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In love with my step daughter

A little over twenty years ago I started dating a lovely lady Cindy 31, with two children. A boy 14 and a girl 10. We were both just coming out of a messy divorce. Her ex was very abusive and a drunk. My ex left me for her boss. I myself was 42 with two children, a daughter that was 22 and married, and a son 19 in the military.
Cindy was... [more]

I crave inappropriate male attention. I don't know how to stop.

I'll just preface this by saying: I've been with my fiancé for about six years, and I have never once cheated on him. When I go out, I've never danced with/hugged/held hands with/kissed/slept with another guy in the past 6 years, 5 of which were extreme long distance in our relationship.
The issue is, I love male attention. To the point where I... [more]

Considering it.....

I have been considering cheating which probably makes me sound like a horrible person. I've been friends with my boyfriend for a number of years before we started to date, honestly I didn't want to date him because I had a feeling that things wouldn't work so well if we started to date. I was right.
We used to be best friends and then also... [more]

Keeping secrets

I work part-time at a restaurant, and I'm pretty close friends with some of the people who work and hang out there. My boss is really cool, and his friend Steve is divorced and hangs out there all the time. Steve likes to party, and he has lots of friends, both male and female. Most of them are in their late 30s or early 40s.
Steve has been... [more]

My husband

We met in college and I have to say that it was not love at first sight for me, he is cute and very nice but he lacked confidence in all areas except math and science. I did not think that I had worn an outfit that was really sexy but according to him I was so distracting from the neck down that he could not concentrate.
He was really not that... [more]

Been Involved with a Sex Craving Family

About 15 yrs. ago I gotten involved with a sex craving family but didn't know I'll be doing most of my girlfriends relatives and some of her friends. My girlfriend was the cause of it. She bragged how endowed I was and knew how to satisfy a woman. So as the months and years went by my reputation spread.
The first family member I poked was... [more]


I'm a 47 year old woman. I've been kind of the black sheep in my family because I've never been married and I've always dated younger men. I only started bringing boyfriends to my parents' house by the time I was 30, and the first one I brought was only 20. The oldest man I've ever been with was 30, but I was 40 then. I had my last boyfriend last... [more]

My young wife

Mary Lu is my best friends younger sister and I am 5 years older than she is. We grew up all three of us best of friends going places together and in jr high I kind of thought she was a pest a scrawny little girl but she was able to keep up with us and she was fun.
I was a senior when she started to fill out and I couldn't believe my eyes she... [more]

One weird dude

I have tons of fetishes, one of which is potetial exposure. I have lost bets which ended with my pictures being posted online, some of which are still there. Just google for 'sissy tiana rachelle exposed'. Anywho... One of the littles games I play sometimes is I'll write down a bunch of kinky things in an email, then while my fiance (who is very... [more]

My GF just came out as Bisexual

I have been dating my girlfriend for nearly a year, and last night when drunk she admitted she was bisexual. I asked why she only just said and she said she thought I would think she was off chasing girls, needing a bit of both lol. Drunk I stupidly said I don't care if you wanna have sex with other women it's hot (I was thinking about lesbian... [more]

Question for girls?

Im 24 and iv been with 5 girls now and none seem to like or will let me cum on their face? iv seen and watched it in porn loads and cuming on a girl face is something i really want to do but every girl i date seems to be dead against it

Her messy undies.

Once, a girl I used to hook up with contacted me out of the blue. We didn’t date - I’d only met her a couple times before that but - she was a very dirty girl. She told me she couldn’t mess around - she had a boyfriend now - but wanted to hang out a bit. One night she asked if she & her dude could stop by to burn one with me. He was an ordinary... [more]

Obsessed with black cock [UPDATE]

This is an update to the confession I posted on this website a few days ago, and I wanted to get into more detail and ask your opinion on it. Thank you for reading!
I'm a 23 year old guy from Germany. I recently graduated from college and currently work from home and have a very comfortable life that allows me to have a lot of free time. I spend... [more]

