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Caught step dad in 3 way

My brother was home visiting for the holidays, he brought his slutty girlfriend. I was walking up to the house one night and could see them in the window. Sherry the slut was on our step dad’s lap, bouncing up and down on his cock. Her top was up around her neck and he was playing with her big fake boobs. Then my brother comes in to view, and... [more]

Googly eyes

So we spent the week in Florida for Thanksgiving. My wife's family lives near the beach. Well about a mile from the beach. Wife and I got a hotel room on the beach. Her brother came up and swam in the hotel pool. I say brother but he's not her brother. Just a guy thats been a friend of the family since my wife and he was 2.
So the wife and I... [more]

First time Cherry Popped at Sleepover

I have never told this to anyone I really know, I was in the middle of twelve years old around twenty years ago when I had my first sexual experience. It was during a sleepover at a friends who had a older brother. Cindy and I had gotten into our Barbie nighties with the matching nylon bikini panties. Cindy had an older brother Todd who was 16. ... [more]

I own her

People do a lot of forbidden things they would never admit, even though they find them fulfilling or even amazing. And I think that must be a pretty frustrating experience. I, for one, am pretty open about the fact that my older sister and I have amazing sex. We've been sex partners for about five years, and fucking together has never been... [more]

My Aunt

My Aunt was amazing, she was widowed when my dad's brother passed away and since they had no children she was really close to our family. She only lived about three miles from us so I was tasked with everything from yard maintenance to house painting to changing a light bulb. I did anything for her because after about a year of his passing she... [more]

Sex with my Brother In Law

When I was 14, my Brother in law had too sleep in the middle of my Twin and I's Queen size Bed. I woke up about 2 am and run my hand under the covers, wanting too see how big His was. I touched his Balls and moved my fingers up and he had a Hard On. I moved Two Fingers up to the opening of his Boxer Shorts. It was real Warm. I took it out and... [more]

She is amazing

My wife is amazing just given her history with sex, we met in our late twenties by chance really because I filled in for a coworker who could not go to an expo at the last minute.
She was sexy to me the first second I saw her, not sure why but I was attracted to her right from the start of our conversation and we just started seeing each other... [more]

Blow job princess

I have always enjoyed giving oral to a guy, not sure why but the sensation of sucking on a penis just gets me very turned on. My mom made me laugh so hard one time because I needed braces and when we were at the office talking with the dentist she told him that it took her forever to get me to stop sucking on my thumb. I just sat there thinking... [more]

Sucking for Smokes and Weed...

When I was in my teens and just started High School, I got hooked up with other kids who smoked cigarettes and weed. I REALLY liked it! Some of the kids wanted to get high after school and I did a couple of times but when I got home, my Mom KNEW right away, I was stoned.
I got grounded for a little while but after I was free, I knew I couldn't... [more]

I’m having s*x with my step bros half brother

So my step brother has a half brother but I consider him as my step brother as well since we’ve known each other for a while now. One night he came into my room as usual when everyone was asleep to come hang with me. We usually watch tv but this one night we started wrestling which later on turned into more. He was on top of me and would rub his... [more]

I’m having s*x with my step bros half brother

So my step brother has a half brother but I consider him as my step brother as well since we’ve known each other for a while now. One night he came into my room as usual when everyone was asleep to come hang with me. We usually watch tv but this one night we started wrestling which later on turned into more. He was on top of me and would rub his... [more]

I love making love to her

I believe making love to a woman and climaxing with her is the most spiritually fulfilling thing a human being can do. Nothing beats the feeling of a woman trembling in your hands, gasping for air in her communion with the divine. But I realized I hadn't experienced anything the day my little sister and I came together for the first time.
Body... [more]

My wife loves cheating

My wife is addicted to sex. She opened up to me confessing that she has been cheating on me since we met. I admitted to her that I knew that she was cheating but didn't know with who. My wife then began to tell me something I would have never guessed. She told me that she couldn't begin to tell me how many men she has been with because there has... [more]

I must be unique

I started pleasuring men early in my life, my brother was the first one to introduce me to giving pleasure. I had no idea what I was doing other than him telling me what to do and giving me reassurance that I was great at it. I learned early on that the faster and harder you do it the quicker it is over, especially with young men. Rather than be... [more]

Little sister Audrey

I have this younger sister named Audrey, 3 years younger then me and when we were kids we made out one time while we were play wrestling around and I asked her if she wanted to have sex. She said yes and we went into my brothers room downstairs. There was a sleeping bag on the floor and we both cralwed inside it. She laid on her back and I got on... [more]

Brother’s GF

My older brother brought his 20 year-old college girlfriend home for Labor Day weekend and she was a HOT blonde bombshell. I was super turned on just looking at her. So she was staying in our sisters room and left the door open and had her clothes strewn all over the room. I walked past the room and noticed this pair of silky aqua-colored... [more]

Wearing panties in front of girls

When I was 14 I got chatting with a girl called Becky on IRC when I let slip that I sometimes wear panties. She laughed and said she sometimes makes her little brother do that. She asked me if I was wearing panties right now, I said no, and she said "then put them on, NOW!".
I was a bit embarrassed so I stalled, and asked what color they should... [more]

So many little panties

Ever since I was a little boy I was very sexual and loved to feel myself and I dont remember how I started but I started wearing panties I would remember they where my sister in-laws panties then I started feeling that they where just a little too big because I was really young and there where no other girls in the house except my little niece she... [more]


me and my neighbor were pretty close growing up as young kids. We didn’t have much to do in a small town so one day when we were both 15 we found his brothers Penthouse book. We bought felt pretty aroused by a certain girl when he basically showed me how to touch and play with my own cock. He couldn’t believe how much bigger I was than his and... [more]

Am I a pedophile, or a victim of pedophilia?

BTW, I am a transgender person so I ask you to use they/them pronouns please. I know that’s aside the point of this, but thinking about and asking this kind of stuff makes me feel shitty enough, and using the right pronouns is really all I can ask of you.
Back story: when I was 7 years old I was molested and had my virginity stolen by my 13... [more]


My wife and i often talked about other men while we had sex , and who she would like to have sex with. One night she mentioned my younger brother so one night we went out with my brother and his girlfriend, so to cut a long story short . At the end of the night my brother didn't live with his girlfriend and lived near us said goodnight to his... [more]

Old sex roles need to stop abusing lives

Offensive "wild oats" concept
I find it offensive people talking about how its ok for any man to sow his wild oats, that is vulgar and how does it label the women he comes upon to sow them with? they are someone's daughters, sisters, or wives or mothers. let them go sow their wild oats in a sex doll is what I say. when you are a woman or a parent... [more]


I would like my wife to be seen masturbating . She would like to masturbate on my brothers bed .

My brother

My brother is probably the luckiest guy on the planet because when I was around thirteen I decided that I really wanted to see a real penis and touch it. He is two years younger than I am and the whole time growing up he followed me around all the time wanting to do whatever I was doing. I had even made him do some of my chores when needed and he... [more]

Highly Attracted to My Uncle

Let me start this off by saying.. I've just recently been told about my mother's brother.. My uncle. We just met for the first time this past week (he lives three hours away and came to stay in town for a week) and I felt like there was sexual tension between us. We've been talking every day for about 3-4 months I guess and I've found him... [more]

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