I want my cousin so bad...

My cousin Caleb is such an amazing person. He's so adorable too. I see him about once a year for a couple days, and every time I see him, all these thoughts just FILL my head. It drives my crazy. I feel so dirty for wanting him this bad. I actually became attracted to him when I saw him last summer. He had grown and gotten so sexy. And he's only a... [more]

Did an anal with my boyfriend

Me and my boy friend were drunk after a party and decided we would crash at his place. he lives alone. we obviously were too turned on and started making love. he inserted himself in my ass hole instead of my vagina. it was a great feeling and i did not stop him. but now my asshole has become big. are there any side effects to ass fucking?

How many is the norm??

I just read that 7 partners is the average for a 35-40 yr old woman in the u.s. wtf? if im counting right my total is 10 so far and im almost 20 yrs old. im not a slut, at least i didnt think i was :( how boring would life be if we didnt try new things right?

Fulfilling wifes fantasy

One day my wife and i were at home on a saturday after noon we are having drinks and you can tell the wife is feeling good. she is very talkative at earliest stages of drunkeness we start talking about sexual fantasies. she tells me she has been having a re-occuring dream probably at least two times a week maybe three times a week of having my two... [more]

I'm tired of women who are lousy in bed

Maybe all the drinking twenty-something women do nowadays has screwed up the parts of their brains responsible for good sex, or maybe something in the food supply has dulled their sex organ nerves and made them boring in bed.
I don't know, but I'm sick and tired of going to bed with blasé babes. Hell, those barbie dolls that guy does it with... [more]

Oh stupid girl if you knew...

So theres this really awful girl whos gonna come visit my friend Mark, they say to be so in love, especially her, she hates me for being his friend and being way hotter than her but i just laugh thinking.. if you only knew i've been fucking the 'love of your life' in the last days and after sex hes just like oh.. i like her but youre sooo... [more]

Hard anal play

I've been with my boyfriend for 6 years and recently the sex has become mind blowing. We had experimented with anal in the past but it was always pretty tame.
Recently we have been experimentin with toys and I just love it when he slides the huge dildo in my ass, pulls it out and tongue fucks my gaping hole. We bought anal beads the other... [more]

I need a freak in the bedroom

There are two main things that really turn me on as a young woman: being sexually controlled, and knowing that I'm giving pleasure to my partner. Being choked, seductively bitten, scratched, held down, doggystyle... anything primal and animal in nature. This, coupled with the knowledge that I'm fulfilling a man's sexual desires and pleasuring him... [more]

Have some bitch

I confess I want to slap a big phat ass

Dirty actions

I dont tell my wife but when am alone and horny i like to pee in my mouth and drink it . then i jerk off and eat my cum

Pillow Sex

Okay so I pillow sex. I started at 11 and I am 12 so I'm not very experienced. Right now it is 12:39 AM. I've been looking at lesbo and straight porn while humping my pillow. I feel as if I need to stop because I have school tomorrow. It's so addictting! I seriously cannot stop!!!

Sex time

It was a long day i invitd some girls thay came to my thay took off ther close me too and we had sex


My ex-gf lost her virginity by getting fucked (borderline raped) at a party ten years ago. I still fantasize and masturbate to the thought of it. This was before we went out. She was a shy highschool girl and it was a “too scared to say no” kinda thing. I don’t know why the thought arouses me so much, but god damn if I didn’t imagine that was me... [more]


Looking for some women to trade pics with

Oh it feels so good oh

I have a big teddy bear almost my size and I would wet its penis (tail) and my pussy and stuff its penis up my wet pussy and moan and say things like "fuck me daddy fuck me so hard I break oh" sometimes I would pretend he was raping me. The we hump for a bit and I say something like "wow that was a-amazing d-do it a-again" he would fuck me again... [more]

Drunk passed out wife saying ugh....

My wife tracy is a raging aldoholic she consumes a fifth or more of canadian whiskey . i am at my wits end i feel so resentful toward her and the love affair she has going with the booze she starts drinking from the time she gets up until she is unconcious aabout three or four in the afternoon .
my story is one day i was fed up as she lay in bed... [more]

I was an older virgin

I was 30 when I lost my virginity. I had the urges, the desire for sex, but I felt like guys didn't find me attractive even though I thought I was cute. I lost my virginity in December 2011 to a guy that I didn't know that well. He was the one to initiate the conversation about having sex. I told him that I was a virgin and that he probably... [more]

I wanna get laid

I wanna get laid soo freakin' bad, i'm a guy, any tips on how i can get laid and by who??

Boys in blue

I am a 27yr old police officer with a long term partner.I have always had a fetish for wearing ladies panties but recently I have taken to wearing panties stockings and suspenders under my uniform.It is becoming an obsession and I know I'll be ridiculed if someone finds out.


I really want long orgasms. I always here about people that have like 20 second long orgasms. Mine only last about 3 seconds. I'm a male. Any suggestions?

My Friends Brother

My friends brother often mistakes me for his other brother and when I spend the night there sometimes my friends brother tells him to go to his room but leaves me sleeping. One time I fell asleep in the living room and his older brother and girlfriend snuck in. They were watching a movie for about 20 minutes when she started to suck his cock, they... [more]

He's got four days

Four days from now will be the six-month anniversary of the last time my husband got on me. We talked, we went to counseling, we argued, I bitched, we talked more, and still nothing. So in four days, if he hasn't stepped up to the plate, I'm going to go get a man who will step up to the plate. I even have him picked out. One of my bosses at... [more]

Hot sex

i am intersex.i can swing both ways,but i love to fuck men & women,my cock is a full 8" erect,whopping huge head,i sometimes suck my own.
it was a cool day in oct a saturday ,i just can out the shower, my cock was horney,i had nothing on but a robe,i sat by the window,the shades were up slightly.i pull my robe apart ,exposing my rounded pert... [more]

What do you think?

About a year and a half ago I got a divorce. After sometime I I was told about an agency in Chicago buy an acquaintance. I contacted them and had a sit down with a lady who interviewed me to see what I might be interested in.during the interview I disclosed some of my deepest sexual urges. A week later I was back in touch with her... She set me up... [more]

Sex with my friend

Me and my friend hav been friends since he was orn and we had sex the other day. im 13 and oh god it felt soo good

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