Fucked Son's Bully

This completely sounds like a pornhub video and I understand why people wouldn't believe this. My son has never been the aggressive type, very passive, timid. He's very easy to walk over and his last 3 years of his highschool a bully did just that. He would cry every time he came home talking about whatever his bully did. His last year of highschool, I was over hearing him cry and complain about his bully.

I went to the school and asked to talk to his bully, Luke. The school called him over to the office, comes in and for 18 years old he towered over me. That's not very hard to do seeing how I'm 5'3" but he was taller than my husband who's 6'1". We talked for a while and agreed that I would come over to talk to his parents the next day.

After the school day ended I went over the address and Luke opened the door to find his parents were still at work. I didn't want to head back home so I asked if I could come in and wait for them. He's said sure and I sat myself at the kitchen table. Luke and I were talking for a while and noticed he kept glancing at my chest. Not even once or twice or even for a brief moment, he was staring. I do have fairly large breasts but nothing impressive.

I asked, "Let's make a deal. I know you keep looking at them so if I show you my breasts will you stopping picking on my son. He goes, "I might, if you let me jerk off over them." I unbutton my top and take out my tits and soon he takes off his pants and boxers. This cock sprung up like a rocket. He was already fully hard and was easily 9 inches. He started jerking off using both hands staring at my tits. I can't lie I was getting turned on thinking of how good it would feel and started rubbing my nipples.

It was taking some time so I said," Let me help you out." I lean over and spit on his cock. I was losing control of myself because after I spit on it I started jerking him off myself. Not too long after, I was on my knees and eventually started using my mouth. I tried deepthroating like I do my husband but he's bigger than my husband and I ended up gagging on it. Haven't gagged on a cock since my college years.

He still wasn't cumming and I was getting too turned on. He asked if I wanted to go all the way. I said yes. How could I not at this point. We head to his room and my pants come off, throws me onto his bed and starts eating me out. He definitely not a virgin 18 year old because he ate me out like a king. It was feeling so good I started begging for his cock and he surely listened to that because he stuck it in and my pussy was in heaven every inch he went deeper. Spots I haven't felt in years. I've always been a screamer but I was losing it with him. He was pounding and pounding me like an animal. I ended up squirting which is really hard for me to do. Even my husband has a hard time getting me to do that. Here is this 18 year old making me squirt on his first time.

I'll spare you every detail but this was sex far above my husband. It was incredible. We ended up having sex for nearly a hour and thankfully we stopped when we did because it gave me enough time to clean up before his parents came home. But before they did, Luke and I agreed he's stop bullying my son as long as I came by every once and a while. Not much else really happened, talked with his parents and I left.

That was 3 years ago and I still see Luke on occasion just for fun.

Sep 20
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    • Bullshit

    • Where can I bully your son?

    • I was pretty big in my teens, 6-5, 250 with a thick 9 1/2" cock. Though my parents were well off they wanted me to know the value of money and what it was like to work for what I wanted. So I'd do things around the neighborhood to earn money to buy a car when I got old enough to drive. There were several milfs who lived near us who were married to much older wealthy men. They'd pay me to do yard work or clean out their garage, or really just anything most husbands might do around the house. When I started reaching my mid-teens all of a sudden it looked like a couple of them were dressing a lot sexier when I'd be at their house. I'd noticed a couple of times they'd be dressed very slutty and I could get a good look at their tits and their ass. But if someone showed up they didn't expect they'd put something on to cover up real quick before going to the door. Even that young it was obvious they were dressing that way for me. Then one day one of them answered the door in a towel though they knew I was coming. And it wasn't a total shock when the towel fell off.

      It wasn't but about a week later until the other one did the same thing. It was about then that they each started coming on to me and they both soon started sucking me off and having me suck their tits and eat their pussy and finally I was fucking them both. I knew they had to be telling each other what they were doing with me since it was one doing something and the next week the other was doing the same thing. I had other women I still worked for who'd occasionally come out and lay out in skimpy bikini's and " Accidentally " flash me their tits and would sometimes have me rub lotion on them. But I was only having sex with the two women. But I think my mom somehow found out because all of a sudden she wanted me to stop working for any of them and said she'd help me buy a car. I still snuck over and fucked them and they gave me money but my mom didn't know.


    • Cap

    • You are a good whore!

    • You should have fucked me god dammit what the fuck

    • I love having my sons friends fuck my holes. I go Yo my son games and his teammates takes turns fucking my holes them young boys got big dicks and I love sucking and fucking them all those boys loved fucking my holes. Young dick is good dick Cum fuck my holes youngins


    • Yes indeed they are so hard, so willing to please and so quick to recovery and go at it again and again

    • That is hot. Has the bullies sex demands shanged? Does he share you with his friends?


      Please tell me about it.

    • I'm so gonna bully your son now

    • About to bully your son! What's in it for me? Lol

    • That's awesome. Girl, you rock!

    • Thanks

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