I caught my partner fooling around.

I got off work early one night. Business was just really slow. I figured I would volunteer to go home. I wanted to spend some time with my partner. We have been passing like ships in the night. So I drove home and was so excited to finally spend time with him. I pulled up in the driveway and there was a strange car . I got out and I really didn't... [more]

Dicks on me

I want to get gang banged by 5 guys


I just want at least a10 in cock to choke on and ride it my own spt 420 friendly on deck as well and a2 need room safe apt just no car so in call all day all the time

My Wife and I bare all at a nudist resort

My wife is of Irish descent and has auburn hair and very attractive with sexy hips and ass. I have always wanted to take her to a nude beach, resort or similar place where I could watch her naked and exposed outdoors.
We had previously vacationed down south a few times and she was topless a couple of occasions on a beach. I enjoy looking at her... [more]

Dad thing

When I was 15 I was in a terrible state. Totally rebelling against everything mom. She was not a nice person and my dad was having an affair...maybe more than one. I logged onto his laptop (silly password) and could see the pics of one of the girls. I very much liked it that he was fucking this lady that I didn't even know.
Nothing much ever... [more]

Erection at the grocery store

Yesterday I stopped at my local grocery store to grab a few items. There was a young lady In line in front of me. she was wearing grey leggings and she had a perfect ass! I was searching for a panty line but could not see one. I snapped a couple of pics off her sexy ass on my phone and as soon as I got to my car I pulled out my hard cock and... [more]

Older woman

When I was in my thirties I was seduced by a fifty six year old woman. The first time we had sex we spent the night in a hotel . She was married but unhappy . She was super horny and hot. We got together several times and I loved being with her. She was old enough to be my mother as her two children from her first marriage were my age. I loved... [more]

Gym showers

I was the youngest boy in our class at school, and after gym class we all showered together in this big locker room. I used to get erections quickly when I used the washcloth on the genitals, so I always tried to be quick.
Some of the other kids would notice and laugh, make fun of me. It was pretty bad, I was only 14 and just getting hair down... [more]

Honey Blow Job

Have been married 36 years and to keep things interesting sexually , I asked my wife to tell me three things she wanted to do that we hadn’t done before. She got embarrassed and told me that I was a pervert, but about a month later she brings a small container of honey into our bedroom. Tells me to lay back and enjoy, then starts to slather my... [more]

My english teacher

About two years ago I ran in to my old 10th grade English teacher at the local flea market, she didn't look like the teacher I would lust for every day, she had gotten fat but still had the pretty face and nice tits. I could tell that I wouldn't have any trouble in fucking her, the thought of fucking an old high school teacher was a big turn on... [more]

This place or where not to be caught dead.

This is a really plain site. I can't help but wonder about the creators. What were they thinking. They had to realize the stories and confessions they would get would mostly be untrue made up fiction. So the intent was what? To drag any and everyone to new lows in writing . Seems the LGBT community should be so proud of the content here. Along... [more]

I want men to desire me and have sex with me

I really want men to desire me like when I was younger. I'm not like horrible or anything. But let's face it as you get older men stop desiring you. They want young girls . They don't realize that their older just like me. Young girls for the most part don't want men in their 50's . Unless they're looking for a meal ticket. They will just take... [more]

Friend with benefits

I have a female friend she a bartender been close many years she got married and had a kid. Her husband hates me of course cause I'm a make and we text each other. Well I'm married anyways we should of hooked up long time ago but we didn't. Well I go to her work she fucked up need a ride home . Jumps in my truck and i can see her panties and... [more]

Pregnancy fantasies

My bf and have been together for a little over a year now. We're do much a like it's annoying at times . Anyways, 5 months into our relationship we decided we wanted to try for a baby . We tried for a few months and I got pregnant but had an early miscarriage. After that ,he didn't want to try anymore and said he was stressed out . I really am... [more]

My mother married a queer WTF!

So my father died about 10 years ago and mom stayed pretty much alone. That was until a year ago. She meets this man. As soon as I met the guy and shook his limp sissy hand shake I knew he was light in the loafers. I tried talking to mom but she didn't want to hear it. I asked her what she was going to do on her honeymoon night watch him have sex... [more]

Can't believe my little sister is dating a spook.

I love my little sister a great deal. I just hate to see her making a huge mistake. She is 17 and dating a 28 year old excon and black man. My parents are besides themselves. They aren't saying much . My mom says they're hoping it's a fad and it will pass. I think they should outright tell her she can't see him. I told my parents they need to... [more]

My step daughter gives me her virginity virginity

My wife and I have been married 15 years and her step daughter lives with us Spence my wife and her ex husband got divorced divorced about 17 years ago from a really bad marriage and her step daughter didn’t want to live with her father at all because he would hit and beat them when he was drunk !
So now she turned 21 last month!
So now my... [more]

My Wife has a Crazy Sister

Jeanie's sister is named Shelly, she works at a day spa as an on site massage therapist.
I really had no clue as to all she did, laws in our State are fairly strict so I doubted she did anything to risk her license.
One day I was working on a storage shed, lifting 12' long pieces of steel siding into place, and I had to stop because my back was... [more]

I loves it in my arse.

The title says it all. I love being bent over and spreading my cheeks then feeling a nice hard cock sliding it. I love how my big tits bounce and sway back and fourth as I'm getting plowed good. My hubby has a little thin pecker. He's not much good . I so need a man who can make me feel the way a woman should. Where are all the sexy men who know... [more]


I’m 36 years old and I desperately want to be spanked. I want someone to put me over their knee and give me a good hard spanking until I can’t take it anymore.

Cum Tribute My Wife Please

I think people cum tributing my wife is incredibly hot and I'd love for someone to send me pics or a video of them cum tributing her

First lesbian sex

What was your first lesbian experience?

Hard to find a man I can suck him off

I’m a married man that can’t find another man to let me suck his cock and let him dump his hot load of Cumm in my open mouth and have him pound my ass balls deep! I love having a man tell me what to do to make him happy. I’ll do anything I mean anything I don’t really care he wants me to do for him what ever he wants I’ll do it! If he wants to... [more]

I want to kiss my wife

I want to kiss my wife while another man fucks her and comes in her pussy.

Hard to find a man I can suck him off

I’m a married man that can’t find another man to let me suck his cock and let him dump his hot load of Cumm in my open mouth and have him pound my ass balls deep! I love having a man tell me what to do to make him happy. I’ll do anything I mean anything I don’t really care he wants me to do for him what ever he wants I’ll do it! If he wants to... [more]

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