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Sex with my boss

Over the holidays, I got way too drunk at a work party. I don’t even remember most of it and I feel like I wasn’t in control of my actions. Anyway, I ended up having sex with my boss and one of his friends while there. I think there may have another person involved somehow too but I’m not sure. I never intended for this to happen but now I don’t... [more]

Does my insurance cover this?

I was assigned to a new doctor by my employers insurance program. Long story and not nearly as interesting as what happened when I went in for my initial physical with the new doc.
When she walked in I was a little surprised. It’s not very often you see a fat doctor. She had a huge ass, big soft gut and massive soft tits. She wasn’t really... [more]

Squashing Session with an SSBBW

A couple weeks ago, I booked a squashing session with one of my favorite SSBBWs. The session finally happened this last weekend.
As part of the deal, I booked a room at a hotel from a list she gave me. Even though the session was only scheduled for three hours (although I guess that’s a lot going by what she said in her emails), I got the... [more]

Husband wanted me to cheat

My husband has been asking me for years to sleep with other men. Well I finally did it and now I can't stop. I finally gave in about year ago and slept with one of husband's buddies while my husband watched. Since then I have been with several different men. Some my husband knows about but now I love doing it without him knowing. As soon as he... [more]

I'm not gay, my butthole is.

I'm a 30 year old man, married for the past 8 years. I have never had any homosexual desires, and have always loved women and pussy. About a year ago, my wife and I were both drunk and stoned, and were getting kind of kinky one night, and she wound up fucking my virgin ass with her dildo. Holy fuck it felt good. I had never came that hard as I did... [more]

Why she loved sex with blacks

My wife stated in college her first sexual experience with a black guy that she unexpectedly hooked up with had her lusting for blacks for a long time.
Even though she would date and hang out and have sex with white guys her desire for sex with black guys was always something she could not stop.She would hang with her friends until late around... [more]

She cheated but it was for best

My wife and I had been married for 13 years. Our sex was good but not great and it had stalled. My last point was the dirty talk about her fucking others. She loved it. One day a neighbors son moved back with him from his time spent in the military do he brings him by to introduce him to us. Now I know immediately my wife saw something in him... [more]

Married the slutty girl, and I’m happy

I was 22 and she was 19, we met at a party given by mutual friends. I liked her from the first moment I saw her. She’s just my type, brunette, petite, big boobs, porcelain skin and a very pretty face. When I met her she was with another guy, or so I thought, he was with her at the party and they left together. That night I introduced myself to her... [more]

She won my heart giving me her asshole to fuck every single day

When I met my fiancé 11 years ago through a mutual friend, I had no interest or attraction towards her. She called and invited me over for dinner on a Sunday, on the other side of town, and I told her by the time I got over there I would have to come right back. She asked if I wanted to sleep on her couch and I said I wasn’t bussing 2 hours to... [more]

Drunk and out of it

She used to get so drunk that most nights she would be passed out from it and with my hormones raging it was hard to resist touching her. It did not help at all that she had a body that was great to look at, her nipples alone gave me a hard on. When she was really drunk but still functioning it was like she was hypnotized, she would do what ever I... [more]

I had no idea how kinky she could be

When my wife and I started dating she was pretty reserved, a kiss goodnight was about all I got for quite some time. I figured she was just not that into me after a while and I think she sensed it because she had a conversation with me on one of our dates that really had me wanting to marry her. She told me she has always been holding out for the... [more]

He won’t cheat with me

I am in the process of stepping away from a marriage in which my husband was too controlling. I have been making up for lost time and am enjoying knowing how men will go for me if I give them the slightest hint I’m available.
I have a friend whose husband I’ve always found attractive. He’s pretty fit with shoulder and a chest that get me wet... [more]

Dogging......sort of!

Well that was unexpected...!
I was sat having a quick wank after my girlfriend had gone to bed last night when her dog that was sat next to me leant over and licked the end of my cock...!!
The rough tongue felt weirdly nice and instead of pushing her away, as I probably should have done, I just let her carry on.
The tickly feeling... [more]

My first dirty talk experience

The first time my girlfriend decided to cheat on me was early in our relationship. It was on a Thursday night and she decided to go out with a friend who was feeling a little down. Linda had just turned 23 and was always turning heads of all ages. She was half Hispanic and half White but you could never tell she was Hispanic.She was gorgeous and... [more]

Step-daughter touch

I had an amazing experience that I'm a mix of thrilled and ashamed. A couple of years ago, my girlfriend's teen daughter saw a picture of my dick on my girlfriend's phone. It was kind of weird at the time when she told me, and it was never talked about again.
We got married last year. And my wife who is very honest and moral, but super free... [more]

I share her

After being with my wife for seven years then 18 years of marriage I am finally getting to live out my deepest fantasy. My wife had a very slutty past and right before we started dating she had a lover (not attached) who she described as being very well endowed. She told me even though he had a girlfriend she couldn’t stay away from him. The sex... [more]

I do miss cock

I have sworn off of men for a while, it has been about two years now since I have had sex with a guy. I have substitutes but there is just something about a nice warm hard cock sliding in and out of me that I miss. There are some really great toys out there that feel tremendous inside me and sometimes I heat them up in water first to get that warm... [more]

Her younger years

Wife confessed when we first met and discussed our past sexual experiences that when she worked as an intern in HS at a small business she had an affair with the owner was older.
She said every Friday everyone was able to leave half a day which left her stuck with her Boss.
One Friday when everyone had left he has called her into his office to... [more]

I accidentaly raped myself

One night i was just layin in bed asleep then suddenly i had some weird shit happen to me. i was having some sleep paralysis and then got possessed. I then proceeded to jack myself off against my will, eventually i came but somehow the demon that possessed me kept stroking my dick and it felt painful, the demon then came out of my body and i was... [more]

Pointers For Intimacy With Your Older Sister

So, you want to get intimate with you older sister? Really simple. First thing.
1. Respect Boundaries
Don't be a jerk. If you have a feeling she doesn't want you to touch her b*****, but the behind is okay to spoon, choose the spooning. Do whatever boundaries she sets. let her lead the way, as the woman.
2. Do not think you can break the... [more]

My Aunt

Growing up I was always so happy when my Aunt came over or we went to their house. We lived on a lake so most of the time they were at our house and she had this swimsuit that was awesome, it was a bikini with plenty of coverage but her boobs were hard to contain. They were DD for sure and she was always adjusting her top and tucking them inside... [more]

How I get myself hot

The best way I've found to get myself in the mood when I'm alone is to dress up in a tight mini-skirt, black fish nets, a nice fitting bra and high heels and prance around from room to room in my house. I love the way it makes me feel. Dressing like this makes me so horny. Sometimes I'll even watch tranny porn while I'm dressed like this. By the... [more]

Younger worker

My name is Christine and I’m 45 and I decided to post something about a young 23 year old co worker of mine who really liked me. It got to the point where I started to tease my husband about all the attention and comments he would always give me. If I wore something new or got a haircut he was one of the first people in my office to give me... [more]

I want to get pregnant

I am a married woman and I just had my IUD removed, birth control, because I want any of my black lovers to get me pregnant. I have several lovers and I will not tell any of them or my husband what I am planning. My husband has teased me about getting pregnant and says he wouldn't mind if it really happened. I don't want to know who the dad will... [more]

My friends think my husband is controlling

I had a few friends over for some wine and girl talk one afternoon and the conversation at one point turned to number of times a month for sex, when it came to me I told them "Times per month, I pleasure him daily if I can".
They all thought that was crazy, why in the world would you let him do that all the time, you need a break too. I said... [more]

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