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Mothers with very busty daughters

Sometimes, it starts earlier than expected. Say at nine years. By the time she’s 11, she’s slender as a rail, very obviously several cup sizes larger than you, and growing fast! It seemed every day those breasts looked bigger, heavier and far more powerful than your own! Brassieres and tops were a nightmare as she burst out of something weekly... [more]

I let an old man touch me on the bus

I was sitting in a window seat, beside him on an overnight bus. He seemed normal, just an old poor guy, maybe in his 60s. We exchanged some small talks and quickly went back to mind our own business.
But then I felt asleep and woke up to the feeling of his hand on my thigh. It was dark outside and the bus was dimly lit. I dont know why but I... [more]

I like being otk and spanked

Ever since I was little I've loved getting my bare bottom spanked. I would go out of my way to get spankings from anyone that would give me one and this continued well into my teens and then it came to a halt and I considered going to a professional but I was far to embarrassed to talk to anyone about it then one day I went with my aunt to help... [more]

Sex with my bua

In age of 21 when my bua age was 42 one day bua came in my house me bua and her daughter sleep together at night when everyone sleep my eyes open I don't know what happened me I touch my bua boobs and press it hard then my bua awake and not say anything only say apni bua ko bahut pyar kerta ho. Then she came in my blanket and remove all clothes I... [more]

The coffee stand

For the past few years I been going to one coffee stand some 13 miles from home daily. I fantasize and just want to reach out and take hole of three of the gals that work there all in their late teens and early 20's and have become friends with them over the years and my favorite became pregnant and close to her delivery date she was going to... [more]

I hate fucked my mother in law.

I've been married to my sweet wife for six years now. We get along great, with the exception of her mother-in-law. She's hated me since she first met me. I don't know why, I've always treated her daughter like a princess.
So, last week, her mother, Carol, who lives out of town, came to visit for a few days. As usual, I was going out of my way... [more]

What to do seriously

Truth be told I'm infatuated with my best friends wife. She is drop dead gorgeous. Big tits nice ass great hair she has it all. My buddy leaves for work early and always drives right by my house honking his friggin horn. So soon as that happens and my wife leaves for work. I try to sneak over and peek through the windows in hopes to see my buddies... [more]

My dominant wife and my son

My wife is very dominant and she loves being married to a sissy .She controls me completely ,and has trained me to be totally obediant .That is why when she told me she has decide she wants a daughter and is going to feminize our 10 year old son I didnt tell her she couldnt.If I do anything wrong,,make her mad or what ever reason she decides i... [more]

Girlfriends Mom

I was at my girlfriends house last month and saw that her mom had some used panties in the hamper. I got hard immediately. So I took them out and walked to the couch and pulled my pants down and started jerking to their scent and they were ripe. Then walks in her mom seeing my cock out and her panties to my nose. She screamed for me to stop. I... [more]

It’s nothing like my husband

The last two weeks my daughter has been bringing back her new boyfriend, he is 21 and a very charming young man.
The main room in our house is the kitchen, any friends or family visiting it’s always in the kitchen.
We have a small toilet in the kitchen and it’s not that I’m listening it’s more the case you can’t help but hear it!
When my... [more]

Duaghter's Rash

My 14 year old daughter still has a problem with bed wetting. She will wet 4 or 5 nights a week. Because of this, she wears pull ups to bed. These over time have now given her a rash that she find uncomfortable and she had to stop wearing the pull ups. I decided that after cleaning and drying her bed a few times that wasn't going to work, so i... [more]

Sleep over at neighbor's house

When I was 8 my mom and dad went out one night. They asked the neighbor to babysit and she said yes. I went over about 7pm and ate dinner with her family. After we play games then it was time for bed. I brushed my teeth with after her two daughters. Who were 7 and 10 years of age. Then we went to their bedroom and they were already in their gowns... [more]

Let them watch

Ok so me and wife wher haveing sex when i look over and my 14 and 11 yr daughters wher watching what should i do

Interracial cuckold fantasy

I'm a young straight white guy, and I get really turned on at the thought of black men invading my country, enslaving the men and impregnating all the women in gangbangs where all the women only want to have sex with black guys because of their mythical super-penises. The thought of being cuckolded by a horde of black foreigners fucking my... [more]

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