Twisted way of very perverted sex

I have had this desire for a long tiem but can never get anyone willing to do the unthinkable.. this is what I want to do..
Lay down naked on my back and have a man who has a knife so sharp it will cut a tissue in half that is dropped on the blade.. then I want him to touch it to my sternum bone.. and slowly without pressure.. move the blade down my body watching the blade slice open my skin and muscle and watch the abdomen opening up for him so he can see inside.. when there is just a small hole at first he can get on me and slide his dick in the hole and fuck my guts… then he will get off and continue running the bald down my abdomen to my pubic bone.. then my guts will all be open for him to see.. I want to see the lust in his eyes as he opens me up.. he can then reach inside me and play with my insides while I watch..
Pretty sick huh?? Oh and I am not fat.. 5’7 and 160 so he will not be cutting thru a lot of fat

14 days
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    • That's hot.

    • Yes. But how about having the guy cut out your sex organs and eat them.

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