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I know Many people won’t believe this. But I had sex with my sister last week. I know I read many stories over the years of incest and always believed they were all fake fantasies. Years ago when I was a tech teenager my sister used to cut my hair. I was 15 to 16 years old my sister was three years older. I always remember we would put a kitchen... [more]

Co worker

Im 24 year old white female with a athletic body. Recently in april I met a black guy that just started working at the job where i work. He is a bit older than me, he is 39 years old and is more on the heavy side about 275 lbs id say. He Never married and no kids. We chilled a few times. He is very nice and funny. I never dated a black man, or... [more]

Nervous young guy at my glory hole

I have a glory hole set up and have posted on here a few times with some of the experiences. I had a younger guy show up last weekend, really nice cock but was very hesitant to put it thru the slot. I told him I would just put my mouth up to the slot and let him control how much he wanted sucked. He was really turned on by the idea of the glory... [more]

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Lockdown with Mom

What i am gone say is so taboo happened to me it will be a long one story
my name is Jay, i am 20years old studying in college i had good sexual life with my girlfriend my life was too good my father passed away when i was 10 my mother was a business women and good mom she did everything best for me.
i was having pretty well high... [more]

I'm shivering so hard rn

So, I'm a minor but I have a lot of sexual fantasies and I want to like, say the ones I can think of atm bc I just can't talk about them with my friends;
• I really love getting my hair pulled and my arms and legs being restrained.
• I think I might be a bit of a masochist because I really love being roughly man-handled and spanked.
• I love... [more]

Grandma's friend

So this took place almost 30 yrs ago. I was raised by my grandma. My parents split when i was a baby and she took me in. I was 18 when this took place. My grandma was 78 at the time, and was very attractive(that's another confession for another time), small saggy tits, baggy ass and not a care in the world. she She would wear as much or as... [more]

Dad's wife

Looking for advise on my dad's wife or my step mum. Basically she came into my room yesterday morning and woke me up with a BJ under the covers and I just let her do it, no words speak by either only me screaming in pleasure.
Then last night I was in bed and she came in and rode me on her heels, again no words.
However this morning she woke... [more]

Fucking my Mum’s first boyfriend

I’m 24, getting married next year to a 27 year old guy and we have great sex, but a couple of times a year I like to fuck some guy who is over 50. Thing is, I’m not attracted to old men, I just like fucking them. This is the story of how I discovered my fetish, if you call it that.
I took a gap year after high school and my best friend and I... [more]

My wifes little sissy

I was 16 when I got the girl next door pregnant and my parents made me quit school and get a full time job and marry her . She was very dominant with me from the begining and had full control of me in every way . She locked me in a chastity belt and started feminizing me ,I would come home from work and get dressed up in what ever outfit she had... [more]

Fantasy I want achieved

Okay I enjoy humping/grinding A LOT!! I honesty want to give a older man a p*ssy job or a** job where you rub along my body without penetration all the guys I had sex with I never really broke it to them I felt really awkward to even try and bring it up. Another thing I like is Rape play I enjoy not being able to have control over anything I... [more]

Our first time

My wife and I have been married 45 years. Unfortunately sex is not what it was for her when she was young, so I love to recount our early years.
We started dating my freshman year in college. She was 2 years older and a year ahead of me. We moved pretty slowly at first, holding hands, and that evolved into hugging and kissing. The summer... [more]

Over Protective Parents Listen Up!

