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Step daughter

My step daughter is 30 and I am 43. She is absolutely gorgeous and has a stunning tight little body on her. Her boyfriend is a loser and she has not seen him for several months as he works in another town and has rarely come back to visit her. He didn’t even come back to visit her on her birthday. He has now moved out west for his job and again... [more]

A spanking from mom for spitting on ythe floor

When I was 6 or 7 years old, my mom and her best friend were chatting in our house. Mom's friend had her daughter who was about my age with her. I was trying to impress the daughter, so I spit on the living room floor. Mom saw me do this, so she took me by the hand and led me down the hall to my room. Mom closed the door and put me over her... [more]

Les get to it

My best girlfriend told me her Mom thought I was really cute. I am 18 and her Mom is 35. My friend said she had some homework to do and was going upstairs and leave me with her Mom. Her Mom said darling ru dating anyone and I said no. Honey since my divorce I have had this feeling that I want to try lesbian sex. Have u ever had the desire to be... [more]

Wife is pregnant with black lovers baby

My wife just told me that she is pregnant with her black lovers baby. We have been married 25 years and have 3 kids of our own. Our kids are grown and out of the house. I had a vasectomy 10 years ago so this wouldn't happen. My wife said that she has been trying to get pregnant for some time because she wants all of her friends and family to... [more]

Reclaiming the estate

I am not close to my sister. She's 12 years older, so there was always an age gap between us growing up. Although we were both loving daughters to our parents, I grew up feeling second best. That was confirmed when our dad passed away earlier this year. (Our mother passed away 3 years ago). They gave most of their estate to my sister and her... [more]

Is it wrong? Having sex with my friends daughter?

It is wrong that my want to fuck my friends daughter? We've been flirting on and off, and she's come out and said to me fuck me already, we've been sexting for over a month now. She's 19 I'm 43 I've know her since she was 4. She's babysat for us a few times, we go to family events together, she has a steady boy friend.

We want to marry and start a family

I know the perfect woman. I've known her for a very long time, we're both in love and sexually very, VERY hooked with each other. She's my little half sister, and god, we just can't get enough of each other.
She's my dad's daughter of his second marriage, so I didn't see much of her growing up, but we had a special chemistry from the very... [more]

GF’s daughter

I’ve been sexually attracted to my gf’s daughter (J) ever since we started dating. She’s 13 yrs my junior and is gorgeous with an amazing little body. Tiny little ti**ies that I’d love to suck on and an a** to die for. I frequently fantasize about making love to her and I c*m so much every time. I want to be alone with her, wrap my arms around... [more]

My new life

I have been divorced for over 20 years. I have shied away from getting involved with women again. I don’t trust them as I consider them quite heartless!
I recently started remember an affair I had in my younger years with a close relative? He was a devoted feminine crossdresser. As he revealed this to me, I remembered how excited I was?
He... [more]

I have watched my adult Step Daughter throught a window

I watched my adult step daughter undress many times as I watched through the window of her bedroom and masturbated. I know I should feel guilty, but the truth is I still masturbate thinking about it. I have rubbed her feet and legs for a while and then left the room and masturbated.
My wife, her mother, caught me one night as I watched my step... [more]

A cute light blue silk and lace cami and shorts set of pjs.

It started with my sisters pajamas when I was 13 years old. They were light blue silk with lace and I just had try them on after feeling them on my cock. The camisole had a thin strap and the shorts had wide loose leg. The affect was immediate every time I wore them, instant hard-on. I can still get hard just thinking about it. I would also... [more]

So many little panties

Ever since I was a little boy I was very sexual and loved to feel myself and I dont remember how I started but I started wearing panties I would remember they where my sister in-laws panties then I started feeling that they where just a little too big because I was really young and there where no other girls in the house except my little niece she... [more]

Danielle chapter 1

How and where to start I consider myself to be quite a normal guy in most ways married a long ish time 2 kids all was good then when my daughter Danielle reached around 12 and started to develop very quickly that's when I started to take notice.
First it was her school blouses started to strain under the pressure her ample tits were placing on... [more]

I love young preteen dirty pantes

I am a 38 year old white male I love to sniff lick and play with preteen girls dirty panties.
I love to smell like and love their little panties on my big fat penis I love rub the crotch on the head of my penis after they've had their little discharge in them.
They're just charged also tastes so good .
If there are any moms or... [more]

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