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My wife's first 69

My wife was a very shy girl in high school. Thought of herself as being unattractive.
After she graduated her old math teacher met her one day and invited her over to his apt.
My wife was soooo gullible - and stayed that way for another 10 years!
Men could get her to their office and then demand a blow-job from her. Or come to her house to talk... [more]

Vomiting up my school dinners

During high school I used to have hot dinners, but I hated them and thought the food was awful. I would ask my parents if I could take my own lunches in, but they always said it was cheaper and easier for me to have dinners at school. The food was always bad quality and I'd always end up feeling sick through the afternoon during lessons, so... [more]

First Gay Dick Sucking

I started posting nude pictures of myself on a web site. Others on the site can comment on your pictures and send public or private messages. I enjoy looking at other's photos and have sent messages. You can search based on preferences like sex, age, body type, location and other filters. You post a page about yourself. Mine said straight but... [more]

Uncles girlfriend

I’m in love with my uncle!!!! I have always been somewhat close to one of my uncles. We always had a nice tone between us and he often came and visited since he’s my dad’s younger brother. When I was younger I had this feeling that something more is coming. Despite that he is my uncle he mad me feel something. My uncle broke up with his girlfriend... [more]

Casey R...

You're working on my work computers. You said you like this site. If you read this Casey R. I want you to come into my office shut my door and let me bury my face in your sexy thick ass! Rm 132! Just do it, you can be full of your husband's cum, I want you l that way! Let me have it!

I'm such a whore

Every time the bamboo paddle comes out, I (m, 24) spread my legs to be punished. No words are spoken as I lay down and lift my hips up for a better target, offering myself to my owners (f, 50 & 56) as they seem to get great pleasure whipping me until I'm crying and my genitals are swollen and bruised. My inner thighs, pubic area, and nipples are... [more]

Balloons are so fun!

I was on a birthday party of my best friend. We had a great sleepover. At the end I helped my friend with cleaning up. We had a lot of balloons there. So I decided to put them to her room. She asked me what to do with them. I answered maybe playing and popping :)? She said that would be fun for sure, but there is a way how we could have more fun... [more]

I Cheated With My Cousin!

This is an update to "I miss getting fucked by my cousin"
For Thanksgiving, my family planned a family reunion; we all traveled to my great grandmother's (GG's) house for a family day! At the end of the day, some people went home or went to a hotel for the night; my husband, our son and I slept at my GG's house. My cousin, Max (he used to fuck... [more]

An IUD is an evil thing

An IUD is an evil thing. After fifteen years of marriage and three surprise kids, I decided that either condoms were not effective, or I was not disciplined enough to use them properly. I tried to convince my husband to get a vasectomy, but he was too macho to get his tubes tied. He should have. Instead, I went to the doctor and got an IUD. ... [more]

Not the reaction that I expected.

I work the evening shift during the week in a small neighborhood bar and pizza shop. It is a real throwback kind of place because it is in the middle of a neighborhood and not on any throughway. It has been around since the nineteen forties and has a small but loyal following. The nice part is that you can walk to it from almost any direction... [more]

How I sucked my first cock

One day at the gym I worked out hard and sweaty. Afterwards I took a shower, this guy showered up beside me and I left, I went to my locker and sat down on the bench, drying my feet, when the guy from the shower, stood in front of me all naked drying his hair. As I looked up his cock was limp and not to far away from my face. I kept looking at his... [more]

Would you marry a cheater?

Would you marry a person who you clearly know cheated on you before many times and didn't confess to you but for some reason you still want to marry them? They don't leave you and shows how they loves you but cheats on you at the same time.
I'm speaking for myself as a boyfriend my girlfriend cheated on me before I still see her as my future wife... [more]

Wife watched me fuck son's teddy bear .

My wife caught me trying on her lingerie when she came back from shopping, she stopped with a shocked face ,then as I tried to cover and changed ,she said 'STOP , Wait she sat me down and helped fix the stockings.
Then , she got a wicked idea . She left and soon returned with our son's old big teddy bear . I looked at her quizzinly and she cut... [more]

Mom getting pounded

So i came home from school early because i wasnt Feeling good and when i walked In the door my mom was getting fucked really hard by her boyfriend. I could literally hear her ass clapping so loud from downstairs and she kept screaming “FUCK ME WITH THAT FAT DICK” and “MAKE THAT FUCKIN ASS JIGGLE. Idk why but I couldn’t help but listen to her... [more]

I love a meaty pussy

I have been talking to this girl for about 2 months now and we have went on a few dates and she’s been to my house a few times but it never got past making out or me grabbing her tits. I am not the forceful or pushy type so I would stop when she didn’t want to go further. Well 2 months is long enough to go without having sex or seeing her naked... [more]

Caught co worker and blackmailed

I went to the bathroom at work and it’s a 1 stall bathroom in the back of the shop for the workers. The door wasn’t locked and as I open the door I see my co worker on the toilet with his dick in his hand watching porn. I said oh shit sorry and shut the door back. He comes out soon after and walked up to me and said hey man I’m sorry about that... [more]

