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Sex with cousins

When I was young, me and my guy cousin gave each other oral a few times till we got caught. Now that we're older, society shows us that behavior is grotesque. Its something to laugh about now. (I aint gay)
One of my other lady cousins kinda seduced me. We were at a cookout and she texted me saying "This song makes me kinda horny". It was over... [more]

Betrayed by my own blood

My brother tried to take one of my girlfriends I had. I met her when I fell off my bike. Her mom and herself brought me in their house to rescue me and treated my wound. After that we got closer and I eventually got my first kiss. My brother on the other hand finds a way to talk to her behind my back. I was crushed. I blamed her instead of him... [more]

Is it okay to have this fantasy?

I had my first orgasm last night thinking about incest. I’ve never had any feelings for any family members but there’s something so hot about it being wrong. I don’t know if my brother or dad heard me touching myself, but I can’t help it. Just makes me wanna tease a father figure, have him corrupt me for the first time until I turn into his little... [more]

Only So Far

Mom was always a hugger and always gave us a peck on the cheek when we'd leave the house. We'd never thought much of it, demonstrative behavior had always seemed natural. I don't think either Mom or I was surprised one night when we'd both been drinking and I went up to hug her, but but the surprise came next when I pushed my lips to hers and... [more]

When did you give your first handjob?

When did you give your first handjob and to whom?
I'm female, 45. My first time was to my older brother who was 15 when I was 13. At school we girls often talked about boys and sex but I doubt that anyone has actually done anything. There were two girls in our group that said that they had given handjobs and blowjobs but no-one really believed... [more]

Sister In Law's Tits

I've always wanted to see my sister in law, Kelli, naked. She is a beautiful woman with and awesome body. You'd never guess she had 3 grown kids.. She's been to the house swimming and her tits are amazing. They're at least the same size as my wife, Cindy's, which are 32DDs.
Last fall Kelli and her husband had bought a new house and was in the... [more]

Little butthole in the closet

When I was 5 me and my older brother would hang with some neighborhood kids about that same age. Well their little cousin came to visit them so when we had our friends over they would bring her. She was 3 and very cute. One time I got the urge to play with her butt, so when it was just me and her in my closet I told her she had a tag sticking out... [more]

I Was 11 Years Old When I Saw My First Pair Of Naked Breasts

I was 11 years old when I saw my mother naked.
Well… I’m pretty sure. I saw her loads naked when I was a baby, but I don’t think that really counts because I wasn’t really into girls as a baby, and if I was, that would be weird. And naked to me in those days meant seeing a pair of breasts, not the full Monty naked but still. So let me correct... [more]



Brother in-law on my taste buds

I’ve been living with my twin sister since June. I lost my job and her husband hired me so we all work from their house. I have my own room away from them and all to many of their children, which is very peaceful. But a couple night a week my sister’s husband come to my room to collect rent. He has a beautiful cock that I’d love to have inside me... [more]

I want to fuck my brother

The thought of my brother makes me so unbelievable horny that it gets to a point that I get wet just by looking at him. I just want him to fuck me. I want to know how he feels inside of me.

My brother wants us to do it

My brother is a year older than me. We are home alone during the day and most of the time is occupied with remote learning which sucks. We both have time at lunch and after 2 by ourselves. This all started back in September. After our classes we he had time alone before our parents get home. We started doing some stuff that we shouldn't be doing... [more]

A sister's desire

A freak. That's what they would call her. Well, if they knew what she thought about, how she wanted him so bad, that she ached for him. Even now she was watching the clock, waiting, knowing that when she got home from school he would be there. Her name was Allie, and she was lusting after her own brother.
Allie had just turned 18, a senior in... [more]


ohh yes he says i could eat that in a heart beat i looked at him and he could see under my dress ...have you ever had sex out in the woods i exclaimed no there's no one around how bout it i laughed .... he laid down on the seat of pick nick table and said come and sit on my face i raised my dress and sat on his face i couldn't believe i... [more]

In-Law Pregnation

I've been trying to get pregnant by my husband to give his mother a grandbaby. I've gone to the doctor and she said that there is nothing wrong with me. I asked and pleaded with my husband to get himself checked out. He won't do it. I told my mother-in-law about her son. She said give it time and it will happen. Well I've been patient and think... [more]

My brothers semen

When I was 18 I had dated but was still a virgin. I was curious and lusty. I asked my brother what was wrong and he said he'd need to see me naked. I blushed and said no way. A few days later I asked him to let me see his penis and I'd show him my boobs. He did and I did and he got really erect, stroked himself to orgasm. I had never seen such a... [more]

My Embarassing Father

The Last time we had a Family Gathering at my Aunt's House, My Dad made an ass out of himself. When we were all having dinner my Dad came in the Dining Room wearing his Elvis suit and was holding his Guitar, he turned on the Stereo and began playing Elvis's All Shook Up as he then stood on top of My Aunt's Dinner Table and began dancing and... [more]

When My Brother Got Out Of Prison

My brother is 10 years older than me. When I was growing up I used to worship the ground he walked on. My dad died when I was a baby and my brother became like a dad, brother, best friend everything.He would always make a fuss of me, buy me things and take me places with him.
When I was 11 he got sent to prison for 8 years. I literally cried... [more]

A sister who likes to go clubbing

It was Friday evening, and Jen wanted to have some fun. She quickly put on her little black dress; the one that hugged her figure in all the right places, then headed off to the local night club, where she had arranged to meet some of her friends.
The music was loud and dance floor was packed, Jen looked around for her friends and eventually... [more]

My one dark horny secret

So im15 and live at home with my mom and dad ill spend most of my time at home doing nothing, so I decided to try and make some money so I can buy myself thing I wanted, So i had told my mon about my situation and she had told me that she was talking to one of my cousins thats like 45 and married needed a babysitter for he's kids ,he has 3 boys... [more]

Twine affair

As twin bro we have always shared bed till our early 20s until we went to different colleges to study. In those days we explored each others body, slept naked, watched various types of porn and even fucked the same homeless mid-aged women couple of times in their all holes. But in teen years we had deep gay sessions - kissing, mutual... [more]

Best Christmas Gift Ever

My brother and I are super close. He 35 I'm 26. All my life he has been there for me and my protector and best friend.
Back in June my company closed and I lost my job, then I got sick with Covid and he took me in. He slowly nursed me back to health. His place is small and we had to share his bed.
Growning up we shared a room so we had seen... [more]

My sister asked me for a favor

It had been about two years since I'd visited the family back in Milwaukee. My job in Los Angeles had me busy and my mom, brother, and sisters were all living their own lives. My sister, Angie, called a month ago to let me know she had to be in the L.A. area for work and asked if she could crash at my place. I hesitated at first. I am a very... [more]


No Jack don't make me do this please it's not proper or Lady like to do this .. you said no excuses so do it (he said).. i swung my leg over the arm of the couch held my summer dress over my crotch to cover it.. noo dam it he says that's not how to do it .. so i held my left hand over my face and reached down and started to rub my pussy in... [more]

My first time

I went to my best friends house after our little league game. It was summer and very hot, so we took showers.’When I got out of the shower, I couldn’t find my friend. He was down the hall in his brothers room. I went in, and it was dark. I didn’t k is he had an 18 year old brother. My friend said, my brother has nudie mags. I could hardly breathe... [more]

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