Please to head update #3

Oh yes grandma has pics and video she keeps all the documentation nobody else is allowed to because of grandpa’s former position and grandma is so funny and cute whenever she fucks somebody to make sure everybody who tis in the immediate vicinity stops and watches her. My mom says she’s always been that way she gets off when people see her pussy... [more]

A private party that changed our lives.

We are a married couple and have been married for 48 years. My wife was a 16 year old virgin when we married and when she was 39, she had a hysterectomy and on night, when she was 42 and we had been married for 26 years, we went to a private party at a friend's apartment. Everyone brought their own drink and my wife loves margaritas, so we took... [more]

Permission to cheat

We are going to Mexico tomorrow. My wife just gave me permission to get a blowjob from a Mexican chick. She knows who I’m going home with. I’m so looking forward to this trip!

Stepdaughter blackmailed

Now this might come off as sounding made up, but trust me… it’s true.
Back in 1999 when my stepdaughter Lauren was allowed to have a party celebrating her 18th birthday. We left town for the night so that she could have her fun. By what the neighbors told us the party was a wild fire, and past 4 in the morning the cops had to break it up. Of... [more]

MIL tits

Ever since the MIL Joan went topless on a family holiday, I have a secret crush on her, and when she stayed after her husband had died a few years later, she walk in to the toilet (forgot to lock the door) I was standing there naked drying myself off she brushed her hand against my cock and smiled at me and whispered mmm lovely , nothing else... [more]

Old mom

My mom is 80 needs full time care, I am looking after her but recently she has started confusing me for her husband , who passed many years ago.
She is becoming more forward touching, flashing and being suggestive.
I'm with her all day and I have to confess I have thought about her sexually and the idea does get me very hard.
Should I act on... [more]

Mommy dearest

My name is Julia, and that is all you need to know about that. This is a pretty messed up story about one crazy summer of sexual awakening.
I had what amounted to a break up fight with my boyfriend, Johnny, after I told the grease ball that I believed I was pregnant. The fuckhead took off and I would not see him again. I went home, straight to... [more]

It’s just what I like

I love to stealing and sniffing panties! When I was a kid I would masturbate with my mom and sister’s panties. I would steal my girlfriend’s panties along with her sister and mother’s.
I was the town pervert, stealing pantries from the local laundromat.
Today I’m still active using my wife, daughter, and niece’s panties for my pleasure. I even... [more]

Why deny?

So my girlfriend gets in bed every night, and nights we don’t have sex, I feel the bed move and her breathing change to an excited level, after a few minutes of this movement and soft moaning or sounds of pleasure, I feel her body quiver with orgasm. And let’s be honest people, there is only one thing that makes a body quiver that way and it’s an... [more]

Myanmar Escort

I was visiting Myanmar last summer and picked up a local 'escort'.
During doggy I decided to try anal.
She didn't wave me off when I pressed my cock against her tiny butthole. It went in easy. I was close to cumming when she sneezed. Bright yellow shit went everywhere and a foul stench filled the room!
Funny part was she must have thought I... [more]

I Want To Wear Panties

I have a desire to wear women's panties. I have in secret at times but I really want to tell my wife I would like to wear them around the house regularly, but not sure how to do it. I am not gay and have no interest in sucking cock or getting fucked by a man. I love women and pussy and that will never change. I just like the way they feel and... [more]


68 white married man. 6ft 140s. 8 in uncut. Needing white older male. Never sucked a mans cock before. Been wanting to for so long. Need help, teach me.

I was told I dress inappropriate

Top this! This happened this year!
Female, 23 & recent college graduate.
I got my first job teaching at a private Catholic School. I was raise Protestant but they didn't care because they needed teachers.
Since I wasn't a nun, I had to wear the adult version of the school uniform.
The secretary ordered the correct plaid skirt, button up... [more]

Wanting to be with a couple where she is in charge

I think about how fun it would be to do everything she asked while her husband was watching and getting hard and her telling me that I had to suck him off even though I'm not gay or bi, I just couldn't say know as she holding his cock up to my lips and pushing my head down on it letting him fuck my mouth telling me I'm her husband's new... [more]

More than a woman.

It may be over but it won't stop there
I am here for you if you'd only care -- James Blunt (Goodbye My Lover)
My name is Gabby, and I'm confessing this three years after high school graduation. Usually, kids are happy to be out of school as it means that they are knocking on the door of adulthood, but for me it was bittersweet. You see I took... [more]

250 Times

I knew that my wife had sex with two other men before me when we were in college. She fucked her first boyfriend for six months and the second for two years before we started dating. In each case she told me that they had fucked 4 times a week. Based upon that, the first guy fucked her about 100 times and the second guy fucked her about 400 times... [more]


Hi my name is Scott and I love sex with men I get dressed up like a woman and invite men over for blow job or toet them fucky ass I love to taste cum and also in my asshole I was have sex today with man and he kept calling me faggot and queer and it felt so rite and so I guess you coy say I am a sissy faggot queer I love men they the rite thing to... [more]

My friends husband

Me and one of my really good friends was talking the other day and got on the subject of sex. Weve talked about it a few times but this time was a bit diffrent lol. Long story short we got to talking about the perfect dick size and both agreed to around 8in and i confessed that my fiance is around 6 but knows how to use it and she then tells me... [more]

Wife not interested

My wife has lost interest in sex since she started menapause. I have started a relationship with a girl from work, she is about 10 years younger and the sex is great. I love my wife but I have needs. I went 28 years with never cheating on her but now a sleep with my co-worker 3 times a week.

A private party that changed our lives.

We are a married couple and have been married for 48 years. My wife was a 16 year old virgin when we married and when she was 39, she had a hysterectomy and on night, when she was 42 and we had been married for 26 years, we went to a private party at a friend's apartment. Everyone brought their own drink and my wife loves margaritas, so we took... [more]

Sharing is an act of love

I used to shoot my load listening to my neighbour fuck some girl. I would imagine what my wife would sound like with him and that got me hard and stroking. I got hooked on wife sharing/cuckold porn. Pretty soon I became a premature ejaculator. After 5 minutes of sex I'd cum and say "sorry" to my wife and she would say that "it's ok" but one time I... [more]


My wife dose gave me sex is she fucking some one else

want to make my wife Whore

Hello Frz i m kami from Pakistan , i m married and my wife name is saima she is so hot having figure 34.26.36 , i fucked her to much . i want to make her whore and i wish she have to fucked her self from my boss , as i get promotion . i wish i get money from peoples who pay me and fuck my wife . i wish atleat 10 men fuck my wife at a time .

I want to make my wife w h o r e

I Hello Frzz. My Wife name is saima she is 25 years old her b.f is 34.26.36 . she is to hot i f u c k her daily . when i see s e x y movie where gang bang done one girl f u c ked by ten men , i wish my wife should do like this and ten men **** * * * my wife the real b i tch in front of me .

Sub Fantasy, what is wrong with me?

I am a very feisty and dominating girl, I listen to no one and do whatever I please, obviously I am dominating in the bed room too...but here's the thing..I want someone to put me in my place so bad! I want a man to overpower me, tie me and do whatever he pleases with me..pinch and suck and bite my nipples and have me ride him, cum in me, over my... [more]

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