I’m obsessed with BBW women in leggings

As the title suggests, I’m obsessed with chubby/BBW women in leggings! I’ve always been an ass and leg man. And I can’t get enough of bigger ladies in yogas! Like I’ll go to the mall or Wal Mart or Target or wherever. I’ll literally act like I’m shopping while following a chubby lady around, just staring at her big ass and thick legs. Even... [more]

Wife's Thongs/Panties Drawer

Anyone wanna see my wife's thongs and etc.?? I don't mind sharing pics... if so plz drop ur emails and ill shoot u am email sometime shortly after seeing/posting this.....👀

Friend talked about his wife

My friend and I was talking and we got to talking about his wife and my gf. Was saying what they would do and what they wouldn’t do sex wise. Neither will do anal and neither would ever do a 3some or anything if that nature. He then asked if my gf can squirt and I told him no but one of my exes did and I loved it. He told me his wife squirts... [more]

Future wife slept publicly in panties when she was 17

The SoCal girl I married in late 1967 first showed up in the big apt. I shared with 4 guys and a married couple. All of us were under 25 or so. I was 18.
She came home to dinner with one of the older guys.
She said he was crude & rough in bed....and for whatever reason she stayed in our apt.("summer of love", 1967~! - kids couch surfed all the... [more]


I’d love for guys 2 tribute 5 my wife 6. She’s never been 9 properly tributed 0 and 4 I want 9 to know 8 if anyone 0 is interested 5. Be an adult and don’t just ask for pics. I need proof you can tribute.

Letting it happen

My wife is 67 , very outgoing lady, I think of her being seduced and fucked, she has the freedom for it to happen, she is a little plump but fit, 48 DD some sag but firm, her hobby is buying and selling collectables,so goes to second hand stores daily, I never question her on how long she goes out for,when she meets other collectors she tells me... [more]

No Name

I was at a friend's house Monday and she brought me a big Rottweiler and told me that I could suck his cock and get fucked if I wanted to, well I told her that I wanted to suck his big cock so I got down on my hands and knees and began to suck his cock the taste of his semen was so good I wanted more. I was ready to be fucked and fucked I got, it... [more]

Allowing it to happen

My wife is 67, a little plump but fit, 48 DD some sag but firm, she is very social, I think of her being seduced, haven’t told her, but she has all the freedom for it to happen to her, not that she is looking,
She buys and sells collectables so is out most mornings to second hand stores, when she meets other collectors she tells me, I always... [more]

Meth masturbation

I love to smoke meth specialy jerk off and watch porn there is nothing like it wish I had a girl to smoke with dream come true

I’m want to Fuck my boyfriend’s Dad! >~<

I’m 21 my bf of three years is 22. His father 55 years of age, bought us a house so we could start our lives together. He has always been so kind and generous to me. The first time we met, he gave me roses and told me a was a beautiful girl and I was too beautiful to be with my boyfriend ( in a joking way!) I always took this as sign of his... [more]

Beautiful Eve in the Garden of Eden

I have a neighbor I just met named Eve. She loves to wear halter tops and long skirts that go over her navel. I’ve told her she looked nice, she looked sexy, but she never accepted the compliment. And I told her I liked her soft belly but she didn’t accept that either.
Then came the day she did her gardening in the nude. Her back was to... [more]

Anna: my grandma

I woke up early in the morning, Anna was in deep sleep, I had a hard hard-on and eager to start again with her. I drew her naked body that I was snooping closer to me. She woke up. And raised on leg up, opening her croatch area. I touched her pussy. She squirmed and let out a little sigh: “Please fuck me again.” I felt her cunt too warm and wet... [more]

Dreamed of sucking a guy

So first let me start off with I’m 30 and I always had a very very small dick. Like it rolls inward when it’s not excited. But anyway last night I was putting up clothes and accidentally put a pair of my wife’s panties in my drawer but they were hanging out. I thought she might mentioned them to me but she didn’t. Maybe I was hoping she would... [more]

How do I get my wife to dress more revealing.

So my wife is 5’6 beautiful brown hair, 40 D cup and 200 lbs and curvy. I want her to start dressing more revealing. I want her to show off her tits. And her thighs. How do I talk to her about it ?

Fuck me

70 yrs young man wants to be Fucked by a man any age 1st time.

Cum tribute and story

Anyone willing to cum tribute my wife and tell me a story of what you think or what you would do to her and possibly sph me !!

Brotherly Love

My brother and I have been fucking and sucking each other since we were both teenagers. It started when he walked in on me jacking off. He hadn't done it yet and I told him how good it felt when I cum. Internet porn wasn't a thing back then so we looked at one of dad's nude magazines. We layed side by side and jacked off together. We would do this... [more]

Is it weird to want to swap bodies with my wife

Is it weird to want to swap bodies with my wife to have sex with different guys and to know what it feels like as a woman

Taking long

Does anyone know how often they refresh the posted stories, confessions,& questions...? Like how long does it take until mime from yesterday pops up and everyone can see it...?

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