Chinese cutie trying to get me to cheat and clap her ass

So i’ve been living my days as a very upstanding boyfriend and been a damn good one if I am to say so myself. However recently there’s this damn Asian chick who’s been subtley trying to flirt with me to get me all to herself, funniest part being that she has a boyfriend.

It started a while back in the a common center where I hang with my friend group and turns out that she was chilling by herself, I chatted her up, she was playing dismissive and she slowly let herself go as we talked and talked. Eventually I introduced her to the center group and we go out to chill, eat, go to events and just the general friend group behavior. I’m in a facecall with my gf since she lives somewhere else and she teases me about it, cause we’re long distance. She tried to make fun of me for having a gf, saying it must’ve been a “rent” but the funny part is that she was definitely jealous of her. It was cute but nothing for me to get bothered by.

We then jokingly tried to see who can squat out of all us and I swear she did it infront of me to have me check out her ass, like the angle in which she did it.. sheesh.

The real killer though, when we went to a library once.. we were all sitting on the floor reading since it was a chill library like that and she, deadass, did a split right next to me. Her ass firmly showing from her booty shorts and I was the main one to see while she did splits for a little bit and read her book. I’ve stroked my cock to that image a bit ngl.

Today was the biggest red flag though, when I said I liked her shirt design, she said “Oh i wore it to impress you!” she said jokingly, then added “Your girlfriend has competition!” and I said immediately “No she doesn’t “ Cause honestly she doesn’t, I love her with all my heart and it’s simply lusting tempting me.

Making me imagine her coming up to me and whispering naughtly little things into my ear… so far that’s where i’ve gotten and I don’t want to do anything but man, if I could turn back time, I wonder what I’d do with her~

Jul 29
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