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Couple fun

Hi everyone well get wright to it I am transgender women and two days ago I was walking around Lake mirror it's a local park in Lakeland FL and I passed a couple man and women walking to the park is a big circle around some water so the next time we passed the couple stop and started to talk to I found they like crossdressers shemales and trans... [more]

Leather Pussyeating fantasies

I'm john a 42yo straight, single white gentleman with. A oral sex fantasy I want to be a Pussyeating sex slave and would like to perform for a group of sexy grandmothers wearing high heel leather boots
Are there. Any. Mature women out there into this type of oral sex relationship
Or. Maybe you know of a dating site for women looking for a... [more]

The Guy who became my Stepdad

In 2009 I was 10yrs old and had a loving family. (Still do.) The only thing was I lost my real dad who was killed in Afghanistan by a IED that was in a vehicle he was searching. After a year without him, my mom moved us back to her hometown. It was strange meeting people that knew my parents and knew of me, but I knew nothing of them. Eventually... [more]

Living in with my cousin

I'm in a relationship with my dad's cousin's daughter. We grew close as we went to the same college and once, we had consensual sex to "prepare for dating" This slowly became regular and one fine evening she proposed. We are living in an apartment since I've got this new job and we have all the time for ourselves. The family knows nothing and we... [more]

Two guys from Philly

In the time before covid, I dated for sex at least twice a month and a great time was had by all.
I met a man on a dating site for Transsexual women and we began the usual chat. I being direct politely told him I was looking for a friend with benefits to meet with me now and then for some fun.
His reply was would you object to me bringing... [more]

I'm obsessed with my mum

I'm a 19 year old woman who lives at home with my recently divorced mother.
My mum is 45 and stunning. We've always had a super close relationship and we're more like BFF's than mother and daughter, especially now since her divorce.
Mum has long blonde hair, a gorgeous figure and the most beautiful face. She's graceful and super sexy and... [more]

Who else gets turned on sharing their wife???

When I was younger and was dating it looked like if another guy looked at my girlfriend I'd be ready to beat the crap out of them, and a few times I did. And was like that when dating the girl I eventually married Lynn. But a few months after we got married things really changed. She'd always been very conservative in how she dressed and acted... [more]

Mother is a worry !

My father died when I was 15, my sister 14 so Mom was a widow at 39. As she was an attractive woman I thought she would start dating and perhaps re-marry. But that was the furthest thing on her mind, instead she started seeing other women, first from her work, then from her tennis club. It was subtle, she would invite them around, they would have... [more]

Mother in law

Mother in law has always been flirty, on one occasion while dating her daughter she exposed her cleavage. She said it was accidental but I don’t believe so,
After that incident she always makes sexual jokes and sends me NSFW sexual memes. Where is this going, what should I do?, on one hand I am not tempted , on the other I want to fill her with... [more]

I have no idea how he is so great at sex.

We married young, I was seventeen and he was nineteen. He told me when we started dating about two years before that I was the first girl he ever went all the way with and we did not rush into having sex. The first time we did it all was amazing, I was getting so much pleasure and really felt like he was getting the raw end of the deal. I had no... [more]

Mother in law

Mother in law has always been flirty, on one occasion while dating her daughter she exposed her cleavage. She said it was accidental but I don’t believe so,
After that incident she always makes sexual jokes and sends me NSFW sexual memes. Where is this going, what should I do?, on one hand I am not tempted , on the other I want to fill her with... [more]

My amazing wife

Thirty some years ago after only like two months of dating her she looked at me and told me exactly this, if you will marry me Joe I will give you sex anytime you want it.
I met her in a bar just outside the base, she was a waitress and pretty much was forced to wear a very revealing outfit and put up with drunk soldiers groping her. She was and... [more]

Tinder date finish

So recently after being single for some time, I created a tinder account and wanted to meet for a fucking.
I was curious to the other girls or guys , when I guy is about to finish what do most of you do?
Does the guy finish inside your pussy?
Finish On your ass, stomach, back, tits.
Should I open my mouth or suck him till he blows in my... [more]

I want to spank my student

I'm a college professor, and I've been having a flirty relationship with one of my students for a couple of years now. She's 22 now; it started when she was 20. We have gone out on a number of lunch and dinner dates and we've gone to parks and museums together. No sex, but she lets me hug and kiss and caress her when we're behind closed doors. ... [more]

Open marriage

Had a close friend who wound up in an open marriage. They had been married about 2 years when things started to go wrong for him and his wife.
One night at a club we all got together for some drinks and talk about old times, I noticed my friend's wife dancing with some stranger but didn't think anything about it , we all had been drinking a bit... [more]

I'm a cuckold to the love of my life and another man

Before any of you doubt it, I promise this confession is 100% true. There is absolutely no falsehood in any of it. I also welcome all input, both positive and negative, you may have.
I have been in a cuckold relationship with my Queen for the last six years. Throughout our relationship, I have never, ever, slept with her. And she has made it... [more]

Wife's co worker

My wife and I have been married for 2 years and things seemed ok , we both work and on weekends I spend my time fixing up our house, she does the shopping and does other things like cleaning , a real normal life
Lately the wife seemed distant from my, she was on the cell more than usual and when she went to work she would dress looking like a... [more]

Size Can Matter

Hi, my name is Terri. My best friend at the time I was 20 was a male. His name is Jim. We had grown up together having lived side by side (in adjoining rooms) since we were infants. We had never been anything but friends from a sexual standpoint, but had talked about each other's sexual secrets and histories.
In case you haven't figured it out... [more]

Young stud after work

I just found out my wife is having an affair with a guy 10 years younger than she is. He works at the local grocery store part time at the check out counter.
As you can guess that is were they met and that is where all the flirting began.
I got a good look at this guy and he is perfect for my wife, he is 6 ft 2 inches tall , athletic and... [more]

My Fiance has a dominatrix addiction

My Fiance is a 40 year old submissive man. We dated for 3 years and is about to get marry in a couple of month. I always knew he had that side of him but told him I was okay with it as long as he tell me when he is going to play with a professional dominatrix. To my knowledge i thought he only did it once with my consent.
I just found out... [more]

Dinner and more with mom

"I've got Saturday off," mom announced at breakfast. She'd just got in from her overnight shift at the hospital.
"How come? Do you have a date," I blurted in surprise, aware at the same time of a jealousy born somewhere deep inside of me.
"No...I just wanted a weekend off for once. Maybe we could do something...we never see each other any... [more]

Getting felt up at a Valentine's Banquet

My youngest son (17) and girlfriend planned a Valentine’s Day Banquet for their friends. It was a formal event, guys wore a suit & tie and the girls wore prom dresses. Masks were required for everyone except when eating or drinking. The parents paid for the event center, DJ and food. Originally, I’d planned to leave once the DJ and caterer got... [more]

Cuckold husband

My husband has wanted me to cuckold him ever since we were first dating. Cuckolding has never interested me, in this case because my husband wanted to include Femdom.
But then my bf, on a drunken ladies night out said i should use it as a way to get my way with other things.
So, after some theatre, I finally agreed to cuckold my husband, but... [more]

Virgin or Not

Was your wife 1. a virgin when you were married, 2. a virgin when you started dating, or 3. a sexually experienced womsn?


I didn't lose my virginity like most girls ... I didn't lose it in the back of a car or under the school bleachers or some other place .... i wouldn't call it LOOSING it i gladly let it happen.... he made it special and I'm thankful and proud of it ...Mike was a good looking like much older then me and he knew i was attracted to him... [more]

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