I stole my wife’s friends panties

My wife’s has a friend that is cute and pretty. She’s soft spoken and polite. Not the bimbo type but more of a school teacher type. We were at her house for dinner last night and I saw her laundry basket from the hallway on my way to the bathroom. I tried to ignore it but something told me that I could possibly find something I wanted. I crept back down the hall and into her room where I saw a pair of shorts with her panties still wrapped in them. I was nervous but it was too irresistible for me to not look closer. They were rolled up but I could immediately tell they were a thong type. The quiet little friend wears thongs. Huh. As I separated the shorts from her panties I had to look at her crotch. Does she leave her panties messy? Oh my god! They were a bit stiff and I could feel my dick swell as I lifted them to my face. Her scent was amazing and I couldn’t wait to be alone with them. I was looking for a way to get away and properly explore the scent of besties hot little pussy but I ended up waiting all. When I got home I told my wife I was going to soak in the tub so I could finally enjoy the smell of her friends dirty little panties, I pulled up her Facebook and found a picture of her to look at while I moved the thin strap of pussy scented fabric ba
Cl and forth so I could learn more about her friends sex. I was so hard with my face pressing into the part that smells of pussy because I wanted to jerk my cock and breathe another woman’s juices. I stroked myself slowly so I wouldn’t cum before I inhaled everything that she left in her panties. I could detect a slight hint of pee in the very front and the crusty streaks let me imagine her friends wet creamy pussy on my face. As I held a bit farther back I could smell a sweet ish scent of where her asshole was. It made me jerk harder. My wife’s best friend was the star of my fantasy as I imagined licking her ass as I was cumming. I want to taste her pussy so bad that I’m
Trying to find things that she might need fixed just to find another pair to make me jerk off and cum while sucking her dirty panties clean. I wish I could tell my wife how hot her friends scent is so she can see what it’s like for me to jerk off to her friend and let her enjoy masturbating to her besties insanely sexy scent to fuck her pussy raw as she cums with her lips pressing into the taste of another woman’s sweet little twat.

Aug 3
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    • Love me some dirty panties. Crazy how I don't care for eating g ass but somehow that's the best smelling area??? Dirty panties are the best until they're not. I've snick my daughter in laws before, she's quite attractive. I about hurled thet were so disgusting. So bad I about asked my son what the fuck is wrong with her. Sure that wouldn't go over well. Anyways enjoy them!

    • My aunt is the same. Hers are so strong it's a turn of so I just use them to rub off.

    • Nothing smells better than dirty panties and pussy secretions

    • Uh....wouldn't mention your thing for her bestie's panties! But maybe your wife would get off on other men enjoying HER panties?
      My wife gets super horny thinking about my 2 buds who "secretly" enjoy her used panties! She knows - they don't!

    • Other than pushy itself, panty scent is the most hardon inducing and ejaculation triggering thing ever. I love me some panty scent!

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