My body was made for older men to have sex with

Im a girl and im 19. every day i cum to the thought of old men i see throughout the day using my body for sex

I used to be really self conscious since highschool, but over the past 2 years ive been kinder to myself and also realized i have a really nice body that i love. my boobs are big and perky, i have a round butt and wide hips and my vagina looks really cute and tight.

im still a virgin since i have really religious parents. boys my age act obnoxious about me, and i always think about old 60 year old men when i masturbate. last night i went on omegle and got naked for every old man I saw. my heart is still racing just thinking about it!! i made 8 guys shoot semen, and another guy took a video to post online and show his friends x) im nervous about my face being recognized, but it also turns me on so much. it was my first time letting others see my naked body and i hope as many people see it as possible

they all said my body was perfect which made me happy :) i loved making them all cum. i also loved seeing their penises hehe, i hope i get flashed irl by an old guy

Jul 27
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    • That’s so hot. Where do you live?

    • This was back in the 80s.
      I was 18 and during senior prom my boyfriend got in a fight and the cops came. My boyfriend had to leave but I was allowed to stay. The assistant principal offered to take me home. H** was tall, sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, early 40s and all the girls lusted after him. We also knew he'd went through a bad divorce at the start of the year.
      Again this was in the 80s and before we all had cell phones. Prom ended at 10pm and on the ride home, I told him my parents are not expecting me till midnight. I followed up with I'm going to be the only girl that didn't have sex on prom night. We talked it over. I assured him it will be ok.
      Because of nosey neighbors on his street. I sunk in the seat of his car while he pulled into his garage. We went straight to his bedroom and I had the best sex of my life up to that point!
      Thankfully things were not awkward during the last weeks of school.

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