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Last week, I woke up about 1:30 in the morning. I got up to take a piss, and walking past my parents bedroom on the way to the bathroom, I heard some unexpected noises. My dad has been away for three weeks, he's been out of town, and on lockdown in New York, unable to come home yet. I heard my mom moaning, like she was getting laid, so at first I... [more]

Dumped my boyfriend because of bi-ness

I (22 female) was dating this guy (21 male), met him through a friend, and we hit it off. He was attractive, fit, smart, kind, self-motivated, and great in the sack. He loved to fuck. Really sexy.
After a couple of months of dating, we were comfortable enough to share things about our sexual past. He asked me if I'd ever done a threesome, and... [more]

Key Party

I got married in the early 90s and at that time people who wanted to had what we used to call key parties. A key party was held in someones home and the hostess would pass around a large jar where all the couples would deposit their car keys , one set of keys to a couple. After a time when everyone had been drinking for some time and all were... [more]

My wife Sees All and Tells All

My wife and i went to bed last night and the wife stared talking about some of our neighbors. She told me who was doing who and whose marriage was on the skids , that kind of thing. I asked her how she knew these things. She said we women tell each other things and men don't . For example last night she was with the girls talking across the... [more]

The Slut With In Me

With this crisis going on and making me stay home has gotten me craving real person to person sex. Also being at senior age doesn't help. Then Jon crossed my mind. He's my girlfriend's ex boyfriend. They been apart several years. I always wanted to hump him but didn't want to destroy my friendship with Janice. Janice knew I didn't mind that... [more]

Dominant Wife's 3som

My wife and i have been married for almost 20 years. Sexually speaking she has always been dominant in our relationship. She was that way when we were dating and she hasn't changed one bit. i remember once she told me she wanted to date some guy while she and I were about to be married. I went crazy but she said she was going to have this guy... [more]

How to cope with a stiffey at a royal garden party

Yes I know Monty Python, however I am of an age which puts in the at risk section of Covid-19 and old enough to have been able to watch The Python team on BBC back in the late 1960's. I have been married now for what seems like forever and enjoy every minute of life. Don't ask me how or why, however my husband and I got an invitation to a Royal... [more]

Trying It on For Size

Last summer my girlfriend and i went to her friends wedding, they were the prefect couple, young , smart and both professional people they had it all.
it turns out they did not have it all , he had the smallest cock in North America and the wife was tired of never cumming during sex . She told my girlfriend that he couldn't ever lick her pussy... [more]

Living The Pandemic Lifestyle

Our normal social lifestyle activity has been altered. This stay at home order has us doing things we really didn't expect to do. I live with my divorced mom and our neighbor is divorced also and I pal around with her son that lives with her at times. Since we can't go clubbing we do our social drinking in each other's house at times. Then the... [more]

Lesson for wife

My wife, for no reason, has started to find me very irritating when I shower her with love and affection. For many months now, I go to hug her or sleep in the spooning position she fights me off violently. I never took it personally, maybe because I love her too much, but now it's gotten to the point where I'm starting to have enough of... [more]

I admit to being a closeted sissy faggot

Yes, I'm in the closet, though I have been out before. I so much enjoy dressing in femware attire. Without sites like backpage, I no longer can find any pro dommies. That was so much fun being feminized, dominated, exposed and humiliated. The spankings, the cock sucking practice with their strapons. Bending over and being fucked with them. The... [more]


I got off work an hour early last week. I pull in walk in house like I always do. You know the story. I walk down the hall and just like i have heard in many a stories My wife was in bed with the neighbor. The door was open i could see them before i got to opening in dresser mirror.
He is 10 years younger than us. She was straddling him riding... [more]

Not quite 4 hour erection, but....

This past Saturday evening I took Viagra and got it on with my wife. It was unbelievable! After fucking her pussy through three orgasms and over thirty minutes she said "Stop! No more!" So she took me into her mouth and I knew by the lack of feeling in my cock that it wasn't going off anytime soon. I enjoyed the sight of my cock going in and... [more]

Control or just sex

Most men don't have a clue about how a woman can control the sex act. A woman can be overt and aggressive or passive in getting what she wants.
My first wife in the beginning of our marriage was submissive and never assertive at all. I would jump her anytime day or night and she never complained one bit. I decided what position we would do it in... [more]

The wife

One of my co workers brought in some sex CD s that he had for some time and wanted to get rid of them. There must have been a dozen of them so I took them all. Normally any porn people watch is on line and available to any one but these sex CD s were older and looked like they might be fun.
My wife of a few years told me i was wasting my time... [more]


About a year ago my wife and I moved into a new home out on long island. We had been married about a year and couldn't stand living in an apartment any longer. The area was perfect, we were on a small hill with a house on either side of us and two homes behind us. After a few days of cleaning and painting we started to meet the neighbors.
On... [more]

Caught Her

A while back I was dating a girl and we had plans to get married. In those days I was a typical young horny male , in love with his hear full of stupid notions about relationships .You know what I mean , finding a good girl that you could bring home to your mother , getting married and living happily ever after. What a steaming pile of horse... [more]

I can’t believe I agreed but I’m so excited

My girlfriend is sent me a text this morning of a hot woman fucking her SO with a strap on. The next message said “I want to fuck your ass like you fucked mine! So what do you think? Are you man enough to take a hard rubber cock in your ass?” Then she sent a link to a video. I’ll admit. Even before she sent me the link I was already saying yes!!!... [more]

I hurt that bitch and good

My slut of a wife was cheating on me with a former lover. We have been married seven years. It really hurt me when I found out from this neighbor that my wife was seen in his company on several occasions. Seen making out in his car right in front of our home. So I just lost it. I invited several of the men I work with over to our house. I'm a long... [more]

Fiancee Cheated, I Loved It

I recently found out that my wife (then-fiancee) cheated on me shortly before we got married. I do feel twinges of anger/jealousy about it, but I am also extremely turned on by it and overall love the fact that she did it. She acted sorry when she told me, but when I admitted that I was turned on instead of mad, she admitted that it was the best... [more]

Wife's Sister

Some time ago i had an affair with my ex wife's sister. It wasn't planned nor was I interested in her sister at all.
It was summer and we on vacation in Pennsylvania near her sisters house. Her sister was married only a year . and my wife wanted to stay a few days with her sister and her husband so i agreed.
One morning my wife and I were in... [more]

Swinging Wife

My wife and i have been married for about 5 years, we are both in our late twenties. She is in very good shape, goes to the gym 3 times a week after work. I on the other hand have let myself go, gained some weight and have gotten soft.
Last night we got into bed and started talking about relationships and how they change. She mentioned some... [more]

Cheating wife

My wife once had an affair with a 20 year old college kid who worked at a grocery store part time.
I knew something was wrong when she would come home from work later and later , so I decided to follow her one night
She would finish work then drive by our home to make sure my car was in the driveway then head off to meet her lover boy. She would... [more]

Love, sex and the Trucker.

My lovely wife and I don't have much sex anymore. We had four children together and during that time lots of great sex. She has put on pounds like most of older people have. But she still has a great body and turns me on. I was posting pictures of her on several porn sites. Pics of her when we first started dating and pictures now. I had lots of... [more]

Dick Showing

I am a male its a general question when I was in my late teens my dad frequently showed me his dick and kept asking to see mine hard to compare sizes I was a bit shy at first but I enjoyed, it started after we went to the swimming baths when were drying ourselves dad got a huge erection, I kept glancing at it, I must admit I wanted to hold it I... [more]

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