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Caught my wife watching interracial porn

For the last few weeks my wife has been getting up in the middle of the night. I will go out and check on her as soon as she gets up to see if she is ok. She has been telling me she just can't sleep so I go back to bed. The other night same thing. I woke up again about an hour later and she hadn't come back to bed. I got up and went to the living... [more]

Willy Wonka and Steve's BIG Dick Pacifier...

I have always sucked my thumb for as long as I can remember. My Mom and Dad tried to break me of the habit and I tried myself when I started puberty and growing boobs and pubic hair. I mostly stopped but it was always so comforting for me, mostly when I watched TV. I would often do it secretly if the lights were off.
When I turned 16, everybody... [more]

Girlfriend’s best friend is making me weak

I’ve lusted after my gfs best friend for awhile now. She’s attractive and I find her sexy. She’s staying over Sunday and I hope that she will find herself horny and want to be pleased. I want to slide my fingers in her and feel her tighten around them. I want her pussy on my face as I taste her and use my tongue to make her pussy cum on me... [more]

I love making love to her

I believe making love to a woman and climaxing with her is the most spiritually fulfilling thing a human being can do. Nothing beats the feeling of a woman trembling in your hands, gasping for air in her communion with the divine. But I realized I hadn't experienced anything the day my little sister and I came together for the first time.
Body... [more]

Step-daughter's knickers and a hooker

For a while now I've been finding myself more and more attracted to my 18 year old step-daughter.
She's slim, cheeky and has a great smile and amazing tits..
Once she lifted up her top and flashed one breast "accidentally" and I can't get that image from my head lol
I've sneaked a look in her room a few times and wanked into her small... [more]

Young waiter

I had been asking my wife to allow me to watch her and a young guy for sometime. After about 3 years of role playing and her flirting with younger guys not expecting it to happen while we vacationed in New Orleans it actually happened.We met him while eating dinner and he was telling us where to hang out.I saw the look in my wife’s eyes, and I... [more]

Stripped at school by a group of boys and girls

I have thought about this experience many times before but never written it down. When I was about 16 I received an anonymous letter during the Easter holidays. It had a cutting from I discovered in later years a magazine called playgirl. It showed two young women slowly undressing a man until they removed his underpants and he was completely ... [more]

Cheating on my Husband with a Woman

My husband and I and our best friends, another married couple about the same age as us, in our mid thirties, rented a cabin at a remote beach for a weekend away together. The guys love their fishing and spent most of the time out fishing leaving us girls alone at the cabin. We didn't mind. We loved just lazing around at the beach. It was so... [more]

Trade off: giving him some too

I got married at 18, I'm 24 now, and I'm realizing that I'm really not into men at all. Having sex with my husband is a chore. I've been cheating on him with a female friend of mine, and we have sex usually 3x a week or so. I'm really falling in love with her also. My husband would be devastated if he knew that I was cheating.
My female friend... [more]

Friday nights for wife

Every other Friday my wife (42) and myself go out to several sports bars or dance clubs in our area. It is agreed if my wife finds a young attractive guy she has the ok to flirt with him and do whatever they both please. It has been one of her deepest fantasies and now I am more than happy to let it happen.
Usually starts with my wife flirting... [more]

My white wife has sex with black men

My wife of 20 years has been having sex with different black men for about the last two years of our marriage. Over the last 2 years she's had sex with 25 to 30 different black men. All of the men she is with have very large penises. That is one of her requirements in order to have sex with them. she post ads on various sites explaining exactly... [more]

Summer with my Pretty cousin

When In 16 my cousin Helen 17 came to spend the summer with me.
We both come from Hispanic families.
My neighbor and buddy at the time was white and it wasn’t long before him and my cousin were starting to become attracted to each other. My cousin wouldn’t do anything without me and one night when my family went out and let my friend stay over... [more]

GF’s daughter

I’ve been sexually attracted to my gf’s daughter (J) ever since we started dating. She’s 13 yrs my junior and is gorgeous with an amazing little body. Tiny little ti**ies that I’d love to suck on and an a** to die for. I frequently fantasize about making love to her and I c*m so much every time. I want to be alone with her, wrap my arms around... [more]

Turns me on to discuss wife's sexual past

My wife is an incredibly attractive redhead with a gorgeous face and body, I guess that's what caught my eye and attracted me to her. After we were married I asked my wife to tell me about some of the other guys she had been with. She reluctantly agreed and finally told me about having a sexual encounter with a "friend" who had actually been over... [more]

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