I want him, but I don't wanna push him

Ever since we were growing up, my family and I were very open-minded about everything. That included our sex education, where the bottom line was that, if it was consensual, safe and loving, sex was ok. I stretched that a little too far as a teenager, because my brother and I had a sexual relationship. We were very attracted and loved each other... [more]

Trio of fun

My name's Ryan, I'm twenty two and for the past eight months i've been fucking my boss and his wife.
He put the question to me at a company function in a hotel. This after he caught me checking out his younger wife. The question was "If I gave you permission, would you fuck her".
Within an hour I was up in their hotel room having my dick sucked... [more]

Sharing my gf

I'm 40 & have a BBW gf. My fantasy is to have men msg me & order me to show them nudes of her, they then insult her and tell me how they'd use her as well taking the piss out of me for dating her & sharing her. She has no idea I have this fantasy.


I love to see a woman in nice black pantyhose with heels. This to me is so sexy. I try to imagine what is she wearing underneath. Any women reading this still wear sexy pantyhose or stockings

My Lustful Ramblings of a Friend

I'm a 19 year old boy, and I've always been attracted to females before now. But then I met an online friend, and I'm realizing now that I want a lot more from him. I want to put on a skirt and thigh highs and hang out with him. I want him to flirt with me and make his dumb jokes that always make me smile. I want to suck his dick and take it deep... [more]

Kicked and stomped

I know this will sound strange, but I fantasize about being kicked, Stomped, and trampled by women. Some of these fantasies are very brutal. I even get turned on by the thought of a woman kicking me in the balls. I have had this obsession my whole life. This goes all the way back to my early childhood. I remember as you as 5 years old thinking... [more]

Kicked and stomped

I know this will sound strange, but I fantasize about being kicked, Stomped, and trampled by women. Some of these fantasies are very brutal. I even get turned on by the thought of a woman kicking me in the balls. I have had this obsession my whole life. This goes all the way back to my early childhood. I remember as you as 5 years old thinking... [more]

I Want To Own a Girl

The girl I want to own has to be a very particular and special girl. This girl has been discarded by society. She knows she is beneath men. She thinks she is ugly. She is nice to people even though everyone treats her like a piece of shit. She wants a man to control her life even if it means doing something weird or gross. She is pathetic and... [more]

Stupid me

Bout a month or so gone by, I was all drunked up on the moonshine and blew thtee vertebrae out of my back and pinched my spinal cord trying to suck my own cock. The ambulance crew asked what happened, when they found me buck naked on my bed. I told them that I slipped on the bathroom floor and managed to crawl back to my bed. I had to have surgery... [more]

Kay Murray looping naked jumping jacks!

I am posting a link for you to see my naked wife Kay doing jumping jacks. The thing is, I figured out how to make her loop. She loops 9 times, plenty of time for you to shoot your hot cum at her beautifully bouncing fat! I trust you will enjoy that and share it with your... [more]

A man with another man

I am a male in my 60s and have for a time thought about sex with another man, not just any man but a well hung older white man about my age. I want to meet a man at least 6ft4 stocky with at least 8 inches and thick. I go to cruising spots where gay men go to meet other men, lots of trees bushes, water and many many places to hide.
I have wanted... [more]

Is my father-in-law attracted to me?

I have a confession. I am so attracted to my father-in-law. I’m in my early twenties and he is in his mid fifties. Me and my husband live with my in-laws right now so I see him a lot. I feel like he’s attracted to me cause I catch him looking me up and down and he flirts a lot, but has never made his intentions obvious. I want to know if he’s into... [more]

Wtf is it with some guys???

Why do some guys insist on pulling out and cumming all over the place???
I was at a club last weekend and met a really nice, attractive guy.
I was really nicely dressed and quite drunk. We ended up in a bathroom stall together with me giving him a blowjob. He was really into it, telling me how good it felt. When he was about to cum he... [more]

Daughter and Dildo

This morning when I went to our daughter for waking her up as I do each day, I pulled open the curtains and when I looked down on my daughter, I froze. What I did not see, when I came in the dark room, she was naked and she was on top of the Blanket. But that's not what made me freeze. Her legs were a bit spread and I could see the End of (I think... [more]

Veterans Day

Happy Veterans day to all of you that served.

Public aex

Me and my husband have been going to public parks and other places to have sex we let people watch one guy started to jackoff and he had a nice dick he pressed it against the window and I was so turned on I let him cum on my tits then my husband was so turned on he was going to cum on my tits then the guy grabbed his dick and jacked him off on my... [more]

Curvy red headed used panties

What types of people like buying curvy girls used and masturbated in panties?


I really want to have a Dom but I'm scared of giving up control and don't have anyone I can trust with this. I just want to be used and fucked hard while I pleasure my master. How do I even make it reality without putting myself in a dangerous place. I'm a woman btw.

Addicted to watching daughter and stepdaughter

For the past year or so, I've been going into their rooms at night, usually after they go out drinking or partying. At first it was just to see some bra and panties, but after being able to see so much more than i expected, I usually take my phone and camera and get amazing closeup pics of them. Not sure I can stop now, this is pretty addicting... [more]

Mom and son

Mom and me been having sex for about 3 months and she found out that we are going to have a baby she and i are so Happy

She lied when she didnt have to

My wife and I have been married 15 years. Sexually speaking I'm decently satisfied. I get head once a week. Sex once a week. She indulges my fantasies. I told her I thought it would be hot if she didnt shave her armpits or pussy anymore. She happily did it. Hasn't shaved anything in 4 years now. Even during swimsuit season. I told her I wanted to... [more]

Wife Nude Online

I’ve posted nudes of my wife online without her knowing. I feel guilty at times but it’s such a turn-on knowing other guys are seeing her nude. She thinks I’m the only one that has seen her fully naked. I like reading the posts and comments from other guys. I’ve only showed her face to a couple people. I don’t want any of our close friends to see... [more]

Got fired

I got fired for screwing a guy at work. We were working late, and we're salaried, so it's not like we were getting overtime. I'm 36 and divorced and hadn't had cock in three years, and this guy and I have been flirting for a few months. We didn't think anyone was around at 7:00 PM on a Friday, so we had a quickie in my cube. He felt great and we... [more]

Best friend asked a favor

My best friend( 18F) asked me(19F) to give her boyfriend( 17 turning 18) a threesome for his birthday this weekend. And I am debating it. We talked out details and she says she won't get jealous or upset because it is me and we have known each other since kindergarten. She said she wants it to be the best birthday present he gets.
I do think he... [more]

Can't handle it

Been married 5 years, wife and I are 28, and things have been fine until recently. Like any couple, we've had our ups and downs, our sex life is stale during the down times, but we love each other.
My wife is very tall and leggy, 6'2", and has nice tits and ass. She goes out with her friends and most of the time I don't go, because I work... [more]

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