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Crossdressing in Storage Unit Gets Crazy

I started crossdressing after I bought a house at auction. There were boxes of the previous owners stuff. I went through the boxes and discovered a bunch of nightgowns, bras, and panties. Something stirred in me. I locked all the doors to the house in case someone dropped by. I then undressed and tried on all the lingerie. i was little too big... [more]

Mom's Helper

When I was 15 my parents got divorced. Within a year my mom was out of control going out, drinking etc. One night she came home drunk with a guy and ended up kicking him out after a fight. I put her to bed and she asked if I would just stay with her until she fell asleep. She was drunk and most likely high so I wanted to be nice and said I would... [more]

Plz help

Please help im done with people saying im fake im not i really need to tell him but can't so please help me figure out a way to tell him or a way to hint it to him i can't stop these thoughts of him fucking me hard and using me as his lil slutty toy
I really want him or someone to just use me as there little fuck toy and take my virginity along... [more]

Turned On By Beastiality Sex

My fetish desire gives me the greatest satisfaction and best orgasm. My zoophilia interests overpowers me. Tom a guy I know and see from time to time watches me use and does me with dog and horse shape dildo and cock sleeves. I would suck on his curved cock and a dog shape dido at the same time. He would put on a dog penis sleeve and fuck me in... [more]

Have I Been Sexually Harassed at Home?

(19 year old male, live at home)
I tried posting about this once, but some people were very mean and said it was fake. I think that I've been sexually harrased by my dad.
He's kissed me on the neck a bunch of times. When I was 15 or 16 he gave me two big fat wet kisses on the neck right in front of my mom (she was on her phone.) I ran away... [more]

Neighbors from hell story

They now are very remote and rarely look or think about them. I won't give names or locations here. But I wish I could. Today, they have money and power and took over the church I was baptised in as a baby. It sort of started back in 2000. And new neighbors moved in who were very noising kids, obese and loud yelling mother with a youngest son with... [more]

Story of a life

My world is fake. My ex wife who I love actually despises me and people like to torment me. I’m hurt. They like it. Time to give up. I thought things could get better. They can’t. Bye, in my life.

Tiny cock

Im married to a guy that has a pretty big cock Its 7 inches but huge around. Problem is it hurts or really fits so tight I don’t enojoy sex with him. I fake my O every time My boyfriend before him was small Im small 5 foot 97 lbs I get so horny anymore having to take care of myself I can’t climax with my husband.

Confession about my mom

When I was a kid around 7 or 8 I was on my moms computer downloading music when but for some reason I ended up snooping around getting to the pictures where there was a folder with no name. Me being a curious kid I clicked on it to find a big surprise. There was maybe 70 to 100 pictures of her in there, some were of her in bra and panties. For... [more]


I know Many people won’t believe this. But I had sex with my sister last week. I know I read many stories over the years of incest and always believed they were all fake fantasies. Years ago when I was a tech teenager my sister used to cut my hair. I was 15 to 16 years old my sister was three years older. I always remember we would put a kitchen... [more]

Love men to flirt with GF

My girlfriend is only 30, 14 years my junior with big fake tits and she turns me on so much, im obsessed with her wearing skimpy low cut tops and short skirts whenever my friends or workmen are around the house encouraging her to flirt and let them see as much as possible which does annoy her a little but we tend to have very hot sex after with... [more]

Where the fuck did COVID go

Remember back in February when everyone started freaking out about COVID?
Remember going into a lockdown because that was the safe and responsible thing to do, eventhough it would mean destroying our own economy?
Remember when the Democratic governors where arresting people who defied their orders, like the governors are Kings of the land?
I... [more]

Dad's wife

Looking for advise on my dad's wife or my step mum. Basically she came into my room yesterday morning and woke me up with a BJ under the covers and I just let her do it, no words speak by either only me screaming in pleasure.
Then last night I was in bed and she came in and rode me on her heels, again no words.
However this morning she woke... [more]

My first orgasm

I am in my 60s now. This story takes place a long time ago when I was 14 and a freshman in highschool. I was very naive at that time when it came to sex. I didn't even know about ejaculation or that it even is something men do. My dad was into photography and subscribed to a photography magazine. Many of them had black and white nude photos... [more]

Lock down about the tatters the common tatters

Its like some people out there in lala land want to make the lockdown covid time about them. People still trying to make themselves look relevant when they are no longer that important. Like, Blood on the dance floor and the people who want to tell a camera there story. There are other ways of telling it that most normal people do. Rather then... [more]

My first time

I decided a few years ago I wanted to try sucking a guy to completion. I ran into a road block because finding someone to let me do this was proving difficult. Everyone online at hook up sites seemed to be fake and I certainly was not going to just ask someone I knew or came into contact with often to let me do it.
I was staying at a hotel on... [more]

Our first swap

Our neighbors have a large pool and host socials. At the start of the pandemic, they stopped but began inviting us over for drinks. He’s late 40s and his wife’s early 30s, slim, tall, dark tan, platinum hair, fake tits, botox lips and wears a tiny bikini that looks like a thong.
We’re mid 20s and my wife’s a fitness coach, 5’2”, A cups... [more]

The baby maker part 2

It was a real challenge this one. I went down to a
nearby doctor's office. When I entered the nurse was
not at the desk so I just reached over and grabbed her
medical pad complete with the doctor's letterhead and
walked out. It was that fucking easy. That night I
typed the letter from the doctor on my computer and
lazered it out on the... [more]

The real thing

My wife and I have always been adventurous in the bedroom and I particularly like getting pegged by her. It took a while to get up the courage to ask her but for the last few years we’ve really gotten into it and she really enjoys it. It used to be just a bit of foreplay and then she’d strap up and go at me. Now, the foreplay involves her fake... [more]

Cool aunt

You know what a "cool aunt" is: a woman that's considered "cool" for her personality and demeanor, youthfulness, attractiveness or all those things at once, usually unmarried and childless, that also happens to be your very understanding and permissive aunt. The dangers of such women for a guy like me is that you can end up being attracted to... [more]


5 minutes ago my wife walked in the bedroom and I hear NICE, I fell asleep watching a soft porn movie on Showtime.
Normally I only put one on when’s she’s shopping or at work but today we weren’t getting along and she laid down on the couch. So I thought, what the hell I’ll look at one...some of them aren’t bad but most are just two people fake... [more]

Maid for Me

I used to use two sisters to clean my house. Both Hispanic. The older one was really fat, had 3 kids etc. Her younger sister was fit, pretty and had a great round Hispanic booty I loved to watch jiggle as she cleaned. Her name is Maria. One day only the younger one showed up to clean. I could tell she was upset when she arrived because she wasn't... [more]

Educating Melissa

I'm a male High School teacher, and needless to say, sometimes it's "hard" to be around basically full grown women who enjoy flirting with their teachers. There was one girl in particular I found difficult to resist. She was a fiery redhead with pale skin and a great body that she loved to display. She would wear low-cut shirts revealing her... [more]

My Wife at Night

My wife and I have been married 5 years. 2 years into our marriage I discovered my wife sleeps so deeply I can touch her and masturbate without her waking up. It took me a year to work up to the courage to have sex with her while she slept. The first time I pulled out and came on her ass. The second time on her face, but since then I have been... [more]

My ex gfs forbidden younger sister

So I got with my ex back in secondary school, I was 16 going 17 and she was 15 going 16, yes we still fuvked when I was 17 and she was 15 at that age she knew I like the underage fetish and used it all the time to make me cum, and the idea of a young teen school girl was planted skip ahead 3 years and my gfvat the time sister was developing nicely... [more]

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