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I went myself drunk and my date loved it

I am in college, and I recently met a guy at a party, he was cute, we swapped numbers and arranged a date. Neither of us has a car so we went somewhere near campus and walked. As we were walking back after a pretty good date I felt like I really needed to pee. We had been out drinking, and I'd drunk alot and forgotten to go to the bathroom. I... [more]

Bathtub threesome

Over the holidays my husband and I went to partake in the New Year festivities in Las Vegas. We went with a small group of friends (6 of us) and all got rooms at the same hotel.
My husband was pretty pickled the whole time. He spent a lot of the time hanging with one of our male friends gambling and drinking, and I went with him often, but... [more]

Dating a Nazi

I'm involved with my first serious boyfriend. I dated a couple of guys in high school, but we never got naked or anything. I'm 20 now and this white guy I'm with is really great. He shaves his head, but looks sexy that way, and is 180 lbs of fit muscle tone. He also has a gorgeous penis. It's around 8". The problem is that he is a white... [more]

White guilt experience: extreme humiliation

I have a close friend, C, who recruited me to join her for what she called a “white guilt experience.” I’ve personally never bought into the whole white guilt thing but C is a little more sensitive to it. She’s in her late 20s, I’m about 10 years older.
When I asked her what a white guilt experience was I couldn’t believe it. I’ve heard of... [more]

First time sex with mom

This started when I was a young teenager in High School. My mother and Dad had recently divorced and to be honest, I was quite happy. I was living full time with my mom and out bedrooms were next door to each other. I remember many times over the years, I would hear her and dad having sex and I would masturbate listening. Like many boys, I... [more]

Why she loved sex with blacks

My wife stated in college her first sexual experience with a black guy that she unexpectedly hooked up with had her lusting for blacks for a long time.
Even though she would date and hang out and have sex with white guys her desire for sex with black guys was always something she could not stop.She would hang with her friends until late around... [more]

Married the slutty girl, and I’m happy

I was 22 and she was 19, we met at a party given by mutual friends. I liked her from the first moment I saw her. She’s just my type, brunette, petite, big boobs, porcelain skin and a very pretty face. When I met her she was with another guy, or so I thought, he was with her at the party and they left together. That night I introduced myself to her... [more]

I shared her

Right after my divorce I met a girl named Kim. Small country town where the white girls are cute and well built. She had known me as I used to Coach her little sister. She really wanted nothing more than to have a night with me. I wasn’t totally ready to start dating again and my weight lifting kept me busy. We wound up going out and having sex... [more]

Keeping it in the famiky

I thought my world was over when my wife of 16 years decided she wanted out.
I didn’t fuss or point fingers. I just knew she had been seeing others behind my back but held on with everything I had.
It was hard on my daughter in college.
Sometimes my daughter and her friend would stay weekends with me. I couldn’t help myself from looking at her... [more]

Life as a hotwife

Hi I don't know just what Larry expected when he asked me to post something here but it was about the life we share.
I am considered a hot wife I guess you guys call it but if I were a man you would call me a stud I am sure .
I screw other men sure but that is what Larry asked me to do and what the hell I love sex and since he made sure that... [more]

So I wonder how many guys are into this

The majority of people identify as straight, right? Cool.
But I read that shemale porn is the second most popular on the various porn sites.
I have to admit that I was turned off by it the first time I heard of chicks with dicks. But some of them are damn pretty, and feminine. I wouldn't date a femboy, but some of them turn me on.
I have... [more]

Drunk and out of it

She used to get so drunk that most nights she would be passed out from it and with my hormones raging it was hard to resist touching her. It did not help at all that she had a body that was great to look at, her nipples alone gave me a hard on. When she was really drunk but still functioning it was like she was hypnotized, she would do what ever I... [more]

