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Life with my Daughter

I met my stepdaughter Cory when she was 15. She is now 30, married with 2 kids. We grew close quickly after her Mom and I were together, Cory and her Mom were never close, and constantly at each other. So I was the person she chose to confide in. Cory would discuss everything with me, including her sexual experimentation with her closest... [more]

Deepnudes of Female Friends

I secretly have a collection of fake nudes I've made of all my female friends and colleagues using the DeepNude app. I jerk of to their naked bodies every day fantasizing the things I wanna do to every single one of their holes.
Some of the nudes actually turned out quite believable. I sometimes think about exposing them on the internet for... [more]

Turned roommate's girlfriend into prostitute

This is 99% true (changed a few details for privacy)
My roommate moved out of my place and into a fancy apartment with his girlfriend. Then she got laid off. He was getting frustrated with her and complaining about having to pay all the bills on his own. She decided to make some spending money doing small jobs while she applied for real jobs... [more]


I know most stuff on here is fake fantasy especially the underage stories, but this is true.
I won't go into much detail, at least up here in the OP (since NP seems to be strict...), But my mom really did touch me and eventually caused my first orgasm ever. which eventually escalated through all the steps to having sex
I have struggled... [more]

Conflicted about mother....

I know most stuff on here is fake fantasy especially the underage stories, but this is true.
I won't go into much detail, at least up here in the OP , But my mom really did touch me and eventually caused my first orgasm ever. which eventually escalated through all the steps to having sex
I have struggled with this all my life, was it ok... [more]

Naughty photoshoots

Been looking for somewhere to confess this for a while, and also to see if anyone else does the same! ;)
When my wife goes to visit her sister for the weekend I arrange photo shoots with amateur models from a well known website.
I’ve got two types of girls I like, slim/skinny 18-25yr olds with small boobs and tiny little bums, or girls with... [more]

1975 memories

I was 24 and I met this girl at members club.. She looked young, she was 19 with fake id. She had that cute mousey book worm look with big tits. She dressed real conservative, almost like for job interview. We hit it off, but I do 90% of the talking, I get her number and make a date for Fri night. On the phone i asked where she would like to go... [more]

Introduced to blo n go

I was randomly cruising the internet one night while on a business trip and ended up looking at ads, I know all the ads for women are fake but sometimes it is just fun to read them. I also looked thru the men's ads and one of them intrigued me because his ad read that he was looking for a man to give a bj to in the particular hotel I was staying... [more]

My Friend's Sleeping Mom

Many years ago (back in the 80s) when I was a teenager I spent the night at my friend Kenny's house.
Kenny's mom was a very attractive woman, with real blonde (as opposed to fake blonde) hair and large breasts.
Kenny was an only child, and his Mom was divorced, so it was just the two of them. Apparently, his Dad was pretty well off and paid... [more]

A fake cock for our daughter

We're from France and in our family we all 4 live in big harmony. We can really talk about everything. so my daughter once came to me and asked, if I would borrow her one of my dildos or a vibrator. She was 13 at that time. I thought about quickly and as I know she is not already active with someone else, I gave her the thinnest one I could find... [more]

Classmate's Dick Show

While in the 9th grade we had a big boy in the back bench who was 3years senior but being failed in smaller classes was in classes with us. During the last month of the grade the class was free as the teacher was on leave and all the boys were just playing around in the class. Then the boy next this big boy shouted saying look something big under... [more]

Sometimes feel gay.

