All the way, Becoming a Sex Pig Degraded & Used

My Wife got SSBBW 385lbs. 5'6" Gross out fat dripping, stopped bathing, used Dude Wipes for quickie baths like an old whore in Mexican brothel. I could not fuck her, gross!
I began going to porn theaters, I have lived all over, I shit you not, Phoenix. AZ has some of the best Xrated theaters I have ever seen, great places for a BJ as you watch hot porn. They have theaters where couples M/F rent rooms as men wait to be picked so the hubby can get cucked. Oh the price to sit and wait for 90 min. $25USD often 20 men wait to get lucky then if not, recharge their wait card. I blew a $1,000 to get finally picked by an ugly couple, late 50's the prize.....jack off on her tits but don't touch or feel her up. How exciting, I walked out the cubicle.
My only pussy would be $150 up whores on Van Buren. No thanks! So one night this nasty ass fag was licking my ass and blowing me in the balcony, the flick was really hot shit I liked. I admit what he was doing turned on psyche felt really good, I was holding back cumming, did not want it to end. Two guys walking and watching ask to feet, suck my toes, why not? Fucking pleasure doubled it was weird but felt so good to hell with analyzing.
Then, A dude took the seat next to me as if three guys sucking ass, feet and cock was like checking the weather. Normal day in pervert city, but who was the pervert? Maybe me telling these freaks, don't stop, lick my ass more!
The observer ask if I was enjoying all the attention, Did he need to ask? Next came, wanna go to a pig orgy? What the fuck was a pig orgy? I wondered if they had my wife or a real pig. Fuck it! I ask my pervs if they wanted to go...Sure, know of one? Everybody knew a pig orgy, but me. Had I been a gay porn fan I probably would have known.
Following the three rockstar were arrived at a in where the Cardinals play. Loud horrible music to the basement. Fucking, BDSM, DP in asses, pissing drinkers of piss, leather attire for Mad Max sucking, huge dildos, fist and foot fucking, you get the idea.
So I had some hard liquor a few lines wondering if all this felt as good as these men acted like it did? I took off my clothes and decided to let whomever have at me, I could always leave.
A big Gurley leather clad guy 40's took me by the hand, New boy egh? Ever been fucked?.No.never, was going to cherry. He began kissing I wss a chick as s vacant bed. Shoving his 7" fat cock face saying, get your daddy ready to get.inside you. Never sucked but had mine many times I knew how to That's it baby take it all the way, use your tongue.. Finally he positioned me, ass up.and began squirting lube ass. Tight that's sweet now just relax be loose daddy is gonna go slow. It.hurt really.hurt but the muscle man he was going to Another guy began stroking my head, as he jacked off, saying Daddy Bruce is a great fuck just go with it, the pain will turn to pleasure soon, don't worry. I.was now stomach as .Daddy Bruce was fucking pumping a woman, I was helpless, was starting to feel crazy erotic good. I was crying out, daddy cum daddy I wanted this man's sperm, the thought He began to moan, growl, I'm busting baby try to feel it baby!
It was 2:00 am I had not cum I didn't want to if I let myself I knew I'd leave and I wanted more. A fat guy said, on your knees I need you to take my load. He had a small dick but hard,he now, open your mouth stick out your tongue. He jacked he tongue and grabbed my head, saying, swallow it boy! It felt thick cannot describe the taste. By 4:OO am I had drank piss, given head several times and fingered with 4 fingers from at the same time. I.was so hot I told daddy Bruce to fucknmay be 45 me again and that I wanted to be blown as he did.
I got daddy ready again he called men to suck my toes and a big black dude to blow me. It all felt too.good good to be real, as daddy was busting a second nut inside me the black guy jacked me hard and super fast. Men would pay top dollar for an that. It lasted maybe 45 seconds as daddy kept pumping and the guy kept.jacking and sucking. I was very weak, spent and passed bout til.early.light.
I was a sex pig and will no doubt be one again. I never had pussy that felt 25%that good, have you?

Sep 12
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    • Fag.

    • You should have offer them your SSBBW 385lbs. 5'6" Gross out fat dripping wife!! And have great fun all together...

    • No thank you

    • Why not, she's a pig, isn't she? My wife is 512lbs and a huge fucking sloppy piggy. On Saturday nights take her to an adult social club where we are members. You'd be surprised how many guys and girls want to fuck a big fat slob like that.

    • I fuck a big slob like that almost every night. My wife is 5' 3" tall and right now she's 498lbs and growing. She's is a fucking dirty pig. She sleeps till noon and when she's awake, all she does is eat and wants to get fucked in the ass. She never wears underwear, barely wears clothes and she showers maybe twice a week if I'm lucky. She always smells like ass, sweat and smelly pussy. It's kind of embarrassing having such a gross fat wife. I never take her out in public, but at the same time it's a weird turn-on and I'm not going to complain about the sex. I never dreamed that I would be married to such a fat disgusting pig but she's the mother of my children and I can't get enough of her huge ass. I guess I'm stuck with her.

    • No one should be stuck with a fat slob, male or female. Hose the bitch down and scub her blubber with a horse brush. Use plenty of soap because her obscene stank is an offense to decency.

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