My wife


Having a the biggest penis in town

Since I was 12 and I was in the locker room showers after my 7th grade basketball practice and all 11 boys on my team saw my huge penis and I was surprised that all the other boys had penises so tiny. And the word spread all over town. I mean it was and still is exactly 9.7 inches long and the girth is exactly 6.9 inches when I have a erection... [more]

First cock

Aftr i retired ifound that i enjoyed going to the park and sitting in my car jerking off in front of other men. It got to the point where i would go almost eevery day and stay for a couple of hours jerking my big cock. sometimes another person would come over and jerk me off.

Having a threesome with 2 asian women

I was 24 and I had been working with a married Asian female for over a year when she ask if I would have a threesome with her and her sister and I said definitely I will. So they came over to my apartment and when I opened the door I had only a towel around my waist and they both just stared at my semi erect cock bulging out so I just took it off... [more]

My first experience with a guy.

I was 9 and my boy cousin was 8 the first time we started playing with each others cocks. We stayed the night at are grandparents house alot and we started measuring are cocks also and my cock was exactly 6.3 inches long and the girth was 5.4 inches and my cousins was 3.4 inches long and the girth was 3.1 inches. And over the next 3 years we... [more]

I want to get pregnant but I want him to force it on me

I live in another city and have another life. But growing up things were different. One night my mother pushed my father away, he was drunk, so he took it out on me. I was eleven. You don't think that you can take full penetration at eleven but you can. And you can get pregnant. I was sent to live with some relatives where I had the baby and... [more]

Somebody's watching

I never told this to anyone and I think it's about time... to tell about my first time. Here we go...
It was the summer of 2015. I was 18 and living in a small Texas town, population of less than ten thousand. I couldn't wait to leave for college that fall, even if it meant leaving my girlfriend, Casey. Though I had great time wuth her, I felt... [more]

Loving my mom

My mom is so hot. She is short and fat. She has a nice chest and big behind. I want to breed her. She is 63 and can get pregnant. I want her and me to run away and raise our kids and my sister can have my kids too. Any tips on getting luck with them

Crush on Aunt

I'm 27M, my Aunt is 4 years older than me.
When I was age 10 I started to realise how beautiful and attractive my Aunt is, 5.7 tall brown straight hair, body like a model. Anyways I'm having trouble because now that I'm older and know what incest is I feel embarrassed and ashamed.
I used to steal her clothes [sometimes wear them] stroke my... [more]


Nylon panties are and have been a huge part of my life, starting from the age of ten. I wear women's panties and I also love to masturbate with them , nylon panties give me so much pleasure that I can't stop myself from wearing panties and jerking off with them , they have a hold on me like a addiction I guess. To make my panty addiction even... [more]

Share my wife and get fucked too

…I love to share my wife with other men, I have always! It begin with swing, but now I just want men all over her, but she still not totally up to….
My dream is a gangbang (delicate with caress, kisses, seduction) and than rough… gangbang my wife with at least 5 men all BIG COCKED. With at least 1 MONSTER cock that I want to see opening and... [more]

Tales of working the front desk

I got a job in college part time working the front desk of a motel across the street from the college. I worked the afternoon shift and got off at nine (five to nine, part time). A couple registered for two rooms. The daughter was with them, she was a stewardess, a flight attendant today. She had the other room. She is the one that called... [more]

I really want to seduce my mother in law

She has been giving me mixed signals, earlier she was texting me and now she texts but stays alert, I think my sister in law saw our messages.

My prim Sunday school teacher flashed truckers

My lovely trim blonde 38 yr old wife confessed to me recently that she in fact had some experience with "flashing tuckers"!
Now - you'd have to see her and have known her to realize what a departure this is for the image she has nurtured for years in the professional world she lives in. She presents herself as being very conservative in her views... [more]

My dirty plan

I am 19 female and I am sexually attracted to my mom‘s she’s divorced and single 38 petite big tits I’ve been wondering for years what she looks like naked I want to go down on her so bad when she comes home from work today I’m going to be naked on her bed masturbating either she’ll be interested or she’ll kick me out of the house I took special... [more]

Wife was huge slut in college

Over the weekend we were on vacation. Wife was in shower and we were running late. I looked up the dinner reservation email to call the place to tell them we’d be late.
The name of the restaurant shared a partial name match with her ex boy friend. I found an email chain of some emails they were sending each other years back when he was away... [more]

I love cock

I must admit I’m a slut. I love to fuck.,I’m 19 and love older men . I was so horny last night , so I went to a bar. Sat at the bar and had a beer while checking the room out. Had on a short dress with no panties. I had plans to seduce somebody tonight. I notice the men were looking at me and that got me very wet. The music was nice and some... [more]

My teacher

I was a senior in high school. I just turned 18 and ready to graduate. I had this male teacher who all the girls were crazy about . I always sat in the front so I could open my legs and let him see my bare pussy. I thought it was fun teasing him and I’m thinking he would not do anything . I wanted him too. I was having sex anyway but I prefer... [more]

Does neighbor need more than conversation?

I'm 60 yo divorced male and have neighbors who are 60 ( "Sara") and 82 (" Ted"). Nice folks but lately she has been chatting me up more than usual and going out of her way to let me know how old and tired Ted is and that it's leaving her feeling lonely and ignored. She doesn't say anything about sexual performance directly, but talks about Ted's... [more]

Money for pussy

I was 18 and working a part time job paying hardly nothing. I also loved sex and wanted it all the time . I was really tired of not having money but I was taking care of my mom so I couldn’t get a full time job yet. There was this older guy who live next door to us and was always telling me how pretty I was and I should come over sometime. He was... [more]

Let a stranger fuck me

I was at a party and was getting really tipsy. I thought I better get home cause it was getting really late. Some guy say he would take me home and I agree. He was handsome and smelled good. I was really horny for some reason. I open my legs and was rubbing my pussy. He stopped the car and said let me do that . I put the seat back and he put two... [more]

I want to 69 my wife while she is being fucked

I’ve had this fantasy for a while. I want to be in a 69 with my wife on top as she gets fucked by a big cock. I’ve told her about it, and even role played the scenario. I bought her a large, realistic dildo that I’ve used on her while she suckers me. I love easing that dildo in, seeing her pussy stretch with each small push until she can take it... [more]

My first cousin

When I was 12 years old, my cousin asked me how often I "jack off". I told her that I usually engage in masterbation while taking a shower. Sometimes when I'm feeling horny, I look up pornographic photos on my tablet an use hand lotion to make it feel even better.

I still believe I’m straight even after a ass pounding.

Im 31 year old white guy. Y’all attractive average build with a nice tool to park. Back in July I got a service call to fix someone’s A.C (social media friend) I went over got his system back right. Upon meeting him I could tell and feel he was hitting on me. I’ve been curious since my late adolescent years and at one point sucked my own dick for... [more]

Fucked a few cousins

As my title says i have fucked a few of my cousins qhen we were all younger and it was some of the best sex i have ever had we all enjoyed it just want to hear other peoples experiences if you have any also played with my sister aswell but never got in her pussy.

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