My wife loved showing her breasts from her apartment window

When my wife and I first met, she mentioned that she would walk around in her apartment with only jeans or only panties and her top half naked, knowing that the guy in the next building would look at her.

She had amazing breasts. I asked her to do it while I was there at her place. She took off her shirt and looked so good with just jeans. I looked out and saw the guy watching her. She and I talked and she let him look at her topless for like half an hour.

We got so turned on we went to her room and fucked over and over. I asked her why she doesn’t go completely naked and she said men just always want to see her breasts. I told her she should go walk around the apartment naked, so she did, and I could see the neighbor watching her intently.

I asked her if she ever wanted to shave her vagina and she said yes. I had my shave gear and offered to shave her so she let me. I loved seeing her vagina like this and started kissing it and licking it and sucking on her clitoris. She never had anyone do this and she loved it.

I asked her if she ever fucked her neighbor and she said no but they ran into each other at the store a couple of times and said hi.

Jul 29
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    • HOT...My wife loved being seen naked whenever possible. Something we did in motels where people walked past your window was to leave the curtain partially open as if it had gotten hung on a chair. We'd leave several lamps on so there was plenty of light and I'd have my camera on a tripod I could remotely operate. We'd both be on the bed and she'd have on a sexy garter belt & stockings and heels. When we heard someone outside walking toward our room I'd take a picture so the flash would get their attention. As they passed they'd see her sucking my thick 9" cock or me fucking her big 34-DD tits or fucking her from behind with her big tits hanging down. It was hot as hell If they stopped and watched because you could hear the footsteps stop. I loved to shoot a huge load of cum all over her face & tits as an annonomous stranger watched.

    • Once I was fucking this woman from work at my apartment and it had a door to a balcony. I didn’t have AC because this was Canada so I opened the door a crack for air before we started going at it. This woman would get me hard and give my penis the whole mouth and lips treatment, she was amazing and I had no idea that sucking could feel that good until she showed me. (Haven’t had it that good again since).

      Anyway the door to the balcony swung open while this awesome naked woman had my penis in her mouth. She was too preoccupied to notice but I saw a guy on another balcony leaning over his railing to enjoy this sight.

      Part of me didn’t want to stop her but I knew what I would want to see if I were that guy and since I have a heart of gold I thought we’ll do something nice, so I fucked her three different ways and he got an eyeful.

      God she was good.

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