My wife's first dick was big and is now in the family!

When my wife was 24 she was seduced and had her virginity taken by her much older boss.
She eventually had a few other lovers - but he remained her main fuck for 6 years. He'd come by to fuck her, or give her head or get a blow job from her 4 or 5 times a month for those 6 years.
She readily admitted that he has the biggest and longest dick she'd ever had inside of her.
He was married - and my wife would often babysit his 3 kids. Then he'd fuck her in the car on the way home, or he'd ask for a blow job if time was short.
5 years passed after she had dumped him because he had too many side-fucks..
We met & married - and 2 years later my brother had us over to try his new hot tub. My wife is frankly a gorgeous blonde - not big breasted - but the cutest tight little ass and long legs. Blue eyes - sexy mouth
So, my wife was just stepping out of the hot-tub in her very high-waisted, butt-cheek revealing one piece suit when my brother walked up and introduced the soon-to-be newest member of our family.
I looked up and saw this handsome older fit-looking guy smiling knowingly and staring rather obviously at my wife's cunt in her wet suit as she stood there dripping ...and blushing. Speechless.
Yep, my brother's son was set to marry her old bosses' daughter. The kid she had baby sat - the daughter of the "thickest & longest dick" my wife had ever had in her cunt! Her old big-dicked boss.
He's not only good looking, but wealthy as well. Very charming, he thinks.
I love my brother and SIL ...because they both find this guy to be slimy and full of himself.
I can always tell when two people have fucked - I watched my family to see if they are picking up on these two former fuck-mates. My SIL I think has figured it out. So far the guy's daughter hasn't spread what she knows to the family. Or maybe she has.
She knew they were fucking behind her mother's back.
When drunk - my wife readily admitted that this guy is a great fuck - and over the years has had all 3 of her bodily openings - many times and in so many sexy & "naughty" settings.
I say again.

Jul 30
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    • I'd be careful. But not just him, though that sounds like the opportunities are infrequent. But you don't know when he will come to town that he could arrange to meet her. I know you have to trust your spouse, but just keep an eye out for any times that could be suspicious.

    • Well to be fair, the guy may be a douche--bag, but your wife was fucking him behind his wife’s back. So she’s not exactly a saint. Honestly, she knows what kind of guy he is and chose to break it off and chose to marry you and it sounds like you’re both happy. So I don’t think you should worry. If she wanted bigger dick than yours I assume that would have come up before (no pun intended). If you’re anything like me, your concern about his big dick may have much more to do with your own insecurity about dick size and nothing to do with her attraction to it or need for it. Awkward though, I will give you that.

    • Awkward but sounds like this type of thing, running into partners is normal for him.

    • Yeah - not just him! I think my attractive wife fucked every lawyer in this town! After a few drinks we share sexy stories during our foreplay - fantasies from me - real stories from her!
      At parties - "isn't that guy who tore the crotch out of your bathing suit, at your company pool party?"
      And... "wait!, do not invite him over! Remember, you told me...he knows what your cunt tastes like - and you know what his cum tastes like!"
      "You fucked my bosses boss!?....and your little sister's boyfriend?....and HOW many at our wedding?"
      Fortunately for me - she really has sown her oats - and other than a few fantasies she shares in bed - she really is a faithful mate.....just sexy as hell!
      And fortunately - old 'biggest dick ever' isn't in town very often for family gatherings. His daughter's in-laws (my brother) can't stand the guy.

    • I had 2 dealings with lawyers in this town. With legal questions about an estate, etc. She fucked the one -(just how DOES one tear the crotch out of a girls' one piece bathing suit!?).....and sucked off the other when he asked for 'head' when he was showing her his new office. "My wife won't do it....and if she does she won't swallow. So, could you?" She did.

    • Hot. Your wife was 24 and still a virgin?

    • Actually - I was concerned people would think this story fake if I wrote that my wife lost her virginity to this guy when she was 26!
      Because that is how old she was. He groomed her, stretched her, with his thumb for awhile - a few days - then fucked her.
      She was petty awkward around men - even though she was gorgeous and was hit on everywhere she worked. He wasn't the first boss who'd tried to get in her pants - a few got their hands in her panties....fingers in her cunt, friends of her father's and others. She has a thing for older men....I'm somewhat older than she is.
      She'd been fingered, felt-up - even sucked a guy or two - but he was the first to get his dick in her. The settings he fucked her read like a penthouse story. He loved risky places where they might get caught. She admitted to me that she found it exciting, "naughty" - but really exciting and sexy! Now she says she's embarrassed by her former behavior.
      .....while of course I find it very sexy. To this she says - "you men are so weird! Women do NOT want to hear about great fucks the husband has had!" But she cums hard when we get tipsy and share stories and fantasies. I KNOW why he kept 'cumming' back for 6 yrs - she's a great fuck!

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