My husband boss fucked me at my birthday

One time at my birthday my husband was drunk and his boss dances with me, caress my ass, i feeling his hard dick in his pants. He whispered in my ear: I want to fuck you! I always wanted to touch you. He took me to one room and fucked me hard and cum in my mouth. He said to me he wants to see me how I kiss my husband after he cums in my mouth. We got dressed and go back to party. I saw my husband and I give him a long kiss after I sucked his boss cock.

Aug 7
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    • In the 80's my wife, 28yo, 5'4", 38-26-36, long blonde hair, and I attended ex-pat parties at a certain steeltown in South Africa. The wives all tried to outdo each other with sexy outfits, but, one night, Angela topped them all. She had bought a dress that was essentially, a long, clingy skirt with two narrow straps which just covered her nipples and left a lot of breast exposed at each side and down the middle. I don't know how I suppressed my jealousy and let her wear it. When she walked into the party, there was a, literal, stunned silence. As the night progressed, Angela was the most popular dance partner. In the fast dances there was a chance her tit would come out (it did, three times) and in the slow dances the guys could touch the sides of her breasts without going inside her dress. On the way home, she told me who had touched her and how. A couple of the guys professed to be happily married, but they still took the chance of a feel when they could!

    • There have been several times at various business, friend and family functions, that my wife has slow danced with guys. I watch but try not to watch as my wife loves to tell me how someone’s committed husband slow danced with her and she could feel their hard cock pressed against her. Now she has me hard. My wife slow danced with my boss then came and told me how hard his Vick was. She asked what to do? I said keep him happy. I didn’t see my wife for almost an hour, then she came back and told me that he kissed and touched her all over. I was kind of surprised, but more so when she said how big his cock was and after she tried to suck his cock off, he said “No you aren’t!” Turned her around and fucked her doggie. She doesn’t like that position but she said the harder he pulled on her hair, the more she liked it. So much for pleasing the boss!

    • We had something happen when my wife and I were both just 21. Our company had a similar party and it was in the banquet room of a hotel. The company rented rooms for everyone so no one had to worry about driving home. My wife and I got married at 18 and were soon into swinging, she was also an exhibitionist. At 5-8, 120, 34-DD-24-35, with long red hair and green eyes she was a knockout. She'd worn a dress that was quite low cut showing off her big tits and with a slit on the side that sometimes revealed she was wearing a garter belt & stockings underneath. Once the alcohol had been flowing for a while people had begun to let down their fake straight laced act they put on at work. We were the youngest ones there and several of the older guys had asked Lynn to dance slow songs and about half of them took the opportunity to feel up her sexy ass and most had felt that she was wearing a garter belt and had told her how much they liked them. The big boss had danced with her several times, each time taking more and more liberties. Lynn hadn't drank a lot but was acting like she had to explain why she wasn't objecting to these guys feeling her up and rubbing their hard cocks against her. Some made lewd comments into her ear as they danced. At one point I'd lost track of her as the women were keeping me busy dancing. I found out later my boss had asked her for help in going to his room to get some awards he was going to pass out. But as soon as they were in the elevator he was groping her tits and saying she could really help my career with the company move up faster. As soon as they got to his room he started to take off her dress. She sucked his cock at first, then he fucked her from behind shooting his load inside her. They returned and when she told me what he'd said about helping my career we laughed. No one there knew I was learning the business from the ground up so I could take over when my step dad who owned the company retired.

    • Should've told the husband. I love to kiss my wife after she's sucked a big cock. Sometimes we suck it together after she admitted it to me a few years back she was having affairs. Hell go for it, I can't keep up with her sex drive and I get to have fun as well. I'll bet your kiss was delicious!

    • My husband's work has a holiday banquet each year in Atlanta. After the banquet, there's an after party with a band and dancing. It was his second year with the company and the first time we attended the banquet. We were both in our mid twenties and recently graduated college. I'm a teacher and my husband's job is finance. He'd had a great year and won a few awards. He got very buzzed and after the banquet, he went to bed because he doesn't like to dance. His boss's wife didn't attend and asked if I could stay and dance with him. My husband agreed and went to our room.
      I was wearing a little black dress and his boss's hands were all over my butt. I could feel his hard penis pressing against me. We decided to go to his room for a quickie.
      Well, the quickie turned into an hour long marathon. lol He got me off numerous times and he finished inside me. He asked for approval first and I was on birth control.
      I freshened up and got back to my room around 1am. btw; that was the official time the after party ended. I put on my sleep shorts and tank top and got into bed. My husband rolled over and started kissing me and apologized for being boring. He was hard and wanted to do it. We did. He made a comment how wet I was and asked if slow dancing with his boss got me that way. I played along and said yes.
      To this day he has no idea I'm secretly hooking up with his boss.

    • I bet he knows, and loves it!

      If you were my wife, I would want you to grind your freshly fucked cunt into my face.

    • I agree on both counts. A just-fucked pussy feels and tastes completely different and is the hottest thing in the world. The most erotic experience of my life is devouring my wife's creampie right after her other guy pulls out, then moving up and thrusting into her and feeling her inside coated with extramarital cum. It never, ever, ever gets old, and I wish I could experience it every night!

    • For the love of God I hope he got to eat your messy cunt.

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