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Brother in law completely naked

On the 26 September 2019 my husband said it’s his brother birthday completely forgot about it, he asked me if I could get a card and delivery it.
Later in the day I delivered the card, I knocked on his door and no answer as I was about to put the card in the letter box the door opened and he was completely naked, he said hi how you doing while... [more]

Inadvertently admit I'm bisexual

So my wife and I were sitting on the couch and she asked the question that every woman asks their man. Would you get remarried if I died? I said, "Immediately? No. Ever? Probably not." She said, So you wouldn't have sex again?" I said, "You didn't ask that." She said, "How long before you would have sex with another woman?" I said, "Probably... [more]

Daughter's Phone Pixxxs

Feel a bit bad admitting to this, but the rush is also something else.
Anyways, my daughter has been giving me some trouble as of late, like most of us did when we were in our early teens. One of our house rules is curfew by 11. She was out too late one night and as a result, had her phone and tablet taken away. I don't check her phone... [more]

Eddie's resolution

The first time was for me, a whole new experience of what I'd accept in my life. Not only seeing her take Eddie's cock in all her holes, but also acknowledging my wife's need for more sex than I could offer her.
Yes I could have walked away, and yes we would now after this length of time, be divorced. Yet the circumstances of how I ended up... [more]

Neighbors wife

I helped out my neighbor about ten years ago all the time, they have moved since then so have not seen them in a few years now. He was a good guy just not very reliable sometimes and borrowed stuff all the time. His car broke down once and he was really bummed because he told me as we were working on it that it was going to have to sit in the... [more]

Wife's sister

Know how they always say the word is really small? Well I can tell you first hand that it's very small.
When I was in college I met a girl who I became great friends with. We never technically dated, but we did have sex many times. After college she moved back home to California and I got a job in Chicago. We tried to stay in touch, but this... [more]

Peeping on Males

I was speaking with a like minded pervert and voyeur, recently . She's much younger than me, and much more hi-tech in the pursuit of her desires. She'll place hidden cameras and use drones whereas I'm old skool and use binoculars to access open curtains or blinds. She and I both prowl sex clubs, and x-rated cinemas, never participating, just... [more]

Best friends brother

On a Whim I had sex with my bestfriends brother and now she won't talk to me. Jen and I have been bestfriends since grade school. We go everywhere together and we talk about everything. She was there the night I lost my virginity (not in the same room), and she was there the night I got engaged to the biggest creep in the world. She of course was... [more]

Mommy's knee

To most this will probably seem off but i m a married guy with grown up daughters but at least once a week I go to my mummy for a good old fashioned spanking my wife is very vanilla I have always been into spanking and my mummy always enjoyed doing it ,I find it very embarrassing at my age over mummy knee she's 72 and always wears tan or black... [more]

My husband is acting strange.

My husband and I have been married for 30 wonderful years. He is now 58 years old, and still a very handsome man, and still the best in bed, or anywhere I've ever had. Our sex life has is awesome, oral, anal, toys, pee play, and of course we get real kinky form time to time. I've never had a cock so big and hard as my husbands.
Well enough... [more]

Road show

Frank and I married 2 years ago. We had little money, but still wanted to honeymoon. We packed the car and drove to Florida. To save money we slept in the car at rest stops. We stopped one night and started getting it on. Frank was between my legs making love to me when I noticed a man standing outside the door. He was watching us have sex. This... [more]

She dreamt about him... again!

