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Student at uni, cheated on my bf all term

Exams are over, heading home for the summer, back to my bf, to be all coupley, but it's a lie, i have been cheating on him all year, i should break it off with him but i can't.
It all went wrong in the first week when i got drunk and fucked my new house mate, bit of a mistake, turned out to be a dick. Afterwards i tried to split up with my bf... [more]

Guy watched me pee then asked me out

I'm a student, and me and a couple of friends were walking home drunk one night, and i really needed to pee. I knew i couldn't make it home so found somewhere secluded to pee. After checking i was alone, i dropped my panties and squated. What relief. I was conscious of the noise my pee was making as it hit the ground, and the little golden stream... [more]

My ex

My wife and I split up years ago and for the first five years of so afterwards she would just come by on a weekend night and want sex. I did not get it myself and it was not like I was mean to her while we were married we just did not agree on many things and she got tired of it.
One night I had a few friends over and she showed up, I thought she... [more]

Lesbian I don’t think so

My girlfriend friend is a lesbian, my girlfriend said her friend has always been with the same sex and she’s never known her to have been with a bloke.
I can now say differently! I’ve never spoke of this for obvious reasons.
Two months ago I was out on the drink, before getting drunk I saw my girlfriend lesbian friend in the same bar, had a... [more]

My first serious relationship

We never got married but lived together for several years, I was far from an angel but I knew there was not a future with him. I was prone to drinking way to much back then and woke up numerous times naked feeling like I had been used quite well. I woke up one morning and was a little bit sore, I had cum leaking out of me in two places. The party... [more]


I would just like to say that I am a jealous possessive guy if any body tried it on with my wife lets just say I wouldn't be happy . Now my wife and I got married very young she had not been with anyone else except me , And always said she would never be interested in anyone else . Now she is 40 i would say I still fancy her something rotten , She... [more]

Fucked by Moms boyfriend

When I was 16 I was fucked by my moms boyfriend.
My mum had me at 19 and was 35 at the time of meeting Daryl. They had been dating for a few months and one night they had been out and came back both drunk. I was still up watching TV and my mum let me have a drink with them. I only was allowed two Vodkas but they had a few, within a short time my... [more]

Had sex with groom and bride on their wedding day

So at the weekend my friend got married. We have been friends since we were young so i was her maid of honour. When it came to booking the hotel for the night before, she asked if i could book one less room and i come in with her as she was nervous and wanted a friend. Fair enough. That night in the room together she recalled the time i came on... [more]

Wife and young friend

My wife Dana is 42 very well in shape I’m 9 years older than her. I’ve noticed I can’t my cock erect as I used to. We’ve discussed this, even to the point where I’ve brought up Her needs and me wanting her to stay loyal to me and not some young random guy at her job. She’s been getting hit on by guys since we both can remember. She tells me how... [more]

Was straight till I had a thing with my gay friend n naborer

When I was 21 I woukd hang out with my gay friend n naborer n wed drink vodka but one night as we drank n watched porn I got horny n strted to jerk off not knowing wht woukd happen next as I stroked slow n Long he leans in and starts to suck me felt kinda strange to have another man suck me but also felt good as I was horny n tad drunk he kept... [more]

Hell hath no fury

Under the influence of alcohol, I once tried to persuade a married woman in the same neighborhood, to tie me up.....stupid, stupid! Turns out she and my wife were acquainted, and the neighbor was happy to tell her! I wondered what happened, one Friday evening when I came home from work, and was met with the sexpot my wife could easily be when... [more]

Neighbors girlfriend

My 25 year old neighbor had been trying to get me and my wife to go out and meet his new girlfriend. She happens to live about 30 minutes away. We decided on a Friday night and of course she was pretty cute brunette around 5’7 and nice round booty and perfect puffy tits.
As the night went on and we had drinks Justin asked me what I thought of... [more]

Nasty crackwhore

Last week, my wife was out of town visiting her parents. I was feeling really horny and decided I would go out to a local bar and try to pick up some strange for a night, as I had fucked only my wife for the past 8 years.
After a couple hours of drinking and striking out with the ladies, I decided to walk back to my apartment and just beat... [more]

My boss fucked my girlfriend

We had a happy hour in May where wives and girlfriends were invited. We are mostly men and only a few wives/girlfriends showed up. After a couple of hours it was just my girlfriend, my boss and two other guys and we were all pretty drunk. My girl was in a very flirty mood and my boss was monopolizing her attention. By the time I noticed it was... [more]

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