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I want my cock sucked so bad

I'm 18 and really want my cock sucked, but I don't have the balls to go out and date and all that. I wish there was a way to do it discreetly and quickly for fun and not have to pay a prostitute and all that. Like Tinder except you just post nudes and meet up.

Cock for the blues

So the back story is I went cold turkey on men and dating to focus on my studies at university. But now that im done and looking for a job i decided to find a man.
My bf and i have been together for a few weeks now. Hes 67 and im 23. Im just sprung on older guys, something about the taste of a mature cock really gets me horny.
So heres the... [more]

I want to be a cuckold for my wife to show I love her

I've been trying for years to get my wife to cuckold me or at least her be a hotwife and fuck other men. There's nothing more sexy than a confident woman who will openly fuck anybody she wants whenever she wants. I think a wife or girlfriend should be able to fuck anybody they want and the husband or boyfriend should support her sexual desire to... [more]

Cuckold busted!

We have always been a very open family and encouraged our kids to have open discussions with each other and with us. My wife and I were in a cuckold relationship prior to having kids so they grew up knowing their mom was going out with "friends" while dad stayed home with them. As our kids got older (teens) they realized their mom was actually... [more]

Why is it?

I should probably be paying a therapist to help me answer this question, but I wonder why I'm attracted almost exclusively to older women. I'm a 23 year old guy, and by "older" I mean women in the 30s to 40s range.
I define myself as heterosexual, and while I find it pretty easy to date around, women around my age aren't that attractive to me. A... [more]

Trying the dark side

Few months ago I was tired of being single I asked my friend for help. She said OK I can help but there is one thing I said OK what is that. Most of my friends or boyfriends are black. She knew I only ever dated white guys. Plus knows my family is not high on non white people. But I told her I'd give it a try. So one night went out and she had a... [more]

Just too hooked

I have an older sister, and we've been sexually involved with each other for a couple of years now. She's way older than me, but it doesn't matter, actually I feel it's part of the charm and what made our attraction possible in the first place. I'm 24, she's 37. Instead of just a sibling, I always saw her as a woman, she was turning into one while... [more]

Insatiable Wife

When I started dating my wife I very soon realised that we were not matched in our sexual appetites. She has a very high sex drive and was always the one to initiate sex. I was a bit shocked the first time Walking home, when she would push me into a shop doorway and unzip me and we would fuck right there while people were walking nearby.
In the... [more]

Friend's inappropriate comments about my bf

I just started dating this wonderful guy about two months ago. He is a dream: nice job, money, great looking, and is a tiger in bed. Well, my friend Laura and I have been friends since middle school, fifteen years at this point. She's seen me date losers for years, and she's happy that I finally found a great guy.
When we go out together for... [more]

Please help me I've messed up

I've been dating this lovely guy for the last 3 months. We love each other, we've still not had sex, but we do make out and he's played with my breasts and I've given him blowjobs a couple of times. Things are heating up now, lots in the past 2 weeks he's surprised me saying he's booked an hotel for Valentine's day. But the thing is he doesn't... [more]

Daddy's little bitch

My two daughters have always been best friends and done everything together. It started with innocent stuff like learning to ride a bike, but they're 17 and 18 now and it's progressed to bigger things like driving, dating, etc.
Before I continue, let me describe to you how they look so you can fully understand the story.
My 17 year old... [more]

I have LOUD sex (and my neighbor HATES it)

My BF just bought a house last year and I moved in right away (we had been dating for a while). Our neighbor is this stuffy conservative couple and their kid (he's like 18). She complained about everything from our lawn to the paint job on the house from the DAY we moved in and even left a passive aggressive note in our mail about our sex... [more]

Need advice

I’m 32 and have been married to my wife for 8 years kids jobs home normal life. Our sex life has never been great but was better when dating she never really dresses sexy or anything. I have pushed for more sex or for her to dress sexy or wear lingerie but she doesn’t seem interested. I get turned on at the though of her dressing sexy at work... [more]

First Date

I have been chatting online with a woman on line since Sept of last year. We have talked about meeting. For what ever reason its never happened. She has a son in college. Working two jobs, I work 45 to 50 hours a week. Finally We both had a free day. We met at a winery for a tasting, then went to dinner at a pub. The sparks started to smolder at... [more]

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