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Last week, I woke up about 1:30 in the morning. I got up to take a piss, and walking past my parents bedroom on the way to the bathroom, I heard some unexpected noises. My dad has been away for three weeks, he's been out of town, and on lockdown in New York, unable to come home yet. I heard my mom moaning, like she was getting laid, so at first I... [more]

I Get Off From Oral Orgasms Better

I'm a Bi-sexual female who loves her pussy licked eaten by females, males and K9's. It gives me really great sexual orgasms. I guess it started when I was spending time at my girlfriends house. I slept with her in her bed. I woke one early morning horny after partying the night before. I was too busy playing with my breasts and clit that I didn't... [more]

Aren't You Tired of Playing the Game?

Gentleman! Now is the time to step forward and be counted. Take control of your life. Never allow lying women to control you and lead you around by your little head. The one that drives you to do stupid shit you regret seconds afterwards. Take personal control of your life. You can make it. You are stronger than the will of anyone if you set your... [more]

I found out my brother is a fucking faggot cock sucker

I have a younger brother and he and I play golf together when we can. Last year we hit the back 9 at a nice club up the road from my home. Afterwards we hit the clubhouse for a couple drinks and lunch. He got up from the barstool grabbed his phone and headed to the restroom. I was finishing my beer when I saw what I thought was my phone lighting... [more]

Just came on grandma

Holy shit. I just jacked off and came on my grandma's tits while she is sleeping. She's been staying with us for the past week, because she's afraid of getting the coronavirus. My parents let her stay in my room, because I have bunk beds from when my older brother still lived here. She's on the bottom bed, snoring loud when I came to bed I noticed... [more]

No longer Pathetic Cuckold. How about you ?

I have been married twice and twice burned by lying cheating whores. It's been 10 years since I have had a girlfriend. I'm no longer controlled by these venomous lying bitches and the system created to care for these whores. My life is so much better off now and in just a few short years will no longer have to pay my last wife for anything. It's... [more]

Cheating on husband with his brother

I feel so guilty right now. I ended up crossing the line and slept with my husband's brother. I mean the sex was great and it was a turn on for me. He has been trying to get me in bed for months now. My husband's brother is very competitive and gave me the best oral I've ever had and my husband is good at oral. What's even worse is that when I... [more]

First time seeing it irl

My older bro had his friend over and he stayed overnight. he's 19, kinda cute too. i'm a little younger and still a virgin and plan to stay that way for now. but i caught my bro's friend stroking his dick on the couch after he thought we all went to sleep. i've seen porn, so i know how guys cum, but seeing it in person was a trip.
he tensed... [more]

Pleasant surprise

I'm a 37 year old married man. I've been married 8 years. Wife and I used to be very sexually active and sexually adventurous. But the past few years it's died off. I've been bisexual for the longest time. Wife knew that I had done some oral things with men before I met her but thinks that was the past.
So about 2 weeks ago I was on an app... [more]

Upside of Corona, brothers sister sex

There is an upside to have to stay home due to the Corona crisis. My two brothers and I can have all the sex we want with no interruptions. We are in our 20's and the 3 of us live together.
My brothers have been using my mouth, pussy and ass since I was 12. Sex is better than ever. Now we don't have to go to work so it a fuck-aton since last... [more]

I let him wank over me

I'm 18 and have a 15 year old brother who i let wank over me, eveytime i walked past him he would look at my tits, so when we was alone last week i pulled my top up showing my tits,he was hard and i asked if he wanted to wank and cum over them,I don't want sex i just like the warm feeling when he cums on my tits.

My first time

I have played with myself before and nothing happens but this time wow. I'm 13 and I have as long as I can remember gotten hard. I sometimes sleep with my mom just when we are alone. My dad is out of town on a trip for his work. My mom was asleep and I started to feel it growing. I pulled down my underwear and I was playing with it. It felt really... [more]

My Father ?

