I love sex, eveything about it is good.. After 3 years of having ptsd and losing all feeling down there being emotionally and physically shut down im so extremely happy to say I LOVE SEX!! again. only the people who has been through sexual assault would know how hurts to.lose your sex drive, and now I know how it feels to get it back.. Its... [more]

I like dildo better than hubby

I went to a pleasure party a few weeks ago and my friend gave me this really big dildo as a gag.I took it home and hubby wanted to try it on me we got out a vibrator and he used it on me and I never felt Anything so good in my life when we were done I couldn't tell him it felt so much better than him so I asked for him to cum in me. Any way I was... [more]

Degrade my friend

I have this fantasy I would love to have played out, I have pics of my friend and would love to have you guys tell me what you would do to her, I find it arousing. If your interested contact me at,

Feelings for step daughter

She was only 7yrs when I med her and her mum,once she was 14yrs and growing hair,I started to have this feeling as she was also had no problem to undress at my presence.because she was also beginning to develop boobs I wanted to touch them.eventually I did when she was sleeping and I end up touching her vagina also.because of this,when ever she is... [more]

I really hate myself for this.

I've been a supporter of social justice for a LONG time. I've been told what a gentle and sweet and down-to-earth person I am, and I've never been anything but gentle with anyone, but I have this huge noncon fetish and I just want it to go away but it doesn't.

Season of giving

Today while I was at my friends house playing games, he went to the store to get some more snacks. Just as he was leaving his brother (age 25) and his brothers friend (age 24 btw im 17 and im bi) were coming in, they came into the basement to say hello to me and they each sat on either side of me. The brother asked me if I was a virgin I told... [more]

I want to have sex!

I'm only 12 years old and I don't even have my period yet. I love my body though accept I don't know hoe to master ate right cause I never get it! But ever since we learned about puberty at school view anted to have sex with guys! At night I get undressed and just sit there rubbing my nipples and vagina. I feels good but not orgasm great. I want... [more]

Any girls out there

And girls 14-16 wanna chat on Kik post yours below please and send a pic to me after I ask

Entering 2013 with a bang.

On New Year's Eve, I'm going to have sex. I am so fucking excited.
The thing is, I'm supposed to be a sweet innocent girl. I've been with my boyfriend for about 2 months, and just can't wait to be in bed with him. Were both of legal age, and we're both adults. My best friend keeps saying its too soon. That he'll just leave me soon after, which... [more]

I want my sister inlaw

I have been married for 12 years and my wifes sister is 6 years younger than her, She is tall and slim and has big c-cup boobs ( I checked the tag on her bra once while her and my wife were gone)and looks just like my wife except taller and with bigger boobs.
I can't help but stare at her every time i see her in anything even slightly... [more]

I think i made a mistake

There is a guy I've casually had sex with once, and since then we've decided to do the domiant/submissive thing under consent just as sex partners though, nothing else. I can't tell you how hot it is and the thought of it turns me on so much. Thing is he is too emotionally distant and i feel he is the type to get abusive. I don't know though, but... [more]

I had sex with my cousin

Im twelve and i kinda had sex with my cousin.whenever we had sleepovers we would secretly have it

Chronic Cheater

I don't know why but I love the thrill of cheating on my husband, the funny part is the sex I have with my husband is better when I cheat on him, especially if we have sex on the same day. I know it's wrong, but it's so much fun and the excitement really gets me off. The saddest part is I have been cheating on him before we got married and have... [more]

Only other 14 year olds can help me with my problem.

Alright so for staters I am 14 yo and have always wanted to see somebody my age completely naked. Where they are completely exposed. If anyone can help me with this I would be so greatfull thanks.

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