Good girl gone bad

I've always been the good girl, the one that pleases everyone and stays out of trouble. at 17, i just want to be a teenager and do something stupid for once, even if it's just once.
i have a thing for a music teacher (i go to a fine arts school). i was a crew member for a play that he was a musician for and we got along really well and talk... [more]

I want a Baby

I am a black guy and just want to have sex with a single or married woman,legal age,any race and get her pregnant.I have been wanting to do this for years.I hope I knock a woman up this coming year.I will be so happy.

A real crappy time

I was going hard at it with my girlfriend and i wanted to spice things up so i asked if i could do her up the ass ... anyway she accepted and we had great sex for a few weeks until my girl got the shits she was on the toilet for hours sometimes ...... one time i went in when she was finished and her shit smelt so good that i wanted that feel on me... [more]


I had a dream that a little girl offered herself to me sexually. I thought it was real, so I refused, and just masturbated thinking about it later.

Wat i do in my spare time....

My names Bridgette
I'm 13
nd I'm in 8th grade(I wuz able to skip a grade)
I'm probably lke most teen girls..........I was first introduced to the sex world at the age of 11,it was a dare I was dared to go ina room wit a person dat the group choosed nd do somethin sexual wit him,I guess u could say I gave him a handie,nd let's just say he... [more]

Sex with Mother in Law

My mother in law moved in with my wife and I a couple years ago when her house was foreclosed on. We had married under a year, and 24 years old, while MIL was 43. I always thought she was attractive, and have fantasizes about her. My wife was out of town last week, first time I had been at home with MIL only. It was instantaneous, we were kissing... [more]

Knocked up my wife's sister

It only took one time...we were stupid and when we were alone had sex, I did not pull out and now she's preggers!

Married man

I want to sleep with one of my married friends. We met through work and even though its been almost a year since I've seen him, we email daily. He's 12 years older, married, with 6 kids but if I had him alone for about an hour I would ride him like a rented scooter. I often fantasize about all the nasty things we coulda done if our business trips... [more]


I am a sixteen year old and my ex gf is fifteen. The first month of our relationship I whent over to her house. We ate dinner and her family was there. Her father is fifty and her mom is forty eight. Her twin sister is also there. After dinner my girlfriend and I do what we generally do and hang out until it is late at night. It passed twelve... [more]

My Dream Come True: Swinging with my wife's best friend

I had always had an eye for Anna and her husband and my wife and I had been good friends all while going through college. I secretly wished I could have sex with Anna now and again. I didn't know how it was possible that I could have love for two women as deeply as I did, but it was true. Then one day out of the blue, my wife, Allison... [more]

I do weird things to orgasm.....

I am a very weird person. i am an 18 y o blonde and guys are always trying to get me to have sex with them. but i like having sex with dirty old perverts. they turn me on so muchhh. i love to see their big cocks throbbing. i guess you could call me a prostitute even though i dont get paid. i really let anyone fuck my pussy. I do it with old men i... [more]

I love making married women cheat

I am a decent looking black guy, in my late 40s and educated. When I was 21,I had sex with a blonde white woman, who was separated at the time and had kids.
Ever since then,I have been hooked on dating or fucking married women, especially white women.
I don't find myself very interested in single ones-I am mostly chasing after married... [more]

A drunken sister In law

I will try to forget dec. 5 2012 but it's hard my sister in law calls me drunk to pick her up I go take her home she didn't want me to leave so she hugs me just hugging her felt soo good.. She starts to kiss me I gave in !! We making out she gives me hickeys then we have sex ! With no condom !! what happend !!!!! So now when I see her I always... [more]

Prison Guard Buddy Records Rape and Abuse for Fun

I guy I've known since high school, Mark, is a CO at a state prison nearby. He's also a neighbor. At a party he had not too long ago, he showed a group of us recordings he too with his phone of young men being sexually abused. He says that agreed to have sex for protection so it's not rape. But the victims all looked under 25, where slim and... [more]

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