The First Woman I saw Nude was my Aunt

I saw my aunt fully nude one day when I was about 6 years old. She was changing after a shower, and I saw her reflection in a long mirror that ran along the room I was in.

The mirror was adjacent to a doorway that connected her bedroom (the room where I was) to an adjacent bedroom she walked into. She only closed the door about 2/3 of the way, just enough to give herself privacy from my eyes, but she was oblivious to the giant mirror.

I saw everything, and it was incredible. She had large tits with big, pink nipples and large areolas, and as she removed her towel and dried herself off I was mesmerized by their movement; how hard her nipples stood in the quiet bedroom air. When she dried her back, she revealed an incredible dark brown bush that has made me a fan of hairy pussy ever since the reveal. It was a wide, thick triangle that came to a soft point against her white thighs.
I remember her drying her pussy off with the same towel she had just use to conceal her torso from me only seconds ago, and as she did, she turned her body to the side and I saw the curves of her profile around the post-shower fullness of her bush protruding beyond her upper thigh. This was in maybe 1987, before women were made to feel more feminine if they shaved their gorgeous bushes away.

She was beautiful. Only beautiful. It was just the most amazing sight I could ever imagine and cemented lifelong powerful sexual turn-ons for me in an instant.

She dressed, and left the room, apparently never noticing my gawk at her beautiful, natural body.

Thanks to her obliviousness (or just lack of real diligence) I'd also get glimpses - and sometimes long gazes - of her pussy some years later when I was a teen. She was (obviously) older now then when I first saw her naked, maybe in her early 40s, and she had gained some weight, but still looked good.
So, I'd spend a lot of time at her house after school was over. Around bedtime, she'd frequently go about in nothing but a long tee shirt that dropped maybe to her mid-thigh, but rode up whenever she bent over or sat down in certain positions, and... suddenly, there was her pubes barely concealing a darker labia. I'd position myself strategically to get better glances, always keeping track of where she was going, what she was about to do. She kept her pussy hairy and never shaved herself. I remember seeing her bend over one time, and revealing the very bottom of her ass and her pussy hair sprouting from her taint and disappearing up between her cheeks. My cock got instantly hard. I laid on the floor one time "watching T.V" as she tidied up a mess of her children's toys that I had made, and she gave me an extended view of a legs-parted, squatting, pussy view hovering just behind my head. I looked up, and I saw everything -Everything. The color of her lips, her hairy asshole, pussy-pink with a bit of sheen. Just everything. I was in my early teens at the time and it would drive me insane. Gallons of my cum was sprayed at various places in her house, mostly her bathroom, or the bedroom I was sleeping in that night. I constantly masturbated while reliving what I witnessed in my mind let the inevitable fantasy take over. I used to feel shame for doing it at the time, but I couldn't help it.

Eventually I got over it and simply accepted it as a fundamental function of my sexuality, and at the end of the day, no one was ever hurt over it. I was always a very sexual person who was absolutely captivated by the body of a woman, and my hormones were raging at the time. Being in the mindframe that comes with puberty is like being on hard drugs. Also, any opportunity I had to see a woman naked in person, any consensual signal potentially broadcast which could lead to the real experience, I was completely oblivious of. In those quaking moments, pussy was pussy, and pussy and women are infinitely beautiful and sexy. I consider myself lucky to have such a wonderful woman in my life, for the reasons of her casual obliviousness, and of her infinite love. Those early experiences of my aunt will always be with me, and will always be a part of my sexuality.

Jul 30
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    • Same here with a neighbor. Twenty years later she is divorced and I end up helping her out one day. She knew that I had seen her in the past, I didn’t know she was thinking about me in the same way. When I undressed her later that day I found out what experience is, I fucked her and explored every inch of her body. She seemed insatiable compared to women that I would later date and fuck. She wasn’t concerned when I came deep in her throat and loved having a guy’s cock inside such an incredible pussy for having several kids. I’m sure the neighbors were talking when they saw my car there and knew that I was fucking her. It was great.

