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Sibling sex part 1

I was sitting in my bedroom doing my usual gaming habit that I had back then when I was asked one of the most amazing questions by my sister.
"Would you be willing to play around some?", she said in an almost shy voice.
Now if you knew and grew up with her like I did then this would sound crazy because she was the farthest from being shy. She... [more]

I shared sex pictures and video of my wife on local site

Ok. I’m just a normal guy but I gotta admit that I wasn’t thinking of all the replies to the simple ad I placed to spice up the bedroom. My wife is a professional and we have been taking little videos and pictures of us doing everything naughty in the bedroom. We have been trying to get another guy or three to fufill a fantasy we have been... [more]

I went myself drunk and my date loved it

I am in college, and I recently met a guy at a party, he was cute, we swapped numbers and arranged a date. Neither of us has a car so we went somewhere near campus and walked. As we were walking back after a pretty good date I felt like I really needed to pee. We had been out drinking, and I'd drunk alot and forgotten to go to the bathroom. I... [more]

Watched my stepdaughter get fucked

So iv commented on here plenty comparing my slutty stepdaughter to other etc one being (busty daughter) long story short iv know her year and half, shes 18 going on 19 and dresses like a right dirty slut, i love her fuck me heels and the tight dresses, little leather skirts she wears and will admit iv wanked over her heels, boots, skirts and... [more]

Surprise for some " OLD " friends...

We got married in the late 70's at 18yrs old. And it was around that time VCR's first came out.But no local stores sold porn videos.So I had to go to a city about an hours drive away to buy any.While I was there one day I ran into a much older guy who was from the city I lived in he was in his late 50's. We got to talking about maybe trading some... [more]

Married but I NEED ass!!!!

I’m married. I know that is supposedly to be the line you don’t cross. My wife isn’t into anything anal and that is my biggest turn-on.
There is nothing sexier than the curves of a woman’s ass. There is nothing more erotic than anal. And there is nothing more taboo than eating a tight ass.
I haven’t acted on it but I need it bad. I hate to... [more]

Why she loved sex with blacks

My wife stated in college her first sexual experience with a black guy that she unexpectedly hooked up with had her lusting for blacks for a long time.
Even though she would date and hang out and have sex with white guys her desire for sex with black guys was always something she could not stop.She would hang with her friends until late around... [more]

Tammys second try

After her first guy we talked about the things that had gone wrong and we worked on them she agreed to di it again and we had fun planning it she would have to wear slacks so he would have to undress her this time instead of just wham bam thank you man like the first time and we agreed on them doing some foreplay to drag it out a little because... [more]

I helped voyeur my GF

I have a girlfriend in her mid twenties I think is hot, and other guys have told me as much--even her boss. Also, the idea of her being a bit of an exhibitionist admittedly turns me on. The only problem is she isn’t. When it’s just the two of us, she’s incredibly sexual. Overtime, I’ve made friends with him and we’ve gotten drunk together a number... [more]

So I wonder how many guys are into this

The majority of people identify as straight, right? Cool.
But I read that shemale porn is the second most popular on the various porn sites.
I have to admit that I was turned off by it the first time I heard of chicks with dicks. But some of them are damn pretty, and feminine. I wouldn't date a femboy, but some of them turn me on.
I have... [more]

Daughter's Phone Pics

Feel a bit bad admitting to this, but the rush is also something else.
Anyways, my daughter has been giving me some trouble as of late, like most of us did when we were in our early teens. One of our house rules is curfew by 11. She was out too late one night and as a result, had her phone and tablet taken away. I don't check her phone... [more]

Sucking my Neighbor Nick...

