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Family ties

You're not supposed to find your father attractive. Your not supposed to think of his large cock, a cock you've witnessed fucking a girlfriend of yours, as something you'd like to be fucking you.
Nevertheless for nine months after I saw my dad fucking Kelly's ass with my mom stood right there next to me, I craved my father sexually.
The divorce... [more]

Daughter's needs

When we moved I knew then he'd have to be the one.
Day by day I was becoming more and more horny for him, yet he rebuffed my advances.
But I knew he wanted me, I knew when she went back and visited her parents we'd seek out each other.
Only I didn't think it would be like that.
I'd masturbated in front of him, I'd said many sexual things so he... [more]

Son's Friend

I am a Wife and Mom. Once my son's friend (Just call him Jabal) came over when my son went fishing with his Dad. I ask him why he came as he knew my son was not home. He said he came to see me. I was taken aback as he moved close and hugged me and pushed his pelvic area hard against me. He fond my lips and kissed me. I sort of drew back and asked... [more]

Last Night

Last night, I was standing in my parents bedroom, watching dad fuck my mom from behind. Dad kept saying "Take it out son, stroke your little pecker till it gets hard". I pulled out my cock and started gently stroking it, as I watched my mother's dripping wet pussy get pounded by my dads huge cock. "That's it, boy, make it big and hard for your... [more]

I've never Cheated before today.

In all our 34 years of marriage I've never cheated or even strayed a little on my wife. Well today that all changed, and for some reason I don't have any remorse or guilt, just a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach.
It all started early this morning. It's the day before Thanksgiving, and I have the day off. However my wife had to work, she... [more]

Happier with the younger model

About 10 years ago I was married to an older man (I was 45 back then, he was in his 60s). Our marriage was beginning to lose its spark quickly, he was mostly dismissive of me and while I couldn't confirm it, I knew he was cheating on me. However, I got along well with his son, my stepson (in his 20s back then), who had just broken up with a long... [more]

Dog life

This happened when i was teenager and I've never told anyone since then.
My best mate at the time, owned a Labrador dog. It was always sniffing around me when I called by his house and sometimes it would try and hump my leg.
Staying over one night, my friend and his dad went out to get some fishing gear for the following day, leaving me to look... [more]

Dad's birthday gift threeway

This summer my dad started dating this woman Jessica. They seemed pretty serious about each other and she's a pretty milf type, 49, some wrinkles around her eyes but a nice body. I'm an only son, and I had just turned 21 and they took me out to dinner to celebrate and then when we came back we drank, chatted, and then watched a movie.
The... [more]

Black friday deal

So we went to my aunt's house for thanksgiving this year. She wanted to have it at 2pm. We got back home around 7pm. It dawned on me that a few places did black friday deals but on thanksgiving night. So I told the wife I was gonna go see if I could get some xmas shopping done.
I went to walmart. I got a few items and I was headed to the... [more]

Cheating, with a twist

I'm a woman, 34, pregnant and married to a man 10 years my senior. I admit I married him out of convenience, so it's not a happy relationship by any stretch, but it's been falling apart now more than ever.
The first reason is that, when you marry an ego-driven wealthy man, you eventully he just wants you as a baby factory. There came a time... [more]

Breaking Karen in

Well it wasn't actually Cheating Karen and I had been married 4 years and we have two children Linda Our 1 1/2 year old and Michael out 11 month old son and Donald a friend of mine after his divorce started hanging around with us and he would go shopping with us and he and Karen would teasingly flirt and kid around and I got a kick out of... [more]

Unplanned pregnancy issue

I'm currently pregnant and it was unplanned. It's more complicated by the fact that it might not be my husband's. It's a convoluted story but I'll try to make it as succinct as possible.
We vacation in Mexico every year. We have a friend couple who lives there and we stayed with them for a week. They are great to us, really fun, and we're all... [more]

