Office locker room panties

My office has quite a bit of turnover. About a year ago it was mostly men. Now we have mostly women working here. We get time during our work week to work out. Cool thing we have locker rooms since our building was a gym at one point. I had to come back to work this week and I was the onky one in the building. I went to the restroom and while there I had a dirty thought come to mind. What kf one of them left their guy clothes in their locker. Noone uses locks so I went searching in their locker room. I looked in 3 of the lockers and nothing, but #4 jackpot. There was one of the chick's gym clothes and the best part dirty panties she left. I picked them up and immediately sniffed the crotch. Oh my God it smelled so good, like sweaty pussy, my favorite kind. I layer back on the bench and went to town. I sniffed them as well used them against ny dick to jack off. I ended up busting a nut in them and my mind went crazy. I filled them with my jjzz! I know I had to replace them so I did what aby man would do and locked them clean. The combined cum and pussy drove me nuts. Once dome I placed them back as I had found them and left. I don't know which one they belonged too but they smelled so good. I have 4 more lockers to search. I may have to start working late every night. All 5 of the women are nice looking, 1 is a total bitch and I hope those panties were hers. I can't stand her but I wanna fuck ger so bad I can't stand it. I will revisit that locker soon as well.

Aug 7
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    • Sniffing panties is every guys fetish. I always have my nose in girlfriend's dirty laundry and dick in hand.

    • A coworker took me out for my birthday. As we were waiting for our food to be served, she said she was chilly, so I offered to go to her car and get her sweater, she politely declined, but I said it won't be fun if you'll be cold so she relented and gave me her keys. We left after work and there on her passenger seat were here work clothes and a lite pink thong, that would have made a great present, but I only got to brief whiff ilof them. It was heaven.

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