HUD Housing Panties

I work for this company who does repairs and maintenance for HUD housing. Basically the projects. I was working on a washing machine for this Tennant when I saw a thong laying in thr basket of clothes. I knew this family well and thry damn sure weren't thr mommas. They'd have been 5 or 6x to have been hers. These were smaller maybe size 8 or 9. She had a younger daughter living with her, she was maybe early 20s, she and her kid lived there. I picked up thr panties and it was the sweetest smell I'd ever smelled. I've never been with a black girl and heard bad things. Hell these smelled like pure honey! Now I have this huge black girl thing but they just won't date me. I did take her panties with me after I finished the job. Have never washed them and keep them in a plastic bag. They smell just as good now as they did back then. Anyone else ever stepped a sexy black girl's panties?

Aug 1
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    • In Louisiana we calls the Section 8 apartments and there is a lot of them here.
      I live in a nice middle class neighborhood and there is a Section 8 apartment complex at the end of our street. Most of the people living there are single Black and Hispanic mothers on welfare struggling to make ends meet. What’s surprising to me is it’s like they don’t know what birth control is. There are a lot of young children there. They are always walking down our street to go to the store and hanging out with their friends. Some are druggies and you can tell by how they look.
      There’s several very good looking young mothers and early teenage girls.
      It seems at an early age they have learned that their pussy is a real money maker.

    • HUD (Alabama), section 8, back home we just said across the tracks. All poverty homes and complexes were across the railroad tracks from town. In alaska we just call them neighbors. Especially with this damn economy tanking. So many homeless or on substance while politicians continue to line their pockets while good folks are starving. Most here are natives that live in these homes. Not many pretty ones or any I'd ever take panties from. There were some sexy black chick's all over Alabama! I worked at ASU after graduating (made more contracting than being a professor)! Some of the hottest blalck women I've ever seen went there! 95% of our students were Black, crazy the 5% took advantage of minority scholarships the blacks couldn't get although designed for them!

    • Snatched a pair from my black coworker when I helped her move. Was alone at her storage unit and found her whole stash of thongs and bras in her dresser. Granted they were washed but fun to look at all them. Wanted to cum in a pair and hide it but couldn't.

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