He's hot

I, 20f, just started working for my father in law who is 49. He's a business owner with about 300 employees in businesses that cover three states. He hired me basically due to nepotism, but I'm good at answering phones and doing administrative work. I do a decent job.
I had only known him as a family member, but seeing him work is amazing... [more]

Father inlaw condom

My inlaws live with us. They have a separate unit attached to our house. I found out my father inlaw is screwing another woman and I have found used condoms in tissues in our bin.
I unwrapped a tissue from the bin and found condom. The father inlaw I must admit has a decent load packs the condom well.
I have picked up his used condom and... [more]


Feeling extremely horny, and having had a bit of a bust up with my husband over sex, I began to masturbate on the couch in our living room.
I didn't then own a dildo or vibrator, so after bringing myself to orgasm with my fingers and still feeling unsatisfied, I went and got a cucumber we'd bought the day before. Warming it under the hot tap... [more]

It just kind of happened

Everything started when I was fifteen years old. Strangely, I'd never heard my mom having an orgasm until then. After that first time, I got so horny hearing my mom, that I masturbated whenever I'd hear her. She had it all, pretty face, nice tits, nice ass, just a great body overall. I jacked off many times thinking of my mom. In my later teens I... [more]

Slutty wife secretly into Dom/Sub

I'm pretty sure my husband knows I see other men from time to time. He told me he doesn't care if I "wander" as long as I always come home and don't stay gone for extended periods. I love the thrill of a new fuck...a new cock...a new orgasm. I love sucking, deep throating and gagging on cock. I love when a man is rough with me and fucks me like a... [more]

Mom has no clue

One night, when I was a young teenager, my parents had a big New Years eve party at our home. Everyone left by 1:00 A.M., and my dad was passed out on the couch, snoring loudly. I tried to wake him up to get him to go to bed, but he wouldn't wake up, so I headed back to my bedroom. As I passed my parents bedroom, I noticed the door was slightly... [more]

Naked for his father

I was changing into my bikini to go swimming at my boyfriends pool and since nobody was home , I didnt think much about leaving the bathroom door open for more room because the bathroom is very small.
Im 19 he is 27 . Im a hardbody by nature,i dont work out with small boobs .
I was naked and i reached to grab my bikini top to put it on and holy... [more]


My wife and I had been married for 7 years when I suspected she was cheating. I confronted her and she admitted that she was having an affair. I asked why and she said because she needs the affection and sex that she did not get from me. At once I realized that we were not having sex very much any more and we had a friendly but un romantic... [more]

Panty sniffing

I too love sniffing and with girls panties, my daughter often has friends staying over, they don’t realise their used knickers are such a turn on for their friends married dad. When they go out and the wife’s out as well I find the girls knickers and sniff/lick the gusset and as I’m about to cum wrap them round my co.k dreaming it’s in the... [more]

Who can remember first orgasm

Mine was in the back of my parents car, I was 15 my dad had said I could stay in the car while he gets some shopping and lock the doors.
As my dad walked to the shop he started chatting to someone, he was ages chatting so I started playing I could see my dad from the car I had my hand in my knickers, I’ve got myself very close before and stopped... [more]

Banged in my bottom

Ok, I am a man, and one day I was out drinking with some friends. After we finished having drinks I was pretty loaded, and so was my friends. My friend insisted on bringing me home to ensure I made it safely. He brought me up to my place and put my in my bed, for some reason I asked him to fuck me in the ass. He said yes, he pulled my pants down... [more]

Should we go public

We started dating about a year ago and kept it a secret from everybody for an obvious reason: we're nephew and aunt. I openly always liked and dated older women, she always openly liked and dated younger men, and has always stayed single with no children. One night we bumped into each other at a bar, and let's just say that alcohol, a repressed... [more]

Porn Night Gone Badly

I was trying to get into a fraternity and had to jump through all kinds of hoops to do so. I was charged with procuring some pornographic films for a beer bash after a meeting of the "Brothers". This was the early 70's before such things were easy to come by. I had a younger friend who worked with an old guy who kept a footlocker full of porn at... [more]

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