Why do men wanna fuck women in the @$$ so much. Most of them get so aggressive when they're doing it too.

Jul 30
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    • Because it's so degrading to fuck a women in the ass! I love it when I pull out and have the suck my cock after it's been in her ass.

    • I loved fucking my wife in the ass. Knowing that I'm dominating her, knowing that it hurts, hearing her whimper, the taboo of it, her ass is SO MUCH TIGHTER than her pussy after two kids, and she can really clamp down on my cock, which feels amazing. I LOVE cumming in my wife's ass. Unfortunately that last time I got a little too aggressive and ended up tearing her, and her doctor told us we can't have anal sex anymore. Bummer.

    • Secretly deep down, in the back of all men's minds. All men have the curiosity of what it would be like to fuck another guy in the ass. But because most guys homeopathic there afraid of being labeled gay.
      I'm proud to a closet gay, and most people that knows me have no idea. However I have handfull straight men come to me, because I'll suck there cocks,and let the fuck my ass. Because that's something their wives won't do, or let them do it to her. They know that I don't want it getting out that I'm gay, so they know I won't say anything about them having sex with me. They think since I'm the one sucking there dicks, and getting you ass fucked. That doesn't make them gay.

    • My wife has only gave up anal about 4 times. The last time I was leaving to a ball game with the boy's so I wanted to drop a load in her cunt so if she hooked up with someone while I was gone she would have my cream in her. Anyways she say's no fuck me in the ass It was a surprise cause she has never volunteered it. So I pound away for about 5 minutes and drop a load deep in her ass. I later found out she was saving her pussy for her bull she had on the side.

    • Are you a female and do you have pictures

    • I like shoving things up my asshole

    • It’s really tight and it feels awesome

    • Tighter than a Girl Scout, that’s why!

    • I love when my husband pulls out of the front and slides in the back. It drives me and him wild! Besides rubbing my bean its the only way I orgasm during sex.

    • I am a man and I have never had anal sex. Why would I want to stick it in a dirty hole full of bacteria when I can slide it into a wonderful wet pussy. Makes no sense to me at all. I don't get the attraction of anal sex.

    • Try sticking g a dildo up your own ass. Then you'll understand who some women love this. I love giving and receiving. Bet I could change your mind about anal!

    • I shoved a long neck beer bottle up my asshole before

    • Probably Bud Light, heard they're shaped for that!

    • It felt good

    • My wife cums like a crazy woman when I stretch her ballon knot. She literally stiffness up and begins shaking then collapses. It takes her about 15 minutes before she can walk again. Don’t knock it till you’ve done it.

    • I’m a man and have never wanted anal sex, for what that’s worth.

    • Several reasons:
      1) That tight asshole can clamp down on your cock better than a lose pussy.
      2) It's more of a submissive position.
      3) It hurts (I know it's not right but some of us get off on making you suffer)

      I think a more interesting question is why are some women so hooked on it.

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