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Brother in law completely naked

On the 26 September 2019 my husband said it’s his brother birthday completely forgot about it, he asked me if I could get a card and delivery it.
Later in the day I delivered the card, I knocked on his door and no answer as I was about to put the card in the letter box the door opened and he was completely naked, he said hi how you doing while... [more]

Brother fell asleep and got hard

I’ve seen my brother cock hard, during the summer he fell asleep on the sofa in just his boxers I was on my phone and when I looked over his cock was sticking out the front hard, after a few minutes of looking I left the room in case my parents came in.

A young girl near the beach

I'm a man and I saw a beautiful young girl near the beach a few months ago and I assume she was a preteen. I saw her the first time in a pair of shorts and a shirt and she was playing around with a young boy who was probably her brother. She had curly black shoulder length hair and looked tall and skinny and my guess is that she was 10 to 12... [more]

Boyfriends Little Brother

I’m 21 and my boyfriend is 26. He’s the middle child in his family and he has a younger brother who is 18 and whenever I’m over my boyfriends house I like to dress slutty in case his brother is around to see. I’ve caught his brother staring at my tits a few times and have even noticed his cock gets hard when I’m around and I really want to take a... [more]

Inadvertently admit I'm bisexual

So my wife and I were sitting on the couch and she asked the question that every woman asks their man. Would you get remarried if I died? I said, "Immediately? No. Ever? Probably not." She said, So you wouldn't have sex again?" I said, "You didn't ask that." She said, "How long before you would have sex with another woman?" I said, "Probably... [more]

Chance meeting

The last time we argued as we did that night, I told myself if he ever brought up my libido again, I'd seek out a man to satisfy what he obviously was finding difficult to cope with.
Unfortunately and I do mean that, he couldn't resist having a go, as I used a dildo to carry on the orgasms he'd begun for and with me.
His comments were very... [more]

Best friends brother

On a Whim I had sex with my bestfriends brother and now she won't talk to me. Jen and I have been bestfriends since grade school. We go everywhere together and we talk about everything. She was there the night I lost my virginity (not in the same room), and she was there the night I got engaged to the biggest creep in the world. She of course was... [more]

Size of my brother

Can’t believe my brother has a massive cock, my brother knocked on my door it was pouring with rain he was soaked.
He took his clothes off (I didn’t see him naked) the best I could offer him was a big football shirt I had given to me and some track pants.
When he came downstairs you could clearly see the size of his cock, my track pants were... [more]

Must be my fault

When I was younger I walked home from school one day and a bunch of boys jumped out from behind some bushes. They drug me down a trail, stripped me and did all kinds of sexually explicit things to me. I told my parents what had happened that evening , almost immediately my dad started saying that I prevoked it be not covering up my breasts more... [more]


Mom died when I was 4 and brother was 8 leaving us to fend for ourselves. My brother started playing with my pussy the next year and when I started to school he would suck my pussy when we changed clothes after school. and showed me how to jack him off, by the time thanksgiving break came, he was fucking me. I loved getting fucked and wanted him... [more]

How do I get my dad or brother to fuck me

They both watch sister / daughter and son/father porn, they both turn me on so much

I want it again

My half brother Josh and I had always been pretty close, despite the 22 year difference between us. He’s married with kids and has been for a long time now. Back when I was about 15, I’d stay with him some weekends (maybe once a months or so). Him and his wife would let me drink alcohol with them most times I visited, and it usually ended in him... [more]

Masterbating husband

I love to watch my husband masterbate. The cum shooting up out of his cock and landing back on his belly and face really turns me on. He will masterbate for me anytime I ask him too. However the other day I had to run some errands and would be gone for a few hours. Well I managed to complete my errands a lot quicker then I thought I would. So... [more]

Masterbating husband

I love to watch my husband masterbate. The cum shooting up out of his cock and landing back on his belly and face really turns me on. He will masterbate for me anytime I ask him too. However the other day I had to run some errands and would be gone for a few hours. Well I managed to complete my errands a lot quicker then I thought I would. So... [more]

Sometimes feel gay.

When I was 5 my family moved from a country home to a home in town.
By the time I was 6 I had made some pretty good friends down the street. Three brothers. One my age, one younger by a couple of years and one four years older.
As time went on we began to have sleep overs at one another's houses.
At probably about 7 or 8, when I would stay at... [more]

12 years so far.

I'm 25 and what started about 12 years ago has caused me to become a full blown exhibitionist. When I was 13 I began to notice how the boys and even older men were looking at my body. I developed young and although my breasts aren't huge they are B cup and firm. I have always watched my figure and don't want to sound conceded but know I am very... [more]

Horny cousins and creampies.

My dad and his 3 sisters bought neighboring houses so we grew up very close. Cousins' ages were in "batches" as my older brother was the same age as 3 other cousins and the ones closer to my age were all about 2 years older than me. It was the 60's in Louisiana most most of the available work was oilfield or working on boats in the oilfield so... [more]

My wife told her family and friends that I have a small cock.

I have always known that I have a small cock. When I was 14, both my 12 year old and 10 year old brothers had larger cocks than I did. Even my mom, in a truly concerned tone, told me that she was sure it would eventually grow. It grew to about 4" and no more. My wife admitted that she shared my size with her friends, her sisters, and her mom. I... [more]

Mentally retarded Brother

I have a brother that is over 30 in between but his brain stoped when he was 11/12. So he is a grown mqn with a childs mind.
My parents did not want to give him in a clinic or a nursing home and they brought him to my dad's mom. She lived out in the country with some chicken, dogs and goats. and she loved having some company and someone to care... [more]

Morning show

My parents 30 year wedding anniversary was yesterday and we decided to throw a big party for them. Many people were in town for the event and there were several people staying with me and my husband, including my cousin and her husband. Most everyone was staying in the rest of our house, but no one was allowed In mine and my husband's bedroom and... [more]

Brotherly Love

I was browsing the internet and came across this site. I needed to explain my situation. To the eyes of the public I'm a sinner and to others I'm perverted and should seek help. I'm in a loving relationship with my brother. I'm 26 and he's 24 and we live and sleep together. Our folks thinks we are just sharing the house. I'm a SSBBW and ever since... [more]

First hand job ever

Well this had to have happened many years ago, I'm not sure but I think I was 13 or 14. I am the oldest sibling and I have several brothers. My youngest brother at the time I think was around 10 or 11. I had just gotten out of the shower to go to bed and my brother came in. I didn't think it weird because being all boys we'd seen each other naked... [more]

First experiences

When I (fem) was 8 I had a crush on a son off our neighbors. We often played together and once, when we were alone, we played, "show me yours and I show you mine". It was his suggestion but I immediately was excited. we both took of our clothes and did what it was for. I had seen my dads penis some times and it was much bigger than his, but it had... [more]

I'm addicted to sex, porn and masturbating

Hi I'm 19 years old I have a high sex drive, I've been masturbating since I was 12 I wouldn't panties and just a short dress and lay on the couch and touch myself. my brother's bestfriend would come and watch me through the window, the first time I saw him watching my I got wetter and I masturbated even longer. I kept doing this every night. On... [more]

What happened when I was anesthetized

I had to have 2 wisdom teeth done and all told me it would hurt like hell. So I begged the dentist to give me a complete anesthesia. I lost tracks witting on the dentists chair and when I woke up I was laid down in my bed at home. I did not remember anything. And I had some bed smell, I thought it came from the blood.
It still hurt a bit but it... [more]

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