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Linda and David

First off I want to thank all of you for your responses and to tell you that it turned into a very interesting summer for us .
as soon as we got home I called David back to let him know that Linda was ready but it was sent to message so I told him to call back when he could and I added that Linda wanted to see him again. Then her and I were... [more]

I did it

Well for a long time now Mark has been wanting me to give in and let him watch another guy make love to him and we have fought over this now for months but lately I have actually considered doing it just to shut him up but every time I am with him alone I just cant bring myself to do it.
I have caught myself checking out guys though wondering if... [more]

Sister in law

Many years ago I met my future wife in college. We got along fairly well, it took me a few dates to finally get her in the back seat of my VW where we screwed the shit out of each other. Her family were nice enough to me except her younger sister, she was a bitch and would always say something nasty to me. I couldn't figure out why and didn't... [more]

This is new to us

Well until our children grew up we had a kind of normal sex life living in The San Francisco Bay area but after our youngest Daughter went to College in southern Ca . we had talked over about buying a vacation home on the Oregon coast ,
We had even talked to a realtor and she had agreed to send us listings and between Gold Beach and Port Orford... [more]

Secret weapon

I have been married several years now to a very sexy gal. We get along well enough and our sex life is very good. I think our happy marriage is due to my wife s secret weapon. Yes that s right, secret weapon. My wife has a secret weapon between her legs. She has the ability to control my cock when we are having sex. She can make me cum when ever... [more]

Fantasy on steroids

So let me start by saying my Aunt is not an attractive woman by any means. She’s always been single, and best guess maybe an occasional masturbator but that’s it. As a young guy, I got very aroused one afternoon when I stepped into a clean pair of her panties. White Hanes briefs. Nothing special. My penis was super hard very quickly. To make... [more]

Accidental insemination

I don't have a girlfriend, and neither had my best friend Brad for three years. There were dates here and there for both of us, but no steady girlfriends. We're 23.
We had started a tradition where we go out fishing for a weekend every summer in his old-school Airstream trailer at a campground. The last couple of years it was just the two of... [more]

Wife caught me being a sissy panty slut

Ever since I was a little boy I knew I was a little different. I would rather play dolls and dress up with my sister's, then go out and play sports and do boy things with my brothers.
When I was around 10 yrs old, and my one sister that was 12, were playing house. This time for some reason she told me I was the mommy and she was the daddy. Well... [more]

Masturbation relationship

I first met Ann 9 months ago, I would only see her on a Tuesday and Thursday
Every time we met we said a bit more to each other, then we started asking more personal questions, what do you do in your free time, holidays hobbies family etc.
When Ann asked me about my personal life I said I lead a very boring life, I work masturbate sleep repeat!... [more]

Got I bit to carried away

I had not long met my boyfriend and his mum was getting married again.
A lot of family and a few friends stayed at a hotel the night before the registry wedding.
No one went mad with drinks, had a nice evening chatting and getting to know lots of his family.
The hotel was a block booking so most of us were all on the same floor.
In our hotel... [more]

Snuff porn addiction

My girlfriend and I have been dating for just about a year now. She has got me hooked on snuff porn. However she is obsessed with a lot more than me. When we watch it together, by the time the first person gets snuffed she is so horny and stays that way until I can give her a massive climax.
Well the other night things got out of control. While... [more]

Bound orgasms

I love to tie up my wife in various positions and tease her for over an hour before giving her enough stimulation for an orgasm. She has the sexiest moan I have ever heard and her feet curl up very tightly when she is close to orgasm. She is also extremely ticklish and will lose control of her pee during really good ones. When I finally start... [more]

Flashing guys on the bus

I take the bus to college and I have started flashing guys on the bus, not loads just few times, just for kicks.
I am kinda pretty, so I get stared at a lot, they stare like I am something to be looked at, like art or something. I can't object, but it does get tiresome, and it's all guys from school boys to really old men, and I don't know where... [more]

Mature housewife (now)

Married almost 40 years and in all that time I have enjoyed my life with my husband. I am ashamed to admit to 1 transgression many years ago, back in the 1980's we were friends with a couple, I worked with the other lady involved, no names as I am mortified to think of what happened and I am embarrassed thinking about it whilst I type.
It was a... [more]

Group fuck the cheating bitch

Yeah so im posting back on here again, things have gone real fast and crazy since i last posted about my mates cheating slut of a girlfriend. after posting about the first time me an my other mate double fucked her, next day we did it again round my mates place, and early this week monday i left work early to meet her at my other mates again, she... [more]

Cuckold husbands

I read quite a few posts here about relationships where the husband is considered a cuckold however very few if any ever mention the husband being locked in a chastity cage.
I feel it is essential for a real cuckold relationship that the wife is in complete control, dominating her man and that means having his penis caged, locked and under... [more]

My first BBC

Yesterday my car broke down on the road to my cousins and this guy in a old pick up stopped to see if I needed help and he was Black as blue black and spoke little English learned he was just in the states for three weeks on a visa and was on his way to work at a ranch up the road He wasn't wearing a shirt and man did he have a upper body kinda... [more]

Best friend loves anal

While my best friend Sue has often commented that sex with her husband Paul was not the greatest and he would never consider doing anal on her that she thought she would love my husband Ron is just fantastic and adores doing me anally, about a year ago Sue asked if she could have sex with Ron, I discussed it with Ron and he agreed but only if Paul... [more]

Driving naked

I love going for a drive naked. It all started when my husband had me flash a truck showing them my breast. I became very aroused doing so. I loved how the driver almost lost control trying to get a better glimpse of me. I can still see the drivers expression when he saw my bare breast. My hubby was really turned on and we found a nice place to... [more]

Kinky Asian Stepmom

I had a good buddy named Frank during high school. He lived with his separated dad. I went into the military after graduation. Frank and I kept in touch. Learned his dad remarried to a younger Asian woman. Frank wrote to me saying his stepmom was not right in her head. That she was weird and kinky and he has to masturbate for her and she would... [more]

Stroked off by my older sister

I'm 15 and in high school. I usually masturbate while looking at magazines like Penthouse and Play Boy. Shit like that. I thought I had locked my bedroom door but the lock is messed up and sometimes it's not locked when you think it is. Anyway I'm like going at it madly when the door opened and my sister stuck her head inside to tell me dinner was... [more]

When I Found Mom And Daughter Wore The Same Size, I Lost Control

When I Found Mom And Daughter Wore The Same Size, I Lost Control
There is a SUPER SEXY MILF named Mandy who lives next door. I get rock hard for her all the time. She is about 5’ 2” and weighs about 110 lbs. She has firm, tiny breasts and tiny hips. I’ve always imagined she must be TIGHT inside. They asked me to house sit for them while... [more]

Parents know

I'm graduating from from HS soon, and a bunch of my friends are going to spend a few days camping and partying at a lake a couple hours away in three weeks. I told my parents about this, and my mom just said, "Are there going to be boys there?" I wasn't going to lie and said yes. It's going to be 8 boys and 4 girls. She's getting me on birth... [more]

Son Obeys to See Mom Naked

Are there any other guys out there that had a mother that controlled their behavior by allowing them to see and touch her naked body? If I was good and didn't get in trouble my mom would let me help give her a bath or rub lotion on her naked body as a reward. I was a good boy as often as I could.

Corrupting a religious girl at Elim

I met my wife at an upstate religious college, I won't mention the school name so I'll just call it "Elim," We left the school at end of the year and got married. I've always had trouble controlling my lust, and the idea to make Babs into a slut excited me. Long story short, Babs' fucked several Pastors and slept with some of the young... [more]

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