My ex-girlfriends younger sister...Part II

We left off with me fucking my ex-girlfriends younger sister who I'd known since she was really young. But now she was 19 and I was 31. She was a tall blonde with blue eyes and a killer body with 36-DD tits. She'd just finished having sex with my hot redhead wife who was now taking pictures of me fucking hot 19-yo Maryann. Her pussy was unimaginably tight for a girl who obviously been sexually active for years. I hadn't learned yet that 95% of her sexual experiences had been her sucking cock yet. But I guess any guy would settle for what he could get with a girl as hot as her. When she had her 2nd orgasm and started bucking back & forth I couldn't hold back and shot several long hard shots of hot cum deep into her tight cunt. She rolled over and right away started sucking my cock and licking cum off of my balls that had run down. Then I realized my sexy wife Lynn was licking my cum out of Maryann's pussy. I went back to taking pictures of them together for a while. When I started to recover I climbed back in bed with them, and soon they were both sucking my cock. I was rock hard again in no time and ready for another shot at Maryann. L have always loved fucking a girls tits, especially if they have big tits like hers. I straddled her and put my cock between her tits and was surprised to learn no guy had ever fucked those big jug's of hers. Lynn showed her how to wrap her tits around my thick 9" tool and then went back to taking pictures. Her tits felt great wrapped around my hard cock. And when she started saying things like yea baby fuck my big tits with that big dick of your's and told me to treat her like she was my little whore. Then started telling me how she'd thought about me before when she was sucking a guy's dick, thinking about watching her sister suck my dick. She said she'd had all kinds of fantasies. And before the night was over she wanted me to fulfill her last fantasy she'd had about me. I ask what it was and she said she wanted me to finish fucking her tits first because she loved how it felt.

I pumped my cock between those big tits of hers for all I was worth. And finally shot my hot cum all over her face & tits. Of course Lynn couldn't resist and started to lick up every drop of cum. I took more pictures of them going at it and they were really having a great time. So I just watched and took more pictures, at one point Maryann looked over and said next time you need to get a video camera. I was thrilled that she was thinking of there being a next time already. And the thought of video taping it, was a real turn on. She and Lynn were finally ready for a break so I threw on some shorts and went to the vending machine down the hall and got some sodas. When I got back they were laughing about something and Lynn asked if anyone was in the hall. I said no and she put on her see-through red housecoat and handed Maryann a white one. They were totally naked underneath except their garter belts & stockings and the housecoats were wide open. Even though you could see through them anyway. Lynn handed Maryann the ice bucket and they casually walked down the hall to the ice machine and were casually walking back when they heard the elevator stop on our floor as 2 older guys got off they just walked past them as if nothing was out of the ordinary. The guys were checking them out as their tits & pussy were uncovered and said hi as they passed then they turned and check out their ass through the sheer housecoats. One of the guys asked if they needed some male company? Lynn said no and turned toward Maryann and gave her a passionate kiss as they gently cupped one of each other's tits.

The guys were speechless but had huge grins and gave them a big thumbs up. They walked past our room and around the corner until they heard the guys go in their room. Then ran back to our room as they heard the elevator stopping again. It was 2 am so we figured it was people coming from bars. They thought about doing what they'd done with the other 2 guys but didn't. They looked through the peephole and saw 2 guys and 1 girl and wished they had exposed themselves to them. We kicked back for a while and Lynn started telling Maryann about some of her experiences with 2 guys at once and you could see it was turning Maryann on. I finally couldn't wait any longer and asked Maryann what her last fantasy was? She smiled and said she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. She'd been fucked in the ass before but the guy had a really small cock and also seemed like he didn't know what he was doing. I was fine with that and went to our little bag of toys and got out some lube and a condom. She was curious as to why the condom and I asked if she would suck my dick after I fucked her in the ass? She said probably not, then she said her new fantasy was to have 2 guys at once. To have one in her ass and the other in her pussy. And said she wondered if that girl with the 2 guys was taking 2 cock inside her at the same time.

Lynn had one of those light bulbs going off over her head moments and I knew she was thinking about something and she went into our little bag and pulled out an 8" strap-on. She asked Maryann how she'd like to get both holes filled right now? It was clear by her smile, Maryann loved the idea. She said the only thing, she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. I lubed her up and eased my cock in her tight ass as Lynn slid the big rubber dick into Maryann's shaved cunt. At first she was moaning and then screaming as she had orgasm after orgasm. We were all totally spent so fell asleep with Maryann in the middle. We had several more experiences with her but that's for another day.

Jul 30
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