Sex with my daughters boyfriend

I've been living in my house for 10 years now and become good friends with my neighbour a married couple with a neighbours son and my daughter have been dating for 2 years now, he's a nice lad very cheeky like most lads.on his 15th birthday i was out putting some washing out to dry and he appeared making me jump but what i didn't notice was my robe came loose giving him a good look at my tits and pussy.when i noticed and covered up he made it clear how disappointed he was. I've cheated on my husband more times than i can remember and it was easy to bed my daughters boyfriend.all the flirting was getting very sexual and i ended up fucking him,that being his first time he couldn't get enough.after we had sex i took him up to my bed where we spent an hour having sex 6 times.with my high sex drive it's perfect for me i don't have to go looking now.

Aug 7
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    • We heard our daughter and her boyfriend Joel having sex the more often he came over,they were both 16 and my wife had told me that she'd talked to lacey about the birds and the bee's, Joel started to sleep over at weekends and as we tried to sleep all we could hear was lacey moaning and it went on for hours! Strangly we both got turned on by the noises and we talked about spying on them,the following weekend we were lying in bed listening to our daughter having sex then we decided to try and watch,we crept along the landing to lacey's bedroom and luckily for us her door knob was loose and you could take it off and there was a hole underneath it,I let my wife look first and her reaction said it all, let me look I said,lacey was giving Joel a blowjob and what I haven't mentioned is that Joel is black and its true what they say about them, his cock was absolutely huge and there was our daughter sucking on it, no wonder she made so much noise, we watched Joel fucking her from behind and we started to think about Joel in a threesome with us, karla my wife started wearing loose fitting clothes when Joel was at our house,karla has big tits and a lovely chunky arse,lacey and Joel went to a party one weekend and Joel texted me to come and pick them both up as lacey wasn't feeling well,when me and karla arrived at the party it was obvious lacey had been drinking and was drunk,we got back home and Joel helped me get lacey upstairs to her room, why don't you stay in the spare room karla said to him to save me taking you home this late, ok Joel said as karla went upstairs,on her return to the lounge she came in wearing a black silk robe that was loosely done up,Joel and I were sitting on the sofa and karla sat opposite us,I looked over and could see her open her legs and she didn't have anything on underneath! I nudged Joel and he looked at my wife!

    • Fuck Yea Baby, take all that young cock! Are you going to let him conquer your asshole too?? Come on Baby, let him ride that Ass until he rips you a new one!

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