Sister in law panty sniffing

I was married 29 yrars to a very sexy lady. She was 17 when we me and I took her virginty. She was 5'4" 105 lbs with 34 b breasts. She was known in her small town for sucking older men but never giving it up. She was the hairest lady I had ever had sex with. She had juvinile diabetis since 11 yrs old. After 26 yrs of marriage it had killed her sex... [more]

Who's the Dad?

I just found out I am three months pregnant. I dont know who the dad is, it could be one of five guys. My parents have told me I can't come home. None of the potential fathers are in my life anymore. I don't know what to do...

My girlfriend is making me mess with my wife

I am married but have been in a pretty steady relationship with another woman. She is insanely hot and I can't control myself when I'm with her. She has this sexual power over me and lately has been making me mess with my wife while we are having sex. When I'm inside of her I can't think for myself. Lately her thing is making me call my wife while... [more]

Gets me every time

I confess I love phat, ripe, protruding pussy lips

:) smooooth

I just shaved, I can't stop fondling my soft balls; guess I'm going to have to masturbate.

I'm 21 years old guy and I want to get a blow job

I want to get my cock sucked. Who would like to give me a blow job ?

Asian massage parlor

I had sex at an asian massage parlor last friday and i secretly recorded it without getting caught. i wore a baseball cap with a tiny camera hidden in the front and never took it off. but i made the stupid mistake of showing it to my friends and one of them uploaded it on the internet. thats bad enough but if the parlor finds out that i made a... [more]

Pregnant and not worried. . .

I work in a small insurance office with four guys. I'm 6 months pregnant and often horny. I initially masturbated in the restroom to keep myself balanced, as I was horny all of the time. After a few chats with coworkers, all of us are friends, I've been fucking a couple of the guys at work.
It's cheating, I know, but it's really just... [more]

My Older Nieghbour

I am a gay male to female tranny, 32 years old, slim, fit and attractive. I have been cultivating my looks for years, being careful with my skin with night cremes etc. I have done breast exercises and used enhancement crème so that my breasts have become naturally larger, not to big and I love them! I have long dark hair worn down past my... [more]

Fantasize about wife getting fucked on a girls trip

Often I have fantasized about my beautiful blonde wife to come out of her sexual shell and show that animal side. I can envision her going away on a girls ski trip, they go to after ski having a great time meet some other well to do guys, hit the hot tub for some prosecco and music. As they sit there and the prosecco flows some of the guys and... [more]

Where to wank in public

Really want to try wanking in public more but where could I do it? Right now I only do it in public toilets but need some more risky places I go to college too so bear that in mind Any suggestions welcome

Wishful thinking.

It's been nearly 10 years since I had sex. It wasn't difficult to stop as men don't find me attractive. I'm obese and ugly. The only way I got fucked before was through a sex site. Mainly one nights stands. I'm not good with men I get nervous so celibacy and porn are the only answer. But lately I am So frustrated and wish I had a man who shared my... [more]

Getting Stronger

I’ve made a few comments on different topics, hinting at my situation. But I’ve got to admit what’s going on. My husband is a baptist minister. We’ve been married 21 years, it’s pretty good overall. But there’s this woman, she’s recently divorced, 33 years old, she’s struggling with same sex attraction. She’s had a “lesbian past” as she calls it... [more]

I would secretly love to be in an amateur porn

Im in my very early 20's and have fantasized about being in a homemade porn.
Ive never told anyone ,its locked away in my head for my enjoyment . I think about how neat it would be to have a few guys undress me ,squeeze my tits and nipples , and me sucking them hard and getting serviced by them and sucking down all of the guys loads . just have... [more]

Maybe it's just me.

I really do love reading the stories, confessions, and tall tails, people write on "NaughtPosts". However if you folks are going to post a tail, fictional or true, at least make some of the details a little bit realistic. It kind of sucks when you're reading along and you get to the part where the man is jacking off. Jilling off, or wanking... [more]


I love sexy lingerie. I love beautiful women in sexy, silky panties. Especially like them the day after they have been worn. When I see an attractive woman in public, my mind races with the thought of what kind of panties is she wearing. I want them. I want to smell them and use them to masturbate.

Mother in law walked in without knocking!

I have a thing for flashing and getting caught masturbating by my MIL. In the past I have flashed her by walking past the spare bedroom we have which she uses when she stays. I have made it pretty obvious and she now knows I have a thing for flashing her! Recently (after a few drinks) I told her I was sorry for my behaviour and she said she... [more]

Gloryhole help

I'm male and live in a decent sized town. There are a handful of sex shops with gloryholes, and I've checked two of them out. I was hoping to get my dick sucked or fuck a hotwife type, but every time I've been there it's all been guys. No women. The last time I did let a guy blow me, and it was nice, but I'm really into women. I like pussy... [more]


I was sleeping an woke to my mates daughter given me head I was amazing I blew she left my mate said next morning did you enjoy my daughter last night I sent her to your room :) she is 18yo yes I did BG smile has this happened to anyone


I love to look in ppl widows to watch them fuck or shower or finger .my next door a family of 4 females an they dad moved in I always peep on them watching them play with them self's using many things to fuck them with I cum watching them .an they dad walks around nude in front of them even with a hard cock which I seen the daughter suck ..has... [more]

Stranger danger

I watched the original “psycho” and of course, the famous shower scene.
I thought to myself, what if instead of stabbing her, he opened the curtain and had sex with her.
Ever since, when I take a shower when my guy isn’t home, I just imagine a total stranger walking into my apartment and walking in on me and f***ing me like crazy.
Is that... [more]

Hired an escort for my daughter

My daughter came out to us fairly young, but was too shy/nervous/scared/awkward to ask any other girls out, not even after she started high school. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and (with her and my wife’s permission), started researching independent escorts in the area. My daughter actually picked her favorite out of a list of... [more]

She loves black guys

Right after I married my wife a close friend of ours and I were talking. She missed the wedding so she came later to wish us well. As the drinks came she Wouk slip me little details about my new wife. I had no idea she snuck out to be with black guys her entire tenure in college. She would date and have sex with white guys just to fit in. But she... [more]

Silky, worn panties.

I love a beautiful woman in sexy panties. I love the feel, the smell, everything about sexy panties.
I was houses sitting for friends (the wife is very sexy). The morning after they left for the trip, I went over the to check the mail, feed the pets. Before I left their house I went to use the bathroom. As I was peeing I noticed an open... [more]

Watched them

Crashed over a mates house the other night, he gave us the spare room and i passed out early, woke after an hour or so needing a piss and could hear fucking, snuck round down stairs and peared round the door to see him pounding his missus from behind, shes always been fit but it was fucjing hot to watch my mate pounding her from behind slapping... [more]

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