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Young married wife

I have been married less than 2 months, big mistake, husband turned out to be a mummy's boy and it was stark that both my new MIL and FIL both wanted to get me into bed!
2 weeks after our wedding was a 1940's weekend in a sleepy little seaside town on the North Norfolk coast which my new husband said we had to attend with his parents, so I... [more]

Living with a Hot Wife

I have been married to my wife for 15 years. It's been a great 15 years. We met online. She wasn't specifically looking for the person she was going to marry but if she found him that would be cool. She was divorced. Her husband wasn't really into sex all that often and she was (and still is). He only wanted sex once a week at most. She wants sex... [more]

Photos of my Sister

Back when I was a teenager, in the days long before cell phones, my sister had given me an old chest of drawers that she and her boyfriend no longer needed. As I was going through it I discovered a strip of photo negatives. The negatives were small and I was unable to make out what was on them and on two of them looked like they could be of my... [more]

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Tell the truth and be honest

How many of you can say that you really had sex with your son ????,,,AND ENJOYED IT...I'm not afraid to admit it i'm a single mom with a college age son and professionally employed and I can truly say the experience has been truly fun and enjoyable for both of us...

Why does it turn him on?

I was molested when i was a kid for several years by my step dad. It happened over several years until i was into my early teens.
When i was dating my husband i told him my history. Now he ask me about it all the time.
I tell him details and telive it with him telling him everything.
He won’t admit it but I think it gets him aroused. We... [more]


I finally convinced my wife it was okay for her to
Go out with this guy that was hitting on her at work.
Keep it quiet and not to let him know i know.
So she set it up and told him i was at work one night and he came over. My wife doesn’t know i took off so i could spy and i made sure i could see in the window
Anyway he came over and hes... [more]

I showed my wife's naked pictures to a friend she works with

For awhile now I've been showing semi nude and completely nude pictures of my wife to a friend of mine she works with. The first few times think he was in shock and was sort of speechless but has gotten to the point he now asks for certain poses and I try to help. One of the best comments he has made is "I'm going to kill you because now every... [more]

My Wife Lost her Virginity while I Watched

My wife and I were both virgins when we met in college. When we were just starting dating and not exclusive yet, another guy asked her out and she accepted. He told her that there was a frat party and asked her if she wanted to go. So on Friday night she went to the frat party with him. Not having anything to do I went to the party by myself. I... [more]


My girlfriend and I are both 25. We naturally like to have sex, a lot. I will admit that we may have posted a few nudes here and there, none that I care to share though. The point is we both like sex. We watch porn and fuck like rabbits. I never in my dreams thought most of this shit on here or other sites were true. It just never happened.
I... [more]

This happened years ago before we were married

When my husband and I started experimenting with sex he admitted to me that I was not his first just so I knew it before we went farther than kissing. I told him while I had not had intercourse yet I had given and received oral with a couple of different boyfriends. So while we were not exactly wild crazy sex beasts we had dabbled around a bit. I... [more]

In hot water

I work for a large finance company, I'm 43/married, and my assistant has been working there for about a year. She's 23 and lives with a boyfriend. She's a hot blonde and I was attracted to her immediately. She is smart and has a great body. I'm actually training her to eventually advance upward in the company, so we spend a lot of time together... [more]

Deviant compulsion

This is listed under the naughty section because maybe that allows more adult content. I'll get right to it and what I did. First off I want to point out that I've never had a major charge and I have a relatively clean record save a couple public intoxications. I've never hurt anyone physically except in fights and I've never been abusive or... [more]

Deviant compulsion

This is listed under the naughty section because maybe that allows more adult content. I'll get right to it and what I did. First off I want to point out that I've never had a major charge and I have a relatively clean record save a couple public intoxications. I've never hurt anyone physically except in fights and I've never been abusive or... [more]

Sex with the cunt

I had sex with my sister (who is actually my adopted step cousin, anyway, that's a long story) she was the one who came on to me though. She is only a year older than me, so when my parents took her in at 12 years old, I wasn't too impressed to say the least. I hated her and I hated my parents for a long time.
When I was 15, she 16, my parents... [more]

Garter Belt

My wife and I are normal Jones who do the whole kids and school and afterschool events. We are the quintessential soccer mom soccer dad family. Like most families, my wife and I had been fighting about everything. Money, bills, sex, kids, you name it, and like most families who fight, one or the other eventually has an affair, even if it's just a... [more]


A co-ed high school near me is attended by about 1400 students ranging in age from 11 to 17. The 'official' girls uniform has the skirt length down to below their knees but almost all the girls cut that shorter to varying degrees and some of the girls from about 13 wear skirts so short you can see their ass cheeks. I find this phenomenon... [more]

Along Came Daryl Part 2

"No. I walk to the Village everyday to check things out and usually don't go back to my aunt's for like four hours. She doesn't know where I am. I'm not going to tell her. My aunt is in and out all of the time and I have a key. I come back whenever I want, usually for dinner. Could be 5:00 or later if I want.,”he says.
I didn’t know what to... [more]

Straight People- What's the Gayest Thing You've Ever Done?

I'm female, 22, straight. My boyfriend admitted to me last night after sex that he once went to a gay bar and hooked up with a guy out of curiosity. They went to my boyfriend's house, my boyfriend gave him a bowjob, and then the two had sex for a while after. I'm assuming this is common so-
What's the gayest thing you've done as a straight... [more]

College BBC was so much more amazing

I was reading the story “Dorm Dare” and it reminded me of my own college experience. It wasn’t a dare. It was just the story of college and I started remembering my own college experiences. This was before the internet and even mobile phone.
When I was in HS I didn’t date much until my Junior year. A basketball player took a liking to me. I... [more]

Are Bi Women more acceptable than Bi Men? Why

It seems to me that Bi women are very acceptable in both fantasies and in real life but Bi men do not seem to be as acceptable both in fantasies and in real life.
Why is that? In your opinion what is the reason for this view? I’ve known women who are Bi or have had Bi experiences that even seem to be put off by the idea of Bi men.
Any... [more]

I got busted sharing pics of husband

My husband saw the naked pics and embarrassing videos of him on my texts to my sister. She’s 2 years younger than me and we’re best friends. We share everything. He likes to be humiliated of his size and loves it when I force him to do degrading things. It started when my sister told me that my husband was perfect, he is good looking, a nice guy... [more]

Sleeping Beauty

I did something last night that I thought was gonna turn out to be a mistake.
Some background. I love my wife, and I still think she's so hot, I don't know if I'll ever be used to the fact that I can look at her whenever I want, that I get to see her naked pretty much every day, that I get to fuck her, and sleep in the same bed as her.
For a... [more]

My Wife Cucked Me WTF!!!!!!

I thought things were really great. My wife told me I was good in bed. Now I find out that she has been fucking an old lover a couple times a week for the last eight or nine months. She told me that I have not given her one single orgasm the whole time we have been married. That's almost six years. She told me that her former boyfriend who has a... [more]

Stepdaughter Lazy

I will admit that my stepdaughter is lazy as fuck, but she is hot as fuck too. Her mother, my wife has never made this girl do a damn thing in her life. She puts on the "I'm so cute" face and everyone gives into her every demands. It's really quite sickening and I can't stand it, never have. Only reason I tolerate her is because she has a hot... [more]

Not all black men are well endowed.

Ok so I am a gay black man. There I said it. Black men are the most hung up about guys like me. It literally scares them to death cause they fear deep down they might be queer like me. The other thing is I have a not so large penis. Yep I admit it. Sorry to all who have come to expect all of us to have huge monster cocks that make lesser men... [more]

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