I was a restless 15-year-old girl with big boobs. My Mom and Dad fought constantly so I ended up hanging out at my neighbor Nick's house 3 houses down. He's older than my Dad, maybe 50-something? Not sure but he has salt & pepper hair. He's really nice to me and he's not a perv or anything. He shares his weed (which is really kickass!!!) and even... [more]

Up my fat wife’s butt

My wife is generally a pretty reserved and wholesome woman. She’s fat(a little over 400 pounds) not flashy, and is slow to try new things sexually.
The other night she was arranging gifts underneath the Christmas tree, bending over and pushing her massive fat ass into an inviting position. I walked over and pressed myself into her ass and... [more]

Question for females

Was wondering if there are any females, wives out there that can truely confess that they have always had a huge desire to have sex with your boyfriends close friend, husbands best friend.
I was wondering cause it seems like that sometimes when one of my friends is around. She seems to act totally different and would never fess up as I know it’s... [more]

I hate to admit

My wife is smart, beautiful, and is a very good Christian lady , but for some reason I have desires to talk about her to strangers and sometimes show pics of her to them, do yo think this is weird?

We both went bi bi

First off, this is all totally legit. Couldn't make this up if I wanted. I'm 47 and my wife is 45. We've been married for 10 years
I've been on nights for 6 months now. Wife works while I sleep during the day. So it was the weekend and we are in bed touching and rubbing and kissing. Wife says, "I've been thinking." I said, "About what?" She... [more]

I like to watch her, even if I shouldn't

My wife died shortly after our daughter graduated college, so she decided to come back home and live with me so I wouldn't be alone while I recovered from such a blow. Eventually she ended up staying, as she found a decent job in our hometown. We've been living together for the past 5 years now. I've been back on my feet for a while now, and for... [more]

Her Emotional Affair Makes Me Horny

There's this thing I can do to my wife when we're cuddling naked and she's getting sleepy. I talk to her softly and gently. I tell her that she's safe, and can tell me the truth about anything. I tell her I won't get mad no matter what she tells me. I tell her she'll tell me the absolute honest truth no matter what I ask ... that the truth... [more]

My first dirty talk experience

The first time my girlfriend decided to cheat on me was early in our relationship. It was on a Thursday night and she decided to go out with a friend who was feeling a little down. Linda had just turned 23 and was always turning heads of all ages. She was half Hispanic and half White but you could never tell she was Hispanic.She was gorgeous and... [more]

Her younger years

Wife confessed when we first met and discussed our past sexual experiences that when she worked as an intern in HS at a small business she had an affair with the owner was older.
She said every Friday everyone was able to leave half a day which left her stuck with her Boss.
One Friday when everyone had left he has called her into his office to... [more]

A Use Of Words.

I read a post and comments and I see now that maybe I should've used a little Punctuation, like Periods and Commas You know because after reading the post and the comments I see that maybe I wasn't right to look at comments and maybe I should've separated my words a little more, because in a post it said I sound stupid and I have a limited... [more]

I own her

People do a lot of forbidden things they would never admit, even though they find them fulfilling or even amazing. And I think that must be a pretty frustrating experience. I, for one, am pretty open about the fact that my older sister and I have amazing sex. We've been sex partners for about five years, and fucking together has never been... [more]

How I get myself hot

The best way I've found to get myself in the mood when I'm alone is to dress up in a tight mini-skirt, black fish nets, a nice fitting bra and high heels and prance around from room to room in my house. I love the way it makes me feel. Dressing like this makes me so horny. Sometimes I'll even watch tranny porn while I'm dressed like this. By the... [more]

Her past turns me on

My girlfriend and I have discussed past lovers. It doesn’t bother me that she tells me about her 3 past lovers. All who she admitted had bigger cocks whether it was length or girth. She tells me how she loved how much rougher they were than me. Even when she tells me how frequent and more often they would have sex it turns me on. Her favorite guy... [more]

My Mom and her best friend

After my dad passed away when I was around 13 my mom started hanging out with a friend of hers that was also without a husband but thru divorce. They were quite the pair and without sounding to bad I must admit that my mom was really gorgeous at this time in my life. I would get so excited on the weekends when she would walk around the house... [more]

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