I am a 21 year old wife. I feel really bad and embarrassed saying this but I need to let it out. I am constantly horny, doesn't matter if I just had sex or used a vibrator, I want more. My husband seems to have a low sex drive which drives me crazy. I have become so sexually frustrated I am contemplating divorce but what woman gets divorced from... [more]

Lil Cousin Rena

I have this younger cousin named Rena, who I wish to fuck so badly. She lives in a different city than me, but I like talking to her. One time we were talking online, and she sent me a picture of herself. I said I liked it and asked her to send me a picture without her shirt on. She laughed and sent me one of her in her bra, so I got rock hard... [more]

Naughtiest thing I have ever done

My friend brought me over to his grandmothers house one weekend to do a bunch of yard work, I knew it ahead of time and was happy to help him. She tried paying both of us for the work and I refused telling her that I was not going to accept payment for the work.
The following summer my friend had moved out of state, his mom contacted me and asked... [more]

New Babysitting

I am doing a lot of babysitting and recently I've been babysitting this real sexy one year old. She's tiny, with beautiful eyes and a sexy pussy. It's a fantasy to be with a toddler.

Showing myself to men

I have been married to my husband for 5 years now and I have started a new fetish that turns me on so much. I find myself going out most days without a bra and panties. While my husband is at work I will dress up and go places to show off. I can't resist opening my legs and letting men look at me. I wear very thin tops so my nips are always... [more]

Tiny blonde loves huge dicks

I can't stop my craving for bick dicks. I cheated on my husband a few years ago with a guy I work with. He had a huge dick and he really knew how to use it. Our affair went on for a few months until he got transferred. Well needlass to say I haven't stopped. I now post ads on dating sites being very specific about what I'm looking for. I am 5... [more]

Not sure why

I'm in my 30s, married, and life is good. My wife is beautiful, she used to be a model, and has a perfect body. Tall, blonde, nice tits, fit as fuck, the whole thing. She is faithful and loves me, and we get along great, which makes my behavior all the more bizarre.
I've been cheating on her with an old friend from high school named Ava. She... [more]

ا wаى rعаdاng а соmмعnт

ا wаى lоهkاng aт а рهst аnd ا fеاт ا шаى طeاnء وоmрاeмعnтعd ьy тhع щоrdى اn а соmмعnт тhат ىaуو ىrаffاtا. ا fеعl нهnоrеd бy هnاy rеadاng ىчсh а nاсء عоmмعnt and ا шочاd اiкع но اmрrеىs ىoмعоnе, ا rеаااy щهчاd. ا мчىt а тhаnк уهч


I had a dream last night that my wife went out with a couple of girlfriends. She texted me that she would be coming home soon and she wants to indulge in one of my fetishes. She told me to look in the bag in her closet and change into the clothes and put a blindfold on, turn out the lights and lie on the bed. I looked in the bag and saw womend... [more]

Posted Wife's Vid's without her knowledge

Wife sometimes takes an Ambien with her wine. It's like sleep walking, VERY open to suggestions, NO inhibitions and I found out, NO memory. Started to see where she would go like that sexually. She would never allow anal sex, but she does about 1/3 of the time on Ambien. I have posted many videos of her beautiful pussy online that she has no... [more]

Is iт еvеn rigнт?, теll ме тнат sтчff

Окау sо тоdау I wаs rеаdin' тнат soме раsкiаinеn's аrе gоin' то deleте му соммеnтs frом отнеr siтеs...теll me what's wrong with them...сачse I sчrе wanт то кnоw...

Young meets Old...Part One...

Back in the late 70's when VCR's were first coming out there were lots of video rental stores opening up. But in the small ultra-conservative, town we lived in it was impossible to find adult movies. So I had to drive almost an hour to a bigger city to get movies. One day when I was there i met a guy who was from where I lived. He was quite a bit... [more]

Young meets old Part# TWO

I'd made friends with 2 much older men back in the late 70's and we'd been getting together making copies of XXX Rated DVD's because the closest place to buy any were in a larger city an hour's drive away. My wife and I were 19 yrs old and had been married for a year. And for half that time we'd been involved in nude photography, 3-somes, wife... [more]

I have always wanted this to happen again

When I was in college several years ago I lived in the dorm the first two years then three of us decided to get an apartment for the next two years. We were all close and it was going to be much cheaper than the dorm so our parents were all for it.
I started college a virgin but by the end of my first year I had made love with three men and one... [more]

I came out to my wife

So a few years ago, I started having sexual cravings for other men. I have been married for 10 years. Nothing at all wrong with my wife. We have a great relationship.
So, I started by masturbation. I'd masturbate to gay porn. That did it for me for a while but then again when doesnt masturbating do it?
So after a month I happened to come... [more]

Our German Shepherd

I can't stop having sex with our dog. I am a married female 23 years old. This all started one night while my husband was working a night shift. I was masturbating and our German Shepherd was very curious. He kept coming over to me and sniffing arroud. I pushed him away several times but he wouldn't stop. I was very close to cumming and he started... [more]

Iт's wаrмعr هn sهmع dауs тнan اt ىا отнеrى

Тоdау's а liттlе wаrмеr аnd mаубе it'ى nоt неاl tнаt اm اivاng اn...мaуطе اt'ى раrаdاsе...'сачىе аt اеаىт тhى عчn هءмعs чр...аnd thعrى'ع wаrm wеаthعr...аt اeаىt هn ىомع dауا...ىtى rعaاlу nهt sط هаd...

All started with a simple ad

I had been without a good cock sucking for many months, my wife just told me one day even after she had just given me a great blow job that it just did not turn her on anymore. She has never even played with my cock since and even though I have asked and tried to make love to her she just does not want it. We are in our mid to late fifties and I... [more]

Keyholder Helen

My wife and her best girlfriend have had a sexual relationship since school that continues, I have not minded because our sex and life is great.
Helen has convinced my wife that I should be locked in chastity and she should control the keys plus my release. Helen is coming over this afternoon for the initial locking of a cage she purchased from... [more]

I never realized how crazy she was

My mom probably had some sort of mental disability but I will never know because she passed away when I was about thirteen, I am in my late fifties now. My dad was killed in a workplace accident and the lawyers had set up a trust fund so I guess that is how she made it all those years without losing everything.
She always had a crazy way of... [more]

Summer nights

It was somethin' to do but only
'cause I wanted to...It was in the
summer and I was awake one night
with my dick hard and I thought
about the woman next door. She was nice and friendly and she said
I could come over anytime. I left the house and walked next door and I thought she wasn't at home.
I waited for a few minutes and I thought... [more]

My wife and Andrew

I have a confession. I was able to convince my wife to make out with Andrew a young military guy we met at a bar.
We all had beers together and I saw his cock at the urinal. This was Friday and then as mdh again Saturday which I told my wife how I think he was the one and she easily agreed. We fucked hoping we could get it to happen and long... [more]

I love when men stare at my boobs.

I love when guys stare at my chest when talking to me. I have F size tits, carmel colored skin, 5”5. It turns me on so much. When I get home I rub my clit until I cum.

Let's go back why don't we?

Let me take you back to the beginnin' right now, I found this nice little place to post and I'll admit its got out of hand with all the comments mostly from me to a few posts. Anyhow I guess what I want to tell everyone is maybe it shouldn't have.

Iт's cоld аnd I'м теlling мysеlf тнат I'м living in неll!

Тнеrе's nо неат in тнis plаcе аnd I'м frееzing...маinly беcаusе оf мy dеаr dаd тне pаsкiаinеn!

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