Was her comment about my cock ?

I'm a 46 year old husband and father of a 19 year old daughter . Saturday morning I woke with a raging morning wood I took a piss and it went down some before I walked into our family room nude. To my surprise my wife and daughter was watching t.v on the sofa . Our daughter is never up that early on Saturday I had been seen so I picked up a... [more]

I still feel really bad about it

Never told anyone about this, 8 months ago my landlord gave me 4 weeks notice, I couldn’t find anywhere to live on my budget, my friend said I was welcome to stay until you find somewhere.
I took 2 weeks off work to move and find somewhere to live.
In that 2 weeks I had sex so many times with her boyfriend, while she was at work her boyfriend... [more]

Can someone change that quick?

For years I’ve been chasing tight bald pussy, I masturbate to tight little bald pussy. 5 months ago I had an affair with a married woman of 4 children, she had one big hairy pussy and the loosest hole you could fuck and OMG am I a changed man, I so wanting more sloppy big hairy pussy!

Relationship via text

While fitting a kitchen I got chatting to the customer (married lady) we had a lot in common, laughing, joking etc.
I kept in contact with her via text about the job, times, deliveries etc.
Towards the end of the job I was waiting on a parts that the lady had changed her mind about.
I said I hope the job is to your satisfactory blah blah blah... [more]

Wife Peg

After we got back to our room Peg was very quiet and unsure of herself but I was excited after watching her and John go at it for over an hour.
Peg had sobered up though and was unsure of her feelings so I held her and whispered in her ear how exciting it had been for me we were in bed and I was off the wall horny but when I tried to roll her... [more]

18 year old

I am married, 50, lots of kids. Today I found a couple on Craigslist that wanted to hook up. I went to their house. He was 38, she was 18. I was just planning on watching but she was so fucking hot I slide my cock in her mouth while he fucked her. Didn’t take long and I came in her mouth.

Morning erection

My fascination and celebration of my morning errection started when I was about 16 years old. I had these roving morning errections from a very young age and can remember restless early morning experiences even at age 10 or 11. I started masturbating at age 14 which is a story for another time but mostly did so after school. At age 16 a friend... [more]

Tried Black

I am 23 F married for two years and?
Last week our neighbor was having a sprinkler system installed in their yard and for three days I watched this young black digging the trenches, god his muscles bulged and his dark skin glistened in the blazing sun sweating up a storm but I decided I'd take him a cold drink and maybe just talk to him for a... [more]

Misunderstanding masturbation

At 39 years old I found myself a divorced mom with two teens a son and daughter . Chasing after them and working a full time job didn't leave a lot of time for dating much less meeting someone and knowing them long enough to have a sexual relationship . I fussed about this to my sister one day who offered some help by offering to keep the kids... [more]

Short on the cash and prizes

So I met a guy on Zoosk. He is so sweet. He makes me laugh and he treats me like a queen. I really like him. Today we finally had sex. I realized that he has micro penis. I don't want to break up with him over that because that would be really shallow, but I want to enjoy sex with him......what do I do?


I live very close to a popular dogging area, this kind of sexual activity fascinates me and I’m so wanting to join in.
I’ve read on the Internet the dos and don’ts but never manage to actually put it into practice.
I’m not worried about my body or bits just wanting to hear from someone that knows what really goes on.
Has anyone here been... [more]


How gutted am I, been working on a Mum at my kid school, started chatting to her early November, she is tiny, very petite, I know she had not long finished with her boyfriend when we started talking, we have had many coffees, been to the park with the kids and had one meal together.
Didn’t hear or see her over the Christmas holidays, returned to... [more]

Sick Fantasies

Note: Censored to hopefully avoid these dang filters for a bit. Thanks, naughtyposts. My post about how no one seems understanding is being regulated.
What’s up everyone—I have a r4pe fantasy. You may be thinking, “Oh, that’s normal for women!” Except mine aren’t. Everyone I talk to, everything I try to find online, are all women who have... [more]

Arthur Hawks cock sucker

Of course, I love sucking cock. I'm a faggot, I love sucking cock. Anything that gives my your cock I suck dick. Let me be your faggot cock sucker.

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