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My wife’s date

My wife is gorgeous, 5’ tall 105lb with a perfect ass. We have been in the swinging lifestyle for a couple years. I’m dominant and she is submissive. About 99% of the men who fuck her are black men, she prefers huge cocks on them. Usually she either enjoys them at parties but sometimes we invite men over and the bull and I will work her over until... [more]

Understanding The whole Cuckold Phenomenon

I have to admit that I am absolutely fascinated by this topic. There are so many postings here and elsewhere describing in detail these experiences. There seem to be several levels of participation, from the excitement of watching the wife flirt or be touched by other men all the way through to having the wife perform various sex acts with... [more]

I started early

I became aware of my sexuality pretty early on, at least I think I did based on what friends have told me about themselves. When I was around eleven or twelve I knew something felt really good when I rubbed it a lot, guess I should tell you that I am a woman, 34 years old.
So I started noticing that I enjoyed certain things and one of them was... [more]

I jack off way too much

I cant help it ,when ever the urge hits me I have to find some place that is some what safe and jack off.I never know when the urge will hit me but when it does it is all I can think about and I cant control myself and the urge just keeps getting stronger till I give in .I jack off some times 10 or more times a day and because I play with my tiny... [more]

Our first porno video

After a couple of times having threesomes with my wife and George ( a mate of mine). He's about 10 years younger with me and my wife in our early 30s we all get on great in the sex department. My wife although plump she's always game so when me and George came back from the pub one night asking can we make porno video with me using the video... [more]

Questions for wives who have cheated

There’s along story that goes with these questions that I won’t get into. I can fully say I caused my wife’s affair by being a complete moron.
She says she doesn’t want to answer questions that I have because it makes her feel guilty and I can understand her point of view. I still ha r question and I am looking to her maybe a little... [more]


I can not explain why , and I don't even remember for sure how long ago it started. I am ashamed to say that I think for almost my entire life I've been uncontrollably horny. I have tried seeking professional help , I have tried just masturbating and nothing works except hard sex. I have been married 3 time's and I'm only 35 I have cheated on... [more]

Wife Confesses to being drugged on vacation

We had recently returned from an overseas vacation and I had noticed a marked change in my wife’s mood, there was clearly something on her mind so, I decided we needed a night out to talk things over and see if I could uncover what was behind this change.
After a number of drinks she admitted that she had something to tell me and made me promise... [more]

Great sex with a heavy older guy

Im 24 years old,name Claire. Im a Waitress at a diner, with an athletic body, blonde hair. I was dating this guy Brad since high school, we started having problems, and we ended our relationship in April. Very stressful for me and depressing. Weeks that followed I always had someone to talk to on my breaks to make me feel better about my break up... [more]

Wife Shared on New Orleans Vacation

You always here be careful what you ask for. My wife and I were on a weekend getaway in New Orleans. We didn't know the area very well and ended up in a very sketchy part of town. We had gone out for an evening of drinking and dancing. Well being in New Orleans she was willing to let all inhibitions loose. She wore a very sexy dress with no bra or... [more]

Cum fetish?

I’m 19, female. Ever since I can remember, about 13 (when I lost my virginity) I’ve always been turned on by the thought of a guy cumming in me. I even let him the first time I had sex. I got on birth control (because I didn’t want to get pregnant) but still wanted guys to finish in me. I also like to swallow, and love when he cums on me. (face... [more]

Drunk sister in law

My wife asked me to go check on her sister one night after she got off the phone with her. She told me that her sister sounded really drunk and just wanted to make sure that she was okay, I really did not want to go over to her house but my wife has that look of worry on her face. She gave me her key to the house and I drove over there to check on... [more]

Expose/Share Drunk Wife

When my wife any I go out, or even just have guests over, always try to get her to where the sluttiest outfit that she is willing to wear. Miniskirts are a must, always wearing a thong underneath. And any top that really shows off her tits. something low cut, and even overly revealing when she moves in the right way. I always try to make sure she... [more]

I loce to dress feminine

I have always loved dressing in womens clothing ,started when I was young and as I got der the urge to do it has grown out of control but always in the same direction,,to be totally feminized.A few years ago I would dress up but wanted to be forced to be totally fem ,My wife liked the idea and had me buy a heavy duty steel chest to store my male... [more]

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