Is it rape, if you enjoyed it?

When I was 13 I was raped by two older high school boys.
I walked too and from school everyday. If I walked down the sidewalk from my house to the school it was 3 blocks. But if I cut across the football field it was only about a block and a half.
Any way one day I witnessed two older boys vandalizing some school property, and told the principal on them. They got in a lot of trouble. Got expelled, and there parents had to pay for the damages.
A couple days after this I was walking home cutting across the football field as usual. These same two boys, and some of there friends, came after me, I tried to run but tripped. They caught me and drug me behind the bleachers. Two of them held me down, while another one hiked my skirt up and pulled my panties off. They all took turns raping me over and over, and cumming inside my pussy and ass. It first it hurt like he'll, because I was still a virgin. But the more they fucked me the more I enjoyed it. I fact when finally stopped I begged them to keep going, I wanted more.
I never told anyone about this for years. I'm fact those boy and myself became quite good friends. Because after that day I would spread my legs for any of them, anytime they wanted it. Until I ended up pregnant by one of them when I was 16. Not sure which one it was because I was fucking them and some other boys pretty much daily.
Now I'm 27 years old, still never been married, but I have othe three children, from fucking strangers I've met in bars, clubs, the furnace repair guy, a d several others. I put on a few pounds over the last few years. But I will still let anybody fuck me that want too.

Aug 3
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    • You better fuck me god dammit

    • You should have swallowed, you wouldn't be in this position in the first place!

    • What a great life. That is the way to enjoy life...let any man who wants to fuck you. Too bad you were that old when you started. think of all the fun you could have had if you had started at 10. so many girls miss out on those important years. At least you make up for it now. Have you any thought of having sex with your kids? It can be lots of fun, or if they are girls, let some of the men who fuck you start on them.
      good luck and be happy

    • You just keep living the way you are honey. There's not a darn thing wrong with what you're doing. That's what our government aid is for. If we don't use it the government politicians will find a way to spend it.
      I'm a single mother with 8 children, each one has a different father. I've been living off government aid since I was 18. I have a beautiful home, nice cars, my life is fabulous.

    • Ill fucking rape you, you stupid cunt ass bitch

    • You're a disgusting person. How can you be proud of that. 8 children with no father figure. people like you is what's wrong with society. And selfishly wasting hard working taxpayers money.
      You should be ashamed of youself.
      I have no more words.

    • Love to fuck your worn out count. I'm a good Motherfucker.

    • I agree. I lost my virginity to one of my mom’s old boyfriends it hurt like hell but by the time he was done I was begging for more.

      Subsequent times we had sex it was not as good. I had sex with tons of boys from school and college but nothing was as enjoyable as that first time till I was gang raped at a frat party

    • I was butt raped before in an adult bookstore

    • Oh ok so you were “raped” daily by multiple boys but it took 3 years to get pregnant? I don’t think so. And by the way, actual rape is violence not sex. If you enjoyed it you weren’t raped….especially after you begged them to continue.

    • And your a DICK, asshole,

    • Apparently to didn't read, or understand the title. The boys thought they were raping me to get even with me for squealing on them and getting them in trouble. It didn't hurt at first, but after the second boy, I was enjoying it. By the time the forth boy was done I wanted more. That's why I said "Is it rape, If you enjoyed it," yes I continued to have unprotected sex, I wanted to get pregnant. It just took three years.
      But if it's any consolation, I had three more children in a ten year span, and I am pregnant again. I don't work I live off state and government assistance. Why not, it pays for my house, my new car, food and any my children or I need. I have more luxuries and cash the most of my neighbors to bust there ass for 60 hours a week. Plus the more children I have the more money I get.
      So there🖕

    • You don’t live off government assistance, Cunt, you live off the backs of hard working taxpayers. Why don’t you try not being a deadbeat for once. Go be a whore and earn money. Anything so I don’t have to support you.

    • Your just jealous, because I've figured out how to work the system. Ive basically found a way to legally get paid for sex and making babies.

    • Wow you must be so clever to figure that out all by yourself.
      Your not working the system, you're taking advantage of a system that was put in place to help people who really needed it so you can be a lazy whore at the expense to society.
      you should be ashamed of yourself. what you are doing is tantamount to fraud and child abuse.
      I feel sorry for your children that have to grow up in a society that you are ruining.

      You are a disgusting woman.

    • Jealous that I’m not a skank ho working the system and changing diapers rather than being independently wealthy from hard work, and retired, as I am? I don’t think so Shaniqua!

    • Jesus Mother Fucking Christ!!! I’ve never seen anything this hot or sexy before!! I mean, Holy Shit!! I would give anything to be your husband and have you running around on me!!! How many guys’ babies have you had?

    • You simp, have some fucking respect for yourself.

    • Lighten up Francis, it’s all made up. You fell for a troll.

    • These days with these beta cucks you literally can't fucking tell. There are men with zero self respect that want worthless whores so they can brag about dating them, jerking off watching a nigger cock fuck their girlfriend/wife whatever. Cuckholds should kill themselves

    • My pregnancy now will be my fifth child. I've got a good idea who two of my children's father's are, only because they're black. I plan on having as many children as possible.

    • Good for you and fuck as much as possible. and encourage the men who fuck you to play around with your children. it can be lots of fun.

    • You should have 20+. Your saggy ass and tits will keep luring them in.

    • People like you should not be allowed children.

    • Bi racial children are beautiful. They will have so much opportunity due to their minority lineage.

      You should have as many biracial children as possible. They will have more opportunities and there is nothing better than BBC

    • Rape should be decriminalized

    • Rape is more enjoyable than sex. I would rape my MIL some day.

    • Agreed. I hate making love but crave rough sex and my husband tries to fuck me hard but her can’t sustain the hard fucking I desire

    • Well hopefully he'll leave your shallow arse and find a decent woman.

    • Fuck Yea Baby I can show you a rough time. I love to fuck until my cock is raw and then fuck some more.

    • You fucking simp.

    • Well your spelling is poor because you don't take the time to proof read your work.

      I suspect this flows into other areas of your life.

      I love a good fuck too but I am careful about it. I would love to read more about your life. What did you do with your life? Certainly not a prostitute because it sounds like you give it away for free.

    • Have you ever fucked in love?

    • If “fucked in love” is intended to mean something like “fucked into loving her”, then, yes. My high school girlfriend was the school slut. She had a reputation for being a sure-thing first-date fuck, so I took her out, and she did not disappoint. She fucked me so good that I asked her to go steady with me, while she was fucking me, and she agreed. As time passed, I kept hearing more and more about guys she was being seen with. I asked her about it, and every time, she told me, “I’m not dating, you fucking asshole, I’m just fucking” **** you knew what I was from the beginning *** it’s why you asked me out to start with, and you KNOW you’re still getting all you need. And that’s all I’m doing: getting what I need.” She was trash and I should of broken up with her right then, but the pussy was too fucking good to be missed, and I guess I was in love with her because of it.

    • Prat

    • Love is over rated, I love my children. I don't want just one man in my life. I want to be able to fuck anyone I wish too.

    • Were's your father.

      if you truly loved your children then you would want them to have there father in the home.
      your using your children sa a pay cheque and teaching them how to difunctional.
      You are nothing but a whore and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Ok so that’s a no

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