Fucked Friends Wife During Game

I often head to a friends place to watch football. My friends wife and I have been flirting for months and during last week game with the Raiders and the 49ers we finally said it was time. Worked out because we're all Raiders fans and they were dominating the whole game so they were glued to the TV.

I said I had to use the bathroom, so I go and behind the shower curtain was my friends wife. We still had to be quick but thankfully she was already pretty wet. So I got behind he, my hands over her mouth and plowed her. Came deep in that pussy and her legs were shaking from her cumming. She had to use the wall to keep herself up.

No one had any idea and the day went on as normal. We're 100% doing it again, just no idea when.

Sep 20
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Fucking my wife’s arse and more!

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    • If your bathroom is gonna be a whore house, can i join?

    • I had sex with two of my husband's buddies. Love him, but he is such a lite weight in the party department. He had like 4 shots of tequila, about 6 bong hits and he passed out on the bean bag.
      All the guys but two left. I sat between them on the sofa and they took turns giving me bong hits. When I get loaded I get horny. So when I looked down and one guy had his dick head hanging out of his shorts. I don't know if he did it on purpose but I was like wow, and asked him if he put that out for some attention or what. Next thing we were naked, one guy was riding me doggie and I was sucking the others guy's dick. We switched positions numerous times and this went on for hours. Husband was asleep the whole time.

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    • But I heard he gave you herpes

    • I'm single. My best friends wife has been flirting with me for a few months now. We watch football together. One Sunday I was over to their house and they had a nice layout of snacks and drinks. My friend's wife mentioned that he forgot something they needed at the the store. Like an idiot he left us alone.
      He wasn't halfway down the street when she said to me " I couldn't wait for him to leave so I can suck your cock". She didn't hesitate kneeling down and unbuttoning my pants taking out my cock. This woman sucked my cock like a hoover vacuum and licked my balls. She would have licked my ass if I let her. What she really wanted was to taste my cum. I shot a nice load in her mouth and she sucked every drop. I couldn't believe what happend. Her husband has no idea what a cocksucker he has...maybe he does!

    • I fucked my boyfriend's dad while my bf was in his room gaming.

    • I when I was in college, I was dating a guy (hubby now) and he was hanging with his friends and I snuck off and banged his best friend H**. I ended up having sex with my boyfriend (current hubby) that night and he commented on how wet and horny I was. lol

    • Or you don't think anyone knew. When we were younger we had lots of threesomes and swapped partners with several couples and other stuff like that. But there were a few friends we knew would like to fuck my wife but wouldn't go for a threesome. So my wife would do things like you described. Giving them a blowjob or a good fuck they thought was secret. But that night in bed as we fucked she'd tell me the details. And even better were the times she'd tell them I was going to be out of town and they'd come over and fuck her. Not having a clue I was secretly watching from a little peep hole in the wall. She also seduced repairmen and deliverymen. The best being 3 guys at once who'd installed carpet. They had no idea I was in the next room watching her suck & fuck all three of them at once. Taking a cock in her mouth, pussy, and ass all at the same time.


    • Twenty years ago, I snuck out and had my first affair at a holiday party. My husband was at the bar with his co-workers watching a game. I was having fun dancing with J** his manager. I was 25 & he was divorced & in his 50s. Things got heated and we snuck off to his room for a quickie.

    • I'd love to hear more and share some of our experiences from 20+ yrs as swingers.


    • I had sex with my friend's husband Marc while on vacation. We rented an airbnb. My friend/his wife went to meet her college friends for dinner. We were hanging out drinking and smoking pot. My husband had enough and went to bed. Things got heated between Marc and I. I was buzzed but still knew what was going on. I noticed he was hard and offered to give him oral. We both agreed it would just be oral. During oral I could tell he was about to pop and I was about to explode. I asked if he could be quick. We had sex. I climaxed instantly then he popped inside me.
      That was 5 years ago and to this day no one knows. lol

    • We had a party one night and everyone had left but one couple. We'd just met his new wife that night and she was smoking hot. He'd drank too much and passed out. My wife got the sense the guys wife was into me, and knew I was hot for her. So she made an excuse and went to bed. She hadn't been gone 10 minutes before we were kissing. Soon I had her dress & bra off and was sucking on her big tits. Soon after she had my thick 9 1/2" cock out and in her mouth. I shot a load down her throat and in no time was hard again and fucking her big tits shooting a load of cum on then. We ended up with me fucking her from behind on the floor, and had done all of this in front of her passed out husband. We cleaned up and turned the TV on. About an hour later he came to and I helped load him in the car. She told me the next time we met that when they got home he sucked her tits that still had my cum on them as well as eating her pussy. She sucked him off but he couldn't stay hard and eventually passed out again. She had no idea my wife had gone outside and came in the basement door and watched us through a peephole I'd put in to watch her fuck guys she'd seduce. The guys thinking I wasn't home.

      Would love to correspond, well actually I'd like to fuck you...lol. But would settle for sharing experiences, fantasies, etc...


    • Give her many creampies.

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