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Hard to be a nanny

Sorry for the rant, but I left my job today because I am sick as hell of people's husbands thinking that I'm gonna fool around just because i watch their kids.
I was at my charge's house alone for a couple hours today after dropping them off for daycamp and waiting to pick them up when their dad came home. He went to take a shower and came out... [more]

I did a bad thing

I married a woman with kids from a previous marriage and for a long time, everything has been great. I kind of think I spoiled both of my daughters too much since I love seeing them happy, but I guessed it was better parenting than most. Their real father is worthless and an idiot for walking out on these angels.
Unfortunately the eldest is... [more]

Bestiality and incest

I confess I an into i****t and bestiality. I practice them with my mom and our dogs, and dad when I visit him. I was raised nudist (by mom) and in a openly sexual house. I had seen mom have sex with male and female lovers, seen her masturbate, and when I was 9 I saw her getting knotted. She encouraged me to watch her (and masturbate if I felt like... [more]

My spanking

I am 18 old girl still spanked at home. My father spanks me across his lap, by the hand, over the panties. I really want to be spanked without the panties. How to tell him?

Creaming to the Screaming

When I was younger was on a sleepover at a friends house. We were watching one of those medieval movies with lots of torture. His mom was watching to, and this part with a guy being lowered on some hot coals, and he is screaming and my friends mom goes, "Gorfff, humpth, ummmph", just loud so I can hear her, and I was like, what the actual fuck ! I... [more]

Cum for breakfast

When we were growing up, my mom always made breakfast for my step dad and us. She never ate, and always said she’d already had her breakfast and she and my step dad would laugh. One day my step brother and I snuck downstairs early and peeked in to the kitchen. My stepdad was sitting in his chair, but my mom was on her knees I’m front of him... [more]

Roleplay Fantasy

I'm a 20 year old female who's always wanted to play with an older couple of any age.
I have a huge fantasy about playing as mommy/daddy/daughter that I love to imagine when I masturbate. I Mommy teaching me to suck Daddy's cock, then eating Mommy's pussy while Daddy takes my virginity.
I would love to hear if anyone is into similar... [more]

Enough Was Enough

Many, many years ago when I was a lad of fifteen, I got caught going down on a boy friend a couple of years younger than me, by his mother. It created quite a row, she told my parents. I had already been caught trying to look in her bedroom window, and caught masturbating when my mother and her walked into my bedroom without knocking. She had me... [more]

Serial Peeper

I'm a 58 year old serial peeping tom. I'm not here to boast, or seek support, and I sure as fuck don't care about empathy, or its' sad, lying little sibling, sympathy. I don't deserve such, not at all.
I can't remember a time when I didn't want to peep. From the age of seven or eight I tried to peep on female playmates. The secrets revealed... [more]

She was drunk and does not remember

My dad passed away when I was around thirteen or so and my mom grieved for about a year then started living life again. I was old enough to be doing my own thing mostly and she started going out with a friend sometimes and having some fun. They came back to our house usually and they would both look like hell the next morning hungover bad.
One... [more]


I am a 40 something man. I often have fantasies i worry about.
My fantasies revolve around my step daughterand her friends. They are all at least 16 or older.
I stroke my cock thinking of their hands and mouth on me sliding up and down. I thinkof how their pussies and asses would feel as i slide my cock into them. I imagine each... [more]

Naked in front of mother in law

Is it ok to be naked in front of my mother in law? My wife wanted me to show her mother her favorite thong she bought me for a trip. Nothing to it. G-string. When it got wet u could see right thru it. Step dad didnt care. Perv. Story for another time. Wife went and got it and i changed in the pool. The whole thing was turing me on in a weird way... [more]

Daughter got tits

Well how and where do I start from about 14 I wanted my daughter she developed huge tits 36dd at her young age and boy did I enjoy looking down her top or watching her school blouse struggle to contain them. Bigger than her mom by a distance and a firm favourite with her daddy.
I found ways to get close she would hug me tight pushing her tits... [more]


Dad is this the site you have decided to air our personal information on ??? If so you should be nervous. This is a great place to get us both in trouble. Yanna

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