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Les get to it

My best girlfriend told me her Mom thought I was really cute. I am 18 and her Mom is 35. My friend said she had some homework to do and was going upstairs and leave me with her Mom. Her Mom said darling ru dating anyone and I said no. Honey since my divorce I have had this feeling that I want to try lesbian sex. Have u ever had the desire to be... [more]

Our relationship has always been very honest.

Our relationship has always been very honest. We tell each other everything, life goals, joys and fears. I was single and he was in the midst of a divorced when we met. We got to know each other and we clicked and married after about a year of dating. After a couple of years, finally more of our previous love life came up. I told him I had a three... [more]

I'm dating a guy young enough to be my son and I love it

I'm 41, widowed, and fat. Some would say a "BBW," but most would probably just call me fat.
My husband's death came suddenly and hit me like a truck, and aside from work and a very few close friends I was basically a shut-in for 3 years.
One of my friends has a son, I'll call him Danny for now, and for a long time I knew Danny had a... [more]

Dad’s wife

I want to fuck my step mom. My dad started dating her when I was about 12. I knew what sex was and knew right away that I wanted to fuck her. They are still together and to this day, I fantasize about us fucking while I masturbate. She’s 55 yrs old this year and I’m 42. She still has a killer body. Great tits, nice ass. I fantasize about going... [more]

My threesome

Several years ago I was on a dinner date at a upscale hotel. Now I had several dates with this man so he was no stranger. While dining a black man came over to our table, he was a friend of my date. He sat down with us and we all talked had a few drinks. Let me stop and describe me, blonde,white,5'-2", 120lbs,37D breasts. I was wearing a... [more]

Insecure boyfriend

I've been dating this wonderful guy for about 2 months. I really love him, but he has a problem that I have a lot of male friends. I'm female, but have always gotten along better with guys in pretty much any aspect. In contrast, he is an introvert with virtually no friends.
I've been besties with some of my guy friends for years, going back to... [more]

My white wife has sex with black men

My wife of 20 years has been having sex with different black men for about the last two years of our marriage. Over the last 2 years she's had sex with 25 to 30 different black men. All of the men she is with have very large penises. That is one of her requirements in order to have sex with them. she post ads on various sites explaining exactly... [more]

GF’s daughter

I’ve been sexually attracted to my gf’s daughter (J) ever since we started dating. She’s 13 yrs my junior and is gorgeous with an amazing little body. Tiny little ti**ies that I’d love to suck on and an a** to die for. I frequently fantasize about making love to her and I c*m so much every time. I want to be alone with her, wrap my arms around... [more]

Mom’s Drunk Boyfriend

I was laying down in my mom’s bed as I often do when she’s working graveyard shift. I was starting to fall asleep until I heard the front door open, followed by footsteps down the hallway, then my mom’s older boyfriend comes staggering into the room. He’s clearly drunk. He and my mom were arguing earlier in the day. He starts saying my mom’s name... [more]

A cute light blue silk and lace cami and shorts set of pjs.

It started with my sisters pajamas when I was 13 years old. They were light blue silk with lace and I just had try them on after feeling them on my cock. The camisole had a thin strap and the shorts had wide loose leg. The affect was immediate every time I wore them, instant hard-on. I can still get hard just thinking about it. I would also... [more]

Meeting her past lover

When I met my wife Karla it was at work.
I was invited by her friend to a Happy Hour as my girlfriend was too shy to actually meet me. I wound up showing up late and by that time Karla had already been dancing and drinking.
When we finally met I was stunned to see her up close. She was totally attractive so we talked the night away.It was about... [more]

Barriers, ground rules, friendship, and loss

My friend Kate [24f] hooked me [22f] up with a blind date named Billy [23m]. She suggested that we double date with her bf Nolan [24m]. They've only been dating for a couple of months. I said okay, that was fine. We had a good time hanging out having dinner at a restaurant.
All four of us went back to Kate and Nolan's house that they rent... [more]

Christine Receives Her Punishment (Part 1 of 2)

I used to date a girl named Christine. At the time, she was 18 and I was 25. She was very experienced and responsive sexually. She would take as much sex as I would give her, and enjoyed doing just about anything. She was a very pretty girl. She was “medium” in height and build, had long black hair and brown eyes, and had full B-cup breasts. ... [more]

Double date threesome

I went out on a double date with a good friend of mine Lara. The guy she's been dating, Jason, is really new, like they've only been on three dates. I've been seeing a guy named Steve and we've been an item for only about a month. The four of us went out to a comedy club, had dinner, and a nice time. We went back to Jason's place since it was... [more]

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