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Kinky Asian Stepmom

I had a good buddy named Frank during high school. He lived with his separated dad. I went into the military after graduation. Frank and I kept in touch. Learned his dad remarried to a younger Asian woman. Frank wrote to me saying his stepmom was not right in her head. That she was weird and kinky and he has to masturbate for her and she would... [more]

Dad / daughter

I wanna fuck my dad so badly but idk how to... i saw his previous search history (i always look when he leaves his tablet at home and i masturbate to what he watches) and he had dad/ daughter porn, idk if he just watches it bc its hot or does he want to fuck me? i always walk around pretty naked and i hear him fuck my mom so good, like shes always... [more]

Husband Caught in the Act!

We live in a very small community. I was driving down to the florist to get flowers for my mothers grave. I go right by this little motel that has super cheap rates during the day. Everyone knows it's a hook up place for lovers and cheaters. As I turned the corner I saw a Corvette pulled in front of one of the bungalows. It was a blue 69... [more]

Horny for older cocks

I'm twenty four years old and I'm a very fit tall ok looking young man. Lately I have the desire to be drilled by an older man. Like 50-65 would be my range. Something about the idea of an older sexy man with his sexy cock in my mouth or ass really turns me the fuck on. I guess I want to be fucked good by a daddy type white color sexy older man... [more]

Sugar daddy

I just turned 21 and I want a sugar daddy. I have a really nice body from working out so much. I was a stripper in college. I don't like young guys. I want someone to take care of me and I'll be his whore. I'll do whatever he wants in bed and I'll be a lady outside. I just don't know how to meet a sugar Daddy that's not going to use me. I met a... [more]

I think I'm strange?

I love to go down on my pooch. He seems sexually attracted to me. He's just a mutt I picked up at the pound. I love to sleep in the nude and he gets under the covers and puts his nose right in my crotch and licks me. It felt so good. I have a boyfriend but he's kind of a lousy lover. I named my dog Benjamin after my father. I usually lay around in... [more]

I came in my pants

This happened 1 year ago. I was 21 at the time.
I had come home to visit my dad and stepmom and my little step sister. I guess I hadn't had an orgasm in awhile, or maybe I dont have an excuse but it still both weirds me out and turns me on.
We had gone to the lake that day and were all wet and warm from the sun. Mom... [more]

In need of a good spanking

I really wish my boyfriend was into things like BDSM. He is an amazing man and I intend on spending the rest of my life with him. I wouldn't say our sex is bad...but there are some things I wish he would do with me. I've tried getting him to spank me but he feels like he is hurting me and it turns him off. I keep telling him I'm not some delicate... [more]

Watching friends

I was at my friend's place, we've been friends since we were in grade school. He just got a new girlfriend, and she's pretty cool. She's kinda pretty. She's got nice tits and ass. I'm a little jealous that my friend has been banging her, because I'm still a virgin and never had a girlfriend.
We were all at my friend's house playing video... [more]

Sex with my uncle

I’m a 31 year old female. So I recently went to a family reunion about a month ago. My uncle who is my dads brother was there. The last time I saw him was when I was 12. My uncle is 54 years old. He kept telling me how grown up I look. He was I was absolutely gorgeous. We had a few drinks together at the reunion. He told me I had a body like... [more]

What should I do about flirt with M-I-L

I was a party with my in-laws recently. My father in law got drunk and the end of the night/ early morning I helped my mother in law bring him back to their suite. We dropped him on the bed and went to the next room. I gave her a kiss on the cheek goodnight and I left my hand on her shoulder just looking and she was staring back at me. Then I... [more]

He was telling dad everything

A few years ago a family friend would come over from time to time to pick up supplies for dad's business at the house. The building was not far from where I lay out and sun. He is a really neat guy, nice, handsome but much older. He is always nice and compliments me. I walked past him and dad a few times and heard him say what a fine ass or just... [more]

My Girlfriend's Older Sisters

I want to have the most nasty, RAW, wet, sloppy, hot & sweaty sex I possibly can with my girlfriend's two older sisters, A & D. I want to cum on their faces!
A is my age, 25 this year. D is 23 or 22, can't recall and don't care. She's of age and bad as fuck so I wanna fuck her day and night while no one's around. My girlfriend finally turns 21... [more]

My dad bought me a vibrator wtf?

