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My wife

My lovely wife loves to share

Not the girl I remember

Back in the day when I lived in the city that rhymes with fun I dated a girl, She was short and cute, freckly with small tits but an ass that was amazing, I was the "Bad boy" and honestly I was pretty bad but she fell for me and I used to use her for my own amusement, A few years ago I seen her in the mall, I knew she didn't live in town anymore... [more]

I’m addicted to jacking off into my wife’s food

I have been cumming in my wife’s food for years now and she does not know about it. I first started a few years back with just cumming in cold foods such as apple sauce, yogurt, salad dressing and salads and ice cream which is a lot of fun . Then I started jacking off into warm foods which is a lot better. I would get off work before she did and... [more]

My first masturbation was to my mother

The first time I masturbated I thought of my beautiful sexy mother. I was 13 and we were home alone. She gave me a big smile and welcomed me home as she carried a basket of laundry downstairs.
She had on her sexiest outfit, the one I loved the most. It was a white crocheted halter top she paired with these long cotton white pants. She... [more]

Being mistaken as prostitute

I live near roosevelt avenue due to affordable rent , but sometimes I go out in short skirt and sexy tighs on rainy days with messed up make up . Being known as red district area of Queens , many men asked me how much I charge per hour , seeing me out a bra and sexy top and short skirt . I m not a prostitute but I love being mistaken as one . A... [more]

Wife wears plug after anal

My wife snd I are swingers and she has meet this guy that is very well endowed she loves the feel of him in her pussy and now he’s training her for anal but for a few days after he’s been deep trusting her anally she can’t control herself and she can’t control her anal muscle and that leads to accidents is this normal or does she need to wear her... [more]


My wife has a half sister who is 13 years her junior, When she was about 15 her mom (Not my wife's mom) called and asked if her half sister could come live with us because she was too much for her mom to handle, In reality her mom was just done raising kids and didn't want to be tied down any longer since she was an oops baby and 12 years younger... [more]

Highschooler skips panties!

Don't know why this has got me so hot tonight as I sit here.
(This is a true recording of a conversation with my daughter)
My 18 yr old daughter mentioned at the dinner table that her "dumb locker-mate" (girl with the locker above hers) told her this morning, "darn, I forgot to wear underwear today!"
My daughter said, "what?"
She replied... [more]

I’m a 27 year old bi guy that loves older men

I am a fit bi bottom and I don’t know what it is about older men that are 45 years old and older, but I love to chat with them and play with them. One of my most favorite things is to video chat while wearing a thong and plug and just let them vocalize while they stroke to my ass and nut. I’ve hooked up with men up to 58 years old and it is the... [more]

Once his work wife now his other wife

This a confession or a story about what happens when you are isolated and lonely. I'm speaking about COVID isolation. I worked for a man and was his favorite, I had lots of privileges and I got paid a lot more than I deserved. There were expressions of intimacy and I got kissed and he called me Baby. On more than one occasion I held his hand in... [more]

The Fucktoy Creed

I accept that my natural condition is that of a submissive fucktoy who recognizes that she desires and needs to serve men, to worship cock, and to be rewarded with sperm.
Further, to satisfy my sluttish needs through debasement, humiliation, punishment, and the free-use of my whore body.
That my own pleasure is secondary to that of men.
I... [more]

WIFE RESIST- Finally Submits to BBC not W/O a struggle

I am a fetish fantasy DOM cuckold freak. I, 13 years ago served 66 months in Texas DOC, Huntsville for morality offenses, pandering etc. Charles Man son's mother, A whore made Charlie watch her fuck her tricks she forced him to watch, bring drinks & light smokes after climax. Well, guess what, so did my mother. Difference? My mom's tricks were... [more]

Wife cheat with big brother

My name is Raju from navsari,gujrat,india
I want on share my heart breaking story to you guys
I am factory worker who worked in shift .
My mom dad and one big brother and his wife we 6 people in my house live happily..
One day
I found something from my room when I was just coming from night shift and going to bed..and it was condom... [more]

Bf wears my panties

So my boyfriend loves to wear my panties! He dick is so hard in them and I get the benefit. Soon after he slips them on his nice dick is dripping pre jizz and I kiss it away. He gets very sexed up in my panties and our love making is so good. Katie

TRANS FANNY~Boi-Pussy? =Good Fucking Stuff try it!

Quick brief resume:
Sent to Tucson, AZ Engineer for big defense contractor located at DM AFB. Age:47 married, family in Pacific NW. Was Str8 past tense.
Tucson home of University of Arizona birthplace of Linda Ronstadt, several Hollywood Elites ( BFD) have multi-million dollar estates here. NO Adult Theaters plenty in Phoenix, 1or 2 adult... [more]

I seen my brother

Came across this board and figured this was a good place to post this. I am 16f and I’ve had sex twice before. First time wasn’t that good and hurt but second time was better. Both times was with my bf. We broke up a couple months ago and since then I’ve been masturbating pretty often. I usually go to the bathroom to do it or I do it late at night... [more]

I would like to hear from Women

How many women know that boys or men are very attracted to their silky or lace panties? Do you know that boys or men that have access to your panties are using them to jack off in? Are they your clean panties and if so do they put them back in your panty drawer once they are finished and do they cum in them for you to wear? Do you know this and... [more]

Getting a nice girl for my husband following my cancer

In my early thirties I lost my womanhood to cancer. My plumbing is all gone and I had a double mastectomy. I chose foolishly not to save the nipples. Reconstruction was a poor semblance and frankly left me with a bad taste in my mouth. But just as importantly losing all of my woman organs left me dead inside, I had not womanly feelings anymore. ... [more]

Wife was so embarrassed by her camel toe at work!

