and white polaroid prints of mum and dad and other close relations you could only them as porn am I the only one to peek

My son

My 17yo son called me into the bathroom so i went in and he was laying in the bath stroking his cock,I said he was naughty and left but kept getting that image in my head,a few days later he called me into his room i knew why but i still went in,he was on his bed wanking this time i stayed and he wanked faster shooting cum into the air,he said he... [more]

Pleasant surprise

I'm a 37 year old married man. I've been married 8 years. Wife and I used to be very sexually active and sexually adventurous. But the past few years it's died off. I've been bisexual for the longest time. Wife knew that I had done some oral things with men before I met her but thinks that was the past.
So about 2 weeks ago I was on an app... [more]

Told my wife about my taboo history

I have eluded a few times about my sexual past to my wife and last year I confessed to her that I have had sex with a few of my family members and she got turned on. She started to ask me more about it and I told her that I had sex with my sister when I was very young. then I told her I had sex with my Aunt when I was a teenager. I then confessed... [more]

My !8th Birthday Present

Mom and Dad divorced when I was 5 years old. Mom cheated on Dad and since the divorce I started sleeping with her and just never stopped. Mom always said she had a special present for me for my 18th birthday. When I was about 14 I started have my male hormones and was getting familiar with my moms body, never sex but feeling around. She made ,me... [more]

Holiday orgy

It was an unexpected and special surprise event at our house during the holidays. We invited grandma to stay with us during the holidays. Grandma was a special open-minded person who was mom's dearest mother and my sister loved her dearly. Grandma sometimes embarrassed someone with stories about the family happenings that happened over the years... [more]

Oh No Grand Ma!

My grand lives with my parents. She is pretty active for her age. She is 92 and feisty old gal. She gets around pretty good for her age and her mind is sharp as a tac. I live on campus but frequently come home to do laundry and stuff. I still have my room upstairs next to grand's. The other week I came home during the day and I started doing my... [more]

My first time

I have played with myself before and nothing happens but this time wow. I'm 13 and I have as long as I can remember gotten hard. I sometimes sleep with my mom just when we are alone. My dad is out of town on a trip for his work. My mom was asleep and I started to feel it growing. I pulled down my underwear and I was playing with it. It felt really... [more]


I just have to confess to someone. I so want to be a fag boy and have my rectum stretched open wide by a nice sexy older hairy bear. Are there any sexy bears who would like to fuck the shit out of my young sexy 19 year old ass? I would love to rub your hairy body while I suck your big fat cock for you. I just love older hairy men. I do I really... [more]

Bonding with my stepdad

I first met my stepdad when i was about 6. He was dating my mom and he was what I always wanted. A man to teach me how to be a man. I really got to know him those first few years before we moved in with him, and he was a great guy who was always good to me. That first summer in his house he took me on a camping trip, just the 2 of us at a lake. We... [more]

Using a crazy woman

There is a crazy drug addict schizophrenic in my building, she’s tiny, like 4’10 and 87lbs and pushing 60 years old. Every Friday I get paid and pick up a gram of meth and then get her to come to my room and we smoke all of it and watch porn until we get really fucking high, then I get her to suck me until I’m hard and lube up to stick it up her... [more]

Pregnant by Daddy

I can't wait until Daddy gets home. I'm finally, pregnant by him. We been trying for 3 months.
Everything is working out perfectly, his divorce from my bitch mother was completed two months ago. She never treated well, or gave I'm what he wanted in bed.
We are full moved into the beautiful house we pick together. And I'm finished with... [more]

Pleasing Them

I got involved in my folks mid life sexual crisis. My mom and dad decided to get a bit kinky in their sexual activity. They was getting to enjoy being exhibitionists. They wanted to be caught by me. I could see thru their door opening mom naked on their bed smoking while playing with her cunt as dad sat on a chair smoking pulling his dick watching... [more]

OMG, what was I thinking

I am so pissed at my daughter right now. Her dad and I have been divorced for 17 years. I am happily married to another man. My daughter recently had a baby of her own, but now wants to go back to work after having a year off. She asked me to watch my granddaughter, but I too am planning on returning to work soon after changing careers, so she... [more]

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