I’m home finally from a business trip out of town and join her in bed. So, my wife whispers to me that she thinks she dreamt about him again last night.
He’s a friend of ours who travels a lot for his job and is very independent, confident, intelligent, and interesting in a kind of rough unkept way. He is in and out of town often and visits... [more]

Road repairs

The road repairs crew have been working on a new road in front of my house. While watching them on late afternoon my wife made the comment about several of them being cute. We have a somewhat of an open relationship. Mostly because I can't keep my dick in my pants, but it goes both ways. I came home from work and my wife started to tell me how... [more]

Out of town

My parents went on a trip so they asked me to check on the house while they were gone. On the third day that I check I noticed a light on in the house that I didn't leave on. I assumed someone had broken in and called the police. They showed up and we entered the house to find one of my dads friend asleep on the couch. I questioned why he was... [more]

With Kat at the Crack Plaza

So, I'd met this crazy little drunk bitch at my dealer's place. Her name was "Kat" and she masturbated for me at this storage facility, and blew me and stroked me off. She'd given me her number, and a week later I called her in the early evening. My wife was out of town and I was left to my own devices. She didn't remember me, and I had to run it... [more]

Cheating With My Neighbor - Chaper 2

Chapter 2 - The Fire of Cheating Was Burning…

Jazmin was back at my house three hours later with a small suitcase in hand.
We immediately engaged in another passionate kiss, but this time, I let my hands drift down to her rear, cupping her ass cheeks. My cock was getting hard, and I believe Jazmin felt it since she pushed her crotch harder... [more]

Funny Faces

My latest g/f, a pleasingly plump, nerdy and brilliant young lady broke into giggles the first time I fucked her, mainly, when I orgasmed. I asked her what was up and she shyly admitted she loved the " funny faces guys make when they come. " At first it made me really self-conscious, but when I finally understood she actually got off on it, I just... [more]

Caught cumming against washer in utility room

I am a 64 year old guy and I had my first washing machine induced orgasm this morning. I have what most would call a tiny cock that is basically inverted when flaccid and was wearing cargo shorts this morning while doing laundry. I leaned forward against the washer while folding towels and it was vibrating at just the right frequency to create a... [more]

Loving wife

Spring and Summer are the busiest times for me at work. We finished early this year and the wife and I were able to go on vacation last week. I have to admit that my biggest fantasy is to watch my wife fuck another man. For years I have asked her to fill that fantasy and for years she has declined.
We went to the Yellowstone area and rented a... [more]

Raped by girls

O was 14 and I had an older sister she would have her friends over some times. her friends would hang up on my and kida surround me they were all a few years older then me and much bigger, I felt timid around them. Even so her friends were very attractive, I even kind of liked one of them. But I was still scared of them even if they were hot and... [more]

Fetish cross dressing

Once I found a wet pair of mom's panties, there was no going back. Mom teased me by tempting me with all sorts of sexy lingerie and even high heels. This included pornography too. Lurid stories of mother son incestuous affairs. Mothers that seduced their own sons by flaunting their luscious long legs in shimmering pantyhose and "Fuck Me" 6 inch... [more]

My wife told her family and friends that I have a small cock.

I have always known that I have a small cock. When I was 14, both my 12 year old and 10 year old brothers had larger cocks than I did. Even my mom, in a truly concerned tone, told me that she was sure it would eventually grow. It grew to about 4" and no more. My wife admitted that she shared my size with her friends, her sisters, and her mom. I... [more]

Hooked on her

Up until six months ago, my older half sister and I didn’t know about each other (long story involving an unfaithful asshole of a dad). She’s much older than me, she’s 37 and I’m 22. There was no ill will when we met. We actually got along almost instantly, way too well actually.
She’s very open minded and very forward. She took me out one... [more]


When my husband Ted came home from work last night I could tell he had a stressful day so after our 15 year old daughter went to bed we did also.
as I had thought he cuddled up close to me and whispered in my ear I need you tonight.
I laughed and rolled onto my back and opened my legs for him and he mounted me silently slipping his cock into... [more]

Camping changed us

I love to go camping and hiking and all the outdoor things. I used to go all the time until I got married and my wife who didn't like the outdoors. Over time I convinced her to try it and she finally admitted that it was relaxing. We started going to this secluded area in one of the state parks and out of the 40 or so times we went to this spot we... [more]

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