Husband and his friend doesnt know

29 married f. My husband and his friend whose married also always go fishing or riding dirt roads and stuff like that together every weekend and leave me and his friends wife at our house. A few months back me and her was in my room talking and she seen I had a toy sitting out that I forgot to put in the drawer. She was like is that your dildo? I was embarrassed and said yea I’m sorry I didn’t know it was out. She said it’s ok and said her husband don’t want her to have any toys and she hasn’t seen one in a few years and wasn’t sure if that’s what it was. I said yea and asked why she can’t have any toys. She said he feels like she would use it more than have sex because they are bigger than him and she wouldn’t want to have sex as much. I was like wtf. She then says that she wanted to buy one still but can’t because he would find it. She asked if my husband cares at all that I have it and I said no he actually bought me a couple. She thought I only had that 1 and then I showed her my drawer with 2 dildos, a vibrator, anal plug, and a little bullet for my clit. She was stunned and said she was jealous and wanted to buy something. She asked if she bought something and I order it, can I keep it at my house and she use it when she comes over and they are gone. I said yes that’s fine. Fast forward a week and I get a package and it’s her dildo lol. I didn’t tell my husband anything and I put it up. They come over that weekend and left to do whatever. I told her it came in and she didn’t hesitate and went to the bathroom and used it. She came back and thanked me over and over and we done that for a couple weeks. About a month of her using it she asked what my other toys did and were they worth buying. I told her yes and started showing them to her up close. She asked how the bullet works and I told her and she kept asking if it just stays there or what and what’s best spot. I asked if she really didn’t know I’d possibly show her on myself. She said yea. So I pulled my pants down and turned it on and put it on my clit. She’s watching it and where I’m holding it and my pussy starts getting really wet. I told her I need to stop or go to the bathroom bc it’s feeling to good. She then says I can keep going and she will use her dildo on herself if I didn’t mind. I said ok and we both start masturbating together. She sees me cum and I watch her cum. She asks if she can try mine and I gave it to her. She started moving it on her clit and found the spot but then lost it and for some reason I said give it to me and I put it on her clit and she grabs my arm and cums instantly. She says wow I love that thing lol. She then says let me try on you now. So I lay back and she uses it on my clit and I’m moaning and she starts rubbing my pussy. It feels so good and I cum. She asked how was that and I said great. We stopped after that and promised to keep it between us. Next weekend they come over and we already knew in our heads what we was gonna do again when they left. They leave and she asks if we can go to the bedroom and do that again and I said yes. This time we start touching each other’s pussy and tits and playing with toys together and she starts eating me out. I let her and had an orgasm. I put my bullet on her clit and I decided to try to eat her also. I start licking and eating her out and she cums. Now we do it all every weekend almost and we love it. Our husbands have no clue and that’s how we are going to keep it.

14 days
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    • Have you moved on to face sitting? 69? Anal play? Tell more.

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