Boyfriend's Dick Is Too Big

Over the past weekend, my new boyfriend and I were going to have sex at his place after a movie. We did just that and I go to pull his pants off and this thing come out and nearly hits me. It's hard as a rock from us making out moments prior. I try to use my mouth but I gag on it. I tried riding it but once it started getting to deep it began to hurt WAY too much.

I'm not sure what to do. If I break up with him, " Oh yeah you're dick is too big for me to enjoy." Might be the dumbest excuse ever. I just can't enjoy the sex. Everything else is fine with him though.

19 days
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    • Lemme fuck your baby girl while you watch I promise you’ll wanna join

    • Use lube .. lots of it

    • Pass the word around, he won't feel so bad about you dumping him. He'll have women beating down his door wanting some of that. Oh, I forgot to ask he does live in a house and not a barn, doesn't he? I've read a lot of stuff on here so I had to

    • Let him fuck your ass. Believe me. You can take a lot more. Fatter. Deeper. Me? Fifteen inches!

    • Yeah okay XD cap

    • Let him fuck me then I love big cocks pleasure pain

    • You are some of the few lucky girls to come by a such an asset! Use lube for couple of times and you will learn to enjoy his cock - never to leave it!!

    • Just tell him half way in only all you can take he won't be mad in time you will accept more

    • I’m available if you need someone to suck his big cock. I can show you some techniques that will help you both to suck and penetrate your smaller pussy.

    • Give it time. Put up with the pain now and you will be happy for a long time to come.

      A man that size is hard to find. Give your kitten time to adjust

    • Keep trying, it'll eventually fit! When my wife started pegging me I couldn't take but maybe a 1inch around by 3 or 4 inches. Now I take her fist and she fistfivks me lime a sock puppet I cum so damn hard because of it. Keep trying, it'll eventually fit!

    • I dated a guy because all the girls said he had a big dick. What I was planning on doing was to shut him down with out getting any.
      I had heard that he was pretty smooth, but wasn't prepared because he actually impressed me and didn't even ask for a good nite kiss. Kinda made me question myself.
      So I asked him if he had a good time and maybe we could do it again. His answer was we'll see. He took me out two weeks later, again he played it aloof. Found my self rubbing against him as we walked. As we walked back to the car he said are you enjoying yourself better this time, I said yes and leaned into him and gave him a kiss.
      Well I suggested we go parking, he took me to a secluded spot, got a blanket and a bottle of Boones Farm and we had a drink talked a bit then I got very horny, and got into some sloppy kissing and I was feeling him up, just thru the jeans I could tell it was big..
      He let me do what I wanted for about 15 minutes, then he took control.
      My panties came off, he got my titties out and was making me feel great. He got naked and this huge cock is there. I kissed it a little as we 69'ed. Then after I'd had an orgasm we spun around and he mounted me.
      It was okay at first as he tried to be gentle but he was one of those bury it deep when he cums. Those strokes where he hit my cervix made me flinch but I orgasmed again.
      The only bad was we didn't use a condom, I didn't think about beforehand and once we started was too good to stop. But the relief of having my period made it better.

    • I don’t understand why you planned to shut him down initially. What was that about?

    • And this is a problem because??? Enjoy a fat dick

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