I get the Weirdest Sensations

When I'm getting intimate with my girlfriend, I'm completely comfortable pleasing her with my hands and mouth. But when she goes down me I start to shiver uncontrollably. My knee has almost jerked into her head more than once. I don't think it's a cold shiver, or a tired shiver, just a ridiculous nervous reaction. After a short while of this, my... [more]

May as well be gay

I've been married to my wife for 5 years. We haven't had sex for the past 6 months. She just stopped. I'd come onto her and she would tell me not now. So, I started having sex with men. I can't say that I just started having gay sex 6 months ago. I've been doing it off and on since I was 12. My best man at my wedding was a lover of mine and we had... [more]

My best friend's panties

I have a wonderful best female friend and I have on several occations taken her used panties, sniffing them while masturbating. Once when we were on a holiday she was going to have a shower and put her clean underwear in the bathroom, but I said I wanted to have a shower first so she said sure go ahead. Her panties and bra was lying on the toilet... [more]

How i became a cock sucker

When i was eleven a boy moved in next door. he had the greatest comic book collection ever. in those days there was little tv, and no internet, and comic books were the thing for boys. i would go to his house to read comic books. one day he told me that they weren't for free, that i could either pay him a quarter for each comic book to read or... [more]


The woman who I have called Gran for years, fortunately she's not related, has Altzeimers. She is only 62, but my Dad, who she adopted years ago, had her put into a home for her own good. I went to see her as we were very close when I was growing up. She didn't recognise me and as I had white Jeans and a white shirt on she thought I was a painter... [more]

Got my hubby's handsome friend on my mind

I know it is not right. I think about my hubby's handsome friend all the time. My hubby is just okay looking, nothing to brag about. His friend is the sexiest and handsomest man I ever saw. To my surprise, I know he wants me. He told my hubby he was lucky to have a sexy woman like me with such a "smoking hot body", and I catch him trying to look... [more]

Masterbating in school?

Ok so im in school right now as im typing this and sometimes i just started masterbating im 13 btw but im in school sometimes and i feel like i have to do it like ill be with my girl friends (friends who are girls not girl friends) and i ask to go to the rest room and im afriad that someone will catch me can u get in to trouble for doing that at... [more]

Getting even with big sis

Just got to confess I'm doing stuff with my brother in law, my sister has always looked down on me. We get on ok but I don't really like her. A few weeks ago I was alone with John, I was wearing this top where it kept falling of my shoulder so it showed my bra strap. At 14 I've got nice boobs and always get plenty of attention at school, the're... [more]


When she sleeping go into the room sleep closely

Had sex with a Hostess at my wife's birthday

A couple weeks ago some family and friends went out to a restaurant for my wife's birthday. I got there early and they wouldn't seat me without our full party. The hostess who checks the reservations was unbelievably hot and I was talking to her while waiting for everyone else to arrive. I had a feeling she was flirting with me but I always assume... [more]


I am 21 and my girlfriend is 23 and i had a fantasy of watching her with another man and finally got it to happen and she loved it, she told me that she loved the guy being almost 3 times my size (im 3 inches hard btw) made her love it even more and so now its become our normal relationship and i love it. She brought out the bisexual side of me... [more]

Gender neutrality

I am a woman in a man's body who loves women. I'm attracted to women in every way, but I feel like I should be a woman, rather than a man. I don 't believe gender defines characteristics of an individual, so I don't just feel feminine. I believe I would feel more complete with a female anatomy, loving my female partner. I feel like I'm alone in... [more]

Do others think this way?

When i go to the massage/ chiropractor i ALWAYS where sweat pants or shorts. I do this because i love the feeling of them being pulled down over my hips while im laying face down. It makes me feel very vulnerable and exposed back there, though nothing has ever happened i find myself wishing it would. Im a male and it dosent matter to me which sex... [more]

Im weak

Si i have been stuggling alot with lust. I watched porn to please myself and last night i started to have anomous sex chat with a girl much younger than i am. I hate these sins i know tbey are not righteous. I love god and i want the godly life he has in store for me. Things have been hard since god told me and my fiance we were not supposed to... [more]

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