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Breast feeding

My 40 year old step daughter is breast feeding her 4 month old daughter I'm getting so turned on I want to be sucking on her nipples too. She getting her step dad all hard thinking about it.

Family love

Because my sister and I spent many happy hours experimenting sexually. Kissing, playing with each others breasts, then moving onto touching one another's pussies and finally tonguing each other's pussies and assholes out, it didn't seem unnatural to me to find myself attracted to my father.
Or should I say his enormous thick cock.
He and mom... [more]

I can't stop thinking about men using my daughters

I think about it all the time! Some guy creeping on them and I know he is but I don't do anything to stop it. fuck I'm a bad dad!

Sharing mmmm

I'm balls deep up my fiancee's arsehole, granted at her parents home (Ours is being worked on) when Michelle my future mother in law walks in on us.
We separate but Michelle, says "Don't mind me, she looks like she was enjoying it. Mind you so would I with the size of that". My fiancee' doesn't say a word and if anything looks at me like I... [more]

Mom fucked as Dad is abroad.

My Dad is away abroad and I help my Mom in kitchen and all other household chores and we both are alone at home. Since the age of 18 I am fucking my Mom without her knowledge. I give her Milk with sleeping pills diluted in it before going to bed. When she is in deep sleep I fuck her and enjoys. Now I am planning to make her pregnant when my Dad... [more]

Sibling love

I am a dad of 3 teen daughters, current ages: 15, 13, and 12. Several months ago, I walked in on my 2 oldest girls VERY heavily making out with each other (deep kissing). They were so involved in making out that they didn't see or hear me walk in. I didn't say anything and just quietly left the room. I never brought it up to them, but since then... [more]

I asked my mommy to spank me with her belt !

My parents were a very good parents, they never argued and were very cooperative. Especially they were very strict when there was a need to punish us when we did something wrong like skipping school or class, being late, not doing home work, not listening to our teachers or just misbehaving.
For such situations my dad had leather strap (made of... [more]

Touching sleeping dad

I started touching my dad's the night I had a wet dream and climb in his bed naked like he always sleeps. When I climbed in I put my arm around him and my hand hit his hard dick and he let out a little moan so I kept on playing with his dick till I felt like tastings it. When I put it in my ... [more]

Fucking his ass

Sick of my wife saying no to my advances for sex, I began to wonder if what my wifes nephew had suggested months before, was acceptable to me.
His comment was made to me, when he caught me stroking my cock in the work shed I have in our back yard.
He said it was a waste of cum, and I should at least feed it him, or empty my balls up his ass.
It... [more]

Fantasied about stepdad

I don’t know why but I am always so turned on by the thoughts of being fucked by a father figure/uncle.. but unfortunately i dont have a stepfather to tease lol. If i have one i would secretly crawl to his bed when my mom is not home. I would put his hands on my boobs and wet pussy. I want him to fuck me hard and passionately.. i want it so bad... [more]

Always remember the first

The year was '04. New Years Eve. I was 19 and still living with my parents. My parents had a few people over for a small gathering. They were older, 30s-40s, and most didn't even stay to see the ball drop in Times Square on the tele. They just hung out, enjoyed the booze, and left early.
By midnight it was just me, my parents, and my mom's... [more]

My Mom

My mom is the greatest mom there is. She is also a very sexy woman. She is 19 years older than me and I'm younger than she was when she had me. My father left about 3 years ago and since I began lusting after her I've whacked off many times watching her get fucked by her boyfriends. She doesn't go out often and always seems to find guys that... [more]


Sometimes when I’m home alone I use a camera and broadcast live showing off my swollen cock and tons of precum. Girls and guys post messages which really get me swollen. Recently a younger girl started following my broadcasts and after she sent me photos we managed to hook up in her car for 20 minutes. She has a daddy fetish and The most lovely... [more]

Christmas opportunity

Well where do I start just before christmas my daughter 23 came home with a guy it was about 4am they proceeded to fuck for around an hour which I listened to I'm ashamed to say getting very turned on wishing I was fucking her.
My wife was staying at her mothers as normal as she is quite I'll.
Any way hear the guy leave so I go check the door is... [more]

New years eve

I spend my New Years eve getting spit roasted by two guys old enough to be my dad

Mother plays with daughter undies

It started when i confessed to her about a pantie fetish that i like to cum in hot girls panties sometime collecting them or putting them back in there drawer to ware. So she went along stealing her friends and family from both side undies and jerked me off with them.she liked it as well we fantasize about them and
stuff panties in her pussy... [more]

Once you go MILF

I recently graduated college and finally went away to live on my own. I'm happily single, and turned to Tinder for casual dating and sex. It was all good, and I was open to women of any age, but I mostly ended up hooking up with women my age, perhaps slightly older or younger (I'm a guy, mid 20s), which was great. But there was one older woman... [more]


Found my gramps fucking a dude I know on Boxing day. Nan was staying over at our house, so I decided to visit my gramps.
He and my dad are not seeing eye to eye, so not wanting to leave him out, I went round.
When he saw me watching him fuck the young guy, he smiled up at me and said "Now you know".
It turns out Nan had known for years... [more]

Sent step mum dick pick!

So I sent my step mum a dick pick on a fake fb account and she replied asking for more! If only my dad knew.. ;) I kinda wanna tell her it was me and she can’t tell my dad because she asked for me haha!


Been going to the same place for a while, good bar, lots of tvs, good food, and made friends with some of the girls that worked there. One I found really cute and always tried to have her as my waitress. Over months, we knew a lot about each other, and she said she had grad school bills, etc. and had to work a lot. I joked about her needing a... [more]

Our special relationship

I'm a guy, currently 24. I have an older sister (30) and we both come from a large extended family, many cousins, uncles and aunts and such (just from our mother's side, my father bailed after I was born and his family never reached out). Out of them all, my sister and I got along particularly well with one of the older cousins, let's just call... [more]

Mutual agreement between daughter and dad

Getting straight to the point , daughter has agreed to show me love for cash .

Mi Novia

The other day my niece and her sister were over. We were watching a movie when the older one told me "my daddy says I'm the best." I responded by saying "that's nice." She looked at me and asked "don't you think I'm the best?" I told her I thought she was and gave her a big hug. Then she started trying to unbutton my pants. And I almost yelled... [more]

He's fucking thick

I had to ask my mom a question so i went into her room. it just so happened that my dad simultaneously walked out of the shower and was in his birthday suit. omg the pipe hanging between his legs. so thick, tapering to the head. like as thick as a wrist. he covered up quickly with a towel but i saw it good. i cant believe my mom rides that thing... [more]

My friend age 70 liked to watch me masterbate

I never thought my best friend and father figure would ask me to let him watch me have sex! We were very close and I saw him as a real man of God, and as a father, he had shown me what it was to be a real Christian.
Yes as a human I struggled with masturbation and he knew I had been sexually abuse for years. I will admit I had an issue with... [more]

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