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Military mom

when I just turned 16 my mom was being deployed over seas for a year so she aske me to take care of daddy while she was gone. I said I would but then I asked what did I need to do and she said your daddyy has needs at night and they should be taken care of. I knew what mom was talking about because I could here them some times getting it on. I... [more]

Want my brother in law

I have the hots for my brother in law. Any time we have a family gathering, I find myself flirting with him and vice versa. It's usually innocent stuff, complements about looks, hugs with hands that stray a little, or talking about sex in a joking way.
Last night my brother in law came into the kitchen when I was there alone chopping... [more]

So messed up

So that thing with the 12 year old and 6 year old happened, which is fucked up way too much and is a scenario that makes me cringe so much. Anyone caught searching for this or posting it is apparently being prosecuted or whatever, idk if these are empty threats to stop this being spread however it can be classed as child pornography so probably... [more]

16th birthday, nonces?

So I'm a guy and 16 is the age of consent, making this story weird. So it was my 16th birthday yesterday, and i went out to celebrate. I ended up having sex with my little brothers 28 year old P.E teacher, this was all at a club so we were drunk. Apparently I was caught sucking a 49 year old guys dick, like 7 people have told me I can't remember... [more]

I started early

I became aware of my sexuality pretty early on, at least I think I did based on what friends have told me about themselves. When I was around eleven or twelve I knew something felt really good when I rubbed it a lot, guess I should tell you that I am a woman, 34 years old.
So I started noticing that I enjoyed certain things and one of them was... [more]

I know I'm a pervert

I'm a woman, and I was very precocious: I had my "sexual awakening" at age 12, discovered masturbation and got really into it, almost to the point of obsession. I also looked much older than I really was, mostly thanks to a very well developed pair I'm very proud of. I lost my virginity a year later to a guy that was almost 17. I was labeled as... [more]

Don’t know what to do with Wife, she’s a slut

So we have been married for 5 years, she is 33 and I am 37. When I met her she was single and dating a lot of guys but I thought she would settle down with me. She hasn’t. She tells me “I like taking dick” and she is uncontrollable. I have shared her with other guys so that I can make sure she is safe and not in danger and she can have sex with... [more]

Wife's handicapped brother.

Last Christmas, my wifes parents came to visit us for a week, along with my wifes brother Scotty. Scotty is 28 years old and is mentally challenged, or what I call a water head retard. We only have one spare befroom, so we set Scotty up on the livingroom couch to sleep. Scotty seemed overly excited to see his sister again, he ran up to her and... [more]

My wife's past

We have been married for twenty years and when we first got together we were discussing fantasies one night while having foreplay. One of the things that I told her about was bondage, I had only had two serious relationships before meeting her and neither one of those women were into it. I brought it up with her before we were married and she was... [more]

Never trust hot girls

I was never popular or unpopular, I had some popular friends but that was it. There was one girl on my bus, she was extremely popular and insanely hot, with an hourglass figure and beautiful face. Anyways I expected her to be a stereotypical hot bitch, but she was so nice and would like never talk about her body or sex or ever admit she is pretty... [more]

My brothers bitch

I started wearing girls clothes when I was little .One night my big brother caught me and we talked about it for hours,he didnt have a problem with it and told me I looked cute as a girl . A few months later he has a fight with his girlfriend and tells me to go get dressed up and we are going to have some fun tonight. I went to my room and dressed... [more]

What became of that slutty girl we knew back in School?

There is always a girl you remember from school days that would let boys do stuff. In my case she was called Debbie. There were always hot stories about her circulating around the school and eager groups of boys following her around wanting to have some fun with her.
I remember this one summer evening when I was hanging out at the recreation... [more]

Quick in and out

I’ve never told this story to anyone, this happened many years ago when I was 16 my best friend at the time had a really hot brother, he was 19
Me and my friend would walk to her house every day after school, her brother lost his job so was home a lot.
He and I liked each other, we kissed when the coast was clear, then on to touching and... [more]

Is Incest On the Rise

Is incest on the increase more than ever, I read a lot of confessions a lot are incestuous, I know four of my friends have had a brother sister sexual relationship, plus my self with my sister and brother, and my aunt, ? Should incest become legal in the UK?

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