Pubescent stepdaughter

Long held secret that only my wife knows. Her daughter was 10 when we married. She started to develop when she was 12. My wife and I are well educated and borderline perverted and share some deviant interests. We were living in a townhouse at the time and did not discourage her daughter from parading around scantily dressed, so she was not... [more]

Kind of in shock

My wife was always telling me I looked like a girl from behind. I have a girls ass. one day, home alone, I decided to try on some of her clothes. I loved it. I started to do it more. then I bought my own and a wig. then came the makeup. I could not stop. it felt so good. I felt so feminine and I loved it. I started to notice the cocks more when I... [more]

My secret wants

I see the way guys comment on girls butts online and all that and I am a young 20 year old man who has never been gay or had gay experience but I have been told I have abubble butt and all I want is to see a board or something with several guys talking about my butt and to use me or have sex with me the way they would a womans’ butt.
This isn’t... [more]


I had my first threesome with my wife and friend. We went out partying and come back our house. We were drinking and watching porn. She was sitting between us. I started getting horny. My wife noticed the bulge in my pants. She started rubbing it. Then she reaches over and starts rubbing my friend's cock. She said she was going to get into... [more]

Anal with a man

I want to fuck a gay man in his asshole. I want it to be nice and clean shaved. I want to rim it first and get it wet. Then I want to slide my cock in. I want u to tell me that you love it in your ass. I'll fuck u all night b

Fucked in ass

I'm a straight male and like to play with dildos. I would like to have my ass fucked by a real cock. I would like to see u in the mirror fucking my ass. I'll lie on my stomach and spread my ass open for you. U can fuck me any way you like. I want to feel your cum in my asshole.

Want my wives ass fucked

I would love to see my wife get fucked in her ass while I watch. I want her to tell me how good it feels and how much bigger you cock is. I'll spread her ass open for u then I want u to pound her ass. She loves it in her ass. It drives get crazy. I want to watch and jerk off.

Finally ass to mouth!

I've been begging my wife for years to let me put my cock into her mouth after fucking her ass. She has always said no, it's gross, whatever. Well I finally did it. We took a long hot shower together and I made sure to soap up her asshole and really scrub it clean, my cock too. We got out and started fooling around in bed and within minutes I had... [more]

Sister doesn't know I fuck her husband

She has no idea that whenever I'm alone with her husband he has his way with me. I can't help myself around him. I turn into a sissy slut and wear my wife's panties as he turns me out.


Hi I am a very extroverted guy that has always like to crossdressser my fav thing I do is to try ladies high heels sandles with my toes painted and go to new look ,debenhams,Dorothy Perkins I love the reaction I get from the ladies and sales girls such a rush


So my stepdaughters always been a problem for me. Problem in the sense that she's gorgeous and 24 and obviously gets me going. I've sneaked plenty of looks and secret pics of her in leggings when she's doing yoga or just around the house. I guess I never thought that was overkill so it didn't bother me and she has a really nice ass. Recently... [more]

Been Involved with a Sex Craving Family Pt. 2

As I said before I been involved with my girlfriends family and some of her friends during the past 15 yrs. I left off telling you of her mother. So I'm going to continue this story.

I get a phone call from Debra, my girlfriends sister. Her husband was out of town and she needed me to take care of something important. Her back door... [more]

College classmate

Im 21 and currently in college in Virginia, I originally live in Pennsylvania. I also have a boyfriend from high school back in PA. I been in college for two years. When I started college I met a nice friend who is also my classmate in at least one class ever since I been in college. His name is Malcolm he is a foreign exchange student from... [more]

Anyone here from the UK wanna have some fun

Tell me your kinks

Mothers love 😍

When I was 11 I was asleep in bed and I was woken by a wet warm feeling, I now know was a blowjob, and as I opened my eyes I saw my mother leaving my room in a hurry, ever since I've always thought of having sex with her, knowing she's sucked my cock when I was young is fucked up but turns me on... anyone else have feelings of sex towards a... [more]

Fucking ex wifes daughter

I want my ex wife 56 to know I'm fucking her mature daughter 41 every opportunity I get. Like her to catch us fucking see her reaction

Happy Mother's Day !

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there ! Thanks to my own, dear departed mom for popping me out way back when. Thanks for loving me even if you didn't particularly like me.
Thanks to all you moms for leaving your curtains opened, blinds askew, or careless sunbathing while I peeped and stroked my cock while absorbing your nudity... [more]


When I was a sophomore in highschool there was this girl who wasn't very well liked. She always had on baggy ass clothes and never talked to anyone. Even nerds wouldn't talk to her. So anyway one day this woman came over to the house to see my mom. Evidently they worked together and she brings her daughter over, It's this same girl. My mom says... [more]

On the phone right now with Gail

I get a phone call out of the blue this afternoon from an old flame. Call her Gail (not her real name). Haven't talked to her in years, but I've been jerking over her since high school. We dated occasionally but never got physical. I was more interested in her than vice versa in that regard.
She's blathering to me right now. So what do I... [more]

Bubble butts

I have such an obsession with female asses. I love looking at them licking them fucking them. I love seeing women in leggings at the gym. I love when they go up their butts.

I jill at work

I play with myself at work and it is not like I have a lot of privacy. There are cubicles and I am on a corner one at the end but there is a lot of walking traffic in our department. Sometimes I just simply play with my nipples but I have gone as far as a dildo up under my skirt and even had to carry on a conversation one time with it halfway in... [more]

Girlfriends sissy is my husband

My best girlfriend and I have been in a long term lesbian relationship, about 12 months ago we caught my husband wearing my lingerie and heels.
We decided that he should be locked in chastity and would wear only female lingerie and cloths at home, my girlfriend would take control of the keys and be his Mistress, he would learn to do his own... [more]

Public spanking

This is going back about 25years ago but I was a woman of 22 and my brat of a cousin was 13 I used to babysit him ,one day in the summer holidays he called me a cu.. In town I was so angry I yanked his shorts down along with his pants and put him over my bare knee and spanked him hard from pink to red I feel guilty now but I really enjoyed doing... [more]

How do you approach mature women?

I'm a guy in my late 20's. I've recently realized I'm very attracted to older women, late 30s onwards. They're the kind of women I find intellectually most stimulating, and sexually more attractive (when I watch porn, it's usually about younger guys with older women).
Thing is, I don't know the first thing about approaching a mature woman with... [more]

Truck stop wife banging

Two years ago my wife and die we’re at a pilot truckstop. We had dinner and my wife was wearing a short Skirt with no panties. Her blouse was white and she was not wearing a bra. Truckers kept looking at her nipples that were plain to see. After we finished with dinner we left the restaurant. While my wife was walking out all the men were watching... [more]

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