I got married recently and my husband and I live two streets over from my parents house. We are trying to start a family. My husband didn't mind us living so close to my parents. We like the area and the schools. The houses are nice kind of cookie cutter with little variations. The problem is that my father interferes and is being a real pain in... [more]

Best looking cock ever!

My never told anyone story is, going back 10 years I started buying weed from my brother, I got into weed more so when I split up with my boyfriend.
The more I smoked the lazier I got and spent most of my free time in bed smoking weed, my brother would visit and sit in the chair next to my bed while I was in bed, he rolled a few joints and we... [more]

Water pistol

My brother has a battery operated water pistol, I fill it with warm water and put it in my pussy and pull the trigger.


Im a senior in High school and on the wrestling team.
I have a little brother that is 11 wrestling forfirst time this year.
Now my mom is hot. The guys at school have said so to me a tease me about it.
Well on one night we were home alone and mon was play wrestling with my brother on floor. Like she did with me from time to time.
They were... [more]

Caught By My Sister

I have always had a good and varied sex life and tried most things, this is only the first part. So lets begin.
I was 12 and had settled into my secondary school. I should tell you about my family first. My brother was in the RAF serving in Germany, my sister Wendy was at my school, I was two years younger than her. When my brother used to come... [more]

Wicked sister and friend

When I was 17 me and my friend encourage my 15yo brother to get an erection and show us.
At the time I had never seen a real cock so when my friend came up with this idea I went along with it.
We told him we would give him money which we never did and my friend said she would show her tits to him if he gets it hard, he agreed and went out the... [more]

My wife took lover after 6 months of marriage

My wife and I married in 1976. I was 21 and she was 19, both virgins but for different reasons. She was gorgeous with an amazing body but decided she wanted to save herself until her wedding night. I was considered a smart, good-looking guy with a good job and a fast car so I dated a few hotties but waited for sex because I was shy and embarrassed... [more]

Showing my dick to sister PT 3

It was a little weird, but I knew you wanted me to see you. I never said anything, because I didn’t want to embarrass you."
“I’m so sorry” I repeated meekly as I started subconsciously stroking myself again.
“I’m such a creep,” I continued. "I just always wanted to see you naked, and that was the next best thing, You know I never would have... [more]

Showing my dick to my sister PT 2

I was on the couch watching TV, and at around 1 AM my sister came out of her bedroom to grab a glass of water wearing a thin purple nightgown. It was modest, but I could tell she was wearing nothing underneath, and i wondered if she had just had sex. My dick got hard again as she smiled and said goodnight, and went back to bed. My mind was taken... [more]

I like dogsex, but the best part is getting paid for it!

I'm a gay male. I spent a week dogsitting for a friend earlier this month. He has two big mixed breed males, friendliest dogs you'll ever meet. There was cash on the kitchen table when I got there, food in the fridge, life is good. At bedtime, I took one of the dogs into the guest room with me, and we had sex in every way I could think of that he... [more]

Daring brother

Last night my younger sister's door was open slightly late at night, and I wandered in quietly to discover she sleeps in panties and a tee-shirt. She has always been a deep sleeper and I have always been a spontaneous decision-maker. I walked over to her and carefully took her panties all the way off, revealing her virgin pussy to me. I didn't... [more]

Not My Girl? WTF!

I was just 19 and my life was awesome. I had a great new girl and a job. I was enjoying life or so I thought. I would go to work in the afternoon and get off early in the morning. I worked at a local restaurant and ran into a guy a went to elementary school with. I hadn't seen him in years though we lived near each other. He told me to drop by... [more]

Lust of my life

When I was 14 and my sister was 12 I was horny, confused, curious, and stuck at home. One day I told her I'd help her with her gymnastics in the basement if she wanted me to. She was thrilled, but i just wanted her in her leotard. We goofed off, played some silly games, and it didn't seem too raunchy at the time. I had her do all types of... [more]

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