My parents were afraid that I would end up following the crowd of bad kids if I continued in public school. So they sent me off to a Christian school in second grade. It was a pretty cool school though and I made lots of friends. One of whom we did lots of wild and crazy kid stuff getting into normal kid trouble. After sixth grade they sent me to... [more]

Along Came Daryl Part 2

"No. I walk to the Village everyday to check things out and usually don't go back to my aunt's for like four hours. She doesn't know where I am. I'm not going to tell her. My aunt is in and out all of the time and I have a key. I come back whenever I want, usually for dinner. Could be 5:00 or later if I want.,”he says.
I didn’t know what to... [more]

I want to suck cock

I'm not attracted to men, I have no desire to kiss or cuddle with a guy. However, I want to suck a nice cut cock. I'm the dominate one in my marriage, I love taking control but, I want to submit to someone. Get on my knees and suck a cock, lick balls, slobber on it and taste and swallow cum. I want to stoke it. It feels liberating just writing... [more]

My wife's niece

I'm fucking my wife's 16yo niece,I found it hard to control myself when she was 15 seeing her half naked and flirting with me and often telling me she's good at giving blow jobs when my wife wasn't around,on her 16th birthday i had to take her home and i made my mind up i was going to fuck her, parked up outside her house she asked why i took my... [more]

Jerking off 5 times a day

Since last year I've had an excessive masturbation problem to the point where is consuming my entire life right now. On an average day, I masturbate at least 4-5 times a day. I would usually visit a porn site to jerk off, and other times I would go on social media and find pictures of beautiful women to fap. I can't go a day without jerking off... [more]

Trying to convince my friend's wife to divorce.

I’ve known my best friend and his wife since 5th grade. That’s when I was abandoned and my grandparents took me in. I joined the military at 18 because I didn’t want to go to college and damn sure didn’t want my elderly grandparents going in debt for me.
I didn’t reenlist because my grandparents needed back home. I learned to weld in the military... [more]

Been in nappies all my life

I always been wear nappies all my life as my parents did not want to potty train me so i never learn to control myself so all way though school life was called a baby but i did mind that i love wear my nappy feel so safe in them and doctors have told me it to late now to learn to use a toilet

Some things just happen

I live with my boyfriend Jason for 3 years now. We are in love and plan to wed this summer if the virus doesn't cancel the plan. Neither one of us make much money so another couple lives with us. Andy and Lisa have also been together for awhile, but I'm not sure when they plan to wed. I'm not really friends with either of them. Jason knows Andy... [more]

Husbands friend

My husband friend Dave was over last night
We sat around and had a fee beers then it was time for my husband to go to work. So they both left. About twenty minutes later Dave showed back up. He forgot his phone.
We started talking again and next thing i know it took a turn. I always thought he was cute but never was alone with him now that i... [more]

My yonger brother

Well I guess I must have been around 12 at the time I come from a large family and my younger brother and sheared a bed.
He is a couple years younger than me and this one night I woke up and he was sucking on my cock.
I was young and full of cum and it felt good so I laid there and let him suck me off and we never talked about it until years... [more]

Market guy

I wanted my wife to fuck some guy in front of me. I told her my fantasy and she first thought I was a freak. Then decided to let me have my fantasy but she had to control everything if it where to happen. I was expecting her to pick some hot guy she works with or an old boyfriend. Instead she picked an old guy from the farmers market she often... [more]

Surprise Anal

Four nights ago my wife had a friend over for wine and during the course of the night asked me if I wanted to do Melissa. Melissa had gone to the bathroom but apparently was asking Deb about our sex life, saying she hadn't had it since last summer. We have a marriage that is built on trust, love and sex, so I asked Deb if she'd like a threesome... [more]

The baby maker part 2

It was a real challenge this one. I went down to a
nearby doctor's office. When I entered the nurse was
not at the desk so I just reached over and grabbed her
medical pad complete with the doctor's letterhead and
walked out. It was that fucking easy. That night I
typed the letter from the doctor on my computer and
lazered it out on the... [more]

Sex with dad's life long friend

I’m a 21 year old furloughed hotel housekeeper in my second year of junior college. Mom abandoned us when I was in 1st grade it’s just been me and dad since. Dad’s a firefighter and works long hours and shift work. Joe (not real name) and dad are the same age and grew up together. He’s also a carpenter. During the stay at home order, Joe’s been... [more]

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