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Husband is a sneaky bastard, but I love him dearly.

I'm a 51 year old married woman, a branch manager at a small bank branch in a fairly large strip mall. Just two teller windows, and a small desk for me behind the counter.I have been married to a very fine man for 30 years. From the time I was 33 up until 45 I cheated on him with five different men. Two of those being one night stands on seminar... [more]


I have been having an affair with a friend's wife. It's been a great ride. She's very attractive and very sexual. Then something totally disgusting happened. I had her on her hands and knees in their living room. I was really going at it , the whole time their dog was jumping around and acting like an idiot. I shot my load in her as she collapsed... [more]

Opposite doesn't want this

I am a small, unassuming, generic white guy. In fact, I'm often confused with other people because I'm so generic white. The funny thing is that I am most attracted to supersized black women. Tall and real fat is my favourite. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find many big black women who would fuck or even date a small white man. I did manage... [more]

Faked being drunk

I’m 40 years old and married and I am attracted to my coworker, who is 28 and very hot. I have a moms body, 36 DD boobs implants and a good figure but I do have a pudge tummy since I have three kids. I feel sexy though, usually.
Anyway, I went to a office night out and my coworker/crush was there and I came over to him and put my head on his... [more]

I want to f*** my teachers

Confession time. I'm always h****, I'm a girl in high school, and I can't stop fantasizing about my male teachers. Whenever I meet a fairly attractive male teacher I can't help but wan to have s** with them. It's been like this for a long time, and just today I was at Track and Field practice, my teacher that I had for fitness last semester and my... [more]

Wife's admission

So my wife and I were laying down together and she admit something to me. She said, "Honey, there is a guy at work. He flirts with me a lot." I said, "Yeah. Do you flirt back." She said, "I'm afraid to tell you all of this. I dont want you to be mad at me or leave me." I said, "Just tell me. It's ok." She said, "Yeah, I do flirt back. He keeps... [more]

Spying on son turned into more than a mother could ever dream abo

Hey all. I'm a married woman mother of a son and daughter and have been with my husband for 30 years. I recently found out I had cancer and my alcoholic husband could careless to support me. My son still lives with us he's 22 and works fulltime and ever since I told him I had cancer he's been doing extra duty around the house. Watching my husband... [more]

It's interesting

Sex is so interesting I'm new to the world of sex, as well as my bf. Like the fantasys he has are so strange like having sex while I wear 6 1/2 heels. I understand that one now but the latest one we did was having him finish on my stomach I didn't see much of the sexual attraction in that. And an other one we did a few months back was having sex... [more]

Learning life

Do men find women in heels more sexy more arousing??? My bf brought me 6 1/2 inch wedges to wear for him in bed because he said I'll look really sexy and that my legs would look longer and what ever. Short story I learned to walk in them and I wore them to school and every guy was staring at me not taking a glance but like eye balls just following... [more]

The night my wife cheated 23 years ago...- 100% real

We were in our mid 20's. Moved to a small town in Iowa. I had a job which required me to fly out of town every other week.
The evening this happed, I had returned home from being away on business. My flight landed in Omaha and I had a one hour drive to our home. Earlier in the afternoon I talked to my wife while I made a connecting flight. ... [more]

My teen years

I had a pretty normal childhood right up until about eleven years old. My dad was killed in a car accident one morning on his way to work and my mom pretty much fell completely apart.
We both talked to counselors and grieved both separately and together but her life just was not going to good for her and I was not the best son I could have been... [more]

Montreal Shopping

Janet and I drove to Montreal. We flagged down a horse drawn carriage for a tour of Olde Montreal.
We walked the narrow cobblestone streets. Visited small shops and a sidewalk restaurant for lunch.
As usually she wore a short undress and no panties or bra. She is something to behold.
She spotted a small lingerie store and wandered in. We were... [more]

When I was a kid me and my friend had sex

When I was at least twelve or thirteen about a month before turning thirteen. Me and my friend Sean who had known each other since kindergarten and we're the best of friends. He was gay, but I wasn't I had a few girlfriend's never liked guys. But one day while we were having a sleep over at my house he said he wanted to sleep in my bed at first I... [more]

I flash and flirt with my mom because I think it's hot

I'm a 14-year-old girl. My mom's in her 40s, chubby but sexy, big butt/belly/boobs/etc. She's the kind of woman I've been attracted to ever since I realized I like women.
Lately, I've been almost-flashing her and making lots of subtle and not-subtle flirty hints at her. Like, I'll walk from the bathroom to my room with no towel or clothes... [more]

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