First time nude beach

My wife Kelly was 42 years old when I finally talked her into going to a nude beach. At 42 she was still a beautiful woman. She was short, about 5’2” and weighed around 115. Her skin was tanned to a golden bronze. She had a beautiful face with huge blue eyes and yellow blond hair. Her tits were smallish but shapely. She had a tiny waist that curved into sexy hips. Her ass was smoking hot. Between her legs her gorgeous pussy was completely shaven. We left our hotel for the beach about mid morning. Uncharacteristically Kelly had started drinking by the time we left. She also drank on the way. When we got to the beach she had a pretty good buzz going. We carried all our stuff along a long boardwalk. At the end a large sign read WARNING you may encounter nude beach goers beyond this point. Kelly giggled and said that means us. We walked over a high dune and went down towards the ocean. There were very few people there it being the middle of the week. We chose a sight that was probably a 100 yards from our nearest neighbor. I sat out our beach chairs while Kelly dug threw our bag for different items. She had her back to me when I slid my khaki shorts off. I was wearing nothing underneath. When she turned around and saw me naked in my beach chair she gave a little yelp. She said I can’t believe we are doing this. I told her so far only I was. She pulled her coverup off and then, still in her bikini began fussing around with our stuff. Finally she stood up and looked all around. The nearest people we could see were to far away to make out details. At last she reached up and untied her top and her gorgeous boobs were free in the sunlight. I told her not to stop there. She looked around again and then quickly slid her bottoms down and sat down in her beach chair. She was nervous and chatted s mile a minute. I poured her another drink and she downed it in no time. She finally adjusted her chair back and laid back in the sun. It wasn’t to long before I notice two couples walking along the beach towards us. I didn’t say anything to Kelly. As they got closer I could make out that they were probably about 10 years older than we were. Both men were a little heavy and so was one of the women. The other woman was still very pretty and shapely. When they were almost to us I said to Kelly we’ve got company. Kelly quickly sat up. The heavier lady said to the others oh look at her beautiful tan. Well the two men couldn’t stop looking. I exchanged the time of day with the two women while the men ogled my naked wife. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Soon they moved on and Kelly said they just stared at me. Then she giggled and said I kind of liked it. Before long a group of four or five younger guys came up. They were probably college age. They set up their site about 50 feet from us. They kept jumping up and running around and Kelly kept watching them out of the corner of her eye. I said why don’t you walk down to the water. Kelly said what for? I said to show off a little bit. She said right. She sat there for several more minutes and then said do you really want me to. I said he’ll yes. She took another swig of her drink then stood up. I could see that everyone of the boys froze and watched her. I could tell that she was swinging her ass just a bit more than usual as she walked down to the water. She splashed a little and then walked back. Her body seemed to glow in the sunlight. We giggled and drank some more until I said let’s go for a walk. She said what about are stuff. I said walk over to those boys and ask them to keep and eye on it. She smiled at me and got up and walked straight to the boys and asked them to watch our stuff. I took another drink as I watched my naked wife stand in the middle of a group of naked young guys. I loved it. We walked down the beach. There were probably 20 people there all together and I paraded Kelly past all of them. When we got back to our site the boys were throwing a frisbee around. They asked us to play. I told Kelly to go ahead that I was going to start picking up. So while I picked up I watched her running around with the boys. One of them was a big handsome kid who was particularly well endowed. I noticed Kelly seem to gravitate towards him. Once the both went for the same throw and collided together and rolled over in the sand. He ended up on top of her. They giggled and then untangled themselves. Before long I hollered at Kelly and she told the boys goodbye. She put her coverup on and we headed back to the car. She looked back at the beach and said that was fun.

Jul 30
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    • Very nice. I would have been one of the older heavyset guys ogling your beautiful bride.

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