I still get 'bothered' - he saw my naked 16 yr old butt!

I'm married and the mother of 2 great kids. I have a normal sex life with a husband I love.
I masturbate a few times each month with the shower thing and my hands.
The thing I most like to think about when I'm making myself cum is the time when I was 16 and my stepdad and his brother walked in on me as I was on my bed - riding my pillow.
I was butt-naked of course, well my little blue bikini panties were still on one of my thighs. I was spreading my legs, and had a small firm pillow under me - rubbing myself into an orgasm. They were pretty powerful for a 16 yr old virgin! I know now of course that I was stimulating my clitoris on that pillow - at the time I thought it was 'all of me' down there doing these things to me!
One of these men made some noise which made me look over my little bare ass cheeks back at my bedroom door - which I thought I'd locked! I've no idea how long they had been standing there - watching my butt squirming on that pillow with my legs spread wide, making little noises I wanted no one to hear!
My step-dad finally said, "sorry kiddo! - we were going to fix your window, thought you were out with your mom!"
But neither of them took their eyes off from looking up between my long tanned teenage legs! until finally they closed my door.
The worst part, or best part was - I'd just finished jerking and squirming, moaning out a very very nice little orgasm! When I quieted down it was then I heard the noise behind me. They had seen my whole teenaged sex-show performance!
My step-dad and his brother remained perfect gentlemen around me after this - but I had trouble making eye contact for a long time. Never told my mom - always wondered if he'd ever told my her.
It is pretty clear now, thinking back - how they must have really enjoyed my perfect teen body displayed for them that afternoon! Spread out there on my bed, bouncing and moaning out my orgasm. They were almost family - but they are still men - with dicks - looking at my young bare bottom, cunt and butt hole!

OMG - that makes me so damn hot to replay that in my mind when I'm in my shower!
The embarrassment is long over - just the sexy naughtiness of it all remains - for me to enjoy. Over and over!

Aug 3
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    • My Dad walked in on my 18 yr old wife humping her pillow while I was away in 'Nam!
      She said for several days after that - she tried like H to get him to make a pass at her... She wore her bikini panties and filmy tops around him for every breakfast. My mom twice told her to get a bigger bikini swim suit after watching her husband checking out my wife's bare teen ass with her wedgies when she got out of the pool!
      They never fucked - but she found a LOT more stuff to fantasize about when she was masturbating! (I bet my Dad was, too!)
      She still gets embarrassed thinking about that - but it also makes her so really damn horny!
      Then she fucks me like she's 18 again!
      (THANKS Dad!)

    • Hot!

    • I walked in on my daughter once, never forgot, that was 30 years ago

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