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Caught my neighbor w her dog

My next door neighbors are a married couple with a teenaged daughter, I think fifteen? Jailbait, anyway. Yesterday, while the parents were at work, I saw their daughter in her bedroom getting fucked by their lab. I think she might've been trying to get caught, because she didn't have her curtains drawn. She was lying on her belly, on her bed, with... [more]

My fetish for seducing of wives for wannabe cuckold husbands

This confession started as a comment on another's confession. On sending it, I concluded this should have it's own thread. I believe this one can be in categorized in either fetish or cheating as I'm married and so are the others involved.
I lost my virginity to a married woman. I soon found I love being with married women. When I entered the... [more]

My Turn With him

My best friend met this guy. They was together a couple of years. I was envious of her. He tried to hit on me once and I told her. I didn't want to get my friendship with her ruined by him. I was hoping she and I would get it off someday. I like to play with both sexes.
I placed an ad on a dating site. I wanted a companion to do things with... [more]

(Real) I'm the family cum-dump and I like it

After browsing through a few confessions on this site, I've decided this is where I want to tell my story. This is a real confession / story but you can believe / not believe what you want.
This all started when I was 16. My mother had just divorced my father and moved out of state, leaving me, my dad and my 2 brothers. This didn't affect me as... [more]

Daughter sleeps with me for coke.

Thought I'd post this here, I've been having sex with my daughter (25) for about a year now. She loves doing blow and I happen to sell it. Usually, she just buys off me then goes out but sometimes she comes home wanting more but has no money. If she gives me a blowjob, I'll give her a half gram and if she fucks me, a full gram. This is completely... [more]

My sweet young granddaughter

I've got four of the Corgi prettiest granddaughters you could ever imagine one of them 13 I have one but it's 14 I have one minute 15 I have one minute acting I'm writing a 15 year old granddaughter she is gorgeous flat 14th infecting you again daughter is always standing that witches you know I'm always going to the bathroom after they pull up... [more]

My stepdaughter, my wife

I didn't have time for marrage, relationship, or even dating till I finished all my college, my internship, and finally got my PhD, which I took me a little over ten years, because of working and saving the money for everything. Anyway landed a position in a small town hospital, after a couple years started dating. I met a divorced lady with a... [more]

Remembering Mummy Em

Of all the Spanking Ladies I've been involved with since my marriage's demise in the early 90s, the woman I called Mummy Em was most like a mother to me. A self-described maternal disciplinarian in her early forties, she was short and dark-haired with a pretty face. The extra weight she was carrying didn't exactly help her looks, but it gave her a... [more]

Can't get enough of little girls

I admit i am now wanting to try really young and it has me so hard i been into this uts so hot and my friends sre letting me sit for 1 week the 6 year old and wanna pass the kidsaround a few nights I think lets get this ok in culture its hot and i bet you are hard or wet and want kids too? I know you tey kids if alone. I wsnna show mu daughter in... [more]

Milk maid

After giving birth to my daughter, I had trouble with nursing but my breasts were often sore. I visited my dad who's 61 and I was 33 back then. I told my dad about this. He wanted to have a look at my breasts and I showed him. He felt them gently with his hands. We saw milk coming from my nipples then and he asked if he could suck them. I agreed... [more]

Perverted, wrong dirty.......I LOVED IT!(Part 2)

As all my stories will be this is all true. You can read part 1 or this story as a stand alone.
My sister schooled me at sexual activity early on. Because of this I was sexually charged from the age of 7. When I was 9 my mother resumed her career so after school I stayed with one of our close family friends. They had a son Jack(9) and a... [more]

Perverted, wrong, dirty.........I LOVED IT!

This is my first time writing anything like this and I want you to know all the stories I will be writing are true, names have been changed
I have a big family. In addition my parents had a large circle of friends as well. Every weekend we would have several events to go to such as picnics, birthday parties etc. there were about 15 kids our... [more]

Daddy Bathing Me

When i was younger dad use to bath me years later i realised the way he washed me was very inappropriate where he washed me the positions he had me in it was more than naughty, and when mum was out he would get in with me and i washed him, i don't to give all the details yet, any other daughter had this experience, Jem,


Girlfriend wants me touch her two daughters. Should I do it to keep her happy??

My fat wife

Two years ago, my friend and I were in a hotel bar . At a table sat two women having drinks. One was about 60 and the other about in her 40s. Of cause we both wanted the younger women. But I went along with my buddy and let him go for her. We sat down with then and as time went by . We started to come on to the ladies. They were not interested in... [more]

Daddy spankings

My stepdad has been the disciplinarian in the house since they married when I was 15. One afternoon my mom and I had been arguing over cleaning my room. My mom told him that she couldn't control me, and that I mocked her whenever she'd spank me. I remember him saying in a stern voice, "then you're not doing it right Janice." They talked in... [more]

My father in law

We were visiting my in laws a few years ago. My father in law is a real macho type deservedly so. I have to admit my wife wears the pants in my family. One night my wife and her mom went out to see a play. Her Dad and I stayed home. We were drinking and having a good time when the talk turned to sex. He told me he thought I was a wimp who... [more]

I couldn't stop and I wanted her to see it.

I stayed at my brothers with his family for about 6 months. His wife is in her 50s and a little fat and not all that beautiful. When I saw her naked a couple times and her hairy ousstly and far wrinkled ass I got a hard on immediately and when she didn't try to cover up the second time I knew she wanted my cock and I just pulled it out and... [more]

My older sister

It started when she caught me wearing her clothes , i was 16 she was 19 after she frecked out about for few days she decided that I looked good as a woman ! She would help me do my make up when
Mom was gone and after a while we go out in public together like sister shopping at the mall ! When I graduated high school she had her own apt and I... [more]

My sexual disires

I’m from a small border town, my parents were poor and divorced when I was young my mom raised me and my brother at my grandparents house, I was close to my dad, but my mom didn’t care she was done with him, this is where it all started, I guess I was in search of male in my life, so in high school I found a way to sneak around with guys to have... [more]

Scared to tell husband my fantasy

I’m f36 and I like young boys staring at me and seeing their thing in there shorts. Also every time me and my husband have sex our teen daughter finds a way to either come upstairs or etc to be around where we are having sex. At first it weirded me out then It really turned me on and might leave the door open a little. Would love to lock eyes with... [more]

My teacher

Me and my teacher are only 6 years apart. And I'm I'm collage. 5 years ago my teacher asked m to come to his house. I did so and put on the most cute outfit i couuld find. When I got there he was playing the piano. I opened the door. And asked for a cup of tea. He gave me the cup of tea anD *CENSORED CONTENT* his 4 year old daugther walks in. She... [more]

Curvy cameltoe neighbor

I hang out with my neighbor because his daughter is like a supermodel. My favorite is hanging around their pool when she is swimming. Her bathing suits show too many curves and crevices; toe, standing firm tits, tummy, ass thighs, ,.. . She's 15 going on 20. I am embarrassed to say I get so hard at times, I don't dare stand up. I usually go home... [more]

Cheated on my husband with a guy I work with

About a 3 years ago, I went to a work training in New Mexico with about a dozen co-workers from various markets. One of the guys that was there I had actually just trained (I work in the wireless industry) earlier that year. Anyways, I was 41 at the time, and he was 23. The funny thing was that despite I found him to be extremely attractive, I did... [more]

Step daughter tease

I’ve been-with my partner for 20 years she has a beautiful step daughter who is 18 she started to tease me when she would come home from school one day and with her short school dress bend over right in front of me showing an amazing arse and very stained damp panties. She would do this every day around the house sending me crazy I didn’t know... [more]

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