I was desperate and needed money

When I was in college I was piss broke. I was bad with my money, addicted to pills and I needed to pay rent or be evicted. I was so desperate but I wouldn't ask for help because I didn't want people to know. I used a friends laptop. Filled out job apps, put ads on craiglist that I would do anything for some quick cash.
Well I got a hit... [more]

Fart play

I’ve recently discovered fart porn on the web. I was surprised that it really turned me on. The sights and sounds of a hot girl farting leaves me wanting to jerkoff every time. I’m not into being humiliated I just like that it’s so taboo I guess. I would definitely love to have my nose buried up a hot farting ass. The louder and longer the fart... [more]

Huge cocks

I’m a straight man who has only been with women my entire life. I must admit tho, the sight of a huge erect cock with tight balls gets me so horny. I’ve jerked off to the same video of a woman jerking and sucking the most magnificent hard cock multiple times. In the video she’s saying that the viewer(me) would love to suck the big cock- I think I... [more]

I don't mind getting groped, but I have rules, do you agree?

I am a 25 yo female, petite, and most would say pretty. I was first groped when I was like 13 and I hated it, I eventually got used to it, started ignoring it, and now I really don't mind it.
Public transport is the worst, I can't take a busy train or bus without getting my bottom felt, but it happens every where all the time.
I have some... [more]


I’ve been with this bastard Who is a serial LIAR , cheater, he’s a pedaphile, he’s incestive. I didn’t know all of this at first it took YEARS to figure this twisted mans mind and background out. I’ve never cheated on him EVER but I just grew tired of his shit and one day while he was at work. I decided to spend some time with this guy whom I had... [more]

No Gloryholes

I'm staying in Central Florida at this time, and there are no gloryholes. I use to indulge often, giving and receiving and I wish there was one, but now all there is are sex toy shops, no booths. Anyone know of some, or places to carry on-thanks

My first time

When I was a teenager my parents divorced and Mom was drinking way to much. I would find her around the house drunk passed out cold sleeping and she would be half undressed or completely naked. This is the first time I've ever seen a grown up woman nude before. I wasn't even interested in girls yet but after seeing her naked body that's all I... [more]

Suspicious minds

We're caught in a trap
I can't walk out
Because I love you too much, baby
Why can't you see
What you're doing to me
When you don't believe a word I say?
We can't go on together
With suspicious minds (suspicious minds)
And we can't build our dreams
On suspicious minds
So, if an old friend I know
Stops by to say hello
Would I still see... [more]

Filthy panties

Like a lot of men I adore sniffing panties. What I discovered is I really love it if the panties have skid marks on them. The aroma gets me as hard as the pussy smell. I love inhaling the stink of pussy and ass sooo much.


Ladies do u like your men in thongs if he is in good shape. Like to hear your opinion. I know some women like their men in panties but that's another topic. Lol


Hey ladies do u like your men completely shaved down there or just trimmed or just let it go. I sometimes shave completely or just trim. Once in a while I like to shave around my butt whole because I like when my girl rims me. I like to hear your thoughts.

Full figure women

I've been looking at naked pics of full figure women on the internet. I am amazed at how turned on I got. I love big asses to begin with but they were so sexy. I want to be with a full figure woman.

Masturbation with dildo

I'm a straight male but sometimes I like to stick a dildo in my ass when I jerk off. I see porn videos were men make themselves cum by using a dildo and not touch their cocks. Yes I know all about the prostate. It feels like I'm gonna cum but I don't. Any suggestions.

My dad caught me jerking off

My parents went to a concert that was supposed to last 3 hours. I have a phone but my dad has a nice monitor that's like 22 inches in his office so I decided to masturbate in his office. I was having fun until the door opened behind me and my dad caught me masturbating to foot porn. The concert was only for 2 hours. Im having a hard time... [more]

Hamper boy to girl

I started out wearing older sisters bras pantiesas young boy,at night id go to dirty cloths hamper in room next to my bed room,at firstonly tried on to see what it felt like looked like, seeing donna walking around in at home age 9 seeing her nearly naked all time. masterbated at night when all sleeping,her bras panties made me feel so good, as... [more]

My husbands small penis

Need help or advise. My husbands penis is only 2 and a half inches fully erect and its inverted when he’s soft. I cant feel him at all and it keeps poping out. Its really a turn off also when hes soft because there is nothing there. Need help

To old to post

I want to watch my 75 yo BBW wife get laid and then I'd clean them both. Did that with my ex and it was great

Spanked by roommate

I once lived in an apartment with my girlfriend and a female roommate. The roommate ordered pizza one night and the leftovers sat out overnight. When I was cleaning up the next day I threw the leftover pizza away and the roommate (Stacy) was pissed. "I was going to save that for my lunch" etc...
Later that week, my girlfriend had me over her... [more]

I want other men to see nude pics of my wife

Just want to share a few nude pics with other married men.

Samantha gave in.

Ever since after our first child for some reason that I cant define I have had this urge to watch her with another man.
I struggled with this for a couple weeks before telling Sammy of my desire and she flatly refused and wouldn't talk to me about it so after a few days I tried it again to another argument then for a few days we had a very... [more]

Humiliated At The Hospital

I did not get to the hospital in time for my wife's delivery of our new baby boy. In the waiting room with me was a Middle Eastern looking man. When he was called in, I thought he also was a new Dad like me. When I was allowed in the room, he was there, gloating over his baby, who was obviously much darker than me or my wife. The nurses just... [more]

Sex with sister

I have been trying to touch my sisters and i have tried it on my 2 sisters successfuly tonight i touched my sisters boobs and i really enjoyed it her boobs were soft once i gave my phone to my sister and she opend my browsing history she saw that i had searched how to convince my sister for sex that day i was sitting with her and i felt her... [more]

Naughty boy

I want a strong woman to pull my pants down and bend me over her knee and spank me on the bare ass and then walk me over to the corner and make me stand there on display for others to see.

Mary Lu My wife

After we married with Me still in the Marine Corp and her just graduated from high school we had two weeks before i was to Go back to Afghanistan for another thirteen months.
Mary had been on birth control for over a year and we decided not to have children until I returned but we had two weeks to really fuck and we tried everything even anal... [more]

Good place to take my wife for a gangbang?

So my wife and I have been talking about a gangbang for some time now and I would like to make this a reality for her. Is there any place in the us I can take her in the hopes of making this happen for both of us? She really loves the idea of being fucked in a cienama but I think there are any left? Any tips on how to get this going would be... [more]

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