    • I was 10, my sister was 17. I saw her naked quite by accident. It really intrigued me, so much so that I have to admit I became a voyeur. I would crawl out the closet window, crawl along the porch roof and spy on her and her friends when they would have sleep over.
      Oh, those nylon nighties that barely if at all covered those hairy pussies.

    • It makes me envious that nothing like it ever happened to me.

    • I saw my mom naked, big mom titties and a very hairy pussy

    • Me too

    • Dad had a big cock too

    • I wanted to play with her bush

    • I’m sure she would have let you. Lost opportunity

    • I fantasized about licking her pussy

    • I’m sure she would have let you. I know that I would have let you if you were my son.

    • Tell me about your pussy mommy

    • Well darling its outer lips are plump and I have a full but trimmed bush. It used to be black hair but now has some grey.

    • Mmm, your mommy pussy sounds sexy!! Well trimmed short with sorta salt and pepper with that gray in it?? Love some gray in a youngish mature woman!! Very beautiful! What about the rest of your sexy mom body,do tell.... Please?

    • That would be wonderful

    • First woman I saw nude was my Mother. I will never forget those large breasts and large dark areoles and her very bushy bush.

      To this day some 45 years later I still prefer large dark areoles and nice full bush

    • First woman I saw nude was my mom's best friend, whom we called Aunt Marie. She gave me the ultimate sex education course the summer I turned 17...

    • Wow. Don’t know who was the lucky one you or Aunt Marrie

    • Hot. How old was she? Any more details?

    • She was in her early 40s. She was divorced with no kids and I often went over to her house to mow her grass and take care of other chores and all for her. One day I came inside very sweaty from mowing and she asked me if I wanted to take a shower. I said yes and I went up into the master bathroom and showered. When I came out, she was laying in her bed wearing a silky babydoll nightie, thigh high stockings and nothing else...

    • Needless to say I was surprised and didn't really know what to say or do. She told me that she wanted to show me how to be a man because she knew I was going to make a fine husband for someone one day, and I would need to know how to meet my wife's needs. I got into bed with her and we started kissing. She would move my hands around so that I would be touching her tits (which were magnificent, by the way) and ass and telling me how to squeeze and caress, etc. She rolled me on my back and lowered herself onto my cock, then teased me a bit by rubbing her tits through her nightie until she slowly pulled it up over her head and tossed it aside, finally revealing them to me. She then laid down on top of me so that her tits were dangling in my face and told me to suck her nipples. Eventually we rolled back over missionary style and she guided me inside of her and I started thrusting into her. To this day I can still see the expressions on her face and how her tits bounced and juggled as I fucked her. She told me how good I was and kept encouraging me until I unloaded inside of her. (She had undergone a hysterectomy in her 20s, which is why she'd never had children.) Over the rest of that summer she taught me much more -- different positions, giving and receiving oral, talking dirty, the importance of making sure you are pleasing your partner, etc. The highlight of the summer was definitely when my parents let me go to her river house with her for a little over a week. (She had "a lot of yard work that she needed help with...") I'm 51 now and she's in her mid-70s and I still help her take care of her yard and house. And we still fuck 4-5 times a year, usually when I go stay overnight at the river house with her to help with some stuff. My wife knows and eventually came around to being okay with it since she knows it isn't romance, just an "Aunt with benefits."

    • That's a wonderful relationship and you both helped each other out over the years and still ongoing. 💕

    • Email me at if you want to talk more details.

    • It has definitely been mutually beneficial. She never remarried so she got her physical needs for love and affection met, and she taught me everything I'd ever need to know about pleasing my wife. And honestly, even in her mid-70s she still looks pretty good and is still a great fuck.

    • Such a lovely special relationship

    • I saw mum I was 11 huge tits lovely hairy pussy I wanked a lot that day

    • My older sister was the first girl I ever saw naked back when I was 11 and she was 15. She too had a hairy bush that was amazing with what I would guess were C cup breasts.

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