In the butt

I dreamt last night I was fucking a teenage girl in the ass. It seemed so real! I was looking at my cock go in and out of her ass and it popped out, I grabbed it and guided it back to her little ass hole and pushed it in, she was moaning as I was fucking her ass. Then we heard her dad come home so we had to stop, I grabbed my stuff and left.
Best dream I’ve had in a while!

Aug 3
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    • This wasn't a dream but more like a living nightmare.
      I live three hours from the casino in Cherokee, NC and I often book a room for the weekend alone because my wife hates to gamble. I have had numerous one night encounters but this one was the worst of all.
      I was playing blackjack and a young asian girl, maybe Vietnamese, sat next to me wearing a tight crop top and denim jeans and tennis shoes. After a few drinks we were flirting and her hand was on mine. I asked if she'd like to go back to my room. She agreed. I ran into the shop to get a fresh box of condoms. We got to the room and things were moving good. She gave me good head and I put on a condom. We were f**king pretty hard. She got on top and I slid a finger in her a$$. No problem. We switched to doggy. She was on the edge of the bed and I was pounding away. I rubbed my thumb around her tiny brown a$$hole and slowly inserted it. No problem. I pulled my dick out and pressed it to her tiny brown rose bud and slowly entered. We started a nice rhythm.
      Then it happened. A fowl stench filled the room and there was yellow diarrhea pouring out of her a$$. I'll never forget pulling all the way out and it looked like a fountain of yellow liquid. I grabbed the small hotel trash can while she kept farting and sh*tting. I got in the shower and she joined me. She apologized and washed my dick and gave me oral. We came out and the room stunk and there was sh*t on the floor & bed. I called the front desk and asked for emergency room service. After an hour they came. We went back to the casino while they cleaned the room. It still had a stitch when I got back. I also got charted $200 extra for the emergency service. I had no problem paying that fee.

    • I met this old woman in her mid-60s in the walkway of the woods. She wanted some money and I told her that she will have the money but in exchange of a favor - she asked what? Then I told her that I wanted her ass to fuck and she agreed. She first sucked my hard cock while I fingered pussy and ass hole to get her ready. WoW! we had good fuck in an isolated spot for half an hour! Worth my money!!

    • Plot twist, you woke up and it was really your dad fucking your ass! Ruined your dream didn't it?

    • Shove it up my asshole daddy

    • Yea Honey, how much cock can you take?

    • I can take all of it

    • Yea Baby, I'm called Ass Ripper.

    • Cant ripp no ass with 2"

    • I've got 3 inches of pure pain!

    • I prefer the sweet pussy. Guess I’m old fashioned 😊

    • The main appeal to ass is because it’s taboo. And most women only let choice few men in there. That said, the pussy is a better sensation. It caresses the entire shaft and stays wet all the way in. The ass gives a crazy tight ring but inside not as much. So I agree with you yet I’ll stick it in ass any time.
      Now male ass is a little different story.

    • What is the story with male ass?

    • It’s more accommodating and those who take it looooove it. And you can’t get them pregnant.

    • I hope you are not an old fart dreaming of molesting a child.

    • I hope he IS dreaming of ass-fucking a hot and dirty little bitch and giving her a nasty education by fucking that whore in her shit!!!

    • Molest my boy pussy

    • I’d rather grab you by your hair and molest your skull. I think that would make us both quite happy. I hope we meet one day soon: you sound young. And hot. And dirty. Damn. GODDAMN!!! I love you. And there’s nothing I’d like better than to fuck you in front of your parents. Yes, I am a very sick fuck. Perverted. Depraved. And hungry. I am laying in bed next to my sleeping wife, fantasizing about your naked body, and wishing you were in her place. I would eagerly dump her — and both my children —- permanently, for you. I truly do love you, you nasty little faggot.

    • That's how I like it, fuck my pussy like a bitch

    • I would love to make you my bitch and cover you and fill you with my semen. Would you enjoy that??

    • Your excitement is making my cock hard as fuck! Would love to have a hard cock right now fucking me, biting my neck, pulling my hair and calling me a bitch. Mmmnnn! Give it to me daddy!

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