The naughtiest thing I’ve ever done

I realized I preferred women about a year after my husband died. I realized I was attracted to my daughter when she turned 14. By the time she was 16, I fantasized about her every day. I never acted on it, though, because that was still a boundary I wouldn’t cross back then.
I still had to do something to let off some steam, though. I... [more]

I had no idea how kinky she could be

When my wife and I started dating she was pretty reserved, a kiss goodnight was about all I got for quite some time. I figured she was just not that into me after a while and I think she sensed it because she had a conversation with me on one of our dates that really had me wanting to marry her. She told me she has always been holding out for the... [more]

I used my Christmas money to book a squashing session with a BBW

I got lucky in terms of Christmas money this year, so I decided to book a squashing session with one of my favorite SSBBWs. I just now got the confirmation email and we’ve got a date set and everything. I’m so excited!
I’m leaving out her name and other details now because I’m 15 and don’t want her to get in trouble. Don’t worry about me... [more]

Thinking of having a threesome

Well my roommate and I are thinking of having a threesome with a guy and I wonder if we should do it.
It all started with my roommate bringing a tinder date home and them fucking about half the night. They were really going at it. She was moaning and screaming. Her headboard was hitting the wall. And the sex sounded amazing. I was pretty... [more]

Christmas party

I work at a bar, and we closed early for our Christmas party. It was mostly drinking, talking, and listening to music, but two of our coworkers got drunk and started fucking on the pool table. They were always flirting, so it was not a big surprise. As we watched, pants started to drop, as did mine. I have a bf, we've been dating for a month, but... [more]

Me, My Sister and Thomas

Me, My Sister & Thomas
It was the late 90's and I was happily divorced. My ex-was a druggie and had lost all interest in sex (he had a scrawny little dick anyway).
There were a TON of dating websites popping up then and I joined a few. I ended up connecting with this guy Thomas who was also recently divorced. We chatted via email, then on... [more]

I like to watch her, even if I shouldn't

My wife died shortly after our daughter graduated college, so she decided to come back home and live with me so I wouldn't be alone while I recovered from such a blow. Eventually she ended up staying, as she found a decent job in our hometown. We've been living together for the past 5 years now. I've been back on my feet for a while now, and for... [more]

My first dirty talk experience

The first time my girlfriend decided to cheat on me was early in our relationship. It was on a Thursday night and she decided to go out with a friend who was feeling a little down. Linda had just turned 23 and was always turning heads of all ages. She was half Hispanic and half White but you could never tell she was Hispanic.She was gorgeous and... [more]

I share her

After being with my wife for seven years then 18 years of marriage I am finally getting to live out my deepest fantasy. My wife had a very slutty past and right before we started dating she had a lover (not attached) who she described as being very well endowed. She told me even though he had a girlfriend she couldn’t stay away from him. The sex... [more]

The First Time I Made A Boy Ejaculate

The first time I made a boy ejaculateI was 16 (he was 15). He was my first real boyfriend. I had seen pictures of penises, even erect ones, in health class. But, his was the first one I saw for real. We had been dating for a couple of months. Our kissing had turned into full blown “making out” and that had turned into exploring and petting... [more]

Perpetually engaged

I met my girl a few years back on a dating site. She's ten years older, which I love: I was always into older women. We're engaged to be married and she's pregnant with my baby.
We met on that website while actively looking for partners with each other's characteristics. She wanted a tall, buff man, younger so he had a strong sex drive (I was 25... [more]

My bi sexual confession

I’ve always been athletic and attractive. Never really had any problems attracting or dating females I liked. While in College I watched a beautiful brunette get used by 3 guys at a party. I couldn’t believe how much she enjoyed it and it stuck in my mind forever. I for some reason focused my attention to one guy in particular who had a very nice... [more]

How I met my wife

I work at a really large automobile company so seeing new people happens daily, there are like four thousand people that work at the assembly plant. I had to go down to the ergonomics department one day and there sitting at a desk was an absolutely gorgeous woman, she had started about three weeks before I met her. I mean she was so gorgeous that... [more]

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