My wife works evenings in a large firm.
She often gets home after I'm in bed.
One Saturday morning she shared something with me at breakfast.
"You know those grey slacks that you like so well on me?"
"The really tight ones?"
"Yes. Well at work last night I was talking to a male co-worker at his cube - and I couldn't help but notice that he... [more]

I masturbated

I masturbated


2 yrs. ago I spent 15 days in Gary Ind. lock up for DUI
I had gay tendencies, fantasies but only about older black men, no appeal regarding white guys whatsoever.
I am cute pretty feminine long blonde hair, girlie pretty much.
2nd day in jail black dude sits on my rack, ask me if I want to be his kid? Dumb, what was a kid in this scenario? ... [more]

My surprise sex tape

About 15 years ago I went out to see my bestie in Texas. I went to help he get things straighten out so she could move back home. Really I went because I wanted a vacation and just get away for a couple of weeks.
Paula was living with a black man, they had 2 children together, and then he left her.
Well at the end of the first week, another... [more]

Mississippi Trailer Trash Whore & Divorces on the Rise

If hurricanes and tornados weren't enough here in Delta Dawgland eight months ago a husband stealing, weak assed man temptress came with her 55 footer, dogs and fancy Dodge PU truck. 2023 $56k pick up. We are all poor lots on welfare and food stamps driving junkers.
So this 35 year old slut moves her in a fucking mobile home, a goddamn... [more]

Another truck stop sex episode with wife

My wife and I are going to be stopping at a truck stop today in New Mexico to have some fun!! She is going to be standing out in the open where anyone can see and she will be completely naked! She wants me to bury my cock into her wet pussy and pump her until I unload my cum.! She doesn’t care who might see us. This is going to be hot!!

Flicking My Clit

Always horny and now that I found my clit, I am hooked on playing it. I rub it too often sometimes I do without thinking. And I caught myself doing it a couple of times with someone near. Living at home you are rarely alone. I love to pull my jeans up tight. Not only does it show my fat toe, the way guys like, it puts pressure giving a little... [more]

It finally happened and I loved it

My wife and I have been talking about her cuckolding me for months now. At first she was shocked when I offered the idea and wanted to know who the girl was that I wanted to fuck. I told her that I didn’t want her to fuck other men so that I could fuck other women. I told her that I found it very erotic one knowing that she was having sex with... [more]

Sister was the best fuck

Who else has fucked your sister? My sister was 12 and I was 14 when her and I first started fucking. I was 18 I had my own apartment, My sister would come over just so we could fuck in private. Eventually we began to Make Love to each other she would stay the night with me sharing my bed. Looking back with all the other women I have fucked. I... [more]

Fake Tit Beach Granny

I went to the beach to get some hot sex action and I did. It wasn't with a hot young chick but with an old granny with saggy fake tits in a bikini. She was a redhead in a loose fitted bikini. My eyes was drawn to her bikini top that held the fairly big nice looking tits. I knew they was fake from the shape of them. They were kind of round with... [more]

Hooker robbed me

Ashamed to say it but I got fucked up in Vegas and gave in to one of the girls on the strip. She came back to my room and started teasing me. She offered me a line of what was supposed to be cocaine but I ended up passing out. I woke up at like noon the next day, my wallet, keys, watch, phone everything was gone! I told the hotel staff and they... [more]

First GH experience

I've never experimented with a guy but last weekend I found a local GH and decided to give it a try. I ended up getting head from a guy on the couch while we were waiting our turn. I came so fast I was embarrassed and left lol. Never knew these things existed.

I'm a career prostitute

I'm 39 and been a prostitute for 21 years now. I have no exit plan and no desire to quit. Ive had serious relationships in the past but I always choose the career when given an ultimatum (happens every time!)
Sometimes (rarely), I meet someone who came to pay me very good for an hour between my legs...only for them to blow me away due to... [more]

Will need a plug soon

I'm new to the gay scene but I've been bottoming quite a bit lately and I'm afraid I'll need a plug full time soon. In the beginning my butt would tighten back up after a day or two. But I can just feel a difference now. I don't really know how to feel about it, I liked being super tight but I also feel like I have a little pussy now. Or atleast... [more]

I need help

I've been closeted gay for a few years now. Just hooking up with guys I've met online. Mostly giving head and such. I cannot for the life of me swallow a full load. I always end up spitting most of it out. I desire to do it, I look forward to it but as soon as it hits my mouth I am repulsed. I practice on my own cum and have the same results. I... [more]

Touching Myself While Driving

This was some time ago, before cellphones were the norm. I was a substitute teacher, and my boyfriend was studying booklets to get into a police academy. He got very excited by the thought of me masturbating and describing it to him. Part of his thrill was knowing that I would never lie about anything sexual. If I said I'd do it, I did. 100%. So... [more]

Cry in the night

I was at home recovering from major surgery. I had a nurse for overnight ( I know).~ She heard me talking in my sleep and~ came and finished me off.~ I don’t remember any thing`

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