Looking for married bi guys

Any married bisexual guys out there looking for a guy on the side? I'm married, middle-aged, in decent shape, and very discreet. Hit me up in the comments if interested. NYC area only.

Came home to a very stoned wife

My wife dipped into my stash the other day and when I came home, she was sitting on the couch in a haze of smoke, bong out on the table. Her eyes were red and glassy and she was staring into space with a huge grin on her face. She had her tits out and was slowly rubbing her clit.
I took a couple of massive hits then went down on her while she... [more]

Gonna get some drunk wife action tonight

My wife and I are going out for dinner and drinks tonight with the goal of getting wasted. We used to go out drinking a lot in the early days of our relationship, but not very much lately. Tonight that's going to change. We're going to get hammered and then have fun, sloppy drunk sex.
She's beautiful, with great tits, a sweet ass, and a pussy I... [more]

Nostalgic for an old affair

About 15 years ago I had an online affair with a woman. We were both in bad marriages, both lonely, so we used to chat online and send each other pictures. I found a few of her pictures the other day and I missed her. We never hooked up in real life and I wish we had.

Girlfriends sister

My girlfriends sister is 18 and super f****** hot. Im 21 and so is my girl, but her sister is literally a better version of her. Anytime we three hang out it gets awkward bc her sister and I have way more in common mentally and Im pretty sure my girlfriend gets mad about it. Her sister told me that my girlfriend showed her a picture of my dick and... [more]

Late night booty

My husband is out of town right now on a business trip. Most nights I sit at home alone reading a good book. Last night I received a text message from a guy friend of mine who said him and his wife had a fight and wanted to come over. We sat and talked for a while about his problems and when I got up to get us another drink he grabbed me and... [more]

Jerking off and cum eating with girlfriend

I have been enjoying jerking off since puberty, after high school my girlfriend and I moved in together into an apartment. Since we first started having sex around age 15 she has enjoyed watching me jerking off. Shortly after we moved in together about two years ago when I was jerking off she told me she wanted to watch me shoot my cum into my... [more]

Tied up for strangers

My wife and I are married for about 12 years. We don't have kids because my wife could not become pregnant (ovarian surgery). We have been very sexual from the first day we met and we both liked to show our bodies off. over years my wife had this fantasy being tied and blindfolded somewhere outside and some walkers come by and fuck her.
We've... [more]

Ugh what a mess

Such a mess, stuck between two worlds and I'm very worried I'm a sissy. Im extremely blue collar and own a construction business and this is about the worst thing that could happen with my Irish Catholic background. Have a girlfriend that I absolutely adore but she wants nothing to do with any of my fantasies, can't believe I was able to talk her... [more]

Why I like older Ladies

When I was around 14/15 and I was under my hormones, I once heard two of the most popular boys talk about a women they knew and they told each other how they fucked her.
I did not know the lady but I knew where she lives because the boys talked about it. So I took all my courage in my hands and called her and offered her to do her lawn and... [more]

Grandma's house

I read a lot of stories on here about sex with relatives and I decided to tell what happened to me.
When I was 13 my aunt and uncle moved back to the family town. They didn't have a place to live so they moved in with my grandma, my uncles mother. Their daughter, my cousin was my age so my mom told me I had to help her make new friends. That... [more]

Surprized by Cousin

At age 14-16 I have been jerking all chances I got. Mots in the evenings and in the morning while showering. Once we had my aunt and her daughter hosted with us because of a familymeeting. It was kind of chaotic sometimes for 5 People and just 1 bath. so it happened one morning that I was in the shower and the door opened, my cousin (female) was... [more]

Butt plugs

Are there any women out there that like to wear butt plugs while out in public?

Site Navigation

Does anybody else here find this site Impossible to navigate?
You cant go backwards to the first post or to any other pages so unless you spend an hour going through old posts so you will never get to read them all.
All those old stories are wasted.
There is also nothing to indicate stories you have already read.
This site has great content... [more]

Giant Bear

This is really weird because I’ve never told anyone I do this but I am a 33 year old women and I love masterbating I mean I have sex with my boyfriend all the time thank goodness lol but when I’m alone I always have the urge to get off. So recently at the fair my boyfriend won me a giant stuffed bear and it’s been sitting on a chair for a couple... [more]

I want the be spanked by an old guy

I am 24 and sometimes when I’m in bed I start fingering myself and fantasizing about an old man walking in on me and I’m naked with h my legs spread wide open and he tells me I am naughty and need to be spanked so he sits down and instructs me to bend over his knee so I do and as I’m laying there he first rubs my bottom and I find I start feeling... [more]

Sister in law is big

I have been having an on going affair for over 7 years with my sister in law and my wife has no idea. It started when she was visiting us for the summer and i saw her sunbathing. My wife was at work and i came home early from my job to find her laying out by the pool in a bikini sunbathing. Now my sis in law is 5'6" and close to 325lbs. I love... [more]

My Shared Wife :

My wife of 25 years was shared for 3 years of our marriage. Stated out by a threesome with 22 year old family friend she knew him prior to our marriage. Started out innocently enough strip poker which was a lot of fun for all . It took about a month of strip poker 1 or 2 time a week with him dropping hints about wanting more . Then got a call for... [more]

Growing up with two big sisters

I'll start by telling you this is real. No names
I'm 53 now, my two sisters are 55 and 58 so I was the baby brother.
We were what they now call latch key kids, single mother who needed to work, so oldest sister picked us up from school etc and looked after us until mum got home.
We lived in a two bed flat and as kids all shared a room and... [more]

She was a he, and so sexy!

About 5 years ago I was out at a bar drinking while I was on a business trip. I had a bit too much to drink and this sexy ass woman came over and started talking and flirting. She has the best set of tits I've seen in a long time and a nice tight ass through the tight little skirt she was wearing. After an hour or so of us flirting and talking... [more]

My wife:

My shared wife has encountered a cock the head was as she put it shaped like a very large mushroom. Any of you ladies on this site encounter a cock like this . Sent her to fuck this guy he was my boss so didn’t watch . Only going by her description her pussy lips where very red and swollen for Mr Mushroom as she nicknamed him .

I am attracted to my mom's feet,what should I do?

I am a 14 years old boy,since I was a little kid I loved the way female feet look,smell and growing up I developed a strong foot fetish. At the age of 11 my attraction to feet became sexual and I get aroused by looking at feet. I also watched videos of foot worship on YouTube and I wanted to try it in real life. I have no sister and my school is... [more]

Happy Holidays

Me and my boyfriend went on holiday and I got fucked so many times and not from my boyfriend.
We met a couple and spent time around the pool with them, we arranged to go out together that night and my boyfriend asked me to get some bottles of water from the shop before we go out tonight, on my way to the shop I knocked on our friends door... [more]

Is it cheating

Many years ago my best friend was female the village where we lived didn’t have many other people of the same age.
Naturally we formed a good friendship, over time needs got to us and we had sex, both of us were virgins and we taught and worked it out ourselves, it wasn’t a boyfriend girlfriend thing we just had sex when we both wanted... [more]

I’m so sorry

This is a story I’ve never told anyone, a few years ago I had broken up with my boyfriend for weeks he wouldn’t stop bothering me so I thought of an idea that might help him move on and stop pestering me.
My plan was to be seen with another man, not to make him jealous but to let him know I was serious I want nothing more to do with him, I’ve... [more]

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