My nude wife

I love to show other men nudes of my wife and tell them they can have her. I get off hearing what they want to do to her. I need for it to happen for real.

Threesome with another woman and my man

I'm a 31-year-old woman with a very nice body and bubble butt. I want another hot woman to have a threesome with my guy. I want you to open your legs so I could lick your pussy and have my guy fuck me while I'm on my knees licking your pussy. Then I want to open my legs for you so you can lick my pussy while my guy watches. I want him to jerk off... [more]

Anal sex

I'm a 35 year old woman recently divorced. I have a nice body and a nice round ass. I want to get my asshole fucked so bad. I want you to lick my asshole and spread my ass and stick your cock balls deep into my ass. I want to know what else you would like to do with my ass.

My mate bitch is my fucktoy

Posted a few times now about my mate girlfriend iv been fucking and facefucking as and when i can over past few months but last night topped it all,
last minute thing, my mate rang me mid afternoon to cancel working on my car as he had to travel up country overnight for work, so i knew his missus would be home alone, i messaged her and got... [more]

Stay at home mom

My husband was promoted then interviewed a year later and changed companies getting another pay increase, his two increases totaled more than what I made so I asked him if I could be a stay at home mom. He was a little hesitant but told me that sounded like a great benefit for our children, I smiled at him and said he would get some great benefits... [more]

What I really need!

I'm a woman who loves getting messy during sex. I love having seamen all over my body. My breast which are large and my face or just about anywhere really. I also love to squat over my lover and piss all over his chest ( hairy chest preferably ). Then fuck his brains out and sit my cum filled pussy right down on his face for him to taste his own... [more]

I hate Batman

I went on vacation to Ocean City, Maryland last year. I met this really sexy cute woman on the board walk. We hit it off and spent a good part of the day together. We went in one of the bars on the boardwalk and had a few drinks. We talked and things were going well I thought. She invited me to her room. I said ok and we went to her hotel room... [more]


I me again since my last post I have been shared twice with guys and although neither one f them were outstanding the sheer fact that it was so wrong made it exciting enough for me to orgasm with both of them and again I have found out that Mike likes to taste another man in me and I like that also.
Well I don't think that I mentioned the fact... [more]

Adult Store Spanking Fantasy

I have been secretly crossdressing for years. Only recently did I let someone know. Her name is Sara. She works in an adult themed store and she was more than willing to bring me various sets of lingerie to try on in the shop's dressing room. It was such a thrill when she would come in and inspect my outfits, which I could see in the full length... [more]

Wife is getting into flirting FAST!

A few month ago I cheated on my wife because I wasn't getting any play at home. We went nearly a year with no sex.
We have started having sex again but she asked what I fantasize about... I think about sharing her. And I told her so.
She went along with the pillow talk to humor me... And got pissed when I started asking her if she had anyone... [more]

Letting Wife Show Off

I love to watch my wife wear low cut top and let men look down her top. She has beautiful breasts and she loves to let people see them. If she looks upand catches them looking down her top, she gives them a very sweet little smile and doesn't change her position so they can continue to look.

In a Loving and Sweet Cuckold Relationship.

My wife and I have been in a cuckold relationship for about ten years. She doesn't find it necessary to belittle me or degrade me or laugh at me. I enjoy watching her with other men and get very excited seeing her cum. She talks very sweetly to me while she is being fucked telling me how his cock feel and how much she is cumming. She is at her... [more]

Son Obeys to See Mom Naked

Are there any other guys out there that had a mother that controlled their behavior by allowing them to see and touch her naked body? If I was good and didn't get in trouble my mom would let me help give her a bath or rub lotion on her naked body as a reward. I was a good boy as often as I could.

My Husband Wanted to Share Me and it has Ruined our Marraige

My husband has always wanted to watch me have sex with a BBC. I finally consented and decided I was going to enjoy it and put on a good show to please my husband. I did too good of a job. I talked a lot during the sex to my husband telling him how incredible this black cock felt inside of me. I did things with this guy I usually don't do. To make... [more]

WTF is going on

My gf has a great ass. She only wears thongs or g strings. Until recently I noticed she was wearing bikini panties to work. Strange because she hates visible panty lines. She has some for the "time of the month" but only wears them then. I saw her in her work scrubs and commented on her panty lines. She just brushed me off. The bikini... [more]

I want dabi to fuck me senseless

I want dabi to fuck me senselessi want dabi to fuck me senselessi want dabi to fuck me senselessi want dabi to fuck me senselessi want dabi to fuck me senselessi want dabi to fuck me senseless

I want a daddy to fuck me

All I can think about lately is an older man to take me down and fuck me. I want to be ur lil pet. I want you to do whatever you want to me. I want to leave with bruises when ur done. I want you to make me call u daddy. Im such a bad girl and been waiting for a daddy to make me good. I want to be ur good lil girl daddy.

Family nudity

We have always been a family that has never been concerned about nudity amongst ourselves but last summer my stepdaughter turned 16 and really blossomed, it seemed to happen overnight her breasts filled out nice, firm and round, her legs lengthened and shaped while her butt firmer and formed a fantastic shape, she certainly looked a lot... [more]

Fantasy Dreams of Step Son

My husband has a son from a previous relationship when he was a teenager. When his son turned eighteen, he left his mother to move in with us. There was rules he had to follow. What his dad and me do in this house is our business and no one else's. What goes on in here stays here. His dad bought him a car so his son could get out of the house at... [more]

Sister sent pics to me instead of boyfriend!

Me and my sisters boyfriend have the same name (Harry), but apart from it being annoying when I think she is talking to me not him and vice versa, so what.
Well, it seems she got the wrong Harry when sending her boyfriend a couple of pics from her phone.
So I was like, ah, message from Emma, hmm pictures, wish wtf nude pictures. Quickly hide my... [more]

What is everyone saying about my pink fleece Climb In balloon fan

Are all the responses to my pink fleece climb In balloon sexual fantasy negative?

Next step complete

I’ve always masturbated to gay porn and she makes and fantasised about sucking dick and getting fucked. I’ve slowly been taking small steps.
First it was wearing girls underwear.
Then fingering my ass when wanking.
Then online flirting with men.
bought a dildo and fuck my ass.
Next step completed: I’ve just been to the shop in a thong... [more]

Any buyers??!!

So selling juice stained panties is an actual thing?? Holy shit, the money I could have made if I new this a year ago! Just within the last year I have had gone through so many panties due to my new found ability to squirt and an excessive amount of creamy discharge. I have to change my crusty pussy juice filled panties at least 3 times a day!.... [more]


I first met my present wife Maya through a friend.
My first wife had died of Cancer and I was in my late 50,s at the time.
Maya was 48 yo and was taking care of her older Father that had a stroke ans she was tied down to that,
She had also taken care of he Mother before she died so she really didn't have much of a social life so When Jim's... [more]

My wife loves anal about three times a year

She gets this urge several times a year, about every four months to have her ass played with and penetrated a few inches. She wants it licked and fingered then after a good lube up she tells me to enter her until I am an inch or two past the head of my cock. Sometimes she tells me to stand still and she rocks herself on and off my cock over and... [more]

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