Is sex for grades ok?

I'm a college freshman girl, struggling a little, but obviously want to get good grades. I have the same professor for most my modules, and after a poor mid term I was invited to his office for advice/help. After dispensing his advice, he said, "...or you could let me fuck you and I'll see you get an A" and laughed, but i could tell this wad no... [more]

Brother steals my panties

Hi been looking for answers on the internet to this one, bit confused. I'm new here sorry. So background, I'm 14 and i live with my parents and 16 yo brother. I recently started noticing that my worn panties were disappearing from the washing basket, and after looking I found a pair under my brothers bed stick with his cum, it was gross.
I... [more]

Car show

This happened to us a while back now me and my wife who was quite young at the time decided to go out for the day because it was a really hot sunny day . We jumped in the car and set off heading for the coast on are journey we spotted this show ground that was full of all sorts of motor vehicles . Now I'm into that sort of thing but my wife's not... [more]

I Love Masturbating So Much...

I don't think I could ever commit myself to someone in a relationship or even have spontaneous sex. Self gratification is enough for me. Even though I have fantasies when I pleasure myself, I am never in them. What I end up imagining are scenarios where random people are intimate with each other. It's not as if I have a masturbation addiction... [more]

Gay truckers

I'm not gay, but a few months ago, I was unemployed and broke and needed money to pay the rent. A gay guy I know once told me that when he was broke and needed some fast cash, that he would go to truck stops and fuck gay truckers for money. So, I went down to the local truck stop on the interstate and went inside to the diner. I was dressed up as... [more]

Sex fluids

We had been married a while now I think we had done most normal things , But I don't know why I wanted to see my wife piss , Bringing this up I found very difficult this went on for some time , Then we had been out for a few drinks one night my wife wanted a wee she said she was feeling really desperate , There was a little wooded area I said go... [more]

Don't really know why

I'm 43 female, happily married, and after work yesterday I stopped off to visit my in-laws. It was my father-in-law's 70th birthday. My husband wasn't around. We had a few drinks and for my father-in-law's birthday present I sucked his dick while he was sitting in his recliner, watching Wheel of Fortune. My mother-in-law didn't mind at all. It was... [more]

Two is better than one

I have a big fetish for double vaginal penetration. My first experience was when I was a 19 year old horny slut who liked sex more than anything in the world. The first time I had two very large cocks in my pussy at the same time, I was addicted to it. I don't have any problems getting two big dicks in my pussy, it's the most amazing sexual... [more]

Relaxing at Work . . .

I own a small business as a florist. I've had the same two full-time employees for years, they are nice women about my age (late 40s). The three of us have been a great team. Recently I had to hire some extra part-time help, and gave the job to this college guy Bret. He's 20, has good customer skills, and knows a lot about flowers. Incidentally... [more]


This story his about my wife she his ticklish now I know this but not every one we come in contact with does , Anyway when you tickle her at first she likes it but you can go to far so you have to be careful , I just happened to tell my neighbour this in conversation can't think how it came up well my neighbours either side of us are good friends... [more]

Looking to be naughty

Looking for someone willing to trade pics an videos of partners with. I have an uncontrollable desire for swapping naughty an filthy pics/vids. My partner acts shy but loves it. After pics who knows what could happen. Hit me up if your intrested . no limits at all.. Tg865833 gmail com. We are waiting

My Asian wife

I got a cute Asian wife I brought to the u.s. from vietnam. I been with her for 4 years. Happy as can be. I'm a white male that has lived here in states my whole life.
In last few weeks I have had a friend of mine who is black joking with me when he would see my wife and tell me the sexual things he would do to her. Even jokes with me saying... [more]

Sis in law

Caught naked

Story of a bitch

I'm a girl, 23, and I love being verbally humiliated. My bf is a cuckold, an he'd love seeing me having sex with other males, especially oral sex with a large group of males. Since he told me this, I've grew this feticisim: I love being insulted and used as cumbucket, being called 'slut', 'cum addicted' and so on. But, besides those ma so... [more]

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