Horny teen

Ive been thinking about working on my shyness simply to procure sex by having a friend with benefits and I'm only 16 I'm also a guy so don't bother hitting on me and dropping ur email or skype to me because u think I'm a girl

Cheating wife

I'm Paul and have been married to my wife Sarah for 25 years,we still get on as if we've just met,I had no reason to even imagine she'd be cheating on me until one evening,she was taking a shower and had been in the bathroom for what seemed an age! The bathroom door had always had a little hole in it just under the knob! I kneeled down and took a... [more]

Nights out with the gf

On nights out with my girlfriend and having a few drinks, I often notice guys checking her out. She’s blond with sexy blue eyes you can easily get lost in. I’ve found myself thinking about these guys fucking her while I’m jerking. I start imagining that I wasn’t there and he started to actually hit on her, and how she would react to him hitting... [more]

Filthy family fantasy

I've got a fantasy about my two daughters,one 15 the other 16 and me being held at gunpoint along with my wife and her father,the gang of men force me to watch them take their turns fucking my daughters in both holes before they turn the gun on me telling me to fuck them and doing the same with my wife's father fucking her

Just didn't know what to say.

Sorry but sometimes ya just didn't want to ever hear that, but I was with my girlfriend at her house and we had some friends and family over and plenty of drinks going down so my sister was sitting with my girlfriend and my sister can't drink and the girls started talking about the first time sex so my sister tells her that I was her first and how... [more]

Public Embarrassment

I spank my husband every Friday. I often wondered if the neighbors across the street knew. I bend him over the couch bare and he opens his legs. His rear is facing a picture window. I imagined the women across the street knew, One day I met them grocery shopping. As we were talking one asked do you spank him every Friday, we love the view, ... [more]

I want to sleep vith my cosion by giving clorofarm

One day at night i sleep with my cocin i triyed to see her pussy 4 times at that night but she is wake uping every time her mom also their at bed i try her also then i removed her dress and i enjoyed by sleeping upon her but i want to sleep with her dugther only can i give cloroform to her

Possible MILF and softcore bondage fetish

Lately I've been having these fantasies about being a 15 year old dude(I'm 18) and being seduced by a timid, busty, brunette history teacher with bangs, wearing thick rimmed glasses, a gray sweater, a black business skirt and pantyhose, involving a private-tutoring session, an opportunity for extra credit(i you know what i'm getting at) and a... [more]

Hirsute divorced bisexual

I am a 36 year old woman. I was married for 10 years. We got along ok but we almost never had sex. A year before I got divorced I started exploring what turns me on about myself and I started cheating on my husband...a lot. A year and a few months ago I decided to break the gender norm of shaving all body hair off. Now it had been that long since... [more]


I caught my mother's maid stumbling back home drunk at 2am. I tip toed out the back door to her room and found her laying on her bed in her under wear. She was so out of it she never knew I took her panties off, spread her legs and took pictures of her.

Family nudists

When I met my wife, we both were divorced and had kids from other spouses. I have a son and she has a daughter. We lived together all 4 of us for about 6 months before the wedding so that we could get adjusted to everyone under one roof. One thing I realized right away is that my future wife and step daughter had no problem being nude. When we all... [more]

Wife wants a trans woman

Wife and I have been wanting to spice up our sex life. There is nothing wrong with it, but we want to be more adventurous. More naughty. She mentioned a threesome. I asked if she wanted another man or another woma. She said that she isn’t particularly interested in eating pussy. She would rather have another man.
When she wants something she... [more]

My wife and our doggo

Our pitbull licked my wife's pussy while we are watching TV on sofa! I didn't cared about it! Long story in short MY WIFE AND OUR PITBULL ARE ENGAGED IN RAMPANT SEX ALL DAY LONG! She said it was her long unfulfilled fantasy to get fucked by dog and she said she loves me and our pitbull equally!
Can anyone tell me should I permit our pitbull to... [more]

Volleyball Friends

From our mid-twenties to early thirties my wife and I frequented nude beaches on both coasts. Guys would always walk right up to us to get a close up look at her 34C breasts and her blonde bush. We played volleyball with other couples, and I watched the other women and the men watched my wife. We started playing with all men and all of them looked... [more]

How many would like to try

I’m a married man that would like to try sucking and dick and let’s a man cum in my mouth and fuck my ass

Ladies: How many of you came back from black?

I was recently floored to learn that when she was in college and med school, my fiancée was strictly a BBC girl. She said that she was super focused on academics then and didn't have time for a serious relationship but had physical needs that needed to be seen to, so she had a series of different black "fuck studs" that she had casual sex with... [more]

Fun on the road

My wife and I have had many experiences driving down the hyway. Several years ago she agreed to strip down naked in the car and flash any trucker that was looking. Truckers have seen her 36 c cup tits, her nice firm ass, and her nice puss lips. As time went on she began to give me road head with her ass in the air pointing at her window. We have... [more]

Our Sexual History Revealed

My son and daughter thought that my wife and I had only fucked each other since they knew that we started dating in college. They knew that we had started dating freshman year when we were both virgins. But what they didn't know was that we went separate ways and dated other people until we got back together in the spring of senior year. They also... [more]

DIL's Sexual History

When my son found out that his mother and I fucked many other people before we got together for the second time, he decided to ask the woman that he was dating to marry him. He had thought that since she had been fucked by six men before him that it was too many until he learned that his mother had been fuck by eight guys before I finally fucked... [more]

Panties .

Ever since i was 4 , i have enjoyed playing with girls and getting them to show me their pussy , i was always ready to show them my penis . Where we lived in England , there were not many boys . None my age . As we got older i would get the girls to let me touch them and get them to touch me . When i started school , it was mixed . I liked to... [more]

Teaching my friend

After starting the senior school , it was all boys , so no girls . I had enjoyed experimenting with girls , but now i didn't see them . I had turned 12 , it was dark nights . So it was just homework and TV . No going out . At weekends i would spend time with my freind from up the road , Dave . We would walk in the woods when it was dry . Watch Tv... [more]

Straight man first time

Ok i am a 33 yr old straight male but for the past year ive had an undeniable attraction to cocks. Not men just cock. I jerk to the thought of cocks all the time now. Men, trans anyone with a cock. I want to try one so bad but i dont kno how or where to go and it needs to be discreet. Ive posted on here numerous times and i just cant find any... [more]

Love jerking off to p*** when I'm high

Horny in my body in my lingerie jerking off to p*** on high right now interesting for guys and shemales love to suck cock and I love anal to have some right now wish I had someone here wish I will find someone out I'm going to come come

Help finding horse and/or dog cock free to play with?

I don't know why, but I am extremely into the idea of licking, touching, sniffing, and just immersing myself in horse-cock and dog-cock... I have no access to dogs or horses in my day-to-day life, but I desperately want to play with them and pleasure these animals. I just want to taste their cum and make them happy... I live in Oregon, in a... [more]

Pure Pleasure Rochester Mn

Would anyone meet me this morning in the video booths at PP I will make the drive but want to know if anyone will be there.

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