Just "Friends"

I'm slightly smitten with the guy I've been having a FWB relationship with. All of my sexual encounters have either turned into casual sex or started out that way, so Im not new to the whole f*** buddy arrangement. But with me and him we actually turned into pretty good friends. He graduated and moved back home a little after we started our FWB... [more]

I fucking want to be with you baby

Im married, hes about to get married, we talk a lot lately but it looks like if we were made to fuck, i love my husband a lot but last nite i had cam sex with this guy, i saw his veiny dick on cam i showed myself, i squirted on cam n so did he, i wish he loads hos milky cum in my mouth and ass.. i want him to fuck me hard until i cry.. id fuck him... [more]

Is this normal?

I'm 14 and I'm pretty sure this is normal but I always wanted to get pics or videos of girls my age. Full body exposed or not just some skin. Here some things I like:
1) naked girls my age sending me pics
2) I've always thought cheerleaders to be sexy
3) always wanted to have sex with a cheerleader while she is in uniform
4) I have always... [more]


I want to remain a virgin til i get married. or until im 30. whichever comes first. but my problem is im always horny and sex is always on my mind. if i wasnt a virgin id probably be having sex right now

I fucked my Cousins when she was in sleep Part 1

Hello all, I want to confess about the act that changed my life. It happened when I was 13 (in present I am 33), in class 8, living in a joint family. I was at home alone watching TV and my young female cousin 1 (aged 11, in class 6) came after her school finished. She went to the room to change cloths. After 10 minutes I asked my cousin to give... [more]

I fucked my Cousins when she was in sleep Part 2

After some days when we were alone at home she told me to play with her, I said ok and asked her what she would like to play. She replied “Let’s play Doctor-Doctor”; I said “What is this game? How to play it?” She told me that she will act as a patient and I have to act as a doctor who treats her with doctor kit. I said ok and started the game... [more]

I fucked my Cousins when she was in sleep Part 3

It was about two months and I was unable to touch her properly also I was fed up of her reduced reaction time and having sleepless nights with no oral sex enjoyment. One day my cousin 1’s cousin “cousin 2” came to our house to stay with us. She was 12 and took admission in my school in class 6 also she was to sleep with us in our room. (Let me... [more]

I fucked my Cousins when she was in sleep Part 4

And that was about to happen. At about 3 at night after taking a rest for a while, I moved towards her pussy part and pulled her skirt up revealing her sexy red panty, thighs and knees. Seriously I was having no idea why she was wearing white bra with red panty, but why I should care. Then I positioned myself next to her pussy and pulled down her... [more]

Competitive, Groping Boyfriend.

My boyfriend is always "competing" with my ex-boyfriend sex wise, and asking me how far I went with my ex. He likes to grope me in the street or in public sometimes and ask me, "How would you feel if I did this in front of _____?" To which I always punch him, but he thinks he can get away with it ALL THE TIME.

Embarrassing vasectomy

My wife and I decided we no longer want any more children and as she needed to come off the pill we decided I would get a vasectomy. We booked an appointment at the clinic for an interview, when we arrived a nurse took us to a room away from the main area there she conducted the interview basically making sure we where certain we both agreed to... [more]

I'm a cuckold to the love of my life and another man

Before any of you doubt it, I promise this confession is 100% true. There is absolutely no falsehood in any of it. I also welcome all input, both positive and negative, you may have.
I have been in a cuckold relationship with my Queen for the last six years. Throughout our relationship, I have never, ever, slept with her. And she has made it... [more]

Curious Older Straight Male

I am a straight married 74 year old male who has been curious about a male relationship for a long time, but the urge keeps getting stronger. I did suck a mans dick one time years ago, but never had the opportunity again even though I did enjoy it. Besides oral I have also been fantasizing about having anal sex (I want to be the one getting... [more]

My mature nude wife

I found this photo on a email that my wife doesn’t use anymore. I guess whoever took the photo sent her a copy. She looks quite comfortable posing nude in the photo so it is obvious that she was nude for him quite often. I’m not sure but I think they met for sex.


I want to know what it's like to be a woman. I've been with many women and have had sex more than 200 times probably but I was never satisfied it seemed. I've grown to like sex toys, dildos in particular, and have not really been open about it but rather kept it quiet. Maybe it was due to my dissatisfaction. I feel like some women don't use their... [more]

I want to pop my own cherry?

My best friend ❤ had sex and was bleeding and he told everyone. How do open myself up ????

Me my wife and my buddy

My wife and I have a great sex life and one night I confessed that I wanted to have a threesome with another guy. She was a little turned on but wanted to be careful about it. One weekend I had to work a trade show with a friend and coworker and she went along. We were in our 30’s and knew him from high school and after working we were all having... [more]

Daddy Knows How

Last month, on Niki's 18th birthday, she'd had sex for the first time in her life. It hadn't hurt like she'd thought it would, but it hadn't been very good either. It was sweaty and uncomfortable and over real quick. She'd imagined what it would be like to be fucked and it was nothing like those things that had had her dripping wet and pumping her... [more]

Nude beach fun

Mark balked. "But what if someone sees us?"
"Even better to be watched, darling. They won't know I'm your mother. They'll just think I'm a lucky old tart who's seduced a fit young cock."
His mother's sexy voice, thick with desire, unfurled Mark's penis.
"But what if someone calls the police?" the young man asked as his mother spread the... [more]

Mature pussy

Compared to a younger one, a mature/older pussy with hanging lips though looks loose and well fucked, is definitely slutty and more inviting. They are sexy and flexible enough to take both average and big cocks inside them. A mature woman with a well fucked, loose gaping pussy knows the ways of a strong cock of any size. I am in my mid-40s and a... [more]

My sexy sister

I have a sister who is very sexy. I don’t even see as my sister, because she looks so good. We have a close relationship and do a lot of things together. Sometimes when she sleeps over at my place, she casually walks around in her bikini panties and a T-shirt. Recently she and I were sleeping in my bed. Usually, she sleeps on one side and me on... [more]

Wife pictures

Any body wants to see pictures of my wife who loves to fuck black guys send your email address

Wife's co worker

My wife and I have been married for 2 years and things seemed ok , we both work and on weekends I spend my time fixing up our house, she does the shopping and does other things like cleaning , a real normal life
Lately the wife seemed distant from my, she was on the cell more than usual and when she went to work she would dress looking like a... [more]


Would love to share pictures of our wife and have stories

Sometimes flashing just isn't enough...

My wife and I got married when we were both only 18 and soon got into the swinger lifestyle of the seventies. Within only a few months we'd had threesomes and swapped wives as well as a couple of small gangbangs. But something that was a constant was my wife exposing her hot 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 body. With long red hair and matching bush, she... [more]

Size Can Matter

Hi, my name is Terri. My best friend at the time I was 20 was a male. His name is Jim. We had grown up together having lived side by side (in adjoining rooms) since we were infants. We had never been anything but friends from a sexual standpoint, but had talked about each other's sexual secrets and histories.
In case you haven't figured it out... [more]

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