When I was 5 my family moved from a country home to a home in town.
By the time I was 6 I had made some pretty good friends down the street. Three brothers. One my age, one younger by a couple of years and one four years older.
As time went on we began to have sleep overs at one another's houses.
At probably about 7 or 8, when I would stay at... [more]

I see you

I set up a spy camera in the bathroom as a fake tooth brush to watch my sister in law take showers and play with her self, it’s motion activated so I watch her and my wife and when my 22 year old step daughter comes home on weekends sometimes I watch her to, send it directly to my phone and then I cum to them then put them on the internet but I... [more]

The Cuck's Fuck

So my wife's lover, Tom, brought his lover for a visit. He referred to her as a "mare in my stable ". She was a pale and lithesome creature, pretty face, high cheekbones, great figure if rather small breasts , compared to my buxom wife. She had long hair, dyed a color purple that I'm pretty sure doesn't exist anywhere in nature. Tom called her, "... [more]

Wife caught me being a sissy panty slut

Ever since I was a little boy I knew I was a little different. I would rather play dolls and dress up with my sister's, then go out and play sports and do boy things with my brothers.
When I was around 10 yrs old, and my one sister that was 12, were playing house. This time for some reason she told me I was the mommy and she was the daddy. Well... [more]

It's like a game to me

Every few months, I get bored and create a new, fake online profile for the purpose of talking women into sending me nudes. I've been doing this since I got my first studio apartment in 1999. I was bored a lot after work back then, and I'd spend hours upon hours... sometimes my entire days off... pretending to be other men, and talking women into... [more]


When I was about 9, I went to a sleepover at my best friends house..she was 13, she was a bit weird from the start I mean looking back I think it was a weird that she was hanging out with a nine year old constantly, anyways we watched a movie and we wasn’t weird because she had always played these games with me like her version of... [more]

Shared my wife online

I love to make fake profiles on reddit and mewe and act like my wife as I find all the desperate hotwife pages and then pm the men nude pictures of her. It gets my heart racing and hands sweaty. I’ve done it twice now and deleted everything right after. Now I’m afraid someone might track her down and do anything they please with her. She doesn’t... [more]

Daughter like mother

My 16yo daughter was going to a party, she asked for a lift and pickup, 3 days before the party I’m now taking 3 other friends!
It was arranged the other 3 girls parents collect from my house.
I’m a single parent and have a really good relationship with my daughter, not much we don’t tell each other, I’ve known for a long time about one of the... [more]

Fisk's First Wife

My oldest friend was Fisk. We had been friends since kindergarten. We had fooled around, sexually speaking, having oral and anal sex, but, broke it off when he had some sort of guilt fit over the same sex thing, and drug use. We remained friends but had different interests. He went total redneck, was unable to talk about anything but car parts... [more]

I cheated on my wife dressed as a slutty whore

First a couple things about me at the time:
I used to travel a lot for business
I really love to crossdress before I met my wife, I would do it all the time. I had a very large wardrobe complete with high heels, lingerie, a wig, makeup... I even had fake breast forms.
After I met my wife, she found out about my obsession and did not like it. I... [more]

Rest area transformation

I would drive to rest areas at night for my sexual pleasures. Wearing my men’s clothes. I would get out and walk around my car, sit at a park bench, walk to the vending machine, then go back to my car. Then my transformation would start.
I would already be wearing my garter belt and stockings, and my panties. I would remove my jeans and... [more]

Wearing panties as a boy and then as a man

I was about 13 when the boys that fucked my mouth and ass gave me my first pair of panties. They enjoyed teasing me about being their slut, letting them cum on me and inside of me. Teasing me about swallowing their loads of cum or having it shot inside my ass. Teasing how when I was with them that I was more of a girl than a boy and I should at... [more]

Shopping With MIL

I had offered to drive my fifty-six year old MIL to get her drivers license renewed. On our way back to her house she asked me to stop at a womens clothing store. It was the middle of the week, during the day, and almost no cars were in the parking lot. As we parked, she smiled and said, " Oh, good, Trina is here ! " I asked who Trina was. " She's... [more]

Still Sexually Obsessed With Sister-In-Law

I have had an unhealthy sexual obsession with my sister in law for almost 10 years now. I reapeat, obsessed. I love my wife dearly, and I can't imagine the thought of ever leaving her. Which is why I'm posting this. My problem is.....I can't stop thinking about shooting my cum all over my sister in law's face, over, and over, and over. She's got... [more]

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