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Am I a pedophile, or a victim of pedophilia?

BTW, I am a transgender person so I ask you to use they/them pronouns please. I know that’s aside the point of this, but thinking about and asking this kind of stuff makes me feel shitty enough, and using the right pronouns is really all I can ask of you.
Back story: when I was 7 years old I was molested and had my virginity stolen by my 13... [more]


My wife and i often talked about other men while we had sex , and who she would like to have sex with. One night she mentioned my younger brother so one night we went out with my brother and his girlfriend, so to cut a long story short . At the end of the night my brother didn't live with his girlfriend and lived near us said goodnight to his... [more]

Old sex roles need to stop abusing lives

Offensive "wild oats" concept
I find it offensive people talking about how its ok for any man to sow his wild oats, that is vulgar and how does it label the women he comes upon to sow them with? they are someone's daughters, sisters, or wives or mothers. let them go sow their wild oats in a sex doll is what I say. when you are a woman or a parent... [more]


I would like my wife to be seen masturbating . She would like to masturbate on my brothers bed .

My brother

My brother is probably the luckiest guy on the planet because when I was around thirteen I decided that I really wanted to see a real penis and touch it. He is two years younger than I am and the whole time growing up he followed me around all the time wanting to do whatever I was doing. I had even made him do some of my chores when needed and he... [more]

Highly Attracted to My Uncle

Let me start this off by saying.. I've just recently been told about my mother's brother.. My uncle. We just met for the first time this past week (he lives three hours away and came to stay in town for a week) and I felt like there was sexual tension between us. We've been talking every day for about 3-4 months I guess and I've found him... [more]

Pussy licking

I love feeling my brother in laws tongue running slowly up my slit.

Caught wife

My wife is 35 years old and has had two kids but still looks great! We have a great sex live and never any complaints for her.
I was able to leave work early one day and when I got home I found her in bed getting pounded by a young kid that was hung like a horse. I just stood there watching them until she seen me standing there, she got up and... [more]

Cum for breakfast

When we were growing up, my mom always made breakfast for my step dad and us. She never ate, and always said she’d already had her breakfast and she and my step dad would laugh. One day my step brother and I snuck downstairs early and peeked in to the kitchen. My stepdad was sitting in his chair, but my mom was on her knees I’m front of him... [more]

Enough Was Enough

Many, many years ago when I was a lad of fifteen, I got caught going down on a boy friend a couple of years younger than me, by his mother. It created quite a row, she told my parents. I had already been caught trying to look in her bedroom window, and caught masturbating when my mother and her walked into my bedroom without knocking. She had me... [more]

The FINISHER 14” long 8+” thick Dildo

Sexy petite little skinny wife with a porn star sex drive we met and fucked on our first date. I have a above average 8 1/2” long thick cock she wasn’t shy about being a size queen. Telling me she was relieved I had a big dick she looked at me for my reaction smiling. You don’t think im a slut she asked with her forward and honest exclamation to... [more]

Our secret

When on vacation with mom and dad. My brother and I had to share the bed next to theirs. In the middle of the night I felt my brothers boner against me and he was doing a humping motion. I didn't say anything but soon he pulled my PJs down and was trying to get it in me. I was nervous but he kept trying until it was in me. He only pumped me 3... [more]

I would go to my Aunt's house after school and summers

When I turned 13 I figured my mom was going to let me stay home after school and during the summer but absolutely no luck on that from her. She told me that there was no way I was staying home until I was at least 15 if not 16, I found out later that her brother had caught the house on fire when he was left home to his own care at around 14 so I... [more]

Sexually Obsessed With Sister-In-Law

I have had an unhealthy sexual obsession with my sister in law for almost 10 years now. I reapeat, obsessed. I love my wife dearly, and I can't imagine the thought of ever leaving her. Which is why I'm posting this. My problem is.....I can't stop thinking about shooting my cum all over my sister in law's face, over, and over, and over. She's got... [more]

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