The other night, my girl let me fuck her from behind for the first time ever. It was incredible. It felt completely different being in her pussy from this angle. I pounded her for like an hour before we both finished each other. She made me so happy when she presented herself to me. She was lying on her stomach and she spread her legs out... [more]

Change when turned on

I'm a member of aff and whenever i feel like a wank i go onto the site and try chat to girls and watch there cams and stuff. But when im horny it seems like i turn into a different person, guys chat me and i cant ignore them, its like part of me forces myself to chat,. Any way they always end up turning me on calling me names and stuff and more... [more]

"This is just between us."

I have been crushing on this guy I met in college. He is so funny and an all around great person. He kissed me about two weeks ago and one thing led to another and we were fooling around in my bedroom. I got uncomfortable because my roommates were just outside the room and so I put a stop to what we were about to do. That following weekend I found... [more]

I think im bisexual

I am from mumbai, india. and am pretty sure i am bisexual. i would love to do it with a girl but i dunno how to find girls with similar likes

Im addicted to sex

I am very addicted to sex. I am in a serious relationship with the best guy in the world. we love each other a lot and have been in a relationship for over 2 years. The problem is we live away and I feel horny a bit too often. I resist myself from doing bad things to other guys but Im afraid i might just get carried away and sleep with someone. I... [more]

Sexy daughter

After my wife died i started playing with my 23 yr old daughter she didnt really seem to mind comming to my bed whenever i asked. i never fucked her but i did make her cum with my tongue on two occassions it was great at the time but now,,,,, she has moved out

I cant believe i did that

Yesterday i put an ad on craigslist asking for a black guy to come to my house meet my husband, and go in our room and have sex with me. sure enough i found one reply i thought would be good, my husband agreed, the guy came over, met him, and we did it. it was so amazing... i know this might be a shock to some that my husband was ok with it, but... [more]

Blow Hard

I sucked my little brother off and I enjoyed it. I can't wait for my son to be born so I can do the same for him.

My girlfriends girl

I have been fantasizing about my girlfriends daughter. She has got an awesome set of tits, well I haven't actually seen them but for her age they are outstanding. She does things like hug me for no reason and press her tits against my chest then walk away with a big grin.or she will sit with me on my bed with shorts that are loose, her legs open... [more]

I am young

Once i look at these i get a boner i am only 13. there is one about a sluty 14 year old girl masterbaiting while in a movie with her family and one guy notices, i want a slut like that so i could bring her somewere and fuck hef brains out. i wish women would be like that so i could fuck some one, im just ready to have sex i love wet pussy ... and... [more]

Home Improvement shoes

I watch a lot of home improvement shows, the kinds where the hosts go into people's homes and help them with renovations and such. If the woman of the house is reasonably attractive, I like to fantsize about having sex with her, particularly with her giving me a blow job. If you are one of those women, and you are reasonably attractive, it is... [more]

Friends or more

One day me and my girlfriend were board and decided to go to see a movie to our surprise the movie theater was empty and we were alone I started getting a boner because she was feeling around her pussy so I reached up and grabbed her boobs after that we weren't even watching the movie and I full on was banging her for about an hour and cumed a lot... [more]

Random phone chat of any kind

I just want to talk with a random girl, I don't care how old or what she looks like, she could email me her number, does not have to be sex chat or dirty, maybe we could pretend we are in love!

I like it too much

my sisters boyfriend came over... my sister fell asleep and me and her bf were talking.i realized I gave a huge crush on her bf. He started talking about how he likes guys and stuff. Well things started to enhance. I went to the bathroom and he was naked on my bed when I came in my room. Oh it was marvilouse he set p candels and turned the lights... [more]

How do i get what i want?

I want to be tied down, choked, spanked while being fucked. i want it shoved up my @$$ until i either cum or cry, i want to be raped... dragged to the bedroom by my hair and hand cuffed. i have told my husband these things, but i dont think he truly understands what i mean, hes put his hand around my throat little, and we've played with cuffs. but... [more]

When I stop masturbating for days, I have many gay thoughts

Im not really embarrassed by it, but I think people here would be interested in this.
I usually masturbate several times a day. Usually I think about women, though I often think about guys who are extremely feminine, or trans women.
Recently, I started to be anti-porn due to the fact that it often leads to ED, because "real" sex becomes less... [more]

I'm mentally a whore

Compared to a lot of people I know, I'm innocent. But truth is, one day, I'd like to go out there, get high off of pot, get so drunk I don't know what the fuck is going on, get some tattoos. Yeah, it's not a big deal to you, but I can't wait until I'm 18 so my parents stop telling me what to believe in. I can't wait until the day I lose my... [more]

I want my cousin so bad...

My cousin Caleb is such an amazing person. He's so adorable too. I see him about once a year for a couple days, and every time I see him, all these thoughts just FILL my head. It drives my crazy. I feel so dirty for wanting him this bad. I actually became attracted to him when I saw him last summer. He had grown and gotten so sexy. And he's only a... [more]

Did an anal with my boyfriend

Me and my boy friend were drunk after a party and decided we would crash at his place. he lives alone. we obviously were too turned on and started making love. he inserted himself in my ass hole instead of my vagina. it was a great feeling and i did not stop him. but now my asshole has become big. are there any side effects to ass fucking?

How many is the norm??

I just read that 7 partners is the average for a 35-40 yr old woman in the u.s. wtf? if im counting right my total is 10 so far and im almost 20 yrs old. im not a slut, at least i didnt think i was :( how boring would life be if we didnt try new things right?

Fulfilling wifes fantasy

One day my wife and i were at home on a saturday after noon we are having drinks and you can tell the wife is feeling good. she is very talkative at earliest stages of drunkeness we start talking about sexual fantasies. she tells me she has been having a re-occuring dream probably at least two times a week maybe three times a week of having my two... [more]

I'm tired of women who are lousy in bed

Maybe all the drinking twenty-something women do nowadays has screwed up the parts of their brains responsible for good sex, or maybe something in the food supply has dulled their sex organ nerves and made them boring in bed.
I don't know, but I'm sick and tired of going to bed with blasé babes. Hell, those barbie dolls that guy does it with... [more]

Oh stupid girl if you knew...

So theres this really awful girl whos gonna come visit my friend Mark, they say to be so in love, especially her, she hates me for being his friend and being way hotter than her but i just laugh thinking.. if you only knew i've been fucking the 'love of your life' in the last days and after sex hes just like oh.. i like her but youre sooo... [more]

Hard anal play

I've been with my boyfriend for 6 years and recently the sex has become mind blowing. We had experimented with anal in the past but it was always pretty tame.
Recently we have been experimentin with toys and I just love it when he slides the huge dildo in my ass, pulls it out and tongue fucks my gaping hole. We bought anal beads the other... [more]

I need a freak in the bedroom

There are two main things that really turn me on as a young woman: being sexually controlled, and knowing that I'm giving pleasure to my partner. Being choked, seductively bitten, scratched, held down, doggystyle... anything primal and animal in nature. This, coupled with the knowledge that I'm fulfilling a man's sexual desires and pleasuring him... [more]

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