I'm an adult lesbian, but I masturbate to fantasies of being a ten-year-old girl molested by nasty, ugly old men.

Rare and Unfair

I don't often feel sexually attracted to people. There have been times when I've wondered if I'm asexual because the idea of sex was just so bleh and boring to me. But then there's my roommate.
I have never, EVER wanted someone so badly in a sexual way as I want her. She's beautiful and powerful and soft and smooth. Her voice is dark and... [more]

I like older men

Im a 13-14 year old girl, and i like older men... 30-40. idk why... its just... hot. i just want to have sex with them... dont judge me, ok? and i also masterbate to old men penis... o-o lol...

Sex video

I installed video cameras and sound recorders everywhere in my house, and I didn't tell my girlfriend. I've asked her to make home videos with me me but she keeps refusing. So I did it without her permission. I bought her toys and tell her i get turned on watching her masterbate. She plays with herself in front of me, and I record all of it... [more]

I am not gay or bi but am i gay??

At the age of 18 i was unstoperbly love with a girl.i wanted to stop loving her coz she is married and having to forget her i did weird things.smoking weed and etc.finaly i tho8 i wish i was gay so love to her my huge crush to her would be stop so 3 times i had sex with gay man.i got a blow job and i fack his ass.its realy gross when i... [more]

Underage Porn

Is it really that wrong to be curious about underage porn? I mean, what if someone is underage themselves? It's probably just me, but I've never seen what's wrong with post-pubescent teens doing that sort of stuff if they wanted to.

Need a woman

Im 14. Im a boy. I need a woman. i want to cum inside a girls mouth. i also like pissing on girls, yeah i know im weird so what? i need my virginity taken. PLEASE!! il do anything as long as it happens on my own terms. please? im begging now out to the world my problems. -Bane98

Mature married woman cheats

I am a 48 year old married woman. I've been married to my husband for 25 years. We haven't had sex for the past 7 years and we don't even sleep in the same room. 2 years ago I started having an affair with a very good friend of mine who is also a woman. We have sex about 4-5 times a week. It's almost always at my house and usually while my husband... [more]

Enjoyable massage

I'm a mid-20s, professional male massage therapist. I am very good at separating my emotions from my work. My job requires me to essentially rub oil over naked bodies, so I have to stay objective and grounded. But wife had a C-section and we were told no sex for at least 8 weeks. I have a lot of female student clients (ages 18-25), and... [more]


I Want Sex ANd Im 14 And ImA Boy

What Do I Do And Who

I Am 14 I Am A Boy Girl Always Call me Actractive GoodLookin And Handsome But I ALWAYS Want se xfrom them im just scared that it will ruin our driendship i want sex bad any1 up for it lol jp but help?!?!??!?!?!

I Loved It, Even If Its Wrong!

So I gave a married man a blowjob and we both enjoyed it and I know its wrong but I dont care I loved it and so did he and we have already made plans to have full on intercourse. He is bi curious I guess lol this was the first time he hooked up with a guy but he really enjoyed it and its a huge secret of mine but I am willing to confess on here... [more]

Did it, then did it again, stopped, then went back.

I started a relationship with a married man. He told me he was getting a divorce. Not sure now if he carried through with it. So we became physical. I met his children. He is a family man but I had his heart. Then i told him i couldn't do it anymore. I thought i was pregnant and panicked. We attempted to break up. But that didn't last. I went... [more]

Submissive awakening

I have been with my husband for 5 years . We recently separated for a short period and I met this man that is amazing. He has a great job, he's attractive , well edcucated and amazing in bed. I always wanted my husband to be more dominant in the bedroom... Rough me up a little... He just doesn't have it in him I think . Well this man I met is... [more]

Sucking cock in an Adult Bookstore Booth

I was out of town on a business trip and my hotel didn't have any porn to jackoff to so I went to an adult video store to rent some. The guy there said they had some booth in the back, so I went to to the back room to bust a nut. There were a bunch of guys standing around, and one even had his cock hanging out of his pants. I had never used a... [more]

Am i bad?

I just had my baby and its a girl! i was holding her when i saw her pussy i just looked at it and then i noticed i was wet and horny. i took it home and i kissed it and then rememberd its pussy. i pulled down her diper and licked it and it tasted so good! so i started fingering it and she giggled. she was happy. so the next day i baught a strapon... [more]

Watching Gay Porn With Wife

I get turned on watching gay porn with my wife. The first time we did it she said that she wanted to pick out the video. She got some gay porn and said that she wanted to see 2 guys together. We got in bed and were teasing each other she said that she wanted me to hug her with my cock agianst her ass. Then she asked me to lube up and rub my... [more]

Best Feeling of My Life!

The year 2020 had been trying for me and I felt that ending the year out on a high note would be great. I had never really been into drugs other than a few times smoking weed and alcohol. I found a product on the internet called sextacy and bought a small bag after reading the glowing reviews.
After receiving the product I decided that I would... [more]

Mom's Have Urges Too - 8

Andy smiled and moved toward the bed, pulling his mother up with him. He stripped quickly. When he saw that his mother had made no move to take her robe off he returned to her and untied the robe and then pushed it to the floor. He felt her tremble as his hands slide down her arms and then cupped her breasts. "God, they are beautiful. Can I kiss... [more]


I am divorced, in my sixties and I watch porn. I started watching transsexual porn. I got so turned on by it I became obsessed. I decided I had to visit a TS in person. First time ever. She was very nice, pretty, Asian. We got naked, I got on my knees and took her cock in my mouth. I sucked her good and deep. Her hands were on head clutching my... [more]

First time my wife cheated on me (I think)

I know about how it all happened because the guy she fucked told a friend about doing her, and the friend later gave me all the details. One Saturday Janet said she had to go down to a convenience store to pick up some wine. The store was just around from the apartment complex we lived in at the time. I noticed she had a skirt on when she left. I... [more]

Wife pussy

She always had a wet pussy and was submissive

Motivated FWBs are twice as fun as 10s

I've been with very attractive women and jumped through all kinds of hoops to please them. Inevitably there came a point when it felt as if my efforts to pleasure them were received as if THEY were doing ME a favor. I do enjoy pleasing, but if my efforts aren't appreciated, whats the point.
I also enjoy playing a more dominant selfish role. If... [more]

My cuckold life has stepped up

So my wife Suzy has been exclusively fucking black men for the last 4 years. In that time she has been bedded by over 50 men, some of the long term ones have fucked her over 100 times. I was always allowed to fuck her after, then it became only after every 10th fuck she had which spurred me to egg her to have more sex with her lovers. Then it was... [more]

I got caught with my panties on

Everytime I do any type of drug or drink to get a little buzz or get high, I get horny. Not like a hard-on I can just jack and be done. I turn into a super Sissy and wear women's clothing head to toe shaven and makeup with a wig and heels.
I bought some ice from a friend at work and decided to get high on my day off. I forgot that my landlord... [more]

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