My grand daughter is starting gymnastics soon but is not sure what to expect about underwear under her leotard wear or not wear some female do some don't.


My favourite female came to my house in llanbradach yesterday and we role play schools.iwas teacher and I spank her for wearing a short skirt . she enjoyed a good spanking otk knickers down skirt up.then we swop roles I got spanking for getting hard on while she was over my knee. Now I over her knee and she spanking me . she using back of hair... [more]

My wife

I show my wife's pics on certain sites and love knowing that guys are jerking off to her. I've even had her tributed numerous times.

My wife wanted this

I am a card player, hobby but I enjoy the game. We were living in Florida temporarily trying to find a great investment/retirement house. I found a few guys to play some cards with but had not hosted myself since the house we were renting was not that big and not well equipped for entertaining.
My wife asked me how the guys were that I was... [more]

Is he cheating?

I think my husband is up to no good. We've been married 9 years, together 12, We have 2 children. Everything is great but past few months he pays me no attention, he never kisses or gropes me. Sex is every Saturday, although it's very very good sex, he just doesn't seem to be interested in me outside of the bedroom. We love each other deeply yet... [more]

Clit licking

I'm obsessed with having my clit licked. I love parting my pussy and watching a tongue flick like crazy all over my clit, then it starts contracting and I go crazy.

Going Topless

Right before we moved out of state, My girlfriend and I did a farewell tour of sorts with our friends in town. One of them was a visiting one her old co-workers and her husband. After a good amount of drinks, we started talking about sex and they mentioned she was bisexual and her husband knew and was fine with it. They even went to swingers clubs... [more]

Taking Risks Wearing a Panty Girdle - Latest Update

We all know a lot, if not all, of these stories are fabrications in part or in full.
This one is different. I am real and this is 100% true.
Please read the original post for background information.
I have become obsessed with dressing in fetish items while visiting a vacant house. I go there in the late afternoons on most weekdays... [more]

Wife Cheated, Very Hot!

My wife (Sophie) and I have been together around 18 years now, and like most marriages you try to find ways to keep things interesting and spicy. We started sharing fantasies (and later on, confessions) behind closed doors, the rule being we couldn't hold anything against each other and we weren't allowed to judge. It was to be completely open and... [more]

I miss the Craigslist M4M personals

It used to be so easy to find a cock to play with and suck off. I never had a bad experience using it, the men were always respectful and never had an issue being pleasured. There were so many fake women's ads that the men had no issue with another man sucking them off and I even got mine sucked a few times though I always posted that it was not... [more]

My cute young cousin

I'm a 26 year old guy for the past few years I felt something but iv never told anyone and couldnt but I started wanting to have sex with girls 10 years old and I never thought it would be possible.yesterday my uncle called to see if his granddaughter could spend a few days at my house which his granddaughter is my second cousin. I hadn't seen her... [more]

I confess that this stuff makes me horny.

What about you?

I let my father in law do anything

I have no idea why but about five years ago while my in laws were over my FIL patted me on the rear end while telling me something and I did not have an issue with it. It was not just a simple hand tap either, he touched it like three to four times and on the last one he left his hand on me and gave a few squeezes. He then started doing it... [more]

I love to give blow jobs

I work at a really large company with hundreds of people and it is a manufacturing company with a large plant. I have worked here for about seven years now and one day I had to go back with a coworker to the storage area of the plant. It is just vast rows of shelves and poor lighting and all I could think about was the two of us were going to get... [more]

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