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I would go to my Aunt's house after school and summers

When I turned 13 I figured my mom was going to let me stay home after school and during the summer but absolutely no luck on that from her. She told me that there was no way I was staying home until I was at least 15 if not 16, I found out later that her brother had caught the house on fire when he was left home to his own care at around 14 so I... [more]

Sex with a man virgin

My name is Lisa and this is a true story
I waited a long time before I started dating after I separated from my ex husband. It was 14 years to be exact. I started dating this guy from The islands He was tall muscular, not bad looking but lacked experience. We went out quite a few times. He was really sweet so I tried to deal with his bad... [more]

Former slut wife turned cold

I've been married 19 years, but my wife has no interest in sex anymore. She says that it hurts, she has no desire, etc. She's in her mid 50s and I'm in my mid 40s.
The thing is that she used to be hotter than fuck. She was married once before in her 20s, and used to frequent sex parties during which she would suck and fuck miles of dick... [more]

Wife Cheated, Very Hot!

My wife (Sophie) and I have been together around 18 years now, and like most marriages you try to find ways to keep things interesting and spicy. We started sharing fantasies (and later on, confessions) behind closed doors, the rule being we couldn't hold anything against each other and we weren't allowed to judge. It was to be completely open and... [more]

Wife sexual past

It turns me on knowing my wife who is 42 years old has gotten so much cock due to her huge tits back in her younger college days and right before our marriage.
Her beauty and her tIts helped her have sex with some very attractive guys of all ages.
She is 5ft 8 inches 36dd 24 36 very curvy body.She resembles Brooke Shields both body and... [more]

Help with having mixed raced children ???? in the UK ????

I am a very well hung man with a BBC. I live somewhere nice in England ?????????????? in the UK ????.
I am married and I don’t have any child yet after 10 years of marriage. My wife promised me 5 children before we got married. She already had a son from her previous relationship. I am a very hardworking black man. I am super fit, nice butts... [more]

Prior boss was great

I worked at a small firm about five years ago and my boss was great with allowing me to be really flexible. I was a single mom at the time and my youngest was not in school yet so my days would not always go as planned. He never complained at all and was always supportive whenever something came up and I had to work from home. I was always worried... [more]

Blushing butt bouncing Barry

I was briefly dating this girl named Hannah from Brazil. She found out that I suck cocks and she teased me about it. I was so embarrassed that I bounced up and down on my butt for a long time. I told her my butt was sore and she just laughed. I was so embarrassed. I ended up bouncing even more on my butt and making my butt more sore. So... [more]


This his true my wife had to have her coil checked at the doctors but had forgotten the appointment date until the last minute . Me and my wife was going on a date night so my wife was dressed up for the occasion . I have to tell you what she was wearing to get the full picture , She had on black underwear comprising of a see through thong wonder... [more]

A mother’s Love

I am 43, my son is 19. I’m married to his dad but he drives a truck across country so he’s gone a lot. My son and I have always been close, and I’ve always been very open with him. That is, there’s never been a time in his life he hasn’t seen me topless, though not in a sexual way. He slept in my bed at least half the time his dad was out until he... [more]

Not my fault, not my problem

I'm 22f, a senior in college, attractive, play on the softball team, and single. I have had plenty of dates, but I really don't have time for a boyfriend and don't really want one either. Between sports and school, I'm swamped. I have no time for a relationship. I'm planning on moving out of state after graduation, and know that I'll likely never... [more]

A special kind of mariage

I'm a 35 year old woman that's been in a happy marriage for 10 years. my husband is 42. and the reason our marriage is happy is because of a mutual, honest understanding and respect and inconditional love, no matter what the circumstances. and for me, there were very special circumstances, since my older brother and I have been romantically... [more]


I would not advise anybody to try this . Me and my wife had been married for 16yrs , in all that time my wife would always say to me that she had never ever cheated on me and never would , I had no reason to think any different so I would believe what she said . I used to work away sometimes one such time I was working with a guy that I had just... [more]

I slept with my wife's best friend/maid of honor

We all went to Atlantic City for the night. She happened to be the 3rd wheel because some people cancelled last minute. My wife was passed out in the suite and I wanted to talk a shower. We were sharing a 2 queen bed room. My wife threw up from drinking all night and passed out snoring. I stayed up a bit talking to my wife's best friend. She's a... [more]

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