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Found Out Sister Is A Cock Teaser

I want to bang my sister but won't let me. She just teases me and my cock until I cum. She has big puffy nipples on her small cone shape tits and big puffy slit. She's covered with freckles and has long red hair. She's a short person who enjoys teasing and talking nasty when involved with a person. I found out about her teasing fetish from my... [more]


This is for some of you skeptical individuals out there.... when i finish basic training we had 4 days before shipping out so my friend rented a car to go visit his family i didn't have the need to visit mine so he asked me if i wanted totag along...after a 4 hour drive we reached his so called home ( my parents shed was bigger) it was a... [more]


If you like it or not ...there's more incest happening then you care to know.. growing up in the late 60's early 70's i fucked a lot of young boys ... being married i always had time to fuck and suck any boy that kept himself clean and proper and i never had any of them run off .. it all started with my son that i fucked several times and ... [more]


My boyfriend joined the military after high school... i was devastated .. i am a single child and my parents used to go out on weekends to do their thing.. i started going to my boyfriends house to hang around with his family ( they were only a few houses down from us) then one day his brother was working on his car and wanted to test it out... [more]

Husband brother, oh my

My husband brother stayed for four nights, on day two as I walked upstairs he was towel drying his hair with the bathroom door open, he was completely naked, I quickly turned round and started walking back down stairs, before I got to the bottom he said I won’t be long, as I looked back he was at the top of the stairs still naked and drying his... [more]

My wife’s brother

I’ve been married to my wife for over a year and I adore her, but over the last few months, I’ve been masturbating to pictures of her brother. I’ve only ever been with a man once and it wasn’t good at all, but I can’t seem to stop thinking about his cock in my pussy that his sister has eaten out.

I want to fuck my grandmother

Wassup everybody!
So basically , i feel attracted to my 70 yearold grandmother, i wanna fuck her, and this aint nothing new.
I remember when i was a kid with like 6 or 7 years old, i use to thought a lot about her tits, they re huge! i always loved tits since i remember, and hers were amazing back then! i remember spying on her taking baths and... [more]

My twin brother seduce me and breed me and our dad walked in on u

Im Kenny im twenty five years old I stand six two thirty two waist fourty inch rock hard chest and wash board six pack abs mildly hairy blonde hair my cock is nine half inches long thick but not to thick uncut
My dad is a identical twin brother and only makes sense that I have a identical twin brother named Zack
Zack has the exact same... [more]

Keeping Me Satisfied

I married him for his looks and money not for sex. He has a small dick that I take in my mouth and swallow his cum. One night I confessed to my husband that his brother-in-law and father-in-law has a cock that probably would please me. "How do you know that." he asked thinking I have fucked them. I told him that when I lived at home I just happen... [more]

18 and Bi curious

When I was a young boy teenager I had heard my Dad and Mum talking about their friend ‘Rocky’ (a family friend) who my parents often said had a huge endowment between his legs apparently he was also bisexual which also got my attention and whenever he was around me I just felt myself feeling ‘horny’ but as my parents always seemed to be around... [more]

Hate seeing Paul now

In 1995 I was 15, my best friend Anita was 16 and had 2 step brothers. Rickie was 12 and Paul was 10. When Anita's mom married the boy's father she was only 8 and hated the boys from the start. I know the boys mother died when they were small babies but Anita's stepfather got killed at work when she was around 13 I think. Anita's mom had a hard... [more]

I am a Mom that was caught.

Okay, I know a lot of you may think I am either a sex writer trying to get you off, or a complete nut (the latter being the truth as you will see). Whatever you may think, I just need to vent.
Let me start with some context: I am a single mother, and had my son Jason at a very young at 14. I lived with my ex boyfriend Todd for years until... [more]

My secret sexual relationship with my aunt

Hi fellas,
I am a 24 years old male, and I have a secret wild and passionate relation with my aunt since 2016, around 4 years more or less.
She is 50 but it seems she is 35; she has a great body as she regularly goes to gym, and she is so fucking horny all the time;
Anyway let's go back to the origin of this story:
She divorced her... [more]

Frat Hazing Surprise

After a long pledge week, i was finally a pledge in a fraternity. One last hurdle was left - The initiation party. All the pledges were told to arrive early and get our clothes and assignment for the party. One by one we were called up and a brother would take each pledge out of the room. My fraternity brother led ,e to a room and handed me a... [more]

First time for everything in college

After a long pledge week, i was finally a pledge in a fraternity. One last hurdle was left - The initiation party. All the pledges were told to arrive early and get our clothes and assignment for the party. One by one we were called up and a brother would take each pledge out of the room. My fraternity brother led ,e to a room and handed me a... [more]

Reared Ended

I had learned the pleasures of sucking cock during rush week. Fraternity Bros and Fraternity blows. But I never been fucked. Some guys and I were shooting basketball in the gym. Then we had to clear out as the cheerleaders needed to practice in the gym cause it was raining. A few of us hung out by the door and watch as the girls warmed up by... [more]

Classified As Trailer Trash

I live in a low income section of town. The neighborhood is known for some of the different types of people that reside there. When I was younger and going to school , behind my back the kids noted me as 'Trailer Trash'. It took some time to figure out what that term meant. I didn't live in a trailer and my folks kept the place clean. When I... [more]

Watched porn together

Only confession I have is I’ve watched porn with my brother, we both just gave a running commentary on what was going on, must admit when he left my room I had one really wet pussy!

Sex education

I am sorry for all of those who are sick and tired of this kind of posts. I just discorever this place and it says "anonymous confessions&advice".... I need to tell this someone, it's real, happend 30 years ago but i never told anyone.

I was born in the 80's in the Eastern European block 4 years after my brother and my parents had to send... [more]

Eating her ...

I was with my SIL as my brother was in office and won't back till evening. After foreplay she got horny and took off her shirt, then bra and offer her tits to me to massage them and suck the nips. My hand traveled to her crotch as I laid her on the bed. She is yet to let me fuck her but would not mind eating her pussy. This time I brought a... [more]

My mom became my father's 2 brother's slut

It all started when I was 10 years old and my dad was suffering from severe lung cancer and 2 months later he died during the operation.
My father had 2 younger brothers used to be very caring and helpful to our family when my dad was admitted in the hospital they used to help in financial situations. When I dad died they started to visit our... [more]

Unepected Event

For all you guys with a sister fantasy, this confession of mine will freak you out. When my sister and I were teenagers we saw each others privates. I saw her freckled puffy tits surrounded by huge areola nipples. We did nothing sexually to each other back then. She recently got married and got pregnant. Her small breast swelled up and her belly... [more]

My Mom Fucked Me on My Birthday

So I've had a sexual desire to fuck my mom for years, and I was finally able to on my 19th birthday.
So my birthday morning I woke up and realized since my dad was out of town and my brother was still asleep I can get a quick shower and chill in my room naked, after all it was my birthday. I took my shower and admired myself in the mirror... [more]

Being naughty

The day that i got married my father walked me to the altar and gave me away ... there was a lot of wine involved in this ... my husbands brother ended up using me as his personal whore that day he fucked me at least 3 times i got married a well fucked whore with at least 2 loads in my stomach... since then we haven't been together but i do... [more]

Not Going to Tell My Husband...

Not going to tell my husband that his brother is way better in bed and his sister-in-law is a very delicious bi-girl. And I am definitely not telling him that they are going to take me to a Swingers Club next week.
I do love my husband, but he works too long and buries himself in his sport come the weekend. I have been playing with my SIL... [more]

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