Cheating on My Girfriend With a Much Older Woman

I was new to the area. I started dating this nurse few years older than me. She introduced me to her mom and the rest of her family. The whole family was at her mom's for the holiday dinners. Her mom's friend Roxy was there. Roxy was the life of the party. We played board games after dinner. I couldn't help notice that Roxy kept messing with her... [more]

Kinky Sex with my Lover

Jon and I been cheating behind our partners back about two months now. I realized now that he has a breast fetish and I have a fetish of being slapped. He adores my huge breast . Can't get enough of it. He's been seeing and dating my best girlfriend Judy who is a B cup. Takes him longer to get off when he's with Judy. When he's with me he gets his... [more]

Barefoot Fuck

This incident didn’t happen recently. As a matter of fact it was many many years ago. But it sticks in my mind like it was yesterday. You’ll see why.
I was an assistant manager of a large chain supermarket store in west Florida. I was a single kid in my early 20’s and had a HUGE crush on one of the cashiers - Madonna. Madonna was a beautiful... [more]

My Partner's Best Friend

I met Penny on the internet when I relocated down south. I was 48 and she was 52. On our first date she gave me head while watching the Playboy channel in her house. She was nice looking, but small breasted. I was really a tit man. We dated for awhile. Then her best friend Linda stopped by Penny's house. Linda had huge breasts. I kept looking at... [more]

Obsessed with black cock

I'm a 23 year old white guy with an uncontrollable BBC fetish. I cannot stop sucking black cocks. For the past 4 months I've basically had 4 boyfriends, while still dating my girlfriend of 5 years. She knows I'm bisexual, but has no idea of the extent of my desire for black cocks. I've been seeing 4 muscular black men, with big girthy cocks and... [more]

I don’t consider it insest

My mom passed away when I was 8 years old. When I was 14 my dad remarried to a very nice lady Sarah, had two children, a daughter Stacy age 13, and a son Stephen age 9. We all got along fine, it was nice having a sister and brother to hang with. I never had any type of sexually feeling toward Stacy until one night. Stacy, Stephen and I had... [more]

New boyfriend

Im a single mom of 2 children , got a divorce from my husband 7 months ago. I'm only 29. I stay active and I'm very fit. Always was a workaholic since my separation with my husband. I have twins and they are both 6 years old. I was on my Facebook one day and got a request from a black guy named Jevon I didn't know. I let the request sit there for... [more]

It's my wifes idea.

Well just a little history about the two of us. Started dating in high school. My wife came from a poor family. Not a lot of frilly things, wore mostly older hand me down clothes, always clean, but you could tell they have mended and altered a lot. Kind if frumpy, chubby, small breasts, and stood about 4 foot nothing.
Me on the other hand, not... [more]

Advice needed?

A couple of years ago while I was dating the women who is now my wife the topic of our sexual fantasies came up. She was bold and told me she has fantasied about watching me have sex with another women. I was completely blown away because as I then shared with her I had been fantasizing about her being with another guy. It was an incredible... [more]

I'm fulfilled

At the age of 40, I can happily say I have everything I'd ever want in my life. Yet it is because of a secret most people don't know and wouldn't understand.
I'm in a polygamous "marriage" with the two men of my life. The first one is my "real", official husband, a loving man slightly older than me. My second "husband" is my little brother.
Only... [more]

My girlfriends wild fantasy.

My girlfriend and I have been together for just over 10 years now. We started dating each other back when we were in the 8th grade. As far as I know she has never been with anyone else, neither have I.
Our sex life is awesome, it's definitely kinky and wild, just a little bit on the dark side also. My girlfriend has this really wild fantasy. She... [more]

Tried Black

I’m a 52 year old married white female in a some what stale marriage. I started looking at dating sights, just fantasy at first, but it soon went further and I stared communicating with several men. Then one day “T” contacted me. He’s 33, divorced, easy to talk to, and very black. I began thinking about him, the “BBC” stories you see and hear... [more]

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