Im in love with a married man

When I was 18 I started to work at a restutant where I met my first love who happened to be my manager. I knew he was married and had a couole of kids. At first I had no feelings for him at all but as months passed by I began to get a little crush on him. Soon after he got my number and we would text untill one day he asked me to be his gf. At... [more]

That fertile seed

Right before Christmas my girlfriend cheated on me with a black man. This black man I know pretty well as he has fucked a few women I know. All these women he fucked which was 4 different women all ended up having children by him.
2 of the 4 women has 2 kids by him while the other 2 just have 1 kid by him and all kids are around or under the... [more]

Punishing my unruly 18yr step son

As a mother I was a strict discipline to my 18 year old step son living with me and my three teenage daughters be quite my perverted stepson putting cameras in our bedrooms and bathrooms watching

Pretty cousin

I made out with my cousin at her birthday party at her room and later in life I gave her a kiss and felt something. For reasons we stopped talking but I wanna kiss her on her beautiful lips again.

Teases Me

Step daughter is a senior in school and likes to dress hot like. She wasn't aware I down bloused her when I got a chance. She has long skinny saggy breast and I wasn't aware at the time that the ends of her breasts was huge areolas. When my wife was out shopping Carol, my step daughter was showering. I wanted to see her body. I secretly peered... [more]

I love it when my wife acts like a whore in bed

I love my wife and respect her very much, but I love it when she acts like the sluttiest little whore when it's time to fuck. I get rock hard when she wants me to fuck her and do all sorts of nasty stuff to her.


I find that masturbation is much more fulfilling and pleasant then any cock ...i simply enjoy it ..many times i finish myself off in front of my husband

Sexual attraction towards my mom and sis.

I have a sexual attraction towards both my mom and my sis. Me and my younger sis have sex from time to time but with my mom it was just once that I grabbed and played with her boobs while she was asleep. I dont know if this is wrong or right and I dont know what to do.

Pantie sniffing

I love the smell of my wife panties after she wears them all day. She caught me a couple times sniffing think she puts them a certain way in the hamper see if they been moved. She will call me a sicko when I sniff them in front of her. Girls I cheated with did not mind when I sniff there after I slide them off of them. Anyway sons girlfriend came... [more]


I took a video of some friends that my buddy wanted. I sent it to his phone as I have done with many other files. Except this time I accidentally sent 3 other files along with it. It was 3 days before he finally showed me on his phone. He smiled because he knew he had me! A video of me clearly sucking on another guy's cock! He laughed, wait wait!... [more]

Wife Fantasy

I have a fantasy of letting other men touch my wife. One fantasy I have in particular, is that I want to have another man put sunscreen on my wife at the beach. I told her about this fantasy recently, and she said she wasn’t interested, but I could tell she was really horny. I just bought her an extra cheeky bikini for when we go to the beach this... [more]

Wife Sharing

I really enjoy the thought of other men touching my wife. I have a fantasy where I let another man apply sunscreen to her butt and thighs while she’s laying out at the beach. I recently told her this fantasy, and even though she said she didn’t like it, she became very horny. I just bought her a skimpy swimsuit that is very cheeky for when we go... [more]

Dear Rick

Every time Gina comes to my house I lick her cunt. You have even called right in the middle of it and talked to her on the phone while I was eating her out! You were actually there while I had my tongue in her pussy! Honestly man, I was only gonna lick her cunt a little bit. But once I got my tongue in there I couldn't help it. I fucked her. I... [more]

Why do men love to see female genitalia?

Every guy I know loves to get a peek up a female's dress, see a nipple pop out sometimes, watch women in sexy clothes. Women seem to know this and dress to attract, some them complain when males act up.
I don't get it, women are pretty much the same under their clothes, so logic would make one think it's not exciting.
But I have had a few women... [more]

Cumslut wife

I'm finding out my wife is a real cumslut. I have found pictures that she has posted of her eating some guys cum. Apparently she loves cum and found these pictures on the internet. She even had pictures of her sucking a dog and eating its cum. There are dozens of pictures of her having men cum on her face, in her mouth and all over her body. ... [more]

Wife's casual start

When I 1st met my wife, she was her sister, she was wearing a short mini skirt barley covered her butt, A button down blouse no bra only sheer to toe stockings and 4" high heels. She was gorgeous and flirty and we were mutually attracted to each other. She exchanged her number and the next day She called me, and I picked her up on my Harley, and... [more]

Special Snowflake White and The Seven Dorks

I am so enraged that some fucktards are mad because the Snow White ride at Disneyland is sexual assault. Like did any of you miserable retards ever read or listen to snow white back in school, then again I don't think these fucktards learned anything in school because they showed outrage everytime they got F's on their report cards.
Snow White... [more]

Medical records part 2

Further to my previous post..
Concerned about medical records
I finally found out that when she was 24 a 17 year old teenager had made her pregnant!!
Previous post.
When I was ordering a prescription online for my wife of 40 plus years, a section said medical records.
I said let’s look at your medical records...
She shouted, no don’t... [more]

Why does she like young cocks

Before me my wife was fucked by lots of guys. But most of them were five or six years younger. Why would she get naked and open her legs for boys when at 25 she was old enough to be their mother? she was pretty and could have had any guys her own age? I am puzzled!

Mom fantasy

I always fantasize my mom getting fucked by other men and i want someone to fuck her infront of me

My neighbor, my teacher

Today I will teach you, as you might have guessed, and what you’ve been waiting for, pure hardcore sex. Now, you horny boy, fucking a woman’s vagina can be extremely exhausting - both for me and you, so be prepared for the workout of your life! And trust me, since I’ve been so neglected, I’m going to expect extra from you.”
She reached between... [more]


I'm James, I had just turned nineteen and staying with a friend of my mother's named Jan. This was just for a couple of days while I went for an interview for a place at the university. Finances were tight for me and staying in her spare room for a couple of days, giving her a little money for my food and board made a lot of sense.
I was only... [more]

Getting what she wanted

“I want you to fuck me!” I moaned as I slid my pussy over his cock. I slid so slowly as it was so big that I did not know if his dick would fit. Slowly but surely I took every inch in my pussy. It felt incredible. I paused for a moment to savor the feeling and started to slowly ride his dick. I looked down at my father and he had the greatest... [more]

Going To The Lake

I noticed Mom moping around the house one Saturday morning after Dad had been gone about three months. I asked her if she was feeling ok.
“I’m ok, I guess.” She replied absently. “Just feel bored…”
“Why don’t we go to the lake? Would you like that?” hoping to cheer her mood.
Her whole demeanor changed, “That would be great!... [more]

Mothers how to punish your 18 yr old perverted son

As a strict mom with an adult step son , and 3 teenage daughters , living home with me, , my daughters found a micro cameras in our bathrooms. My perverted step son has been recording us women naked , long story short we punished him ,with his own medicine , we took held him down tied his wrist and strung him up in the living room and stripped... [more]

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