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Daughter dyked out on the floor

My daughter is 18 and about to attend college on a softball scholarship. I'm a single dad. She works out with friends from her HS team often so there's always people over.
I came home early the other day and my daughter was in a 69 with her friend Brooke. They jumped up and covered themselves, but really that was too bad. They looked nice with... [more]

Wife’s Confession

We’ve been married 25 years our sex life was good throughout those years. My wife had cheated on me with four different men through those years. We didn’t really have an open relationship but she knew I believe that I forgive her each time. So he came to a shock to me when we was sitting around alone talking. She was a little horny at the time... [more]

Young married wife

I have been married less than 2 months, big mistake, husband turned out to be a mummy's boy and it was stark that both my new MIL and FIL both wanted to get me into bed!
2 weeks after our wedding was a 1940's weekend in a sleepy little seaside town on the North Norfolk coast which my new husband said we had to attend with his parents, so I... [more]

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Pandemic Blues......I Miss My Wife’s Pussy

When this pandemic began I thought it was a 2 week lockdown and everything would be back to normal. Normal for me is married at the age of 50, and battling Erectile dysfunction.
My wife is 40 and still very fit and attractive. I can eat her pussy all day and night and when we are together and sexually active I do. However when it comes to... [more]

Transexual in love with cousin.

I've always been very feminine and i can't remember the last time someone though I was a boy. I've have not worn boys clothes since I was 5. Make up short skirts and heels are my normal way I dress. My hair is down to my butt, and I have killer legs, I have blue eyes and a guys always say I'm pretty. People in town have just accepted me. At 14 I... [more]

Mother i law

I was married about a year
We lived next door to my wifes parents.
My mother inlaw was in her early 40s
I was 21 at the time.
She was petite like my wife but never really was attracted to her till one night i was upstairs and saw the light come on next door. I looked and it was my mother inlaw. Lets call her Lisa. She was in bathroom. The... [more]

Lockdown with Mom

What i am gone say is so taboo happened to me it will be a long one story
my name is Jay, i am 20years old studying in college i had good sexual life with my girlfriend my life was too good my father passed away when i was 10 my mother was a business women and good mom she did everything best for me.
i was having pretty well high... [more]


My step daughter arrives home most Saturday nights drunk, the thing is her dad puts her to bed but he strips her completely naked should he really be doing that I don't think so

Sitting On A Girl

It was raining evening, after the work everybody went their home. I took bath and went to the small dhaba near by. And had my dinner first, and then took a night walk. But i was waiting for a GIRL who used to come this dhaba every night. When ever i’ there.
And finally SHE came, after having few talks we started walking towards HER house. Her... [more]

Mom cheating

I caught my mom with my grandpa and figured found out they have veen having an affair for years.
Grandpa was akways icer when dad was at work for years.
I use to love hanging with him.
I guess i was too young to realize what was going on.
My dads father was a big guy 6 foot 4 and heavy built . I can remember him always over but until i got... [more]


When i was 22 i was maried 3 years and had two kids
We camped next to our parents all summer.
Mom had to work one weekend and dad and her was fighting so she did not stay at campground that weekend.
We were all drinking and my husband put the boys to bed and said he was going to crash also.
I kept drinking with dad and soon we went in his... [more]

What to do

I heard mom talking to some guy on the phone and heard them planing on him coming over when dad was it work that night.
I never said anything and I pretended to ve asleep wgen age check on me.
I heard talking so I listened from the top of stairway. It got quite so i snuck down enough to see and mom was making out with him
I stayed and watched... [more]

Why does it turn him on?

I was molested when i was a kid for several years by my step dad. It happened over several years until i was into my early teens.
When i was dating my husband i told him my history. Now he ask me about it all the time.
I tell him details and telive it with him telling him everything.
He won’t admit it but I think it gets him aroused. We... [more]

My dad

I don’t talk to my dad since i grew up and moved out of house and got married.
When i was little I didn’t know better
But he use to always be naked or in his underwear when we were home.
Never noticed till i got older but he never was like that when mon was home only when she was at work.
He never touched me or anything but many times he... [more]

Horny for dad

I just turned 18 a few months ago and ive always thought of my dad in a sexual way its bad but i cum so much from thinking of it and in the past i’ve seen his porn history on his electronics with dad / daughter so does that mean hes into it or? also how could i get him to fuck me while my mom is gone?

Dad and me

I'm not going to lie. I have enjoyed it and came every time my father has touched me since I was 7. I'm 35 now and my husband can never make me cum like Daddy does. My husband also has a very low sex drive, once a month is a lot from him. I think he is gay.
I knew it was not what a daughter and father should do. But it felt so good, I wanted it... [more]

Oral sex with Dad

My mother never understood why my Dad accepted me being gay and crossdressing. My first sex with a man was at 8, I was wearing little shorts and had long hair. I easily passed as a little girl. The neighbor paid me $100 to suck his cock, he told me what to do and I did it. I gagged on his cum but swallowed it.
What Mom did not know is I've also... [more]

Dad makes me horny

I only cum to the thought of my dad being sexual with me and i jus turned 18. how do i discreetly show him i want him? im his daughter

Pregnant by sons

First I'm a 33 year old woman, 5 feet tall and 200 lbs. Blonde hair, blue eye and pretty. I have twin sons who are 18. (BTW They think I'm perfect and the most beautiful woman in the world).
Their father was my cousin who I loved. He died in Afghanistan War early in 2002. I was pregnant by him and he never knew. I was only just 15 when he made... [more]

Family love

Before I start, I must reveal that I am 42-year-old woman, who all my life I have been in an incestuous relationship with my father and mother who were brother and sister. Incest is perfectly natural to me. To this day Daddy, Mom and I still continued sexually relations even after I got married (Ken, my husband travels on business 2 days a week so... [more]

My first orgasm

I am in my 60s now. This story takes place a long time ago when I was 14 and a freshman in highschool. I was very naive at that time when it came to sex. I didn't even know about ejaculation or that it even is something men do. My dad was into photography and subscribed to a photography magazine. Many of them had black and white nude photos... [more]

"Inherited" wife

My mom died when I was very little, and my dad remarried when I was a teenager. He also decided to marry a beautiful, slightly younger woman, so as horny teenagers do, I developed a crush on her. Embarrassingly, a few years later, I got so wasted one night that I came back home one night my father was away, and told her I was very much in love... [more]

Beautiful nan

I'm 17 and what my parents don't no is ive been shagging my nan my mum's mum for 16 months,my nan was 57 at the time and she doesn't look her age she's in great shape looks very young, about a month before it started i would go check on her house when she was out seeing my parents just to stop her worrying, i looked forward to it as i would wank... [more]

Black I think

I grew up in what some people would call a racist home. My parents never had anything against blacks, and never talked bad about them, nor used racially slurs. Actually, my dad had several friends who were black. I was just never allowed to date a black woman. At the time they said it wasn't socially acceptable and our children would be shunned by... [more]

Garter Belt

My wife and I are normal Jones who do the whole kids and school and afterschool events. We are the quintessential soccer mom soccer dad family. Like most families, my wife and I had been fighting about everything. Money, bills, sex, kids, you name it, and like most families who fight, one or the other eventually has an affair, even if it's just a... [more]

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