Sniffing my step moms panties

My step mom is supper hot.. blond hair, big tits, fat ass. whenever she comes home i always try to talk to here and try to see if i can see what panties shes wearing. she changes out of her work outfit right when she gets home and my favourite part of the day is going in the laundry room and getting that fresh 10 hour work panties and sniffing... [more]

Daughter's Phone Pixxxs

Feel a bit bad admitting to this, but the rush is also something else.
Anyways, my daughter has been giving me some trouble as of late, like most of us did when we were in our early teens. One of our house rules is curfew by 11. She was out too late one night and as a result, had her phone and tablet taken away. I don't check her phone... [more]

Sunday morning fun.

So there I was, one Sunday morning, lying in bed, dreading the fact that I had to get up in two hours and go to church with my family. I rolled over and grabbed my phone and checked for messages, and there was a text from my little sister, next door to me, asking me if I liked it, with an attachment. I downloaded the attachment, and it was a pic... [more]

Eddie's resolution

The first time was for me, a whole new experience of what I'd accept in my life. Not only seeing her take Eddie's cock in all her holes, but also acknowledging my wife's need for more sex than I could offer her.
Yes I could have walked away, and yes we would now after this length of time, be divorced. Yet the circumstances of how I ended up... [more]


I have a fantasy of laying on my back naked and to have loads of men surrounding me ejaculating onto my body.

X dresser slut

I love dressing up sexy and girlie but last night was first time i did it for someone was in hotel room dressed up i fill huge water balloons for titties in bra i not passable but very hot and slutty be cont..


Why does my girlfriend freak out if I see any kind of nudity of her but when we are fucking she can’t spread her legs wide enough for me, she is a proper slut in bed but if I was to see her with a bra on she will tell me not to look and close the door?

Is older better

My sister friend who is much older than me told me having sex with a much old man is amazing and I should try it now and not wait later in life to experience good sex. What she tells me sounds amazing and for sure I’m not getting anything like that with the guys I sleep with, I’m just not sure I could have sex with a man twice my age.

Caught at the bar

True story.... when I was 23 I was dating a woman who really liked to have sex. I thought she was great because all we did was fuck. Anyplace, anytime, any position, she was ready. Buddy of mine and his girlfriend came over one weekend for a cookout. The two girls went to the grocery store to get food while we were supposed to make a fire in the... [more]

Now I’m confused!

Having a conversation with my girlfriend and her friend and we started talking about lesbians, my girlfriend said she could never be a lesbian not because of it being the same sex but for not having the penetration, she said the touching kissing etc is lovely but to feel like she is having sex is the penetration part of it, even her friend agreed... [more]

Can you feel it?

When a man cums can you feel the cum going inside your pussy

Creampie cleanup

I am a married male in my 50s. I have a huge desire to lick and suck a woman's pussy clean after her husband or boyfriend has fucked her and given her a creampie.
Sometimes my desire is for my wife to bring her female friends over and have me suck them clean after their husbands or boyfriends have filled them with come.
Other times, I... [more]

Classmate's Dick Show

While in the 9th grade we had a big boy in the back bench who was 3years senior but being failed in smaller classes was in classes with us. During the last month of the grade the class was free as the teacher was on leave and all the boys were just playing around in the class. Then the boy next this big boy shouted saying look something big under... [more]

Sex with local whore and infected with pubic lice

While was horny and thinking of having sex with someone I overheard a man talking about a women living in particular area is a whore and for a few bucks she fill entertain for half an hour time. So when it became dark I cycled to this woman's residence. It was around 8.30 in the night and saw this lady coming out of her house and at a first glance... [more]

Fantasy of sharing wife with friend

While having sex with wife I have a fantasy to see her being fucked by my friend. My friend has a good big cock. I have seen his cock only in placid state while we were having a bath in the cold river water. My cock has a water phobia and while in water it shrinks and only the foreskin is visible. Whereas my friend who is 6.5 of height have a cock... [more]

Colleague's wife nude photos

One day my colleague in the next room called me for some help on his hanged computer. I sat on his computer and started to sort out the problem. Just midway Boss called him to his chamber leaving me alone to fix his computer in his cabin. After fixing the glitches and rebooting I just was checking his temporary folders and saw some .jpg files. To... [more]

A Saw My MILF Neighbor Take It Up The Ass

This total MILF Kalie is our backyard neighbor. She is so sexy and doesn't even know it. I can look out of my kitchen window, through the sliding door on her deck, into her kitchen and living room. It's pretty far away and mostly I can see when her or her husband Mike are in the kitchen/living room. A few times, while I've been in my backyard... [more]

Strap ons

Has anyone ever used hollow strap ons to fuck partner the ones yoir cock slides into and stays on wether cock hard or soft so can bang her pussy and or ass for hours without having to worry about cumming to quick

Chance meeting

The last time we argued as we did that night, I told myself if he ever brought up my libido again, I'd seek out a man to satisfy what he obviously was finding difficult to cope with.
Unfortunately and I do mean that, he couldn't resist having a go, as I used a dildo to carry on the orgasms he'd begun for and with me.
His comments were very... [more]

Peeped while my Sister masturbated

We had the outdoor bathroom door worn out at the lower part due excess water falling on the wooden panel. In a standing position any one could see the leg portion from a distance. One day only my younger sister who is two year young than me and myself of 20 years old were alone as others where out. In evening I got up from my sleep and was moving... [more]

Apology and confession

I was just told that I needed to apologize immediately for posing as a Dom and for living like a macho Alfa male.when in actuality I'm just another sissy bitch bio.i finally was found out and after getting introduced to the belt I'm now a chastised bitch.ive lost the right to my little dicklette and lost the right to wear boxers anymore, all in... [more]


I Love To Be Breastfed, after stretching into my adult baby pink fleece diapers and baby pink fleece footed pajamas! Mommy Wife Is So Good To Her Baby!

How i got my wife to do a 3sum

My wife is 37 she is 5'3" 118lbs long permed hair. And is a lot of fun in bed. She is always willing to please me.
I always wanted to watch her fuck another guy but to no avail. She would roll play with me and we even had a dildo she would suck or fuck to turn me on.
About a month ago my friend Gary and i went out for a few drinks and we did... [more]

How I became Bi

I was in college and living with four other women in a three bedroom apartment, I shared a room with my freshman year dorm roomie. We had talked about it over the summer and both wanted to get an apartment for more living space.
The two of us were out with some other friends and when the night was getting long we all decided to call a taxi and... [more]

Fuck my wife?

I have a fantasy to watch my wife have sex with another guy. She absolutely refuses to do it because she says she loves me. She can choose the guy, time, place, if I'm there or not, protecting, no protection, it's totally up to her. Yet she still says no. Why wouldn't she want to fuck another guy?

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