Crusty panties

On a church trip in high school we stopped at a beach. A girl I had a crush on left her undies sitting on the beach in the van. I saw them and immediately picked them up and sniffed. They were the rankest, funkiest thing ever. But that didn’t matter. I was hooked. I’m sure I’ve sniffed over 100 different women’s panties now. We were both 16... [more]

Roomies Mom

Went to my roommates house for the weekend when we were in college. He went to bed I stayed up and his mom sits next to me and starts rubbing my crotch. I said “ can you do that?” She said yes can you.
In minutes we were in the spare bedroom going at it. This room was right between her room where her husband was sleeping and her sons room... [more]

I am a married guy (submissive Cd) I love cock

I am a married Cd slut who loves dressing sexy and have guys use me for their sexual fun. I like being submissive and being dominated with bondage used on me. I like light torture, nipple clamps, cock and balls tied and bound. I like being used by more than one at a time, having pictures or videos of our sexual fun and I love being watched when I... [more]

Fantasizing I am my sexy wife

I am happily married Cd married to a beautiful blonde blue eyed woman with a beautiful smile and nice tiny tits with long nipples that drive me crazy. when we were first married and into wild sex she would tell me about some of her sexual flings with dates, how big his cock was and how much of it she could get into her mouth. it drove me into... [more]

Piss fart

I like pissing in a bowl and farting to make bubbles which I pop woth my tongue 😜

I think they knew

I was getting ready for work the other day and was running really late, struggling to get my makeup on in the bathroom mirror etc. My husband walked in on me with his dick in his hand and asked if I was up for a quickie. I said, "No, I'm really late for work," but he kept pawing at me under my skirt, and I said, "Well, okay, but make it quick." I... [more]

Same douche

Same douche boy writes half of these, and they're not even good.

Little nervous

I'm little nervous I been with same girl for the last 5 years. I'm 25 and so is she. Her name is Samantha , She is a great girl to be with. She cooks well. Sex with her is great. She got a nice thick booty. 36 d tits and weighs Probaly 135 lbs. Great personality. Brunette hair. Blue eyes.
Well recently she left her messenger open on computer... [more]

Shut the F### UP!

Out at a bar this weekend, a group of girls was at a table hanging out, and then they ended up moving to the bar. One was a loud troll who couldn't hold her liquor and was getting hammered and even more loud. It's amazing how one shrill voice can cut through loud music, but it did. She pronounced several vowels the same way, with that fucking... [more]


Been going to the same place for a while, good bar, lots of tvs, good food, and made friends with some of the girls that worked there. One I found really cute and always tried to have her as my waitress. Over months, we knew a lot about each other, and she said she had grad school bills, etc. and had to work a lot. I joked about her needing a... [more]


When I was 11 years old in 1979 I was spanked in class for wetting myself and had my bare bottom spanked over miss Taylor’s knee was extremely humiliating but for some reason I liked it , my mum is loud, bubbly very buxom blonde lady and I asked her to spank me over her knee in public I wanted to experience this don’t know why , my mum said I was... [more]

Obsessed with my Sister In Law

I've been obsessed with my sister in law for over ten years. Ever since I married her sister she has come to stay with us for extended periods of time to see her sister. When we had kids she came even more.
Everything was fine until my wife and I stopped having regular sex because of children. I then developed a longing for my SIL. She's 5'2"... [more]

Love it

I'm married to a beautiful woman , simply gorgeous. Many people ask how I got so lucky. They even give me a hard time , because I'm not a big man I'm actually kind of feminine. My thing is to put a tiny little mini skirt on under my sweat pants and go to the adult book/video stores. Once inside I take my sweats off and shirt. Nearly naked I go... [more]

Why can't I stop thinking about them?

I'm a guy, 30, in a very loving relationship, fulfilling in every way, with a woman slightly younger than me. I truly love her and wouldn't cheat on her even if it were the only way to save my life in some batshit situation. But there's an aspect of me I haven't been able to supress. I'm not worried since it's not something I can't control or that... [more]

Sexual frustration

I can’t stop thinking about how much I wanna go down on a guy. All my life I’ve always found attraction to women even when I was younger. now that I’ve grown older and have had my fair share of women, I want to just go down on a cis-male. Now I am married, to a trans man, and my first time ever being with a cis-male was two years ago with his best... [more]


In another post I promised to tell the whole story, but I don't want it to be too long of a post... so here goes: I'm a guy, currently 28, and for five years or so I've been sexually involved with my biological mother, currently 45. We've been in a marital style relationship for three years, and we're expecting a baby together.
Long story... [more]

Morgan, My Friend, and Maggie, My Wife

I am a guy with tongue fetish. I get aroused and seduced just by seeing long & pointed tongues of women. At the age of 27, when I shifted to a new hostel, I happened to meet Morgan (that's how we call him) of my age, and we become friends. One fine day I happened to see his long tongue, when he was licking ice-cream cone that was dripping all over... [more]

Sister-in-law's panties

I like to use my sister-in-law's nylon bikini panties to masturbate. I get two used panties. I lick one panty to taste her cunt, while I wrap her second panty around my hard-stiff cock and jack off. It doesn't get better than this...although, I 'do' like to spread a panty out on the bed, and 'fuck' her panty. Love the soft, smooth feeling of... [more]

Little cousin Jacked me off

Well idk how all this started. I was about 12. My cousin 9. Maybe 8. were kids! so well play.
times were good. so I used play with her and her sisters and what not. All the time. Then we started getting Into spooky stories. And the best way to tell those, was in the dark.
so we're all telling spooky stories. And for some odd reason we put... [more]

Sleeping with my partners daughter

Firstly i want to make this clear i am not proud of my actions, things just blew out of control and i am stuck in this messy situation.
when my
partners daughter went off to university back in September i thought ”great, it will do her some good, learn responsibility and some independence as she has always (in my eyes) been lazy, not motivated... [more]

I got lot of blow jobs

My piano teacher gave me blow jobs since I was 8. I learned to find men to give me blow jobs and found many. Did this all the way till I graduated from college.

Finally got it done

I had been asking my wife for years to have sex with another guy in front of me but she always refused saying she only wanted to be with me.
This last summer was our 20 year anniversary so we booked a week long stay in a cabin. We were sitting on the back deck when the guy we rented the place from came around the corner. He asked us how we were... [more]

Husband doesn't know I did amateur porn

I've been happily married for 8 years. Up to his point my husband has no idea that I have performed in amateur pornagraphy and worked as a camgirl. My face and naked body has gained a few million views over the years and many of my pics and vids are still being shared around the net. Many of these performances took place while we were dating and... [more]

Showing off my wife

I know that I am being seriously naughty; by not telling my wife, but for possibly the last 3 years, I have been posting images of her randomly on-line in various poses, and sexual acts.
Harmless, well for a while - as I would post them without any recognisable features, like keeping her face blurred or touching up her tattoo as it would... [more]

My neighbors libido

His wife leaves the house around seven forty five, taking their two kids to pre school club. Then she drives to work.
He owns a building company and drives into his office, leaving home around nine thirty.
For the past fourteen months, every week day, and sometimes at weekends, he's been calling by my apartment, letting himself in and having me... [more]

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