My dad caught me masterbating, fingering, jilling off, you know. He couldn't see what I was doing but there was a knowing look, he knew what I was doing.
I live with my dad most the time and he is not good with daughter things, and this is one he wishes mum would have had to 'deal with'. So I was expecting an awkward chat about growing up, but... [more]

Sister grabbed my hand and fingered herself with it during movie

So let me start by saying this is 100 % true and it happened an hour before me typing this and i want to get it of my chest so it all started with my dad saying that we should go and see godzilla 2 the king and i was like dope no problem and the thing is i was a minor not long ago and a virgin on top of that i had done kissing and stuff but what... [more]

I want a daddy to fuck me

All I can think about lately is an older man to take me down and fuck me. I want to be ur lil pet. I want you to do whatever you want to me. I want to leave with bruises when ur done. I want you to make me call u daddy. Im such a bad girl and been waiting for a daddy to make me good. I want to be ur good lil girl daddy.

Fantasy Dreams of Step Son

My husband has a son from a previous relationship when he was a teenager. When his son turned eighteen, he left his mother to move in with us. There was rules he had to follow. What his dad and me do in this house is our business and no one else's. What goes on in here stays here. His dad bought him a car so his son could get out of the house at... [more]


I first met my present wife Maya through a friend.
My first wife had died of Cancer and I was in my late 50,s at the time.
Maya was 48 yo and was taking care of her older Father that had a stroke ans she was tied down to that,
She had also taken care of he Mother before she died so she really didn't have much of a social life so When Jim's... [more]

Flashing mother in law. With an erection or floppy??

I have written other posts on here about flashing my mil. Each Friday afternoon we are in the house together (I do house cleaning so the wife, kids and I have more weekend time). I was vacuuming yesterday and began sweating like mad. I apologised to my mil and said "sorry I am boiling hot will have to take my top off". 10 minutes later as she... [more]

Sometimes Dreams do Come True

We met a the Local Wall Mart on a Tuesday evening in the garden section. She was looking for garden spray. As we talked I mentioned a type that I used and it worked for me. It was located in the back row of the section. I said, "Look they moved to the bottom row," As she knelt down to look at it the top of her dress fell open exposing her nice... [more]

For the Love of A Petticoat

My fascination with petticoats started at a young age. We lived in an old Victorian home that had a stair case leading to the attic. I was the youngest in the family of three girls and one boy. One day when everyone was away and bored, I went up to the attic to see what was there. I found three big trunks, each one had girls clothes. To the right... [more]

Step daughter sec

My stepdaughter would spend the weekends at our house when she was home from college. She was 21 with a great body and a bubble butt. My wife was away for the weekend and my daughter went out with her friends. When she got home she was drunk. She came into my room to say hi. I. I was watching porn. She said oh you're watching porn could I watch... [more]

Sister and cousin

My 14 year old sister my 16 year old female cousin and my 13 year old Male cousin were playing spin the bottle. i am a 23 year old Male. i bought 4 cases of bud light platinum and i added a twist to the game which is truth or dare. any way as a result i was able to fuck my 16 year old cousin witch i wanted to do since she was 7 and i was 15. her... [more]

Getting aroused in my sleep (wet panties)

I have started waking up in the morning feeling very turned on and seriously wet. My panties are wet front to back. I have been this wet before when thinking about sex or when being touched, and I have had sexual dreams, but never woke up this horny and I can't remember any dreams at all. I am 18, live with mum, dad, older brother and kid... [more]

My dirty old uncle

When I was a little girl and until I was about fourteen I was regularly sexually abused by my dads brother. He lived with my dads elderly parents who we would visit every Sunday.
It started when I was about seven and he was in his late forties, a big man unmarried and really a bit retarded. The Sunday visits were quite formal and we would all be... [more]

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