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I watched as my third wife brought a dog home to fuck her.he was to young and unable to control. I made her suck his cock instead.

Chris and Bruce the dog

Sitting here embarrassed but realising I can't stop myself with what's happening but I need to confess what's happening in my life. Chris rang on Wednesday telling me meet him Thursday wearing a, wraparound skirt blouse but no undies and buy a dog collar to fit me. This obviously was the first part of the blackmail and humility and to meet him at... [more]

Pussies and Guns

I want to get fucked with a pistol. Preferably against my will while being humiliated and assaulted. I want to feel threatened knowing that a man could kill me while practically raping me, by shooting a bullet through my pussy. I think I would enjoy it, and wouldn’t be able to control the pleasure.

Trying the dark side

Few months ago I was tired of being single I asked my friend for help. She said OK I can help but there is one thing I said OK what is that. Most of my friends or boyfriends are black. She knew I only ever dated white guys. Plus knows my family is not high on non white people. But I told her I'd give it a try. So one night went out and she had a... [more]

Husband jerked it to my friends

I was having a hard time sleeping the other night, so I go down to get some food at 2 AM. I walk past the living room and my husband was still up and on the computer. He was on my facebook page looking at pictures, which would normally be no big deal, but he was masturbating to pics of my friends last summer when we were at the beach in bikinis... [more]

I cum way too easy

I'm a virgin (male), but I've had a bj. Ever since I started jerking off, I noticed I cum really easy. I can sorta control it when I'm jerking, but a few times in public my clothes or friction has made me cum. It even happened once in a movie, thank god it was dark.
I want to do more with girls but I know I won't last once I get inside... [more]

For my fellow white ladies

Girls, I wanna ask a question to my fellow white girls out there. Im 25 and i recently started dated my first black guy.he is 26, very dark and tall. He is a bit of a gangster. He has a monster cock. I have the best sex I ever have with him. I love how he is so dominant, controlling and aggressive during sex. My question is for those of you that... [more]

Deserved or undeserved

We visit once a year with my sister for the holidays. We either go to their place or they come over. We live quite apart so we spend a week or two together. Our husbands get along very well, which makes it easier. I get along with her husband too and she with mine so I spend as much time with her as with her husband and viceversa. One day she went... [more]

Wife holds the key

I am 30 years old married. My wife(referred monica in this post) is 25 years old, a gem of beauty. With tight cute boobs and a curvy figure. Its been 1 year since we got married and each day monica has been wearing either mini skirts or bikinis in home whole day just to keep seducing and turn me on. She has very high sex drive and needs sex twice... [more]

Sister in Law

When My older brother was discharged from the Army he took a job as a police officer in out town and then Married Opal a beautiful Red headed woman with two small boys.
He later was let go because of the city budget but took a job with Folsom prison but was assigned to a fire camp and He could only get home a couple times a month and one summer... [more]

Sick Fantasies

Note: Censored to hopefully avoid these dang filters for a bit. Thanks, naughtyposts. My post about how no one seems understanding is being regulated.
What’s up everyone—I have a r4pe fantasy. You may be thinking, “Oh, that’s normal for women!” Except mine aren’t. Everyone I talk to, everything I try to find online, are all women who have... [more]

Baby husband

I am 38 male, 5’ 110lbs. My Wife is 40 female 5’10” , 180lbs. Solid muscle. We were married 10 years ago and after the first year my wife took control of my life . She started by removing all my body hair and making me wear diapers. When I complained she had me lay across her lap naked and spank me until I was crying. She bought only women’s... [more]

Expose her while shes sleepinv

Ive been dating my gf for about 4 years now. Shes 22, 7 years younger than me. Shes a good girl, never goes out never been to a club till i took her. Shes works n comes home, that being said we love to drink and do lines, she has depression problems since a teen and has a habbit of taking sleeping pills. I love voyeur, seeing or recording unaware... [more]

Desire humiliation

Im a man who secretly wants to be humiliated and dominated by a woman or a group of women. I want to be made to wear humiliating clothes, my orgasms denied or controlled, and body used for my mistresses pleasure. The thought of one or more women forcing me to cum by pounding me with a strap on makes me really hard.
But I’m not submissive. How... [more]

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